tagMatureGift of the Graduates Ch. 04

Gift of the Graduates Ch. 04


After Nikki left, Brad did nothing else the rest of the day except recover. He was drained, both literally and figuratively, and it took some effort for him to move once he crawled on his bed. He had no desire to do anything and his writing was left for another day. The only comfort he had as he lay face down on the sheets was he could still smell her and the barely there scent of her perfume.

Thursday was brutal. When he awoke almost every part of his body ached. His thighs were sore, his chest hurt and his dick was in no mood to be touched. By anyone. The whole day was spent getting the kinks out of his body and drinking lots of water. He truly felt like an old man.

Despite his condition, his mind wandered back to the previous day and Nikki. He remembered everything that happened, every exquisite sound she made, every curve of her body and of course, that unbelievable ass. Just thinking about its shape, its firmness, how it tasted, all had him losing parts of his day as his mind brought forth his time with her.

He did get some work done on his book. It wasn't much, but it was something. His mind was too distracted as he sat at his desk, the events from yesterday flooding back as he remembered what happened at that very spot. He couldn't help but daydream, hearing her squeals as she slammed herself against him, her body sprawled over the desk.

He slept soundly that night, dreams of Nikki offering cold comfort to her warm body which had been nestled against him.

Friday came and he slept in. He lay on his back, staring at the ceiling, the bright sunlit room reminding him of the brightness that was Nikki. For a few moments he pondered asking Lindsey for her number but realized how pathetic that sounded. Someone of his age, asking a teenager whom he had slept with, for the phone number of another teenager he had also slept with.

Slowly rising, he made his way to the kitchen and got something to eat, the silence of his house more overwhelming than comforting, and after doing the dishes, went on a long bike ride. Though still alone, the rush of the air against his skin, the sounds of the few cars he encountered, the general noise of life, brought him back to reality and invigorated him to accomplish something. He made a quick stop to get what he needed for supper but otherwise enjoyed his exercise.

When he returned home he immediately set about doing yard work. The work kept him busy, both physically and mentally, and by the noon hour his back yard was as neat and tidy as it was going to get. The sun beating down on his body as it rose over the house felt good, its warmth loosening his muscles and making him sweat, his body coming back to life the longer he worked.

It felt good doing manual labor and after a quick lunch, he went back outside to do more work. He worked until he thought he had done all he could and went inside, noticing it was after two and remembering he had been told Casey should arrive around four. Putting away his tools and whatnot from his home cleaning, Brad took his first shower of the day and scrubbed away the built up grime.

He hadn't realized how dirty he was until he was clean, his body feeling refreshed after his shower and for a brief moment contemplated meeting Casey at the front door naked but quickly threw that thought away. Instead, he opted for the safe route, shorts and a shirt, and did a final check of his place as he waited.

Unlike with Nikki, he wasn't nervous. He had been attracted to Casey from the start, and she to him, and he looked forward to seeing her again despite Lindsey's half-joking warning. He no longer felt uncomfortable with what was going on and was completely at ease as the minutes ticked by.

When the door bell rang he got up from his seat and calmly made his way to the door. Opening it, he was greeted by "the runt" standing on his doorstep, her chestnut hair falling to just below her shoulders. She was dressed in a jean skirt and a white V-neck t-shirt which showed off her very ample breasts. Immediately she had a big smile on her face, her teeth unveiled behind succulent pink lips while her cheeks bunched firmly as her smile grew bigger. Slung over her shoulder, suspended by a wide strap, was an overnight bag.

"Hi," was all she said.

"Hi," was the singular reply, Brad's eyes locking with hers as they stared at one another.

Without being asked, Casey walked past him and into his house. Just as Brad closed the door he heard a thump and as he turned to look, saw Casey, her bag on the floor, take two quick steps and launch herself on to him. Her arms cinched tight behind his neck while her legs wrapped about his waist and squeezed, her mouth clamping to his.

Brad barely had time to react and grabbed whatever he could, his hands finding grip under her thighs as he kissed her back. They stood like this, Casey's body clinging to his, their mouths seeking out the other as if they were lovers meeting after a long separation.

With an audible pop Casey stopped kissing Brad and with only a few inches separating their faces told him, "Hi," ending with a giggling smile. Her breasts pressed into him, their full size providing a very enticing cushion between the two.

