tagNovels and NovellasGigolo Ch. 08

Gigolo Ch. 08


"How was yours?" I asked Mickie as we arrived back in my new penthouse followed by Matt, Hannah, Paula, two other twenty-somethings Jenny and Lucy, plus the black guy I mentioned earlier, Tony.

"Lovely guy. Nice dick too, actually, although not that pretty and told me he loved me. He actually proposed!"

"What did you say?" asked Paula; more interested because she was actually engaged to a regular of hers, although she obviously shagged other men and women, and once he'd shagged Hannah.

"No, silly," she replied. "He's booked me again next week, though. Might get myself a place like this."

"There isn't many around," I said, putting a couple of bags full of food and drink up on the kitchen worksurface as everyone did; except Mickie who was a little small and delicate and could only manage one, and except Tony, who could do about four. "I'll put you in contact with my estate agent, he hooked me up."

Everyone bar Tony went to the living area; two huge black leather sofas and a 50" LCD HD Ready TV screen. He came to me and smiled. "Hey... any chance of getting in on your website?"

"Absolutely," I replied. "You'll be popular, if what I hear is true."

He watched Paula bare her breasts to the group and Mickie begin to suck on them. "Unzip my fly and find out for yourself."

In moments, he was hard and had his foot-long fat cock out of his pants. He was largely unsuccessful because rich clients couldn't keep him for long because his knob, after a while, became a serious issue in the sack. It was because of this that after a year in the game, he'd made about 20% of what I could.

In one of the bags were a few packets of condoms, and I took one out before getting my cock out and feeling a muscular and hot black guy suck on it. Before long, I had a go at sucking his, and it was so difficult, before long I had to give up to save my jaw. But it didn't end there.

Most of the guys just watched TV and chilled, but as Paula began sucking Matt's dick, I stood behind Tony, bent him over slightly and began fucking him whilst jacking him off with both my hands as just the one wasn't big enough. I pulled out just before I came, and as we were both backed, sacked and cracked (i.e. bald down there to make it all look nicer for clients), we had no pubes to spunk into. However, I spunked on his face, he spunked down my throat and we got into the shower with Jenny (a 24 year-old blonde with pretty big tits and a very innocent face) before snogging passionately against the cubicle wall (me and Tony, that is).

After drying off, Tony was in the bedroom with Matt and Lucy -- a 28 year-old hottie with a pretty slack pussy after ten years on the game that was perfect for Tony's knob -- as I had Mickie and Hannah helping me choose cars to fill in my own private underground three-car car park. Obviously, I had the MG, and the old Ferrari I wanted to get transported from Cockfosters, so that only left one place, and this was quickly filled by a Maserati Quattroporte 4.2 V8 Executive GT Auto 4dr costing me £93,782 once I'd ticked a few options packages, and tax and insurance set me back £5,123 for the year.

It was another hundred grand that had left my account, but it was all good because I was still more than suitably minted and my bookings for tonight looked very handy in terms of money that would be pouring into my account, even if the standard of looks was poor.

I returned to Cockfosters at five to meet Elizabeth, and ask her how her English classes were coming along. She said they were great, and I believed her; her grammar was getting better and her vocabulary was slowly increasing. Fortunately, some things had remained the same; Elizabeth's beautiful naked body and bedroom prowess.

"Dinner afterwards?" she asked, riding me on the bed of the house I was soon to sell.

"Can't. I have clients. Tomorrow, what about lunch in my new penthouse?"

"Sounds great," she groaned as I groped her fantastic arse and she began to come to her climax. "Ooh fuck, yes! Yes! Fuck! Oh yes," she smiled, falling off me.

"You learnt that quickly," I chuckled, kneeling up by her face and breasts and handing myself off.

"Me and the lady tutor get on well," she giggled, reaching out and grabbing my cock. "Let me."

She grabbed it and sat up slightly to start sensually sucking me off to spunk hard down her throat. One thing I knew, she was giving me a fantastic blowjob, but the next thing I knew, I opened my eyes an hour later to see Emma rising up from my dick, licking her lips.

We kissed, before she groaned, quickly licked her fingers and put them to her clitoris. I looked down, and there was a female head at her naked pussy; female hands on her naked tits. There was Mickie; licking Emma out passionately whilst getting wet on the feeling of that cunt on her tongue.

