tagMind ControlGift of the Goddess Ch. 04

Gift of the Goddess Ch. 04


Author's Note: This story involves regular and anal sex... enjoy!


Jonathon didn't see Kay for a couple of days, she was definitely avoiding him. That hurt a lot... he'd really only wanted to try and fulfill one of her fantasies, and he'd really liked Kay. In fact, she was the first woman that he'd really been interested in since Dana cheated on him, and he thought that she'd returned his interest more than she was showing now.

So he was already in a bad mood the day that Dana appeared in his office.

"What do you want?" he said irritably.

"I want to talk to you about something," and she closed the door. Something was strange about the quality of her voice, and when Jonathon really looked at her closely he realized that she was a little pale... apprehensive. Reaching out with his powers he found that she was boiling with conflicting emotions, rising anger and frustration, uncertainty, apprehension, and... yes! Just a hint of lust. Feeling vindictive, he twisted the lust as she stood looking at him, making it rise in her body.

"Yes?" he asked, feeling more inquisitive now than irritated. Especially because she flushed so interestingly as her pussy started to moisten.

Dana avoided his eyes as she said, "I've been having... dreams. About you. Very disturbing dreams and they seem very real. And Robert's in them sometimes. He's angry about something, I don't know what... but sometimes when we're having sex he'll just stop and look upset. I don't know why. I want to know what these dreams mean Jonathon...."

The anger was starting to rise in her, even more than the lust, and she looked him square in the face now.

"Did you drug me and rape me on the trip?" she demanded to know.

Jonathon stared at her... what an odd ethics question. What was the answer? Technically, she had done things that she would never in her right mind have done, but he definitely hadn't drugged her. But he had forced her to want it in a way... still, because of that she hadn't been unwilling. So really, was it rape??

As he just stared at her, Dana's anger grew.

"You did, didn't you?" she snarled, "You're a fucking pervert Jonathon, a sick PIG. I'll charge you somehow... Robert knows something doesn't he? You'll fucking pay for this."

Dana turned back towards the closed door.

"STOP." Jonathon ordered. His bad mood was back, and he needed to feel back in control of something. Things with Kay had gone so awry, and now Dana was here... right here in his office and accusing him of raping her. Fuck it.

Standing, Jonathon walked around and turned Dana towards him. She obviously didn't have any idea of why she wasn't still leaving, but her eyes burned into his.

Smiling at her angry expression, her negative emotions making him feel better, he said, "You didn't do anything you didn't want to do Dana. Can't you feel it? Don't you want to do something now?"

He was so close to her now, and he sent surges of lust through her body so that before she knew it, she was pressing herself against them, her tongue deep in his mouth and her hard nipples pressing against the fabric of her shirt. Dana began to tear at his clothes, realizing that she was ripping them off of her ex, that she had cheated on and now suspected had raped her... but had he?

Deciding to torment her even more, Jonathon took over her mind, closing it off so that he again became that golden figure... she would still only remember this in dreams and faint wisps of memory. But he wiped away her suspicion of rape.

Dana ripped off both of their clothes, her mind clouded with lust and her desire for this golden statue of a man... her nipples were so hard. Then the man leaned forward and began sucking on them... electric shocks shivered through Dana's body as her nipples were engulfed in warmth and wetness, fingers deftly pinching the neglected one.

Jonathon laid down on the floor, his dick erect and swollen... huge. He tweaked with his control of Dana enough so that as she hungrily lay on top of him, his dick pressing against her open thighs, that it was his face on the golden figure that she was mounting. Dana recognized him, but didn't care... this felt just like the dreams she had, except even better. Her body and mind were so overcome with desire that at this point she probably would have fucked a dog if it was the only creature to hand.

Arranging herself on top of him, Dana began to slide down his long pole, gasping as her pussy was stretched open by his wide dick again.

"Pinch your nipples," Jonathon ordered her, and she began immediately squeezing and twisting the tender buds as she started to ride up and down on him.

It was one of the best shows that Jonathon had ever seen... his cheating ex grinding down on his dick like there was no tomorrow, and playing with her breasts at the same time. Dana didn't like to be watched doing sexual activities, so it was a real treat. Laying back, he put his hands behind his head and just enjoyed the view as she fucked up and down, her breasts bouncing as she started humping harder and harder.

Wickedly, Jonathon told her, "Put a finger in your ass."

Dana immediately released on of her nipples and reached behind her, grimacing as she wedged one finger into her tight little poop-chute. She hadn't had anything in there since Jonathon had first fucked her ass, and so she was as tight as she'd been then.

"Another one," Jonathon ordered, delighted... she was still pinching one nipple while her other hand forced fingers into her tight butt.

There was something just so delicious about getting another chance at revenging himself even more, and he could feel his tension of the past few days ebbing away as he enjoyed himself. Especially because he could tell that she was moving towards orgasm. Letting a little of his own control go, he felt his own pleasure mounting as her pussy gripped and squeezed, two little fingers moving inside her ass where he could feel them.

