tagGroup SexGifts Given and Gifts Received

Gifts Given and Gifts Received


"Do I look festive enough?" Martha asked, parading in front of her husband. Art examined her from head to toe. Her loose, embroidered smock with its reindeer and bells, as well as the red calf-length skirt with its white trimmings flared out as Martha, beating him to his inevitable request, gave him a twirl. He nodded in approval as the spin showed off Martha's long legs, her hold-up stockings and her white thong.

"Pretty festive, yeah. Damn tasty, too," he said. "For a librarian".

Martha flicked her long red hair back from where it had wrapped around her face. "If you're looking to spend Christmas Eve on your lonesome, Arthur Marks, you're going the right way about it," she retorted with a grin. "There may be some leftover pizza in the kitchen!"

"Okay. I grovel. But that's only because you're doing the driving tonight. Otherwise I might just have had to spank your ass," he teased.

"Mmm. Tempting, but we don't have time," Martha teased back. "You have the gifts for them? Ann was very mysterious about what she was getting for me."

Art, changing the subject, held up the two expensive bottles of wine that were their gift to Ann and Jason. "I know nothing about wine, so I hope these are okay."

On the way to Jason and Ann's penthouse apartment, Art's silence and facial expression made it clear that something was bothering him. That, in turn, bothered Martha.The initial link between the couples had been when Ann, a voracious reader, had encountered Martha, who had gone out of her way to source obscure books for someone who was now her best friend.

"Remember the first time you met Jason?" Ann asked. "You looked at each other like China dogs. Then he said line-backer and you said wide receiver, almost at the same moment."

Art laughed and relaxed.

"Pretty obvious, looking at the pair of you, so only very minor brownie points," Martha said, patting her husband's massive shoulder. "You didn't know he was military then, and you got on just fine. So, forget he was a full colonel and that you were a grunt medic and enjoy his company."

Jason met them in the entrance hall of the condo. Six feet three of lithe black muscle, he looked like the football player he'd been as a younger man, even as he approached sixty. He helped Martha get Art's wheelchair out of the trunk and pushed him along to the elevator.

"Our two other guests will be arriving a little later," he said, winking at Art behind Martha's back. "We're sure you'll like them, even if Pete and Penny are only tennis players."

"Well, hello!" Ann greeted them at the apartment door. She was small and curvy, with shoulder-length curly brown hair. She was wearing a short red tunic with white fake fur round the edges and white furry bootee slippers. "I see we had similar ideas about dressing up for the occasion!" She gave Martha a welcoming kiss and then leaned down to kiss Art.

"Not too bad for a fifty-year-old, are they?" Ann commented, catching his eyes wandering down her cleavage. "I thought I should give them a little more of an outing, since it's the festive season."

"And they are real," Jason chipped in.

"We never doubted it," Martha said. "You are the two most real people we know." She handed over the wine. "Our present to you. Thank you for inviting us."

"We also have a gift lined up for you, Martha, but it doesn't depend entirely on us. It's something I thought up that I'm pretty sure you will enjoy."

Jason led the way into the lounge, where the sound of a blues harmonica was filling the room.

"C'mon, Jason, you don't have to pander to me," Art protested.

"I wouldn't play it if I didn't like it," Jason said. "No call to be modest. They didn't call you Harpo for nothing, so accept the compliment."

They sat and listened while Ann brought drinks.

"I think you're about to meet two more pretty real people," Ann said, as the entry phone buzzed, and Jason went to let the new arrivals in.

"Hi, I'm Penny and this is Pete," the attractive Latina woman said. She was slim and above average height, with shining black hair pulled back in a ponytail and tied up with a knot of tinsel. She unwrapped a shawl, to reveal she was wearing a short red skirt. Two little bumps on the front of her simple white teeshirt showed that it was a cool evening and that Penny was not wearing a bra.

"My choice of clothes for dressing up is limited," she said, looking at the other two women's outfits. "We came for a family visit with a small child, so what she needed took up most of our baggage allowance. This is as close to looking like Father Christmas as I could manage and I had to borrow the skirt even so."

"And very nice too" Jason said. "Glad you didn't go for the beard."

"I'll drink to that!" Art added. "You look great, Penny"

"Penny would look good in a flour sack," her husband said, giving his wife a hug. He was a few inches taller than her, slim, dark-haired and with a face that looked as if he smiled a lot.

"I can believe that," Art said. "Excuse me if I don't stand up to shake your hand."

Pete looked at the stumps that were all that was left of Art's thighs. "I don't think I'd be able to joke about it if I were in your place," he said. "I admire your stoicism."

"It's either that or he gets a slap from me," Martha said. "You've become a lot more philosophical, haven't you, Art?"

"Hell, before this happened to me, I couldn't have spelled philosophical or stoicism, let alone known what they meant!"

They had drinks and then moved to the table for dinner. While they ate, Art regaled them with stories of his family.

