tagMatureGift of the Graduates Ch. 03

Gift of the Graduates Ch. 03


Brad spent the rest of Monday recovering from his tryst with Lindsey. He drank water every moment he could and did some stretches to relieve the discomfort he felt in various parts of his body, particularly his legs. One side benefit of his activities was he suddenly felt very creative and worked deep into the night writing his book. In fact, he felt so creative he finally found the impetus to start writing the book he had mentioned to Lindsey.

He groaned when he awoke on Tuesday as the stiffness in his muscles let him know he had worked them pretty hard the previous day. He flexed his legs and stretched his arms, twisting his body as he lay in his bed. Knowing from his own, limited, exercise routine that doing nothing was worse than doing something, he drug himself from bed and tried to have as normal a day as he could.

Throughout the day he had flashbacks of Lindsey and what they had done. He could still feel her on his tongue, his fingers remembering the cool softness of her skin. He stared at his monitor, memories of her cute ass before his face taking hold as he heard her squeals of pleasure in his ears.

Shaking himself from his daydream, Brad forced himself to write, his fingers flying across the keyboard in fits and starts, occasionally having long stretches of fluid writing, the words streaming across the screen as his mind emptied the story into the electronic realm.

Later that day, when he knew he had written all he could, he did some minor housekeeping, making his place look presentable for when Nikki arrived the next day. Though doing it because it needed to be done, cleaning took his mind off what had happened the previous day and what was going to happen the next day. On one hand he was conflicted between the age differences of the young women and himself. On the other hand the idea of having unrestricted access to them begged the question, how often does one get such an opportunity in their lifetime?

Realizing that he was too far in to stop, Brad vacuumed and cleaned, did the little bit of laundry he had and otherwise kept himself busy. He had no desire to write that evening and instead went out and rode his bike in the dying light of the day. The soreness from the morning was almost gone and he enjoyed the quiet time, his mind free to wander where it wanted.

Wednesday dawned sunny and bright, his eyes adjusting to the brightness of his room as he stretched his body, noting a few lingering sore spots. Placing his feet on the floor, he sat on the edge of his bed for a time, numerous thoughts rushing about in his head. He wanted to write but wouldn't have long as in under two hours Nikki would show up on his doorstep.

Making a decision, he quickly ate breakfast then went to get cleaned up. The warm shower felt good on him, its watery jets relaxing as he scrubbed himself, his mind still thinking about what else he would need to continue his book. When he finished getting ready, Brad went to his home office and brought his laptop out of sleep mode. He wanted to put down what he had just thought about before he forgot and focused on putting down his words.

Startled out of his writing when the doorbell rang, Brad looked at the clock in the corner of the screen and saw what time it was. He suddenly grew nervous, realizing Nikki had arrived. He shouldn't have been nervous, they had agreed to this rendezvous, but this was going to be different than with Lindsey whom he had known for a time. He barely remembered what she looked like!

Saving his work, he went to his front door and taking firm hold of the door knob, opened the door. He was greeted by an entrancing sight as his eyes met Nikki's. She wore a short sleeve, pink pencil-striped shirt, a pair of white shorts and, interestingly, nude toned strappy wedges. Her light golden hair styled in a bob glowed in the the morning sun, the curved edges of the silken strands just kissing her jaw.

Nikki looked perfectly put together with nothing out of place, as if she was either going to or coming from a photo shoot.

"Hello Mr. Sanderson," she announced. Her hand loosely held the small purse suspended by a thin strap off her shoulder, her one leg set off to the side from the other as she smiled at him.

"Hello Nikki," was all Brad could say at that moment, his eyes mesmerized at the sight of this gorgeous young woman on his doorstep. For a moment he wondered how he could not have remembered what she looked like. She was incredibly attractive, more than someone of her age had a right to be and certainly more attractive than anyone he remembered when he was in high school, including Toni, a mixture of girl-next-door and blossoming woman.

"Come inside," he finally got out, stepping aside and watching as Nikki confidently strode into his home.

As with Lindsey, his eyes wandered over her body as she entered, the scent of her perfume barely evident as she passed by. Her legs were wondrously shaped, their lengths accented by her shoes, a shape men couldn't stop looking at. His attention, though, was caught by the sight of her ass. He couldn't shake his gaze from those magnificently sculpted curves, her white shorts hugging her body in every exquisite detail.

