tagMatureGift of the Graduates Ch. 02

Gift of the Graduates Ch. 02


Sunday was a restless day for Brad. He was tired from the previous day, frustrated that he couldn't concentrate on writing his book and unsure if he had done what he thought he did with Lindsey. His mind was too foggy, his body too spent to know if what had happened was real or just a vivid dream.

All doubt was removed when at nine o'clock sharp on Monday, his doorbell rang and standing on his doorstep was Lindsey. She smiled when he opened the door, her eyes sparkling as he looked at her. Unlike the other day, she wore a pair of grey athletic shorts and a white t-shirt. As she stepped inside without being asked, Brad's eyes again fell to the rounded shape of her ass which the shorts nicely showed off.

"Hi Mr. Sanderson!" she chirped, her body seemingly full of energy as she held her arms behind her and all but bounced before him. Brad noticed the small mounds of her breasts which stood out beneath the t-shirt as she looked at him.

"Uh, hi Lindsey," Brad stammered, realizing that yes, what had happened was real and yes, what he had agreed to was also real.

Before he could say anything else, Lindsey's arms snapped around and she threw herself on to him, stretching up slightly on her toes as her mouth immediately clamped on to his. Her tongue forced its way into his mouth as her body, separated from his by the thin pieces of their clothing, pressed against him.

Recovering, Brad pried her off him and held her arms, taking those few seconds to catch his breath.

"Lindsey, we can't," he told her, though there was a hint of reluctance in his voice as he did.

"Why not?" Lindsey all but whined.

"Because I'm old enough to be your father," Brad firmly told her. He looked straight into her dark eyes, seeing the look of hurt in them and somewhat upset he hadn't stop things sooner.

"So," she protested, "age is just a number. Besides, you're not my father and as you said at the graduation party, I'm now considered an adult by the law which means I can do what I want with who I want."

Brad sighed. She was right. She was an adult. A very young adult, but an adult nonetheless.

"Put yourself in my place," he countered. "How do you think your parents would feel, how would the neighbors feel, if word of this got out? How long would it take before I was run out of town despite the fact that yes, technically, we are two adults and can do what we want."

"You're over thinking this," she said, yanking her arms free from his grip. "It's not like you're taking advantage of me or tricked me into sleeping with you. Besides, I've been thinking about this ever since we agreed to pay you back." Her eyes once again had the look of mischief in them and the corners of her mouth turned up in the beginning of a knowing grin.

"All we want to do is thank you for being so nice to us," she quietly continued, moving her body to within an inch or two of his. Her voice, like the night in the kitchen, was seductive. It's calming tone burrowed deep into his mind and Brad's defenses weakened as he listened to her.

"You didn't seem to have a problem when you rubbed my ass in the kitchen," she cooed, her body all but touching his. Her breasts, covered by her t-shirt, just barely grazed his chest as she kept her arms behind her.

The memory of the other night flooded back and Brad remembered how he had run his hand over her pale ass after she had lifted her dress for him. He remembered how cool it was in his hand, how the goosebumps had formed as he touched her, how he had wanted to to do more to that ass.

"And as I said," Lindsey continued, "we, the three of us, will never speak of this to anyone. Ever. It's our little secret. Our graduation gift to you."

Brad swallowed hard. He should have stopped this, should have sent her home when she came by, but the temptation to have his way with her was too great. The conflict raged inside him as she leaned fractionally closer and her breasts pressed against him. He knew this wasn't right but his body was taking control. His heart pounded in his chest as he felt himself growing harder by the moment.

"So, are you ready?" he heard her ask, his mind so overwhelmed she had momentarily faded from his vision but now, at the sound of her voice, he saw her again. That cute brunette he had looked at while she cleaned his pool. The one whose breasts he had watched jiggle with delight as he told her she could have her party at his place. The one whose ass he had first looked at then touched. The one he had told she could come over so he could sleep with her.

Without another word he wrapped his arms about her and brought her to him, leaning his head down so he could kiss her. She responded, partially standing on her toes as they kissed, her arms holding him for support.

For a few brief moments they stood and kissed until Lindsey lowered herself and took a step back. In one smooth motion she lifted the bottom edge of her t-shirt and brought it up and over her head, revealing she had no bra on underneath. The nipples of her breasts stood out as she tossed her shirt aside, giving Brad a few moments to stare at her near naked body.

