tagBDSMgigi's Punishment

gigi's Punishment


Nat Cameron is the pen name I have chosen for myself. Nat published a novel called Lost and Found in 2014. It is about lovers who share their secret desires with each other.

The story you are about to read is set in a future world where adults are legally able to own adult slaves but only in designated regions where there are no children. This is the last story in the series. I hope you have enjoyed them.

Dinner with Mistress Stacey and Master Alan

A few days later, Anna and Pierre have dinner at Stacey and Alan's house. They arrive at the entrance and wait in front of the large double doors before ringing the bell. Master looks down at gigi who is between them on her hands and knees.

"you know you're on a short leash in every sense, don't you girl. you may speak."

"Yes Master."

"and your punishments are not finished yet. Do you understand?"

"Yes Sir."

"We will both be keeping a very close eye on our little girl this evening. Do I make myself clear?" Mistress asks.

"Yes Mistress."

"They ring the bell and are soon greeted warmly by Stacey and Alan. candy is sitting on the floor off to the side in the expansive entrance hall. he is naked except for his black leather collar and a charcoal grey thong.

"Hello, please come in," Master Alan says enthusiastically, as he welcomes Mistress Anna and Master Pierre. gigi heels obediently behind Pierre. He has dressed her in a very short summer dress that buttons at the front. she wears pink panties that are visible from behind. As she bends over, gigi's magnificent cleavage spills out of the scooped neckline of her dress.

"she is ravishing," Master Alan says at the sight of this beautiful puppy at her Master's feet.

"What do you think of her make-up?" Pierre asks.

"I love it. With the harlot scarlet lips and the way-too-much eye shadow, she has whore written all over her beautiful face," Mistress Stacey says with a broad smile and directly to gigi she says, "so good to see you again little puppy." She reaches down and firmly holds gigi's head in her hands, raising it so that gigi can look directly at her. "Master Alan and I know you're being punished...but you will be a good girl, won't you?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Will that be a challenge for you?"

"No Mistress" gigi answers, blushing like a scolded child.

"Good girl" she says, while stroking gigi's hair. "This is our puppy candy, candy cane. he's our good little pet aren't you boy?" candy nods his head.

Master Pierre holds gigi's leash wrapped around his hand several times, giving him extra control over her. "Heel gigi!" he says firmly as he pulls it tight and leads her further into the house. Even with her head down, gigi is able to see some of the large entrance hall and the grand living room they are entering. Despite the warmth of late spring, a fire is burning in the fireplace, bathing the inviting room in sensual light. Master sits down on a large leather chair. gigi sits at his feet. Stacey and Alan sit across from them where they can have a good look at her.

They hear Mistress Anna in the hall playing with candy. "Are you a good boy? Let me look at you! Don't you look fit and strong. Come here...mmmmm yes...such a good boy...now let's go see Master and Mistress," she says, as they come to join the others.

"Sit," Mistress Anna says to candy with a familiarity that surprises gigi, unsure whether her Mistress has a history with him or if she just feels a certain degree of power over him because he belongs to her good friend. As Mistress Anna and Master Pierre settle in and talk, gigi hears her Mistress say, "I'm at the hospital less and less often these days..." and through the overheard conversation, gigi learns that Mistress is a heart surgeon who used to operate much more than she does now. Now, she performs surgery once or twice per week. Master works at a medical technology firm as an engineer but both of them have a business they have built together, consulting of some kind, and they will soon be working from a home office.

gigi realises then, the full extent of her new role as their pet. Although she already feels affection from them and for them...sometimes even feelings that may someday become love...she realises that to them, she is a pet and plaything, not required to know or understand what they do, or important things about their lives... required only to serve them and give up control to them in all things, all of the time. she is their property, their slave, a toy, their little girl, their pet girl.

An older man enters the room with a bottle of wine and a tray with four glasses on it.

"Thank you Edward," Mistress Stacey says to him and he busies himself opening the wine. Master Alan has been watching gigi the entire time. "May I?" he asks Pierre.

"Of course you may!" Pierre answers. "gigi, go and visit Master Alan. Greet him, be a friendly girl."