"I hope this doesn't sound creepy, coming from someone like me," Brad started as Nikki stopped to turn and face him, "but Lindsey was right. You have an incredible ass!"

Nikki grinned, not in condescension but rather of acknowledgment, as if she heard this before but still appreciated the comment. She knew she had an incredible ass and played it up to devastating effect. She waited a moment before responding, letting Brad take in the rest of her.

"Thanks," she replied, "six years of playing tennis tends to do that."

Brad was truly dumbfounded. Sure, he had seen plenty of women over the years who were attractive and beautiful, but Nikki was something else. She had the body that women of all ages would kill for, the kind that girls of her age were both jealous and desirous of, the kind that turned men into drooling imbeciles when they gazed upon it.

Standing before him, her legs spread in a confident stance, her young body molded over the years by hundreds of hours of practice and playing matches, Brad could only marvel at Nikki.

"Why don't we sit down," he offered, his eyes wide and staring as Nikki turned and walked to his living room. He was mesmerized by the sight of her swaying ass while her legs competed to capture his attention.

Sitting down in the chair Lindsey had sat in when she had asked her favor, Nikki laid her purse on the floor then leaned back, crossing her legs just as Brad passed by causing his head to swivel to get another glimpse of her shapely legs.

Gathering his thoughts as he sat down, he didn't know where to start, Brad finally settled on the obvious.

"I know the three of you agreed to this, and sitting here I can't believe I'm going to say this," Brad paused, taking one last second to make sure he wanted to say what he was thinking, "but you don't have to do this. If you feel the least bit awkward, uncomfortable or anything, just get up and walk out."

That knowing grin returned to Nikki's face. She looked at him, her hands casually lying in her lap, her body relaxed as she listened to Brad's offer.

"Thanks," she said again, "but we agreed to do this and I always keep my word."

Short and succinct. Nothing more, nothing less.

Brad could feel his heart thumping in his chest. His body was fixated on Nikki, his mind already trying to imagine what her body would look like when naked, how she would feel and sound during their time together.

"Okay," was Brad's singular reply. For the first time in a very long while, he didn't know where to go from here. Did he ask her to strip right now? Did he start first? Should he make suggestions, hoping she got the hint?

"I hope this doesn't sound creepy coming from someone like me," he began, "but would you do me a favor and stand up?"

Unwrapping her legs, Nikki gracefully lifted herself from the chair and stood before him, her hands clasped in front of her. Brad's eyes started at the top of her head, her fine hair neatly cut and parted on the side giving her an elegant cuteness. Traveling down, the freckles across the bridge of her nose led him to her brilliant blue eyes which had an almost trance-like effect, his eyes locked on them until he realized he was staring.

Further down he went, noticing the pleasing curves of her young breasts beneath her shirt which held his attention, his eyes quickly snapping up to look into her eyes which watched him. Looking down, he followed the outline of her white shorts over her hips, their short length accentuating her womanly figure.

Finally his gaze again fell to her legs, their lovely lengths elongated by the tilted nature of her shoes, her feet dainty for one who used them in sports. Before he finished he noticed the candy apple red polish on her toenails, their color standing out against the muted tones of her shoes and skin.

I'm sure you've heard this before," Brad said once he was done, "but you are a very beautiful young woman."

Thanks," Nikki replied, her response as short as ever, her eyes following him as he went back for a second round of leering.

"Would you mind turning around?" he asked, hoping his request didn't sound like something a dirty old man would say.

"Sure," she chirped and just as gracefully as she had stood, turned to face away from him.

What he saw was almost beyond words to describe. Her snug shorts emphasized her trim waist, flowing over the graceful curve of her hips and ending equally snug against her strong thighs. But it was their length which captivated him. There was only a short distance between their bottom edge and the majestic curve of her ass, an ass which in his mind ranked as one of the most beautiful sights in the world. He could do nothing but stare at the breathtaking sight just beyond arms reach, his mind devoid of any thought, his sole focus of attention on that gloriously rounded shape.

As difficult as it was, he forced himself to come out of his catatonic state and followed her legs down. The years of practice and play had transformed them into alluring sights in their own right, their feminine outlines enhanced by their underlying strength.