"That was an interesting welcome," Brad replied, grinning like a school boy as he held her aloft. "I take it you're glad to see me?"

Casey giggled then kissed him, her embrace more tender than the first, before telling him, "You have no idea."

Though he had no problem holding her, Brad slowly let his hands slide from under her legs, giving her time to disengage and slide from his grip to alight on the floor. Her sneakers squeaked as she took a step back, Brad looking down at the young brunette who had caught his eye almost a week before.

"I've been thinking about this ever since Lindsey said you agreed," she told him as she knelt down to take off her shoes. Tossing them next to her bag, she came back and hugged him, Brad's hands coming to rest on her shoulders before sliding down her hair to her back.

"I have to ask," he said, gently prying her off him and brushing some of her hair behind her, "are you sure you want to do this?"

Casey smiled, almost as big as when he opened the door, telling him, "I'm ready now."

Brad laughed, remembering Lindsey's warning about Casey.

"What's so funny?" she asked, not privy to the inside joke.

"Nothing," he feigned, "just you being you."

Casey giggled, then told him, "I haven't touched myself in a week. I'm so horny, I could explode!"

They both laughed at her admission, Brad fully understanding how hormones at that age can override almost everything else.

"Why don't we get you settled in," he told her, stepping to her side and picking up her bag.

"I can take that," she said, loosening his grip so she could carry the load and also grabbing her sneakers.

"Just trying to be a good host."

"Nikki said you were nice."

"She did, did she?" Brad was curious what else Nikki had told Casey.

"Uh huh. She also said you were ..." Casey paused, trying to find the word Nikki had used. "Accommodating!" she finally blurted out.

Brad laughed, knowing why Nikki would say that but hoping not much else had been revealed. Opening his mouth to respond, Brad thought better of it, catching himself before he asked too many questions.

"Follow me then," he told her and made his way to his bedroom.

Upon entering, Casey dropped her bag near the door and as with her greeting, launched herself on to his bed, lightly bouncing to a halt. She lay on her side, propping her head up on her arm, an inviting grin on her lips.

Looking down at her pose, Brad slid on to the bed in front of her, Casey immediately reaching out to grab him behind the neck and pull him close to kiss him. Shortly thereafter she pushed against him, forcing him on to his back, and rolled on top of him, her bountiful breasts pressed between them, her skirt drawn up almost to her waist so her legs could straddle him.

Sitting upright, she quickly removed her top then undid the clasp of her bra, her breasts falling free with a jiggle.

Brad could only stare at her full forms, their wonderful shapes inviting him to touch them. Reaching up, he gently took hold of each in a hand, feeling how much heavier they were compared to Nikki's.

"Nice, huh?" Casey joked, leaning over and resting her hands on his shoulders so her breasts hung free.

"Very nice," was all he could say, captivated by the sight and touch of her breasts.

"Here," she said, removing his hands and placing them on her narrow waist, then leaning forward.

Brad's face was covered in a pair of young, well endowed breasts while the diminutive, sexually charged being they were attached to sat astride his hips. As Casey moved her shoulders, her breasts rubbed across his face, their soft, firm forms deliciously enticing. Her nipples slid between the valley of his lips, their small bulge inviting him to kiss them as they moved across him.

Sitting upright, Casey looked down and smiled at Brad.

"Things were just getting interesting," he told her, his hands sliding up her back to her shoulders where he both pushed her down and slid her back until Casey was lying on top of him. Reaching up with a hand, he buried it in her hair and pulled her down to kiss her, Casey needing no prodding and willingly following his lead.

As they kissed, Casey reached down and pulled her skirt so it bunched around her waist then moved her body until she found the growing bulge in Brad's shorts. Upon finding it, she rubbed herself against it, Brad becoming harder the longer she rubbed.

"This is what I've been waiting for," she told him in a soft, sultry voice, her hips moving back and forth against him. Her hair framed her face, its length long enough that the tips tickled his face.

Reaching up, Brad bunched her hair and moved it to the side, one hand moving down to apply pressure to her waist while the other slipped between her face and hair to pull her back down.

