tagMind ControlGift of the Goddess Ch. 05

Gift of the Goddess Ch. 05


Author's Note: This story contains MF oral, regular and anal sex. Enjoy!


Jonathon smiled at Kay across the dinner table in the exquisitely fancy restaurant they were dining in, "What made you decide to come back?"

"Well..." Kay looked thoughtful, and he took the time to admire her features, "I mean, it freaked me out a little bit, it was like I could disobey you... but then I kept having dreams about you. Dreams where you made me do all these things, and there was nothing I could do to resist... and I mean, that IS my fantasy, even if it freaked me out when it first happened. I think I just wasn't expecting you to be quite so controlling..." her eyes glowed at him as she talked, and Jonathon realized that she was getting turned on just remembering.

He wanted very badly to tell her that he HAD been controlling her, but at the same time he was afraid of what would happen if he did.

Then Kay leaned forward, her voice lowering as she asked, "Do it again please..."

"Here?" Jonathon was surprised.

"Anywhere," she replied, "Just... I want you to make me do things again. I want to cum like that again!"

Part of him wanted to do something right now... but wouldn't it be more fun to make her wait? So, instead, he just smiled and said, "I will."

Kay stared at him expectantly... but he didn't say anything, just smiled wider. She wriggled in her seat for almost the entire meal, waiting for him to do SOMETHING... but he did nothing. The entire ride home he did nothing, and when he dropped her off at her door it was with a deep, probing kiss that left her weak in the knees.


The next day, at work, he called Kay's line, "Would you mind stopping by my office? I have something for you." His tone was entirely business.

"Sure," she said, "I'll be up in a few minutes."

When she got there, Jonathon was on the phone, smiling he gestured to her to shut the door. She did so and went to sit down. As soon as he hung up Jonathon smiled and leaned forward, "Strip."

"What?" Kay gasped.

"Strip." Jonathon ordered. He wasn't using any of his powers yet, he wanted to see if she'd just do as she was told.

She didn't.

"Here?" her eyes were huge, this was obviously not the time that she'd expected him to choose.

Slightly frustrated at her resistance, Jonathon exerted himself over her mind a little, "STRIP NOW KAY."

Kay stood, feeling a sudden shocking compulsion to rid herself of her clothes. She shimmied out of them quickly, standing naked in front of him. Jonathon smiled, admiring her naked body.

"Come here and suck it," he told her, undoing his pants and freeing his swollen dick. It was huge and heavy already, eager to press between her soft lips. In a daze, shocked at her own behavior - she hadn't REALLY expected him to do anything like this at work! - Kay knelt between his knees and lowered her mouth to his dick.

As the thick meat slid between her lips, Jonathon reached down and cupped her breasts, squeezing them and playing with her hardening nipples. Kay shuddered with erotic reaction as her pussy came alive with hunger.

"All the way down," Jonathon's eyes were boring into hers, making her feel completely helpless, "Open up your throat and swallow me."

She wanted to protest, he was so long and thick... she'd never been able to deep throat any man, much less one the size of him! But she felt her head lowering, his dick pressing back and back.

"Don't gag," he told her, just as his dick hit the back of her throat... and to her shock, she didn't. Instead his dick pressed into her throat, all the way until her lips touched his groin and he was fully inside her mouth. Jonathon groaned, pinching her nipples as her throat muscles rippled around his dick pleasurably. Then Kay began to slide back up his dick before plunging back down. He took his hands from her aching breasts and placed them on the back of her head, thrusting upwards into her mouth as he pressed her down onto him.

Kay couldn't believe that she was kneeling at work, completely naked, and deep-throating Jonathon! And with no resistance! She'd never let a man control her head during oral sex before, it was too dangerous, they didn't always let her breath enough... and yet here she was completely and totally following every order Jonathon gave her! Her pussy was gushing wet... she was so turned on by it all, the fear trickling through her arousal giving everything an extra edge.

Part of her wanted to pull away, but while she had the thoughts, it was as though she couldn't make her body obey... frightening, but intoxicating at the same time.

