tagNovels and NovellasGigolo Ch. 04

Gigolo Ch. 04


That day, I went alone into Enfield and the industrial estates around there in search of some high-end chilling equipment. I found a Magnet store that could send someone around to design your kitchen, or take measurements and do one for you in the store. Vera had intricate details on her house documents, so I took them in, told the young Asian gent what I was after and told him to spare no expense and fill in with gadgets. I ended up buying two large chiller cabinets (one for the bedroom, one for the en-suite) at £1600 the pair, then a very expensive kitchen including white goods, fitting and delivery for £11,450. As they did bathrooms too, I spent £4,725 there on the main one, then £1,375 on the downstairs one.

I was well aware that, at this point, I had almost five million in my account; an astonishing figure that I really didn't want to make much bigger because it would get to the point where I wouldn't know what to do with it. Not that I could stop soliciting; I was too into it and tonight was Saturday night after all.

I went back to the house I'd got from Vera and went into the garage to sit in the old Ferrari. After starting her up, I revved her a few times and felt too scared to actually take it out as I thought I could do. Ah well, I thought, another time. My phone rang as I was about to leave in the MG and head back to the flat. It was Will, wanting to know if I was up for shopping in Enfield Town. I said yes, and promptly spent £1,230 on games consoles and games, plus some more clothes.

"I'd hate to see your wardrobe, dude," said Will as we drove back to Cockfosters in the MG that had just about taken our shopping; Will had bought two Xbox games, I had quite obviously beaten that. "You had three times as many clothes as me before you started soliciting."

"I know," I chuckled. "My wardrobe at this new house of mine is huge though, double shelves and all that."

"Out tonight?" he asked, turning up my music ever so slightly.

"Maybe. You?"

"Me and the boys might go to Soho, I dunno, Ade is supposed to be on the train over from Wales, but I ain't heard nothing yet."

"Cool. Well, I made seven hundred grand last night; I am able to quit right now, but... erm..."

"You enjoy it too much, don't you?" he asked, or rather assumed.

"Last night, I had a hen party. There was the bride, maid of honour, four bridesmaids; all really hot. If that is the best I get all month, that's cool. I got paid over half a million fucking quid man, just to fuck six hot women. I can't wait to get home and check my bookings."

"What if it's a group of guys?"

"I can pick and choose. And word is spreading; I'm even thinking of putting some of the others on my website so the clientele have some choice too."

As it turned out, Ade wasn't coming; his train had been cancelled and it was too much hassle to come later. I had offered him my bed, but he postponed to come earlier next week.

I got on my laptop and checked my bookings. I had two; one guy as Will had predicted, but he only wanted a blowjob for two grand, plus an ugly girl in her late teens that had fifty grand and wanted to know what it would get me. I e-mailed her back, telling her it was two hours of her calling the shots.

Will and Joe still decided to go out into Camden; I thought better of it, watched them leave about half five and began to get ready in an open doorway.

"Off out again?" asked Claire from my doorway, watching me in just my tightest boxers yet, exposing my rather large package as I went to put my jeans on. My first booking was at half six, and even though I wanted to meet Matt, Hannah or someone else for a quick chat beforehand, I still felt I had time to shag her if she so wished. She was in her panties from the other night, and nothing at all else. I could easily tell she wanted more.

"Not yet," I said, putting my jeans down and exposing my rising cock before sitting on my bed. "I've got ten minutes."

"Grant?" she asked after climaxing and feeling me cum over her breasts. She was short of going to have a bath; part of me wanted to join her but the rest wanted to earn some more big money.

"Yeah, what's up babe?" I replied, standing up to wipe my knob on her thigh. She just giggled; I could only hope Sam was as cool as this the night after tomorrow.

"Why do you solicit?" she asked, rather predictably in hindsight. "You're hot, you can have any cute girl if you'd like... shagging her every night, I know I love it. Plus you're rich, too, so... I dunno why I'm asking."