"Here girl, come," Master Alan says. gigi walks to him on her hands and knees. "Stay! let Master Alan look at you," he says as he explores her entire body with his hands, patting her, stroking her, fondling her breasts, intently looking at every inch of her body while the others talk and Edward pours the wine before quietly leaving the room. Eventually, Alan turns gigi so that she faces away from him.

While Alan talks and laughs with Master, he casually moves gigi's legs farther apart. she feels her face flush as she imagines the view of her ass and pussy he is free to enjoy from where he sits. she stays still, open to him and feels extra pressure to obey his every command or add further punishment to what she has already been told to expect. His hand reaches between her legs where he strokes her gently for several seconds before finding the hood of her clitoris where he applies firm pressure and grinds his fingers slowly but roughly against her, moving from side to side, focusing all of her attention as he does so...holding her in his spell.

"I look forward to hearing all about little gigi," Alan says, as he continues to torment her. "she's a beautiful pet... very responsive too, her panties are already soaked!" he says, as if his intention is to humiliate gigi as much as possible by not only teasing her, but describing what he is doing to Pierre who watches as gigi offers herself to him.

"When I message her at the base of her clit the way I am right now and apply just the right pressure...I know she will come, but if I stop moving my hand, she will have to grind me, like a whore to pleasure herself."

"Please!... play with her, make her work for her pleasure, but not for too long... she is not allowed to come...even though we've already denied her for a week, poor thing."

"gigi," Alan says "be a good little whore for Master Alan, go ahead, don't be shy.." gigi remains still.

"Are you going to be able to do as you are told?" Master Alan asks. The room falls silent. All eyes are now on gigi.

Slowly, she moves her hips from side as Alan's fingers dig into the hard lump of her clit. she repeatedly rubs against him, filled with shame. she feels the immense pressure building, thrilling and deeply humiliating her at the same time, as her most intimate desires are displayed for all who care to watch.

"Grind me, little girl... don't you hold back! that's right...good...good girl..."

her face is red with excitement and lust and her mind is filled with so many different emotions as Master Alan takes full advantage of the power he has over her and continues to tease and torment her for his own amusement.

"Look at you...all excited and ready to come...such a good little whore...but," he moves his hand away from her panties and strokes her ass "we have to stop now...you heard what Master said...I'm going to help you calm down a little bit baby...now, I want you to be a good girl and listen closely. Do you think you can manage that? or do I need to put you across my knee first, like a bad girl?" There is a pause.

"you may speak."

"Yes Master Alan, i can be good.'"

"We'll see...do as I say, on your knees, facing me, that's right, good girl...raise your hands and place them behind your neck. Interlock your fingers. Arch that back...good. Open your legs now, Wide! Display!"

Turning to Pierre, Alan says, "for a minute there I thought she was going to have to get a spanking. she's a fine animal...a beautiful puppy. We know she is being punished right now but generally is she a good girl so far?"

"Yes she is, most of the time. she's obedient, compliant and easy to control, which I am very pleased with and she's smart...learns quickly...which is a huge plus of course but...because she's a clever puppy she does have ideas of her own and perhaps a strong will in there somewhere but we are staying on top of that and making sure she learns who is in charge. Isn't that right little girl?" Pierre asks, affectionately.

"Yes Master."

"Good, keep that in check with lots of discipline and we can always help with that...lots of work at first with training but don't forget to have fun. I loved your idea about starting a men's poker night at your place. I can imagine little gigi serving drinks, lighting cigars and showing all of us what a good girl she is" Alan says as he brushes gigi's nipples through the thin fabric of her dress and sees them harden.

"Fun, yea! what a concept. I have just started to scale back on work... you know, had just been putting in too many hours. What is the point in having a beautiful pet if I'm never home to enjoy her?" Pierre asks as he watches Alan play with gigi. "Now that we have gigi we are both looking forward to working less and at least being home when we do need to work."

"Yes, good call, lots to do when training and having a puppy but worth it all and so many rewards when they are loyal and obedient. In our experience, it seems to be about establishing your dominance but finding the right balance to establish a good bond .Wonderful isn't it, having them?"