"My great-grandfather, grandfather and father all went right through their respective wars with barely a scratch," he began. "My Dad did three tours in Vietnam without even a Purple Heart to show for it. So, when I was offered a scholarship by the military, there were boxes of citations and campaign medals around the house to say it was a safe option. Two days in Iraq, and an RPG changed all that. I blame the nickname. They were all known as Lucky, for obvious reasons. I play harmonica and guitar, so me, I got Harpo."

"Arthur Marks, you are just so shit at telling a story!" Martha interrupted. "It wasn't just the mouth harp...Harpo Marks...get it?"

"Oh, of course! The Marx Brothers!" Penny exclaimed.

"Right. Anyhow, to finish off," Martha said, "We only had four months of married life before Art went to Iraq. I was shocked when they shipped him back, of course, but not as traumatised as Art was. He was in agony, but the thing that distressed him most was losing most of the big dick that he thought I'd married him for."

"The physical pain was bad enough, but it was just a far more serious version of injuries I'd already had playing football," Art said. "But to be suddenly half a man..." He grimaced.

Martha got up and laid her face against his cheek. There was a moment's silence, then Martha said:

"Enough about us. Tell us about you?"

"Before you start," Jason interrupted, "I think you should know that Art knows that we used to be in the lifestyle. At my request, he kept it a secret from Martha."

"Why? Why wasn't I to know?" Martha's shock was evident.

"It was quite entertaining when I discovered that Jason and I had been chatting online with Martha's husband about swinging." Ann said.

"What?" Martha exclaimed. "Art! You could at least have told me! I thought it was just something you and I had talked about. You weren't supposed to tell the world! There'd better be a good explanation for all this!"

"I wanted it to be a surprise for you, to learn that we are not the only ones who think about things like that."

"A surprise? A shock, more like."

"Stay cool, Martha," Ann said.

"That's one of the reasons - apart from the fact that we like them -- that Penny and especially Pete are here tonight. We thought since you're nearer their age, it might be helpful, as well as fun for them to meet you."

"You're investigating the lifestyle?" Pete asked.

"In a way," Art said. "As I said, I'm in no position to do much myself, but I'm thinking of Martha. As I'm sure you noticed , she's a very sexy looking woman. She loves sex, too. Before I got hurt, we had a great time in bed, didn't we, Martha?"

Martha, looking embarrassed, nodded.

"So I can't do the business any more, but I don't see why Martha should be deprived because of that. Besides, I would get a huge buzz if she was having fun."

"But we only talked about it," Martha said. "Maybe it won't ever happen and I can live with that. I love this great lunk."

"You would have no problem in finding willing men, Martha," Penny commented. "You have anything a man might be looking for, plus you're a redhead as a bonus."

"Willing isn't a problem," Art said. "Attractive, intelligent and discreet is."

"The eternal problem!" Ann joked, prodding Jason, who prodded her right back. "In case you hadn't realised, Pete, you fit the bill. This is our gift to you, Martha. Pete and Penny have agreed. If you want it, tonight is the night fantasy turns into reality."

Martha looked at the other couple, who smiled and nodded.

"I'm jealous, though," Penny said, pouting, but with a half-smile. "Martha is beautiful. But what about me? Don't I get to I join in?"

"You? With Martha?" Art asked. "Wow! I'd pay to watch you two getting it on together!"

"Only if Martha is willing and interested," Penny said. "Martha?"

Martha's face was almost as red as her hair. "I don't know. I've never thought about that side of things."

In response, Penny went across to where Martha was sitting on the sofa, leaned down and kissed her on the lips. Martha shrank back for an instant, but then let it happen.

"Oh!" she gasped when Penny broke the embrace.

"How unpleasant was that?" Penny asked. "You say you never thought about it, but you must have watched lesbian porn."

"We have," Art confirmed, "and enjoyed it."

Penny casually stroked Martha's breast. "You can touch, too," she said. She took Martha's unresisting hand and cupped her own breast with it. Martha half-froze, then her fingers found and caressed Penny's erect nipple.

"It's nicer on bare skin," Pete said. Penny pulled off her teeshirt, revealing neat, firm breasts with perky nipples. Penny sat down and placed Martha's hand back on her naked breast.

"Nicer?" Pete queried.

"Your skin is beautifully soft," Martha said. Her other hand trailed tentatively down Penny's back.

"Ooh!" Penny shivered.

"You don't have to take Martha's word for it, Art," Pete said. Penny stood and went over to Art. He stroked her breasts and as she leaned in closer, caught an erect nipple between his lips. Penny closed her eyes and sighed.

Pete looked across at Ann, who was licking her lips. Jason nodded to him. Pete went to sit beside Ann and kissed her on the back of her neck. She took hold of his hand and thrust it down inside her tunic. She leaned back against him and he continued his caresses.

Martha watched all this going on for a minute or so, with an uncertain expression on her face. Then she got up, went to the middle of the room and started to perform a striptease to the slow blues that was playing. The others all stopped what they were doing to watch.

Martha began by playing with the smock, lifting it to just below her breasts and caressing herself with the material. Glimpses of her lacy bra gave way to a clear sight of it, before she whipped the smock over her head and swayed, swishing it to and fro. The bra was cut low, so that her erect nipples peeped over the edge. She reached behind her back and unclipped it, then let it slide down her arms, revealing breasts similar in size to Penny's but with bigger areolae and longer nipples.

