tagMatureGift of the Graduates Ch. 01

Gift of the Graduates Ch. 01


After Brad had completed mowing his lawn, doing other yard work and tending to his small garden, he decided that after a light lunch he should take a short nap before heading back to his home office to work on his latest book. He was in that fuzzy zone between sleep and wake when the doorbell rang. Twice. He didn't want to answer the call but when the bell rang a third time, he grumpily rolled off the couch and went to find out who was disturbing his quiet day.

Yanking open the door, he was about to bellow to whomever was disturbing him when he recognized the person standing on his doorstep and held his words.

"Hi, Mr. Sanderson," chirped the brunette, "my name is Lindsey, I live next door. You and my parents have spoken several times and ..."

"Yes Lindsey, I know who you are," Brad cut her off, wanting her to get to the point.

"Oh yeah, I guess you know that. Anyway, I was wondering if I could ask a big favor from you."

Brad didn't reply. It wasn't that he wasn't friends with her parents, they got along well. He helped her parents out when they needed an extra hand and they were nice enough to watch his house when he had to go on a book signing tour. He had met her a handful of times, though usually in passing or when he was at her house. Neighbors helping neighbors and all that.

Despite being a good neighbor, he wanted to get back to his nap so he would be rested when he worked on his book. His publisher wasn't pestering him, yet, but as this was his third book, he wanted to get a jump on things so when the call came, and it would, he could toss a bone to the publishing company.

"Why don't you come in," Brad told her, holding the door open as Lindsey bounced into his home. His eyes quickly scanned her athletic form as he closed the door behind her, his attention caught by the tightness of her ass beneath her shorts.

She had never been inside his home before and her head immediately swiveled left and right to take in her surroundings.

"So, what favor are you asking?" Brad asked, crossing his arms and staring at the perky neighbor.

"Well," Lindsey began, hemming and hawing for a moment as she sought the nicest way to ask, "would it be possible for me to use your pool for a graduation party?"


"Three Saturdays from now."

Brad pondered. There wasn't an issue with the timing, it was more of the imposition.

"So tell me," he said, waving an arm at her to follow him to the living room, "how many people were you thinking of having over for this party? Anything to drink?"

"Um, I was, uh, yeah, beer is fine. I was thinking maybe a dozen or so."

"Yeah, beer's not happening," Brad told her flatly. "Choose something else."

Lindsey wrinkled her mouth. From the little she had heard about him, and the few times she had met him, she thought he was cool. He was an author after all.

"Water is fine."

Brad rose and talked over his shoulder as he got her drink. "Twelve people, huh? All your friends?"

"Yeah," she shouted to him. "Maybe a few more, but definitely no more than twenty."

Returning with the water, Brad handed her the glass and sat down in the chair opposite from her.

"So which is it: twelve or twenty?" He didn't really care what the number was, he just wanted a firm answer.

"For now, it looks like a dozen but I'm still waiting on a few others to let me know if they're going to show."

More pondering. At least twelve, perhaps twenty teenagers, young adults really, having a party in his pool on a Saturday night.

"So tell me, Lindsey," he asked, leaning back into the chair, "why should I be a nice guy and let you have your party at my place?"

Lindsey wasn't sure how to respond. She thought he would either say yes or no, not grill her like a criminal.

"My parents suggested that in exchange for you letting me have the party at your place, I would have to do some yard work for you. You know, mow the lawn, take care of your garden, things like that." She took a sip of water, her eyes locked on his as she waited for his response.

Having someone else mow the lawn would be nice, he thought. He pondered some more.

"I'll tell you what," he finally said, leaning forward to talk to her, "in exchange for mowing the yard once and weeding my garden three times, you can have your party ..."

"Thanks!" Lindsey blurted out, bouncing in her seat at the words she wanted to hear.

"Let me finish," Brad told her, "in exchange for all that, there are a few rules that need to be laid down."

Her enthusiasm was short lived as she heard the word 'rules' and the smile on her face quickly disappeared.

"First, no drinking. All of you are under age and since this will be on my property, if anything happens, it's on me."