"Yes, we love it, we're very happy."

gigi keeps her eyes downcast and maintains the position, on display for everyone in the room. her face continues to blaze with embarrassment, arousal, fear, uncertainty...as Alan toys with her unmercifully.

Edward enters the room and places a large plate of appetizers down on the coffee table. "Thank you, Edward, everything looks delicious. See you tomorrow," Alan says, as Edward leaves.

As gigi maintains her position, Alan undoes the top two buttons of her dress and pulls the fabric aside, revealing both of her breasts. "Mmmmmm... such a beautiful puppy girl!! Can your Master and Mistress keep their hands off you? Hmmmm? I doubt it!" he says as he pinches her large pink nipples, tightly. "Yes gigi, you like that," he says appreciatively and to candy he says, "candy! come and sit with Master Pierre and Mistress Anna's lovely new puppy girl."

They sit sipping their wine, laughing, eating and talking animatedly and watching their pets play. "Go on gigi, play with our candy cane," Alan says, as he takes gigi's hand and places it on candy's crotch. "See how nice his big bulge is? Stroke him and make him hard...good girl."

"We heard candy has been a good boy, at least recently anyway," Pierre says, as he watches them play.

"he has been. One week of confinement helped make that decision easy," Master Alan says. "Let me tell you how it all turned out. As you know, he spent a week being punished with his...our, big-boy cock and those beautiful balls under our constant control, locked into a cock cage. At the end of the week, we made a big deal of releasing him and of course he sprang up immediately," he says, laughing.

"I spoke to him about why he had been punished. Afterwards, Mistress gave him a good spanking as he recited the rules and thanked us for disciplining him. After his spanking we strapped him down, and let him have a reward... yes, such a long, tormenting week for our bad boy" Alan says as he strokes candy's hair. "No sooner did I wrap my hand around his naked cock and pump it, did he come almost right away. he was so excited, he just couldn't control himself."

"So, tell us about gigi's training and of course we want to know all about why she needed to be punished," Alan says.

"her training is going pretty well overall," Mistress says, "but!...she disobeyed a clearly stated rule and!... she was careless with her chores!...so that's why she is being punished. We feel very strongly about setting the proper tone, right from the start."

"Oh! I love stories about proper tone setting!" Stacey says playfully, always eager to hear about punishment and discipline. "Tell us more."

"Here's what happened, last week there was one day we were both at work so it was her first day home alone. I had house work for her to do; ironing, cleaning the bathrooms and washing the kitchen floor, so Pierre insisted on putting her into a tiny black dress and white apron. I have to admit, it did look really adorable on her. Anyway...I digress... when I got home around 5:00 ish, the kitchen floor was not even started, the ironing was barely begun and to make matters worse, the bathrooms were nowhere near good enough!"

"what happened?" Stacey asks, squirming with anticipation.

"she found the key to the playroom in my desk and went in, sniffing her nose where she knew she was not allowed to be, as if she thought that on her first day home alone she could pretty much do as she pleased...thanks very much anyway.

Because she wasted time in the playroom and then took a nap! when she should have been working! she didn't have time to do her jobs. Maybe she was testing us or thought that she could have different priorities...but she knows differently now.

When I got her to confess, I stripped her little uniform right off, put her across my knee and paddled her bottom until it was red and quite uncomfortable I'm sure... but it was an excellent motivator. she finished all of her chores the right way and didn't eat until 9:30 because it took her that long, but...we enjoyed watching her clean that floor, didn't we Master Pierre?"

"Yea, that was quite the visual... like a picture for the caption; A Slave's Place, 101: there she was, naked, on full display on her hands and knees, swabbing the deck" Pierre says, as they all laugh.

Mistress Anna finishes the story. "After we fed her, we gave her the strap. she really cried that night didn't she, Master?...and was gagged immediately, put to bed and told to expect a lot more in the way of punishment."

"I was home all week working on the office, and Anna had extra shifts and meetings" Pierre says, "so I took care of her punishments and kept her on a very short leash."

"How did you punish her?" Master Alan asks, and gigi feels humiliated all over again as every detail is discussed so casually as dinner-party entertainment.