The smile on her face grew large as she watched him look at her, her eyes briefly looking down and seeing the bulge in his shorts.

"So, what do you think?" she casually asked, her arms behind her as she thrust her breasts towards him.

"Not bad," Brad replied, unsure what else he should say.

"I wish they were a bit bigger," she told him while looking down and cupping her breasts.

"They're fine," he reassured her. "There's still time. I'll bet in a few years you'll look completely different."

"So you want me to come back in a few years?" she coyly asked, dropping her hands and again putting her arms behind her back.

Brad chuckled, now relaxing as they talked though he wanted to see the rest of her.

Without being told, she used the toe of one sneaker to hold on to the heel of the other and pried her shoe off, quickly doing the same to the other. Now, all that remained on her body were those grey shorts.

Any inhibitions Brad may have had were now gone and he closed the distance between them.

When he was in front of her she ran her hands over his shirt, looking up and smiling at him as her fingers found the bottom edge and lifted it. He raised his arms and bending at the waist, she pulled his shirt off and tossed it aside.

"Ooohhh, hairy," she chimed, her fingers running through the hair on his chest.

Brad laughed, realizing most guys of her age were just getting their chest hair.

"It's what happens when you get old," he joked, enjoying the feel of her hands as they roamed over his chest.

Lindsey giggled then took a step back. With a swift move of her hands she grabbed the waist of her shorts and pushed them down, their weight falling to the floor where she used her foot to toss them to the side.

Now she was completely naked and Brad's eyes wandered over every part of her exposed body She was trim with not much of an hourglass figure though her hips and thighs had the beginnings of curves to them. He saw the small patch of pubic hair between her legs and the question of whether she shaved or not briefly popped into his head.

As he looked at her, he watched as she looked behind her then flopped down in the nearest chair. She put one leg over the arm of the chair while the other stretched out before her, a hand finding its way to the small patch of hair and she began to rub herself.

"It takes me a while to get ready," Lindsey casually told him with a tantalizing devilish smile.

Brad watched, fascinated, as this young woman pleasured herself before him, his eyes glancing at hers which never wavered from him. He watched as the fingers of her hand moved in small circles, changing directions now and then or sliding between her folds. The longer he watched, the more aroused he grew, his dick beginning to strain at the material of his shorts to break free.

How long he watched he didn't know, but in time he saw the flush of pink form across her chest and noticed the smile on her face had been replaced with parted lips. Her eyes had a somewhat vacant look to them, her body slumped further in the chair as her pussy was presented to him. Her hand no longer moved much, her fingers now concentrating on one specific area.

"Come here," she quietly told him, her free arm reaching out, beckoning to him. Without thought Brad walked next to her, her hand reaching up to yank down his shorts far enough to expose his cock to her.

Adjusting herself, Lindsey turned her head and pulled his cock to her mouth and began to suck on him, all the while her other hand rubbing harder and harder. Unlike in the kitchen, she was more aggressive, her hand holding him in place while her mouth worked to to make him cum.

Using one hand to brace himself the back of the chair, Brad leaned over, sinking his cock deeper into her greedy mouth, and used his other hand to grasp a breast.

"Ummm" he heard Lindsey intone, her mouth stuffed with his cock and unable to say anything else. He pinched a raised nipple and she moaned again, the hand between her legs rubbing faster and faster against the now slick folds of her pussy.

Brad's hips began to move back and forth as her mouth sucked on him, her head moving in time to his movements. She held tight to the base of his cock, coming up for air now and then, her head pushed into the chair back as her hand now furiously rubbed her pussy. After a moment of respite her mouth again inhaled his cock, her hand pumping him hard as he let out a muffled gasp.

Lindsey popped his cock from her mouth and looked down at herself, her teeth gritted as the hand between her legs was now practically a blur. Brad heard the wet slopping of her fingers as she masturbated and saw her hips rising and falling on the chair. He let go of her breast and while still leaning on the chair, watched as she slipped a finger inside herself, then a second.