Firmly kissing her, he pushed against her waist while lifting his hips, the ridge of his hard cock sliding against her panty-covered sex.

"Mmmmm," Casey cooed, lifting her head to release his hand. "That's not nice."

"What isn't nice?" Brad feigned, his hips firmly grinding into her.

"You know I want it and all you're doing is teasing me." Though her words said one thing, her own hips ground against him, Casey trying to position his cock between the folds of her dampening slit.

"I'm teasing you? You're the one who has me on my back, her skirt hiked up around her waist."

Casey giggled then gave him a quick kiss and with one last wiggle of her hips, slid off him to the bed. Lying on her back, she lifted her hips, shimmied out of her skirt and in one motion, tore them and her panties from her, tossing them over the edge. Now naked, she knelt on her knees beside him.

"Ok, let's go," she told him, giving him a nudge with her hand.

"Are we in a hurry?" he asked, lifting up on his elbows to look at her.

"You know it," was the quick reply, Casey leaning down to give him another kiss before swiveling her body and grabbing the waist of his shorts.

"Lift," she told him and as soon as Brad raised his hips, forcefully pulled down his shorts and underwear until they were clear and tossed them to a different part of the room.

"Your shirt," she told, climbing on top of his thighs, a hand immediately taking hold of his cock and pumping him.

"How about please?" Brad joked, still on his elbows looking at her.

"If you don't," she said, "I won't do this for as long as I'm here." With that, she slid to his side and dropped her head into his lap, her mouth swallowing his cock in one gulp.

Brad exhaled as her velvety tongue slid over his shaft, Casey using a hand to toss her hair to the side as she sucked on him. With very firm suction she pulled on him, her lips sealed around him as her hand pumped him.

"Okay," Brad said, "you win." Sitting up, he pulled off his shirt and tossed it on the floor, watching as Casey's head bobbed in his lap. Either not hearing him or ignoring him, she continued to suck on him, her lips dragging against his shaft. Occasionally she would pause and use her tongue to lick his bulbous head, her touches fleeting and invigorating.

Brad inhaled when she did, his body tensing as she pulled on him, then relaxing when she resumed sucking on his entire length.

"I thought you had other plans," Brad told her, his eyes glued to Casey's oral performance.

"Just a little bit more," she said, stopping only long enough to get the words out.

"If you get a little bit more," Brad countered as he leaned forward and took hold of her waist, pulling and dragging her body towards him until with a little bit of effort he had her by his side, "then so do I." With that, he grabbed her thighs and lifted her small frame, leaning back enough so her leg cleared his head whereupon he lay back on the bed and positioned his face between her thighs.

Throughout this Casey never lost her grip, her mouth locked on to him as she was positioned. Only when he lifted her, pointing her at a slight downward angle so she had to brace herself on her hands, did she squeal, but her mouth never left his cock. Now, with his face under her pussy, Brad dove right in, Casey again squealing with stuffed mouth, her patch of hair rubbing against his chin.

With his hands he held on to her ass, its taut plumpness providing a good handhold. She had a clean taste, warm and wet with desire, and Brad pressed his mouth against her, shaking it back and forth, hearing Casey moan as he did.

Sliding her head forward, his cock having an uninterrupted path to her throat, Casey took as much as she could into her mouth, feeling his cock head touch the back of her throat where she held him for several seconds, hearing Brad groan as she momentarily tightened around his head.

In response, Brad vigorously lapped his tongue over her, Casey's toes curling as her sharp squeal pierced the room. Dropping his cock from her mouth, she sat up and back, pressing down on to Brad's face. Moving her hips in small circles, she told him, "Oh yeah ... right there," and ground her pussy on to his mouth.

With his hands still grasping her ass, Brad lifted her just enough so his tongue barely had to cross his lips for it to swipe against the compact folds of skin between her legs. Casey exhaled and wiggled her hips as he did, her hands on his thighs for support. Her head looked up, her expression one of bliss as her body was given what it had been denied for the past week.

"Oh gawd," she blurted out, sucking in her breath as she pressed herself more firmly on to his tongue. She began to rock forward and back, Brad holding his tongue out for her to use as she wished. Her clit slid over it, Casey shivering each time she touched it, her hands clenching and releasing his thighs as she did.