Almost silently he stood and came up behind her, Nikki turning her head and watching him, almost smiling as he approached. Brad put his arms on her shoulders and gently turned her around to face him, her eyes never leaving his as she repositioned herself. He saw the dash of freckles splashed across the top of her cheeks, their appearance adding to her allure.

"You are truly incredible to look at," he told her, an air of wonderment evident in his voice.

"Thanks, but you're lucky. You get to see me the way I am now, but you should have seen me three or four years ago."

"What do you mean?" Brad asked, a hand sliding down her shoulder to caress her arm.

Nikki looked down and as Brad's hand slid over hers, she took it and held it, her grip firm from playing tennis yet still surprisingly soft.

"I was pretty plain back then. Long hair which I had to keep tied back or else it would get in my way when I played. Boys would constantly tug on it when I was walking down the hall. I was sort of awkward because my body was lopsided and I wore braces. To top it off, I didn't have these!" Nikki giggled as she twisted herself side to side, Brad's eyes automatically looking down at her shirt-covered breasts.

"And now you're this," he told her, taking a step back to once again look at her magnificence but still holding her hand.

"I bet all the guys who teased you were suddenly begging you to go out with you."

"Uh huh," Nikki agreed, giggling some more.

"I'll bet most of them wanted something else, too."

Suddenly her lighthearted nature turned more serious and she let go of his hand.

"I don't sleep around if that's what you're saying."

Brad was startled. He didn't mean to imply anything. He was just making a normal comment about the situation.

"I'm sorry," he apologized, "I didn't mean to suggest you were easy. I was just making a comment that all the guys who previously teased you, as they came of age and saw how beautiful you had become, well, their minds went to one thought. Like mine did with Toni at my graduation." Brad forced a smiled, trying to relieve the sudden tension between the two of them.

"Oh," was the short reply. Like Lindsey, Nikki looked down and played with her fingers before looking up and smiling at him.

"Yeah, there were a few," she agreed, her giggle starting to come back.

"A few? I'm sure it was more than just a few. To use a phrase, you probably had to beat them off with a stick."

Nikki laughed and reached out to take his hand.

"So tell me," she asked, "what was Toni like that night?"

"What do you mean?"

Nikki grinned, that shitty grin one gets when they're leading someone on, and in a calm, steady voice asked, "Was she any good?"

Brad didn't know how to respond. In his mind, of course she was good! She was the girl of his dreams and he had slept with her.

"She was good," he said, trying to be as calm as he could.

"Just good? From the way you described it, she was fantastic!" Nikki's grin grew wider, her lips parting just enough to turn into a knowing smile.

"I was young back then. To me, anyone would have been fantastic."

The two laughed, Brad's mind getting lost in her eyes as she looked at him. Letting go of her hand, he laid his hand alongside her face then leaned in to kiss her.

Similar to Lindsey, his first kiss was soft as he tested his, and her, willingness. She gave him a quick kiss, a peck really, before his insistent proximity took hold and she kissed him back. At first their lips pressed firmly together, their bodies inches apart until they slipped into each others mouths.

Their tongues slow danced, their bodies coming together as he pulled on her waist and her arms slid behind his neck. Slowly they tasted one another, his hands moving behind her and pulling her against him before breaking their kiss and watching as her crystalline eyes opened.

"You okay?" he asked, still being the adult and giving her one last chance to change her mind.

She smiled and nodded in return, her eyes brightening further as the eventuality neared.

Separating their bodies only enough to bring up his hands between them, Brad's fingers sought out and found the topmost button on her shirt and pushed it through its hole. Sliding his hands down, he found the next button in line and did the same, taking a quick look and catching a glimpse of the valley between her breasts.

Continuing, he found the third button, his heart beating faster as moment by moment he exposed her body to him.

Nikki's heart was beating equally fast as she enjoyed the build up, the tension growing as the seconds ticked by, Brad seemingly enjoying the unveiling as much as she. Her arms draped easily across his shoulders, her eyes watching his expression as he continued down.

When he had undone all the buttons except for the last one or two tucked beneath her shorts, Brad worked a hand between her shirt and body, feeling her taut, smooth skin. He lifted his hand up her side, Nikki smiling as he took his time, bringing it slightly forward and grazing his thumb across the front of her bra.