Her mouth open as she gasped for breath, her hips moving back and forth as she fingered her pussy. Lindsey screamed, her mouth panting as her fingers frantically rubbed one small spot. Her back arched again and again as she cried out, her other hand still gripping his cock tight. He wanted her to finish what she had started but was equally aroused watching her orgasm flow through her.

Her cries grew louder, her breaths shorter, then a near continuous groan as her orgasm came to an end. Her hand stopped moving while her body sank deep into the chair, the grip on his dick failing as her hand fell to the arm of the chair. She closed her eyes, her chest rhythmically rising and falling, her breathing becoming more controlled before the hint of a smile formed on her lips.

Her eyes opened and she looked up at him, giggling as she did, her body adjusting itself in the chair but still in a reclining position.

"Sorry," she apologized, "but as I told you, I've been thinking about this and I had to get it out of my system." She giggled again, covering her mouth with a hand as she raised her legs to the chair.

"Okayyy," Brad said, unsure what to do. His dick was still hard, his shorts were around his ankles and he had just watched his neighbor's daughter give herself an orgasm.

"Take off your shorts," she matter-of-factly told him as she got up from the chair. Waiting the few moments as he removed the last pieces of his clothing, Lindsey fell to her knees in front of him as soon as he was done and picked up where she had left off.

She kissed her way down his shaft, her lips lightly sucking on him, then took him in her mouth and slowly bobbed her head back and forth a few times.

"You like this?" Brad asked, marveling at this ball of sexual energy at his feet.

"Oh yeah, I looooove giving head," she said quickly before leaning in and dragging her mouth over the entire length of his cock and releasing it with a satisfactory pop.

"You're just the right thickness, too," she told him, looking up and smiling at him, all the while her hand still tugging on him. With two more quick slurps she sucked on him then dipped her head so she could lick his balls.

"Uhhhh!" Brad exhaled, her tongue finding spots he hadn't felt in a long time.

"Oh you like that?" she teased, her hand lifting his cock out of the way so she had better access to his sack. She used her lips to gently suck on him, his pubic hair tickling her nose as she did. Brad groaned, his head tossed back as Lindsey pulled a ball into her mouth.

Brad reached out with a hand and curled it into her dark hair, not forcing her closer but not letting her move either. Lindsey slid him from her mouth and used her tongue to its best effect as she licked his balls then the underside of his shaft. She heard him breathe deep and lifting her head, sank his cock back into her mouth.

There was a long, deep groan as her tongue swirled around his cockhead before she pushed his cock deep into her throat. Relaxing as best she could, she continued to push him inside, feeling him touch the back of her throat and a bit beyond.

Brad gasped, his hand gripping her hair even tighter as she pleasured him in a way he hadn't felt in a long while.

Pausing for a moment, Lindsey closed her throat around his cockhead before tightening her lips about his shaft and slowly pulling him from her mouth. She heard Brad panting as she did, his cock finally drawing clear of her mouth as she swallowed to clear her throat.

She looked up and saw his head was still tossed back, his mouth hanging open while his eyes were screwed shut. She giggled and squeezed his shaft, a large drop of precum bubbling forth from the tip of his dick.

"Mmmm, the good stuff," she said and licked him clean, Brad's hips jerking back as the sensation of her tongue running over him sent a jolt through his body. She pumped him some more, her fingers somewhat slippery from her own saliva.

"Want me to finish?" she asked, watching his cock move in her hand.

"Yess!" Brad hissed as he looked down to watch as his cock once again disappeared into her mouth. He was enthralled by what he saw, Lindsey occasionally looking up at him and somehow smiling at him despite his dick in her mouth. Her head began to bob back and forth while her hand pumped him, her whole body seemingly taking part and enjoying what she was doing. He heard her coo now and then, or maybe it was a contented sigh, but either way he watched as she worked her magic on his cock.

Removing his hand from her hair, Lindsey reached up and placed her free hand on his hip, holding on to him for support, and began to twist her head from side to side as his dick plunged in and out of her mouth.

From deep in his balls Brad felt the urge to cum build to greater and greater heights. Over and over her wet mouth sucked on him, her tongue occasionally dragging under his shaft, her hand firmly wrapped around him as every second she brought him closer and closer to the point of no return.