Hearing her soft moans, Brad withdrew his tongue and lifted his head, Casey letting out a long, quivering exhale as his mouth began to suck on her.

Brad slid his hands up her back, pushing against her, Casey lowering herself back into position, a hand taking hold of his cock and pumping him. For a brief moment she sucked on him, her mouth softly sliding over his shaft, but she couldn't concentrate on what she was doing as his mouch drew her out. She lay her head next to his cock, her hand still rhythmically pumping him, licking her lips as her arousal grew, her legs spread wide so her pussy was open for him to taste.

He sucked on her, gently pulling on her folds and letting them snap free before again taking them into his mouth. He laid one hand on the small of her back, feeling the gentle curve of her body while the other hand slid higher between her shoulders. In this way he could hold her, her warmth covering him as he tasted her.

The movement of his hands shook Casey from her sexual fog, her head lifting to sink his cock back into her mouth where she attacked it with renewed vigor. She didn't just suck on him, she devoured him. The fingers of her hand held tight about his shaft as her head pistoned up and down, her lips firmly clamped about him as she tried to get him to cum.

She tossed her head, clearing her hair from her face, and used only her tongue to rapidly flick against his cock head. His cock was held ramrod straight, her lips sliding across his head and down until his length disappeared in her mouth.

Now it was Brad's turn to moan, his hips trembling as she sucked on him, his own legs spreading wide as a hand slid down to rub his balls. Applying pressure, Casey rubbed his swollen sack, a finger or two diving down to graze his opening, Brad's hips momentarily bucking as she did.

Brad's mouth sealed tight against her slit and with his tongue lapped at her spot, Casey immediately moaning as his dick popped from her mouth. She still held his cock in her hand, the other now supporting her body as she partially raised herself off him. Lowering her ass, it fell squarely on to Brad's face where she left it, wanting him to finish her.

Furiously he licked her, feeling her body tense as her short breaths sounded in the room. She squeezed his cock as he sucked her, her body on the knife's edge, every nerve on fire as she was eaten. She was close, very close, her hips again rocking, driving herself on to his mouth.

Like a hot rushing wave her release came, her body twisting in his hands as her ass lightly bounced at his every touch. Her open mouth sang, her cries growing louder, her body twitching each time his tongue scraped across her clit, her voice becoming more shrill, more desperate. With a final, ragged gasp she sank on to him, her warm breath spilling across his dick, her throat dry as she swallowed.

Brad became more gentle, kissing rather than sucking, his tongue sliding across different spots as her limp body heaved on top of him. Finally he did stop, holding his position as Casey stirred, lifting herself on outstretched arms.

Without a word she lowered her head, her mouth sliding over his cock and sucking on him, her touch not as firm as before as her hair grazed his skin. The wet sounds of her mouth were the only sounds in the room, her body still lifted off him, her head bobbing up and down in a controlled dance.

Brad picked up where he had left off, gently kissing and licking her wet pussy, enjoying her touch and taste. His hands caressed her back, her body now more lively as it moved against him, a hand holding his cock for her mouth. Casey swirled her tongue about his pliable head, her lips then sealing about his shaft and sliding his cock in and out of her mouth.

She heard him groan, felt his cock twitch in her mouth, and knew he was close. A hand slid to his sack, feeling how full it was and she redoubled her efforts so she could drink him dry. As she did, Brad's hips rose and fell, his body taking over as she sucked on him.

In and out his cock went, his thickness spreading her lips, his length sinking deep to touch her throat before pulled away. He pressed down on her back, holding her where she was, his motions becoming faster.

Casey matched him, her head bobbing more quickly, the edge of her palm pressing down on his sack as she pumped him. She breathed hard, her lips never leaving his shaft, wanting to taste him.

Very soon Brad was fucking her face, his hands clamped on her back, his hips strongly thrusting upward, driven by the need to cum. Pulling his mouth from her, he grimaced, the aching of his balls letting him know he was close. Faster he went, his cock plunging itself into Casey's mouth, a mouth which never let him leave

She felt his cock throb and seconds later his stream coated her mouth, his hardness complete as her hand pumped his pulsing shaft. Again he shot into her mouth, her throat greedily swallowing him as her lips sealed against him.

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