Breaking her gaze, he saw she was wearing a smooth cup, nude colored bra, the small bulge of her nipples evident as he caressed her breast. Leaning in, he gently kissed her neck, again smelling the scent of her perfume, its odor stimulating his desires.

He kissed higher on her neck, just below her ear, his other hand pulling the bottom of her shirt free and with both hands, undid the remaining buttons of her shirt. Firmly he pulled her shirt back, her arms falling behind her as the shirt slid off her arms and was tossed to the side.

Before she moved, Brad took hold of her wrists and held her arms behind her, Nikki not struggling to resist as his lips kissed their way down her neck to her collarbone, then to her shoulder.

"Lindsey told me you liked to touch," Nikki cooed, her body growing warm as he kissed her.

"So you two talked?" Brad asked without looking up, his kisses having moved to below her chin and around to the other side of her neck.

"Uh huh," was the breathy reply, Nikki beginning to lose herself in the moment. She clenched her fists, Brad's hold on her wrists preventing her from touching him, his titillating kisses driving her sexual urge.

"What did she say?" Brad quietly asked, pressing his lips firmly against her neck and carefully sucking on her skin.

"She ... said ..." Nikki's concentration lapsed as he sucked on her, his warm breath sending tingles through her body. Unconsciously she leaned towards him, wanting to feel him against her, seeking out his touch.

The more he kissed her, the more Brad wanted her, his hunger growing stronger as he continued. He kissed her neck harder, his lips momentarily sticking to her skin before pulled away to fall upon a new, virgin, area.

"She ... uhhh ...," Nikki tried again, leaning her head to the side as Brad's lips continued to kiss her, "said something about touching. How you can get information ... or ...". Nikki felt a rush of warmth spread through her, Brad's act of holding her hands behind her coupled with his tender kisses turning her body into a quivering mess. She wanted to take hold of him, her arms trying to move forward but his strength more than sufficient to hold her in check.

"That ... feels ..." she stammered, swallowing hard as Brad moved down her chest and kissed the top of her exposed breast. She felt warm, very warm, a dampness between her legs becoming evident.

Letting go of her wrists, Brad slowly slid his hands up her back until he found the clasp of her bra and just as he went to release it, Nikki's hands intervened and did it for him. Quickly she drew her arms through the loops, tossed the garment to the side and immediately took hold of Brad's face to kiss him hard.

She wanted him and she let him know. Her actions were forceful, her mouth hungry to taste him, her hands firmly holding on to him. She pressed her hips into his, feeling the bulge in his shorts. Disengaging her mouth from his, she licked her lips and looking into his eyes, smiled.

"Sorry," she said, "but you're getting me worked up." She giggled after saying it, her young nature briefly coming to the fore.

"That's a good thing, isn't it?" Brad asked, smiling in return.

"Yeah," Nikki giggled. She dropped her hands and took a step back, giving Brad a clear look at her half-naked body. Her breasts were larger than Lindsey's, having an elegant tear drop curve though they sat up high and prominent. Her creamy skin was just as flawless as what had been exposed, her stomach flat and smooth.

Doing what every man would do in this situation, Brad raised his hands and cupped her breasts. They were a delight to hold, her smooth skin combined with their firm weight arousing Brad to want more. His thumbs automatically went to her nipples and slid across them, his eyes watching as they bounced back after he touched them. Leaning over, he placed his lips on a pink bud and gently took it in his mouth to suck on it.

Nikki stood still, letting his tongue flick across her, her eyes closed as her lust was further aroused. She felt her wetness growing, her needs growing as well, and took hold of his head to lift it from her.

"Take off your clothes," she told him, a knowing grin evident as he stood upright.

Lifting off his shirt, Brad gave her a moment or two to look at him before taking hold of his shorts and pulling them down, his partially erect dick bouncing as he removed his clothes.

"Sit down," she instructed him, pointing at the chair and taking control of the situation. She waited until he was seated, his position near the front edge of the chair, then walked in front of him, just out of arms reach. Standing sideways, she looked at him, barely nibbling on her lower lip, undid the button to her shorts and leaning forward, arched her back, her ass sticking out behind her as she slowly pulled down on the zipper.

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