I had spunked hard in Emma's mouth, and she had swallowed, but I was soon hard, horny and ready to go after just minutes of snogging her and stroking her titties with my wet knob.

Emma turned around, sitting back down on Mickie's mouth and continuing to be licked out, whilst I instead lay on Mickie, licked her breasts and pushed my bare cock inside her before slowly shagging her unprotected.

"I never knew you were into girls, Emski," I panted, leading her downstairs as Mickie and I prepared to go out for our bookings. Tonight, Mickie had agreed to start her week away with her ten million pound client, and had been told that by tomorrow morning, she'd be in Paris. Thankfully, she had a passport, so this wouldn't be a problem.

"I wasn't before, but there was this party at the maisonette after you left... some of the hockey guys came over. I was in the bathroom with this girl, can't remember who because I didn't know her, and she just starts touching me up. Next thing I know, we're having sex, and we've been doing it about two or three times a month since. I still prefer men, but... Mickie was cute and very, very good at licking pussy."

"So I've heard. Listen, tonight will be my last night for about a week, so are you up to anything?"

"Afraid so, Martin and I are back in Flitwick for then, sorry."

"That's cool." I opened the front door, and we snogged. "Tell him I said hi."

She grinned mischievously, gave me a quick flash of her boobs, and then left.

It was true; I was having a week off to concentrate on my property business. Tomorrow, a load of things would arrive for Vera's old house, so I'd be in the little study with a laptop keeping an eye on her bits at the auction. I hoped I might get more than fifty grand, but it was all going to charity anyway, so it wasn't like I was seeing a penny for more than two hours.

Clients I had had to defer got their chance tonight, the rest being informed I would not be available until next Saturday night. These clients were largely unattractive, but still quite rich, and in a bit of a blur of a night in which nothing exciting actually happened apart from the fact I came twice, I earned fifty grand in cash from each of the eight clients. I was a bit bored throughout, one client was hairy (a woman... yeah, I know, but what can you do?), but it was four hundred grand. And I really couldn't complain about that.

Mickie sent me a text as I bade farewell to my last and probably best client -- some guy who actually gave me a handjob as he fucked me -- saying she was in Paris and on the banks of the Seine. The guy was very sweet, they'd had sex a couple of times, but she was promised the high life for a week in exchange for accompanying him to some business meetings in Monte Carlo from tomorrow onwards.

In the late morning, when I was ready to move, I went to IKEA and laid in a massive order for furniture that would arrive in a few days. £43,038 bought me the three bedroom suites, living room and dining room furniture, and later on, I found an interior decorators that would do each room to my exact specification by the time it all arrived, but would cost £1500. I happily signed the cheque, got them to start straight away and went back to the house to finish off the bits of decorating I had been doing myself with the help of a few certain others.

Items at auction came to £53,150 and once the money had been wired to my account, it was wired straight back out to a cancer research facility in Surrey. The auction was a little strange; it also involved houses. I went against auctioneers' advice and bought one without reading the legal pack or actually viewing the property at all. It was a gamble, but at twenty-three grand, not a huge one if it all went bad very quickly.

Work went incredibly well for the day, and everything was delivered and fitted without a hitch. Already, it was looking as if I would have a great profit for my first project, even if the house didn't actually cost me anything to own. I returned to the flat in Cockfosters for a Chinese with the lads that I paid for, costing about £73, before returning to the penthouse and shopping for things for my new project; which wasn't furniture or anything exciting, just professionals like roofers, plumbers etc. I hired a surveyor to check the place out with me tomorrow; he cost £500.

Not that anything about this place wasn't exciting; it looked stunning. It was big, it had grounds... frankly, given its location and existing detailed planning permission (designs had been e-mailed to me), I could expand on it and easily sell it on in about a year for something approaching five million. It could easily be the hallmark of my new property company.

But as Elizabeth announced she was on her way over to keep me company (or shag me, as she put it), I wondered what good a property company was without rental property. I had to find cheap apartments and houses in good locations I could rent out to students or young couples.

I went on a few property websites that had search engines on them, and put into the search bar 'starter homes'. I may have gone a bit overboard, but I had soon bought ten apartments and homes for £1,753,458, and put them up for rent. This left me so far out of pocket, I was back to before Vera died. But as I still had two million, it was fine, as long as when I got back, I had some big money clients waiting for me.