"I enjoy it, that's all," I answered, cleaning my cock more before replacing my tight boxers. "It's fun, I make money, meet people, get great sex and with more than one woman."

She shrugged and put her pants back on. "Do you think I could do it?"

I was far from willing to introduce her to it, but if I took her around with me tonight... "I dunno, why don't you try it? I've got some bookings, I'll toss you in for free. You won't earn anything, but it'll tell you a lot about what I do."

She pursed her lips, and then nodded. "Okay. Can you find me something really sexy in my wardrobe to wear?"

I groped her tits. "Shouldn't be too hard."

"Who's this?" said the guy, opening his car door to me and Claire.

"Buy me, get her free," I replied.

He looked her up and down; dressed in a tight top and a skirt that barely covered a red thong that made her ass look in-fucking-credible. He raised his eyebrows. "Can't argue with that. Not much space in the back, though."

"I live five minutes away," I said, and let Claire get in the front and stepped into the back. "Second right."

Claire remained shy for the first ten minutes of something that the guy confessed he wanted to be over pretty quickly. I'd snogged him, and so had Claire, but once me and him had stripped naked and I had begun to suck his dick, she got topless and coyly let him caress her boobs.

Thankfully, she did lighten up a bit, the guy said he'd give us five grand each if we had a threesome with him, and then Claire and I got on all fours naked on my bed as he fucked us both; me in the arse and Claire in the pussy. She almost came, but was nervous and so faked it. The guy went into the bathroom quickly and I fingered Claire to a real climax. He gave me seven grand as planned, plus gave Claire five grand. He then gave us a lift back to my spot, snogged us both and left.

"What do you think?" I asked, watching her count her cash.

"Great," she giggled. "It was good fun. He was a good shag too, kinda cute to boot..."

"Well, it isn't always like that. Wait until my second booking, that will be an eye-opener, trust me."

The ugly girl showed up at quarter past seven, fifteen minutes early and had a little flirt with me whilst Claire covertly decided if she wanted to stick around or not. She made a quick decision to go home, deciding five grand was great and she really didn't want this enough to do it. I gave Hannah my car keys and got her to take her back to the flat.

The girl knew she called the shots, and asked for privacy. I took her back to my house. She asked me to be naked, so I stripped off in the hallway. She asked me to fuck her as hard as I possibly could whilst spanking her ass red raw and handcuffing her to my headboard whilst calling her 'my gorgeous little girl'. Once I'd got past the fact she obviously had suppressed memories of her father doing this to her when she was little and probably prettier, it was pretty enjoyable. She had a surprisingly good body; lovely tits and a very tight pussy -- not surprising seeing as though she'd probably just had one sexual partner in her life and that was her dad -- and I did cum the couple of times I was required to.

She made me lick her, which was good fun as it was very neat and tidy between her toned thighs, and I made her cum twice. She wanted to suck my knob, and she was absolutely appallingly bad. I managed to pull a twenty-second wank out of the bag to make her feel better, cumming over her face as required.

It was worth fifty grand as agreed, and she wired it to me before asking if we could do it again. I said yes on the premise I could 'lick that sexy cunt more', even though that was half a cover for not having to endure her terrible attempt at a blowjob.

Fifty-seven grand up and racking my brains as to what I could buy tomorrow, I got a text from Claire, apologising for not being able to hack it. I told her not to be ridiculous, that she was great and I didn't blame her one iota for wanting just the bit of quick cash and nothing else. And it kinda turned me on to watch another guy fucking her, despite the fact I hadn't yet watched her with another girl. I thought of Sam, and smiled whilst getting a semi.

A car pulled up, a Maybach 62 limousine and the rear passenger-side window wound down for a guy to pop his head out. He was old, but very good looking, and obviously rich, so I walked to the door wondering if he had a sexy young daughter he wanted me to shag.

"Evening, sir, what can I do for you?" I asked.

"How much do you charge?"

As I didn't have a base rate for any particular activity (something I had to think about for my website), I had to wing it. "Depends what you're after."