"I made sure she had lots of quiet time to reflect on her behaviour from the inside of her cage. I gave her the strap once to help her to understand how important it is for her to do as she is told...she was cuffed or in the arm harness on several occasions. Because I was determined to be very firm with her, when I spoke to her, it was usually very sternly or to give her orders that she knew to obey immediately ...but it all seems to be paying off. she is slowly accepting the hard truth: we make the rules, she follows them or pays the price, work comes before play...that sort of thing but she's not out of the woods just yet, I'm afraid. she knows we are keeping a very close eye on her.

she has not had any release the entire week. We made sure of that. I guess that goes without saying... so clearly, you can see how excited she is. she is agitated and very much in need of release isn't that right whore? Tell us how you are feeling and why you feel that way."

"i'm excited Sir because i haven't been allowed to come."


"i was a bad girl. i didn't do as i was told, Master."

gigi's face burns with shame as all of her secrets are laid bare and she is forced to humiliate herself.

"What an exciting story," Stacey says. "How did you make sure she didn't pleasure herself?"

"I locked her into a chastity belt and with those naughty hands pinned right back, she wasn't able to put them where they didn't belong or do much of...anything really... so very easy to control," Anna says.

"Fun isn't it? having all that power. I'll have to get you to show me the chastity belt...better still... get her to model it," Stacey says, giddy with excitement. "We'll have a chastity theme at their first play date. It's amazing how controlling and depriving them, can create such obedience in bad little puppies," Mistress Stacey says as she watches gigi and candy at their feet. "Maybe she could earn a reward here, later tonight in candy's playroom? What do you think Master Alan?"

"There is an open invitation for her in candy's playroom as our guest...for discipline, punishment and reward anytime but rewards are only for good puppies so, if she can be a good... I would love to reward her myself, with your permission of course, but our house rule is, we like to review misbehaviour before rewards are allowed to reinforce the lessons learned. I can demonstrate later on, using gigi if you'd like," he adds, well aware of gigi's flushed face.

"But right now, let's have dinner," Alan continues, "Edward has prepared a feast for us. When we're done, we can give gigi any guidance she might need and then decide if we want them to have playtime."

"Sounds like a wonderful idea," Anna says, rising to her feet.

"In the mean time," Pierre says, "let's put the rest of the appies in their bowls. I don't know about candy, but gigi gets really grumpy when she's hungry."

During the meal, gigi and candy are largely ignored and they relax quietly nearby and play with candy's hologram screen while the two couples sit at the table, have dinner and talk.

"Have you ever heard of Richard Jones-Burrows?" Stacey asks.

"That name sounds familiar," Pierre says. "What does he do?"

"He rehabilitated puppies who don't respond well, to training."

"Bad puppies, naughty ones, who don't obey, you mean?"

"Yes exactly and sometimes he gives talks at Westview. They're very exciting. He talks about, and demonstrates his techniques for what he calls 'firm correction,' using puppies that are new to his program and still quite spirited and strong willed. He likes it when people who come to see him, bring their pets with them...an ounce of prevention...you know, very entertaining to watch!" Stacey says. "He lives on a beautiful ranch not too far from the Westview estate."

"Does he run it all on his own?"

"No, he's married...we've met them, Maria and ..."

"Jessie," Alan answers.

"Right! ...we met them all when we bought candy. They make quite the impression. Richard is tall, movie-star gorgeous with that perfect smile. Maria is a beautiful, vivacious woman and Jessie is the kind of person who has an intensity that draws people in."

What happens to the puppies after they re-train them?" Pierre asks.

"They are re-assessed for service. Most go back to their original owners, some are re-auctioned and they have kept two or three of them. They must have four or five puppies of their own by now...perfect place for them."

"Have you ever been there?" Pierre asks. "I can just imagine seeing all of those puppies... quite impressive, I bet," Pierre says, fantasizing about a large barn-like area with several naked puppies, hooded, chained and restrained in pens like cattle... a beautiful, vivacious, leather-clad Mistress monitoring them with a bull whip. He smiles to himself at the thought, and wonders what it would actually look like.

"No, not yet anyway," Alan says. "They do a family picnic day and open house at the ranch once a year. We just missed it last time but this year it happens on the second weekend in July. We can all go and take the puppies, of course."

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