"So," Elizabeth asked once she had arrived, stripped nude and got in the rooftop Jacuzzi with me, "what are your plans for week?"

I didn't correct her, she was learning pretty quick, so I continued rubbing her off and sucking on her breasts. "Just working on my property business. You?"

"Well, I have a break from class for a week, so... I was going to just go to France for a week."

That sounded great, but as I'd already started planning my week ahead and had unavoidable commitments, I had to stay back. "Sorry baby, can't join you."

"It's okay, I still have my tutor. She is coming with me, we are going to make passionate love in a vineyard in Central France."

I wanted to see that, very desperately, but again I reminded myself I was committed to stay. Instead, as my knob grew at the thought of more lesbian sex, Beth grabbed it and began jacking me off; pulling my lips up to meet hers. "Send me pictures," I got the chance to say.

She didn't reply; instead our snogging descended into her mounting me and me pushing her cunt towards where she pushed my knob until they met, and we began having unprotected sex. Before you say anything, it was actually cool; I'd seen proof that she was clean after she'd visited Hannah and Mickie's hot Asian GP and got a quick bang from him.

Back downstairs, I got a text from Sam as Elizabeth sensually sucked my dick. She was asking to come by and see my new flat. I told her I was with another woman, and had enough balls to ask if she fancied joining in. A threesome with two guys was good for her, but she said a threesome with another woman was out of the question. After seeing a picture of Elizabeth naked, leaning over my -- if I say so myself -- beautiful appendage, she still didn't change her mind.

I managed to get her to agree to come over tomorrow night after Hannah had spent the day with me in Vera's house decorating and probably finding little nuggets of time to shag, spunked down Elizabeth's throat, and then returned the favour.

"Ooh, baby, I swear you get better and better every time," she groaned as she finished her orgasm; my head still between her legs and hands on her tits. I licked as much cum from her cunt as I could before looking up and grinning at her. "I have to go now, my bags are packed and my train leaves St Pancras in three hours."

"Got time for a little quickie?" I asked, kneeling up between her legs, raising her ankles up by my ears and pushing my erect cock into her.

"No... oh shit, okay, make it a really fucking quick, hard one. And cum in my panties, I want something to lick when I'm away."

Once she left, I decided I really didn't want to spend the night alone, and so drove back to Cockfosters, saw Will and Joe for a little bit, then once they'd gone to bed, invited myself into Claire's room.

"Hey baby," she said with a big smile as I found her in bed watching TV. "I heard you were taking time off, and I fancied a night off too," she giggled. I locked us in and she lifted the quilt off of her. She was absolutely stark naked but for some curious but rather hot looking knee-high white socks. Her black pussy hairs were just visible against her black pussy, and it was a hot looking little black strip.

"No clients?" I asked, immediately moving to release my expanding package.

"I had two possible bookings, both female."

"Still no girl-on-girl?" I asked, showing off my hard knob. She looked at it, smiled, and placed a hand between her own legs.

"No. I've watched some... some couple bought me and Hannah for the night, and I just fucked the guy whilst Hannah and the woman licked each other. It was kinda hot, Hannah touched my boobs, but... nah, not that into it. Mind you, she says you weren't into guys, now you and Matt are pretty tight."

"It can happen, just takes one person and a little stubbornness on their part, and you'll end up eating Mickie out."

She giggled as I got to the bed, now naked myself and stuck my cock blatantly towards her mouth. She got the hint. "Finger me," she demanded, before sitting up and taking me into her mouth.

I did as she said, placing a hand on her breasts as a detour before drawing it down her naked body and moving her head with my other hand. I rubbed her for just a little while before pushing two fingers through her already soaking wet cunt. She moaned my name, and carried on sucking. Shit, she was good at sucking dick, being a whore was giving her good practice. With a client, I'd hold on for a little while if they wanted to suck my cock; just to give them an elongated experience. But with Claire, we both knew we could just ourselves go, and in just two minutes, she convulsed on my hand to her orgasm and I spunked hard down her throat.

She lay back smiling, and moved over the bed to invite me in next to her.

"Are you staying, then?"


"Good, give me a couple of minutes." She clambered over me, dressed in my boxer shorts and her tightest top and went to the bathroom; coming back three minutes later to find me still in bed.

"Strip and shag me, you beautiful slut," I ordered and she did exactly that.

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