"A cute young man," he replied, smiling. I smiled back and leaned in closer to him. "Come enjoy some champagne with me, I have a hot tub and..." He leaned back and beckoned me to look in. There sat a boy in his late teens. "And this is my son Tom, he'd like to have sex with you too."

"Is he in the hot tub too?"

"Absolutely. We don't touch each other, though," he said, which was so obviously a lie, but I wasn't going to pick him up on this. A Maybach was three hundred grand easy, so I soon came up with an answer.

"Both of you naked, full oral and anal sex with both, toss in both of you cumming on my face... let's say a hundred grand."

"How long for?" he asked.

"Three hours," I replied.

"Get in," he ordered.

He had a rather large, thick penis that was interesting to suck, but not as interesting as his son's thinner but longer dick I choked on a few times because Tom liked it. Both of them came in my mouth and I swallowed before washing it down with champagne and both their saliva.

After that first hour, I started lubing myself up, feeling the man -- called Oliver -- slide one finger then two inside my arse as both took it in turns sucking my dick. I actually came pretty quickly; Oliver was a natural cocksucker and Tom seemed pretty talented and then they started giving me tantric anal shags.

For the next hour and a half, I was knelt up or lying down on the fold out bed with a knob up my arse; which was quite enjoyable after a while. I actually managed to cum again without anyone touching my dick; Oliver was cool about the carpet stain.

I moaned, groaned and was beginning to enjoy it so much, I was half a minute away from tossing in the rest of the night for free when Oliver turned me over, sat me up and spunked so hard over my face, it practically exfoliated me. Tom did the same, although I had to give him a bit of a suck to move him along, and I was given wipes and towels to clean myself off.

With half an hour left, I shagged them both quickly, jacking them both off to boot and came on Tom's pubes as directed by his father. He was still cleaning himself off when Oliver dropped me off with a hundred grand freshly wired into my account. He asked if we could do a repeat performance some time, and I told him that if he tossed a bit more money into the equation, I'd consider an all-nighter at my house. He snogged me goodbye, and eyed up Hannah before leaving.

"Good one?" she asked.

"Fucking incredible," I panted back, meeting her two feet from the kerb and giving her a good snog. "Father and son, didn't touch each other, but both fucked me for like 90 minutes, I spunked all over the place without even touching myself."

"How much?"

"Hundred grand."

She giggled as I popped out a breast to admire; as much as I loved that sex, I still preferred women and just loved tits. "What are you going to do with all this money?" she asked.

"Buy stuff," I shrugged awkwardly. "A really fucking expensive motor I can use, not that old Ferrari I'm scared to even sit in."

"Mind if I look through Top Marques with you tomorrow?" she asked as I put her breast back in her hot bra and top.

"Yeah, that'll be great. Are you staying, then?"

She nodded with a grin. "Don't see why not."

She couldn't right then, and neither could I, but that wasn't without saying that after earning £157,000 tonight, I was done filling my boots. I'd earned the equivalent of a brand new Aston Martin plus an options list tonight, and I was very tempted. I thought my next priority would actually be, once Magnet had been around next weekend to fit what I'd bought, to get a holiday.

As it turned out, Hannah and I wouldn't get the chance to stay together, because a super stunning girl in an SLK Mercedes turned up and offered Hannah a night in at hers twenty minutes away. I never heard money mentioned, but I would have fucked her for free given the chance.

Ten minutes later, as I was beginning to get a bit bored, two things happened. Firstly, Hannah sent me a picture of the girl and her naked in the girl's bed eating each other's tongues, and then as I put my phone away, a convertible Audi pulled up with another kinda ugly chick in the driver's seat. Tonight wasn't going that well, although the first ugly chick did have a good body. Maybe, just maybe...

No, no such luck.

She was unkempt under those largely manly clothes, didn't wear a bra (and not in a good way; her breasts were way too saggy for someone in their late twenties), and her pussy was so hairy, I took about two minutes to get my tongue inbetween her pussy lips. If I had to take away some good things from my hour and a half with her, it would be she let me spunk on her face, and she gave me ten grand.