Lindsey sucked more firmly, her hand pumping him more forcefully, the sound of her breaths now heard in the room. Brad knew he was on the verge of exploding and seconds later his first load shot into her mouth. His body began to buck as his swollen head was energized by her touch, his body taking control and pumping faster, the wet sound of Lindsey's mouth echoing in the room.

Lindsey swallowed it all just before his second, larger, load coated her mouth. She swallowed again while her head and hand worked in unison to force his seed out. She sucked on him as he continued to cum, his hips bucking back and forth while he seethed as the excruciating release of his orgasm tore through him. His hand automatically grabbed her hair and though she tried her best keep to her pace, he began to fuck her face, driving his cock deep into her throat.

All but helpless and unable to resist, Lindsey let herself be used, his dick flashing in and out between her lips, swallowing as fast as she could before he shot his next load into her mouth.

Over and over he fucked her face, grunting and seething as he did, the fingers of his hand curled tight in her hair and holding her in place, his body determined to drive his cock as deep into her mouth as it could. With one strong thrust he shoved his cock into her, Lindsey caught off guard and choking as he pulled his dick from her mouth.

"Sorry!" Brad called out, realizing what he had done, and released his hands from her hair.

Lindsey coughed a few times, clearing her throat, then swallowed before taking a deep breath.

"I'm so sorry," Brad apologized, squatting down to make sure she was okay.

"It's ok," she told him while giving him a quick smile. "It just means I was doing something right."

They laughed and Brad laid a hand on her back as she recovered.

"Stand up," she told him, still on her knees.

Doing as he was told, Brad stood and watched as Lindsey got back into position and took his now flagging cock into her mouth and used her tongue to clean him.

"Uuuhhh" Brad groaned when her lips wrapped about him. He looked down to watch as she moved her head back and forth, seeing her cheeks move in and out as she finished him. Though he was going soft, Lindsey still kept him in her mouth, seeming to take pleasure as she sucked on him.

With one final pull, she popped his dick from her mouth, licked her lips then bounced up to stand before him. She looked at him and smiled, Brad smiling back and giving her a quick kiss.

"So how was that?" Lindsey chirped, as if asking for his approval.

"That was. . .," Brad trailed off, running a hand down one of her arms, feeling the delicate skin in his hand. Without being told, Lindsey leaned in against his chest, her arms placed before her, and he held her, feeling her warm body in his arms.

"So, are we done?" Brad halfheartedly asked, not wanting to let her go just yet.

Looking up, Lindsey smiled and extended her body to give him a quick kiss.

"Nope, not yet. You still get to sleep with me, remember?"

"I do? You mean I get all this just for letting you use my pool?"

"Uh huh! Pretty good trade, wouldn't you say?"

Brad just shook his head, no longer caring how he got to this point, only wanting to enjoy it for as long as he could.

"I'll need a bit to get ready, me being an old, decrepit guy and all," he feigned.

Lindsey laughed, giving him another quick kiss, then stepped away from him.

"So where's your bedroom?" she asked.

"Bedroom? Back that way," Brad pointed.

"Good. We can have more fun that way. Come n!" Lindsey all but bounced down the hallway to the indicated location, glancing over her shoulder to see that he was following her. She jumped on to his bed and stretched herself out, watching as he entered the room and saw her lying prone on the bed.

"Make yourself at home," Brad joked as he made his way to the bed.

"I will," she countered, giggling as she said it.

Brad sat on the edge of the bed, looking down at the vivacious young woman and reached out a hand to run over her back.

"You like touching me, don't you?" Lindsey asked.

"Yes, but I like touching because it helps me write," Brad told her.

"How?" Lindsey changed her position so she was lying on her side, her head propped up in her

hand. Brad's hand now slid down her side and to her hip, then down her leg.

"That tickles," Lindsey told him, her leg automatically jerking back at his touch.

"Touch," Brad told her as he moved closer to her and rolled her on her back, "is one of the five senses. We gather nearly as much information from touching something as we do looking at it."

His hand slid over her smooth stomach and up towards her breasts. Lindsey moved her arms to her side and relaxed as he continued talking.

"Just by touching you, I can tell all sorts of things about you. For instance, your skin is soft. Combine that with your pale color and I can tell that either you spend most of your time in doors or you live in a cold climate where you need to have clothes on."

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