Jonathon thrust harder and faster into her mouth, shoving himself deep into her throat and holding himself there until she was practically gasping for breath. He was skull-fucking her and they were both loving it... one of Kay's hands was between her thighs, playing with her pussy as she became more and more aroused.

"Don't cum until I tell you to," he growled at her, enforcing it with his mind control. Kay didn't think much of it, until he thrust deep into her mouth and she felt the sticky taste of his cum... she had been sure that would be enough to send her over the edge as she swallowed his jizz... but instead she was on the absolute brink of orgasm and unable to go over!

Even though he was still rock hard, Jonathon pulled her off his dick... Kay felt confused, he had just cum in her mouth, she could taste it still, but his dick hadn't softened at all!

"Bend over the desk," he ordered her. And she did so, he stood behind her and pressed his dick to her sopping pussy... Kay moaned as he pressed in. He really HADN'T softened at all and his thick meat spread her walls apart, spearing her with his cock... it felt so incredible. She was so close to cumming... she could feel it.

Jonathon started pumping in and out of her, his hands reaching around her body to grip her swinging breasts and using them as leverage as he fucked her over his desk. Kay moaned and shoved back against him, feeling herself on the brink of orgasm and not quite able to reach it. Writhing and groaning her frustration, she clutched at the edge of the desk, grinding her ass into his thrusting groin.

Realizing that he'd ordered her not to cum, Jonathon grinned and whispered in her ear, "Cum, cum as much as you can..."

To her shock, as soon as Jonathon told her that, it was as though she broke through some kind of barrier. Kay's head jerked back in a soundless scream as pleasure exploded inside of her, her entire body thrashing and tensing as he fucked her. Jonathon just kept going, like a jack-hammer, in and out of her pussy, his fingers manipulating her sensitive nipples, until tears were pouring down Kay's cheeks at the exquisite pleasure.

He fucked her until she was just twitching in orgasm, her mind completely overcome with numbed bliss.

And then he pulled out and pressed his dick against her asshole... Kay tried to moan a little protest, but she had no energy. Jonathon's dick speared her last hole as easily as it had the first two, she felt it cramping her insides as it pushed them aside. She whimpered as he began to fuck her ass, just as hard as he had her pussy.

"Love it," he told her as he slammed into her tight asshole, "It feels fantastic."

Suddenly, it did. Kay shook with the strange exhilarating pleasure that swept through her at his words, the pleasurable sensation of his dick sliding easily in and out of her ass, stretching open her tightest hole. Her ass contracted as she shuddered in this new pleasure, these new sensations, and she groaned with reaction.

"I can't take anymore Jonathon," she gasped, "Please... I just can't..."

"Cum for me Kay," he ordered her, "Cum for me, one last time."

Kay could only whimper as her body went into sensory overload, her ass twitching around his dick as she started to cum again, pleasure rippling through her body from her asshole inward. Jonathon grinned and plugged her tightly, his cum spilling into her tight ass as it spasmed around him, gripping her body tightly to him. He allowed himself to cum completely, his dick softening inside her body this time.

The exhausted and over-sexed woman collapsed on his desk as he released her. Jonathon got his pants back in order and opened his desk drawer as she still lay there. Pulling out a medium sized butt-plug, he returned to her ass and pressed it into her slightly gaping hole.

"This will keep my cum in you," he told her as she moaned, writhing a little uncomfortably at the new toy that was now stopping up her asshole, "Don't take it out until you get home."

And he backed up his command with a little bit of mental power. Kay looked up at him dazed and he pulled her up to him for a kiss, her sweaty naked body pressing against his suit. Jonathon kissed her deeply and passionately, wanting her to remember not just the fulfillment of her fantasies, but of his very real and true attraction to her, not to mention his growing feelings for her.

Making sure that Kay was dressed and suitable looking, although glowing with that 'after-sex' aura and looking completely exhausted, he let her return to her office. Then he sat back down to get back to work, feeling completely content.

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