Thankfully, no sooner had she dropped me back off, promising to come back sometime (oh, she enjoyed it, she came about eight times... no, I don't know how either), then another car pulled up with a young girl in the driver's seat.

She was eighteen, not really that bright, was driving her rich father's car without a licence and carried his plastic with her and without his knowledge. However, she was super cute, had fantastic little boobs and was willing to fork out fifty grand for a shag. I bargained with her.

"Really?" she asked once I'd told her that for fifty grand, I'd see out the rest of the night with her.

"Absolutely," I replied, leaning over and touching her pasty but very firm naked thighs. I lifted up her short skirt and saw the tiniest little thong. She was clearly shaven, and just more and more stunning, the more I saw of her. "Fifty grand, name what you want me to do to you."

"Take my virginity," she blurted out.

"You're a virgin!" I queried rather loudly. She nodded.

"Well, apart from a vibrator every night. But I have a hymen."

I'd earned £167,000 from four clients, none of whom had been perfect, not even the father-son combo, so I figured that was cool. This girl -- called Mickie -- was young, fit as fuck, a virgin, in possession of sex toys and obviously had parents so negligent, I could rinse her parents of their cash. So I made a decision. "I'll do you a deal, Mickie," I said. She nodded with a grin. "Let me drive us to my place, I'll take your virginity and it's all free."

She narrowed her eyes. "What do I have to do in return?" she asked. As I said earlier, not that bright.

"Swallow my cum?"

Despite being a virgin, she seemed really rather good at oral sex. Seeing as though this was all free, it felt like I'd just pulled her at a club and taken her back to mine for a good seeing-to. I stood naked at the foot of my bed sipping champagne as she knelt in her tiny bra and panties (maybe the bra was a little too small, her boobs were blatantly 34CC and her bra was predictably a 32C), sucking my knob like she probably sucked her vibrator every night.

Mickie had shown a couple of other examples of how dumb she was, so I'd decided to skip any chatter, and just let her natural aptitude for sex show through. I thought she'd make a magnificent whore; problem being, I thought it out loud.

"Really?" she said, excitedly as I wiped my cock on her cheek after spunking down her throat. "Wow," she added, unclipping her bra and lying back, "my parents don't think I'm capable of anything." I knew they were at least half-right; she'd probably scraped through school with a GCSE in Home Economics (Cooking to our older readers) and was currently looking for a job as a cleaner (no offence to cleaners, I used to be one myself, but it's hardly taxing). "You really think I'd be good?"

I pushed her flat on her back so she was totally on my bed and removed her thong before mounting her. Thankfully, my still hard cock didn't hit her glisteningly wet pussy, instead hitting her inner left thigh. "Baby, you'd be amazing."

"My parents would hate it, they'd kick me out," she said, looking sad in the way an eight year-old gets sad when you don't buy them the latest Scalextrix.

"Then just move out. Mickie, you've got the aptitude for this, charge extortionate fees and people will pay. Come on my website with me, we'll solicit together to start with, rake in a fortune, then you can at least get your own place." Note that I didn't ask her to move in here, and that was deliberate. She'd probably rock in the kitchen, but would use fabric softener as a washing-up liquid afterwards. Mind you, she had surprised me by knowing what a hymen was... speaking of her hymen...

I licked her to a very quick orgasm; it was obviously her first time with this type of oral and I intended to make tonight a series of first-times for her. If she hadn't been shagged in the pussy, then I doubted she'd been fucked in the arse. And besides, it was better she did all these things with me rather than a client.

Nervously, understandably so, she laid back, legs open but head up as she watched me kneel between her legs, hoist her ankles behind my ears and slowly press my knob, complete with ribbed strawberry condom, into her pussy. Two minutes later, after some clit-flicking, tit-licking and some lube, I saw a little blood come out and she told me I was now inside her. I gently shagged her for half an hour until she screamed half the street down, sweated a big drip of sweat onto my sheets and cuddled me.

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