Reaching forward, Jonathon grabbed her hips and began moving her up and down, controlling her fucking physically rather than mentally.

Dana screamed her pleasure, her voice bouncing off the walls of the office as wave after wave of incredible orgasm spread through her. Jonathon shoved upwards, his dick penetrating her to its deepest point, and he began to shoot cum into her spasming pussy. Writhing on top of him, Dana's fingers were forced to their last knuckle up her ass, and her nipple was practically turning purple from the way that she was gripping it.

Then she sagged on top of him, although he wasn't any smaller inside of her, and she moaned.

"Clean me up," he told her, "With your mouth."

Obediently, Dana pulled herself off of him, removing her hand from her ass at the same time. His dick was hard as ever as she began to slide her mouth up and down it, licking up their combined sexual juices. This was definitely something that would have disgusted her if Jonathon didn't have control of her body... she wouldn't swallow from head, and this would be something akin to lesbianism.

Jonathon had a sudden breath-taking vision of Dana and Kay, both under his control and licking each other... he relaxed into that erotic scene as Dana began sliding her mouth up and down his dick. It was a very tempting thought... but he only had Dana here right now.

Sighing as she engulfed his entire dick down her throat... damn that felt good, Jonathon looked at the clock and realized he only had about 20 minutes before he had to be in a meeting. In fact, Dana had to be there too. Definitely not enough time to do anything he wanted.

"Stop," he told her, and then he got up and went and sat in his chair, "Come here."

Dana walked forward, her eyes glazed and looking directly at his hard cock, cum dripping down her thighs.

"Sit on it," he told her, grinning.

Turning around, Dana began to lower herself into Jonathon's lap, he helped guide her so that his dick began pressing against her asshole. Dana moaned with discomfort as the large shaft began to sink into her tight ass, her fingers had not stretched the tiny hole out nearly enough for Jonathon's thick meat. But she didn't have a choice, she had to follow orders, and so his dick slid deeper and deeper into her agonized asshole as she moaned in combined pleasure and pain.

Jonathon grunted as she hit bottom, her curvy cheeks resting against his thighs and her ass clenching as she wriggled uncomfortably in his lap. Damn that felt good. Reaching around, he took hold of her full breasts, squeezing the tender flesh as he demanded, "Ride me."

Dana groaned as she began moving up and down, her hands on the arms of the chair so that she could keep her balance as she began bouncing in his lap. Her pussy was dripping as she rode him with her ass, his dick stretching her... and she was doing it all to herself. For Jonathon, that really made everything the sweeter... it was all Dana's actions that was driving this. Even if he had control of her, it was still her body on top of his... made it seem like she was the instigator.

Shifting her hips, Dana caused Jonathon's dick to stir her insides and they both moaned... she began moving more firmly on top of him as her ass adjusted, and he made sure to reward her with more pleasure spreading through her pussy. Dana wasn't even going to need any vaginal stimulation, Jonathon was causing her body to respond in such a way that she was certainly going to have one of those very rare anal orgasms.

Sure enough, as she bounced, her ass gripping him hard, it was almost as though he was hitting her g-spot through the thin lining of her pussy. Leaning forward a little to increase the sensation, Dana slammed down onto him as his hands squeezed her breasts even harder.

"That's right," Jonathon grunted, feeling his balls boiling... he was going to release it all into her ass, "Cum Dana, cum while you ride my cock with your ass!"

"OH GOD!" shrieked Dana, and she thrashed on top of him, her ass tightening to an almost unbearable degree as she followed orders and began to orgasm with frightening intensity.

Jonathon wrapped his arms around her writhing body and held her tightly against him as his dick began to pulse inside her ass, cum forcing itself through the tight ring of her ass and deep into her bowels. It felt fantastic... she didn't stop moving on top of him until he was completely emptied out.

Pushing her off of him, Dana lay across his desk, panting from her exertions as he began to get himself together for the meeting. Glancing at the clock, he made sure to give her just enough time to get her clothes on, but not enough that she'd stop by the bathroom on the way to the meeting.

It wasn't until Dana was walking down the hall that she frowned, she felt sure that she had been going to talk to Jonathon before the meeting... but she hadn't. And her pussy and ass were VERY sore... She really wanted to run into the bathroom quickly to see why, but there just wasn't time.

So Dana spent the whole meeting with her hair in slight disarray and her clothes just a little disheveled. The perfect figure of a woman who has just been royally fucked and doesn't realize that everyone knows... Robert constantly looked at both her and Jonathon during the meeting, suspicion in every line of his face. Jonathon didn't even bother looking at either of them... his eyes were firmly on Kay.

Some of the tension was already returning... until at the end of the meeting Kay finally looked up at him... hesitated, and smiled.

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