"Second, no loud music after ten thirty. I don't care if music is played late into the night, but I don't think the neighbors would appreciate hearing the volume turned up to eleven at one in the morning. Are we good so far?"

Reluctantly, Lindsey nodded. This wasn't sounding like the party was going to be any fun. She placed the glass of water on the floor next to the chair and waited for whatever other rules he was going to impose.

"Third, you will help me get things cleaned up and ready that day. It's your party, you're the one planning it, you have to make sure everything is ready."

"Finally, and this is the most important rule; have fun. You only get to graduate from high school once and who knows what will happen to you and your friends in the future, so make the most of it. Are we clear?"

That final rule caught her by surprise. Her smile returned as she vigorously nodded her head several times.

"Obviously I'll have to talk to your parents to firm up the details, but as far as I'm concerned, you can have your party in three weeks."

She almost couldn't control herself and sprang from the chair. In that release of excitement, Brad's eyes were momentarily distracted by her breasts bouncing beneath her t-shirt in sympathy with her motions. He rose and before he could say anything she threw herself on to him and gave him a hug. Those young breasts which moments before had caught his attention were now pressed firmly into him while her arms wrapped about him and squeezed tight.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" Lindsey squealed, her body bouncing against him as she hugged him.

Doing the only thing he could, Brad hugged her back and if it were possible, she squeezed him harder, her body pressed as tight against him as she could get.

Despite being old enough to be her father, at thirty-six he was twice her age, he held on to her tight her young body squirming against him as she showed her appreciation. Realizing how it must seem, he let her go and she followed suit, taking a step back.

"Sorry," she apologized, her smile more subdued but no less brilliant.

"It's ok," he told her. "I know it's hard to believe, me being ancient and all, but I do remember my graduation and the fun I had."

"Like what?" Lindsey asked, waiting to hear him tell her of his graduation story.

"I'd prefer not to as you don't know me that well and you might get the wrong idea about me."

"No I won't," she replied, hoping to hear him tell her of some grand adventure he had that night.

"Maybe some other time."

Lindsey wrinkled her mouth, not satisfied with his answer but having to accept it nonetheless. She said her goodbyes, giving him another quick hug and thank you. Brad watched her leave, his eyes again drifting to the rounded outline of her ass swaying beneath the tight material of her shorts before closing the door and getting back to his nap.

During the week he talked with her parents, each in agreement with the rules laid down as well as the expected payment, Lindsey sitting in but having no say in the matter. She and Brad set up the time for her to come over that Saturday to get things ready and with that, all that was left was the waiting.

The doorbell rang promptly at eight thirty that Saturday morning and when Brad opened the door, there was Lindsey in her sneakers, shorts and a bikini top. As before, Brad's eyes wandered to and were held by the sight of her breasts now held in place by the maroon top. While not overly large, her breasts comfortably filled the top, their curves enticing and adding to the cuteness of the brunette in the doorway.

"Hi Mr. Sanderson!" Lindsey called out, her voice much too cheerful for this time of the morning. "Ready to do some cleaning?"

Brad smirked at her enthusiasm and invited her in while he got what they would need. Returning a minute or so later, he found her dutifully waiting by the door, not having moved from her spot.

"You could have sat down," he told her as he came down the hallway with a bucket filled with cleaning supplies.

"S'ok. I don't think I could stay seated for long," she told him, her excitement at the impending night evident as she bounced on her toes.

"Well don't wear yourself out. You have a long night ahead of you."

"Oh I won't. I don't think I'll be going to bed tonight, I'm so excited!"

Inwardly Brad chuckled, understanding her excitement about graduation. It was almost as big a deal as prom.

"Follow me." With that, Lindsey followed him out the back to the pool. It was a good size pool, large enough to swim and play in but not so large that it was more than one person to maintain. He gave her the quick tour of where things were; the small shed with the pump and other supplies and the larger shed with his lawn equipment and a few chairs. She nodded her head as he went over their plan of attack, not adding anything but simply agreeing with what he said.