"Beautiful," Pete said.

"When Martha was a student she used to work the bar in a gentleman's club." Art said.

Martha stopped him. "Whatever they may have been, they were certainly not gentlemen," she said. "But I got to watch the strippers rehearsing and picked up some tips. Like this." She did the fast spin that showed off her legs right to the top of her thighs, then, as her skirt wrapped itself round her, she flipped it up at the back, revealing a white thong and a very shapely bottom.

"Gorgeous!" Pete exclaimed.

"I never get tired of watching Martha as my personal stripper," Art said.

Martha resumed her dance topless, eyes half-closed as she moved to the rhythm of the beat. She raised her skirt, flashing the front of her thong and then gathered the skirt round her waist, before tugging at its belt and letting it slip down her legs.

"You look fabulous," Penny said. "May I join you?"

Martha beckoned to her. Penny stood, took off her own skirt and joined Martha, wearing only her little pale-blue bikini briefs. The two almost-naked women danced together for a couple of minutes, laughing as they played at being strippers. Then Penny teased by twanging Martha's thong and Martha retaliated by whipping Penny's underwear down to her knees.

"I can't dance like this!" Penny exclaimed and dropped her knickers to the floor. "Come on, Martha, you too!"

Martha obliged, showing a tightly-clipped and bright red bush.

"Aha! You really are a redhead!" Ann joked. "In case there was any doubt."

Now she was naked, Martha seemed to have lost any inhibitions she might have had. She pulled the men to their feet and rubbed her body up and down first against Jason, then against Pete. He took advantage to spin her round so her back was to him. He leaned back further, pushing Martha's pelvis forward. In an instant, Penny was on her knees, playing with Martha's sex, first with her fingers, then moving in closer and using her tongue. Martha made little whimpering sounds as Penny's tongue flicked over her clitoris.

"Are you enjoying your present so far, Martha?" Ann asked. "Time for the serious part of it, I think."

"Please, Martha," Art groaned. "This is too much."

Martha reached behind her and grabbed Pete by the balls. He yelped and let go of her. She slid to the floor, ending with her legs wide apart. She rubbed her hand over her sex and it came up slick and wet. Pete stripped off and kneeled down between her thighs.

"Ready?" he asked.

"Oh, yes!"

Pete drove forward and as deep as he could into her hot, wet and sticky sex. He balanced on his toes and hands and squelched into her, hard and fast. Martha was moaning to the rhythm set by his thrusts now, rather than the music.

"You look fabulous, Martha!" Art encouraged her. "Go for it! Show Pete how you used to squeeze me."

This time when Pete pushed into Martha, it was against the resistance of her pelvic floor muscles. They got into sync: she tightened up as he began his thrust, then relaxed as he was pulling back.

Art was bouncing up and down in his wheelchair with an intense grin all over his face. "Don't bother to tell me how great that feels, Pete," he called. "That's one of the things I'll never forget!"

"I'm very close." Pete gasped to Martha. "You want me to pull out?"

"No! Come in me!" Martha howled. "That's what I want! You have to come in me!"

Pete came, his whole body shuddering as he pumped sperm into Martha. She wrapped her arms and legs round him to make sure he couldn't escape until she had taken the full load. When she released him, he rolled over and lay on the carpet, breathless.

"Thanks, Pete," Art said.

"Yes. Thank you," Martha said. "I hope you didn't mind."

"I'm not going to complain," Pete told her, getting his breath back. "When Ann suggested this, I'd no idea it would be so fantastic. I assume you're on the pill? I wouldn't like you to have an awkward surprise in a few months!"

"I'm not. Given Art's condition, there's no need."

"But..." Pete began.

"Relax, Pete," Art interrupted me. "Think of it as your Christmas present to us."

Pete looked at Martha who was nodding agreement.

"We planned to have children when we got married. Art can't give me one now, but I do so want a baby," she said. "If I catch, I know it will be yours, but most of all it will be mine and Art's and I can promise you that he or she will be loved, oh, so much! Please forgive us, Penny."

"Nothing to forgive. That's the second time Pete's been had!" Penny said with a grin. "He didn't find out about our daughter Emma until after she was born! Pete, the inadvertent daddy! But how will you explain a child, given Art's condition?"

"We already spread a story about IVF, so it will seem we just got lucky," Art said. "There you go; history gets back on track. A new potential family member who can have the nickname Lucky!"

"We'd have been happy to ask you, Jason," Martha said. She was clutching her thong in a wad between her legs, holding the semen inside her. "But it would be hard to explain if what is supposed to be Art's baby turned out to be brown. In our part of the world, that was a complication we decided was one too many."

"I understand," Jason said. "No offence taken."

"But if I do find out I am pregnant," Martha said, "Ann has told me that you're quite the performer, Jason."

"That will be our unChristmas present to you," Ann suggested with a smile.

"Art and I will both look forward to that," Martha confirmed. "I certainly will!" She glanced at her watch, which showed five past midnight. "And Happy Christmas, everyone!"

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