They started with the concrete walkway around the pool, first hosing it down to remove the loose dirt, then setting about with stiff-bristled brooms to get out the dug in dirt and grime. Once they had the walkway clean, they went to work on the pool liner. With detergent and brushes they scrubbed the water line of the pool, getting rid of the line of dirt which naturally accumulates.

From time to time Brad would look up and watch Lindsey as she scrubbed, her body bent over as she used the long handled brush to scrub away the dirt. He didn't want to seem like a pervert, someone of his age ogling the young woman, but it was hard not to. Her breasts jiggled in her top as she scrubbed away, his gaze wandering down then back up her young body. It was especially hard not to look when her back was turned to him and she bent over. He swore she had nothing on under her shorts, though a thong would be just as invisible across the width of the pool.

He shook his head and got back to work, turning his thoughts to scrubbing the dirt from the pool liner. Occasionally they would talk about this or that, Lindsey trying, unsuccessfully, to get him to talk about his graduation night, but mostly they kept to themselves and their cleaning. Once finished with the scrubbing, Brad showed her how to use the vacuum to clean the dirt from the bottom of the pool. He gave her a few pointers as he watched, then left her alone to finish the cleaning while he took care of other issues.

As the noon hour approached, Brad called a halt to their activities. The day was getting warm and even though he had gotten them drinks during their cleaning, the sun beating down on them for hours had made them thirsty.

"Ok, time to eat!" he half-shouted across the pool. Lindsey seemed relieved to finally get a break but to her credit, she never complained the whole time she was working. They half-staggered into his house, Brad immediately getting them large glasses of water which they sucked down, before getting out some lunch meat and other items from which they could make sandwiches.

"Why don't you wash some of that crud off before you eat," he told her.

"Crud? Where?" Lindsey looked down at her arms and legs but was confused as to what he meant.

Stepping in front of her, Brad swiped a finger across her sun-tinged nose and held it in front of her face.

"This crud," he said, showing her the dark streak on his finger.

"Oh," was the reply, Lindsey blushing as she realized the dirt had been on her face for some time.

He pointed her to the bathroom and while she cleaned herself, he laid everything out and started to make his sandwich. He was nearly done when he heard her open the door and looking up, watched as she came down the hallway. Just like with the pool, he couldn't not look at her, her toned, teenage body giving him thoughts he knew he shouldn't have.

They devoured their sandwiches and chips, washing everything down with more glasses of water, talking here and there.

"Thanks for the fliers you put up around the neighborhood," she told him in between bites. Brad, on his own, had made up fliers and placed them in every door notifying the neighbors of the upcoming party, that there would be additional vehicles on the street and to cut the graduates some slack with the noise level as they celebrated their accomplishment.

"Not a problem. Just doing my part to smooth things with the neighbors. I live here too, you know." Brad had moved to the neighborhood over ten years ago when his first book was published. He was welcomed by everyone, some even going so far as to suggest dates with relatives, which he politely declined.

"So what do you write about?" Lindsey asked. "I've never read any of your books."

"Talk about kicking a guy where it hurts," Brad feigned.

"I didn't mean it like that!" Lindsey laughed, "I know you're a writer, my parents told me, but I just never bothered to read one of your books."

"I write mystery novels. Two so far, third in the works."

"What kind of mystery?" Lindsey leaned forward on the table, propping herself up on her arms as she listened to him tell his tale.

"Something along the lines of murder mystery. People being killed off. That sort of thing."

"Anything juicy?"

"No, not really. Just the usual bound hands, bullet to the head, knife to the back stuff. Though I have been thinking of trying something different."

"Like what?"

"I was thinking of throwing a little sex into the mix. Something like an attractive woman running around on her husband who is found dead. Maybe she's into being tied up or dominated. The kind that would wear slinky, sexy clothes as a teaser before hopping into bed."

"Ooooh, sounds kinky! Anything written so far that I could read?"

"No, not yet. It's still in my head. I just have to find time to put it down in writing but it's a little hard to do when I'm getting ready for a party." He gave her that knowing, joking look, teasing her about that nights activities.

Lindsey giggled, understanding his meaning. "I'd like to read it, if you ever finish it."

"Oh sure, now you want to read my book."

She laughed, his words telling as to her mind set. "You're talking about sex. Of course I want to read it!"

Brad chuckled, making a mental note to use her as a test reader to see how he was doing. If he ever wrote the book.

"So you're willing to read a book about sex, but not one about murder. I guess we know what gets you going."

Her mouth opened in mock surprise, a hand snaking out to playfully smack his.

"I didn't mean it like that," she told him. "It's just interesting to read about it."

Brad paused, taking in her words. As a writer, he had learned to pick up on both what people said, and what they didn't say.

"So you like reading about it?"

Lindsey didn't reply, instead smiling and looking away as she tried not to be too obvious.

"Uh, sorry," Brad apologized. "It's none of my business and not a conversation we should be having." He took a bite of his remaining sandwich and washed it down with a swig of water.

"So, ready to get back to work and get ready for tonight?" he asked, quickly changing the subject.

"Sure!" was the instant reply. Lindsey popped up from her seat, Brad's eyes again noticing her jiggling breasts in her top and the two went back out to finish the job they had started. Fortunately they had done most of the heavy lifting in the morning so they didn't have much to do as the sun rose high into the sky and the temperatures got warmer. They set up the chairs and with the help of her father brought over some tables which were placed around the pool area. Her mother followed with several blankets which they laid out around the yard for people to use. In just over two hours everything was as good as it was going to get, the last thing needed to be done was the food which would be brought over right before the party was supposed to start.

When they were done, they smiled at each other, sweat dripping from their faces as they surveyed their work.

"Looks good, huh?" Brad rhetorically asked.

"Yeah, looks like a party could be happening soon," Lindsey quipped. They laughed and as before, she gave him a hug before going back home to get cleaned up for the evening.

About half an hour before the people were to arrive Lindsey knocked on Brad's door. She waited a moment, then impatiently knocked again. With no one answering the door, she made her way around the house to the back and found Brad moving some big blue tubs into position by the tables.

"Oh hey!" he called out seeing her coming towards him. He stopped dead in his tracks as he took in her sight, her young form encased in a free-flowing white cotton dress which moved as she moved. Though she wore flip flops, they did nothing to detract from the elegant look she had, her toned legs, exposed to just above the knee by the dress, sashaying easily across his lawn while her short, almost black, wavy hair was highlighted by the fading sunlight. As she got closer, he saw the thin spaghetti straps holding up the dress and the barest hint of cleavage as her dress dipped in front.

"Wow!" he called out as she approached, "you look great!"

"Thanks," was the cheerful reply. She couldn't help herself and automatically blushed. An awkward silence hung in the air until she moved away and started talking about nothing in particular.

"You sure people will want to swim?" Brad asked, changing the subject. "It's still a bit chilly and I don't think the water is all that warm."

"I'm sure some will try," Lindsey said, looking at the pool. "But if nothing else, we can put our feet in."

"So when are your friends arriving?" he asked, watching her as she moved from table to table.

"Hopefully soon. I can't wait. It feels great not having to go to school."

Brad chuckled. He remembered feeling the same way when he graduated from high school. "You say that now, but wait until you're at college and have to force yourself to get up to go to class. Which reminds me, and if I'm getting too personal let me know, where are you going?"

Leaning against a table, Lindsey adjusted herself before replying. "I'll be heading to Penn State in the fall. My major will eventually be in agriculture."

"Ahh. So that means when you work on my garden, I'll have nice, big tomatoes."

"You bet. I'm pretty good with my hands when it comes to making things grow." She started to walk towards him when she heard her mother calling her.

"Sounds like they need our help with the food," Brad told her.

"I guess. You ready for everything? I mean, a bunch of high school graduates partying all night?"

"Sure, why not. You only do this once, right?"

"Yep, once and done." She tilted her head and gave him a big smile, her adorable features lighting up in the glow of the setting sun.

Together they helped her parents bring over the cake, drinks and other items that would hopefully sustain the party for the evening and just as they were finishing, a car arrived with the first of many of her friends and school mates. Brad excused himself and like her parents, made himself disappear, letting Lindsey take the lead to her party.

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