Gillette and Go


Redoubling his efforts, Simon concentrated on her clit. Sucking, slurping, kissing and rubbing. It was the one thing he could abuse at the moment without fear of reprisal. That and her arse, he thrust two fingers hard into her. Working her, stretching her and above all else, enjoying her.

"Fuck," she yelled. "Piss, shit fuck!" she exclaimed as she smacked her groin into Simon's face and came in a warm gush of fluid. Roxanne squeezed her legs against his head as Simon lapped at her clit until her spasms stopped.

"God, that was good. You fuck much harder than those other twats," she said as she drew herself up and purposefully looked at his cock. "But before you get relief, you have work to finish, girlfriend."

Girlfriend, as the taste of that word settled around his shoulders, Simon retrieved the razor from the floor. His cock ached with desire, but he pushed that aside and gave the razor a quick rinse in the now warmish bowl of water.

Returning his eyes to her juicy pussy he sprayed on fresh shaving cream. She squirmed a little as the gel tingled against her skin but then held still as Simon took hold of her lips and got back to work.

There wasn't a lot more to do and after a few deft strokes with the blade, the remaining pubic stubble was gone. He then moved on to the more delicate and finer hairs of her labia and quickly scraped away the little hairs.

After dabbing the towel in the bowl of water, Simon wiped his Mistress clean, removing all trace of shaving and recent activity. Giving his Mistress one final kiss on her mons, he stepped back with a flourish and unnecessarily declared that he was finished.

But she wasn't, and he watched in awe as she ran fingers through her pussy and over the freshly shaved skin. Her thumb slid smoothly over the area and she caressed each lip, feeling for any trace of hair. "Excellent," she announced with a smile. "Smooth as. Now you can do your thing."

As Simon's hand shot towards his waiting cock she stilled him with a word. "No!" she said in a loud voice as she stood and moved back to her perch on the desk. "Not like that. Like the last time. Untouched and in front of me," she added at his slight look of confusion.

Understanding dawned on him and Simon scrambled around to stand before his Mistress. Two paces back, feet apart and at-ease, arms folded behind his back. He remembered the position, but this time he looked at her. All of her and started to fantasise.

Roxanne looked back at him and pushed her blouse open so that both of her beautiful breasts were on display. In his opinion, at just over a handful and with those marvellous nipples still pointing skyward, they were perfect. Everything a man could want and just a little bit more. He imagined them full of milk.

Suspecting that a little show and a few choice words might speed things along, Roxanne eased her skirt up and parted her legs. Simon, however, kept his gaze fixed on her breasts, so she caressed her nipples back into hardness for him and thumbed her barbells.

It was a very sexy moment and Simon's hips started to rotate as if in search of somewhere to put his cock. Seeing him, at last, drop his eyes from her chest down to her pussy she thrust her hips at him and slipped a finger between her wet lips. She offered him a soft moan of encouragement.

At her moan, his cock started to pulse, but when she said, "Lick your fingers, bitch," in a final dirty command, it started to drool. She mimicked his hand actions and as he raised his fingers to his face and sniffed, she did too.

But when he stuck his tongue out and licked them she said, "Now you can cum, slut." Then she put her own juicy wet finger in her mouth.

Smelling her again, tasting her again and hearing her dirty words again did it for him. His balls contracted and his cocked fired. And, just like the last time, the first wad went straight over her head. So too did his second, such was the power of his orgasm. His Mistress moved to catch the third on her face and bent forward to get the fourth spurt on her breast.

"Awesome," she breathed as she beckoned him forward with a wild look in her eye. For one insane moment, Simon thought she was going to suck his cock before she grabbed his head and pressed his lips to the cum on her breast. "Good, girl," she crooned while holding him to her bosom.

Simon inhaled her other scent. Not her sexual smell, but her body scent. It was the scent of spring, of flowers in bloom with a hint of rain. He loved it and rubbed his cheek against her breast.

"Now, before we finish, I have a question for you. Tegan said your eyes glaze over when you have anal sex. I would like to know why?" she asked as her hand skated over his chest hairs.

"You can tell Mistress Fox. I will keep your secret," she said in a soothing voice while rocking his head against her breast. "I don't care if it's because you are thinking of other men," she all but whispered.

"God, no," he said to her relief. "It's. It's because I have control. I mean it's a dirty thing to do and I am doing it, she is letting me do it. At that moment, when I cum in her arse, I feel like the Master for once, like I have a say in how we have sex."

"Oh. How sweet," she replied as her fingers caressed his taut belly and almost touched his cock before she snatched it away. "Swear at me," she whispered. "Softly, though, so those bitches listening at the door can't hear."

Not sure he had heard right, Simon sucked in a nipple and played with the barbell on the other.

"It can be another secret shared between us. Use all the dirty words," she urged into his ear as her hand returned to her pussy to start rubbing.

"You really are a dirty bitch."

"Agreed," she replied.

"I like your tits."

She pinched an earlobe and hissed, "Don't be tedious, girl."

He pinched her nipple by way of reply. "And your cunt," he said, quiet as a mouse.

"Better," she drawled, circling her clit with her right index finger. "But this is your last warning."

Remembering Megan's advice about not upsetting the Mistress as that always ended in tears, Simon gulped once and went all out.

"Shit," he said with soft conviction. "You're a filthy fucking slut with a sailor's mouth and a whore's dripping cunt."

"Oh, my," she approved, thrusting two fingers inside herself. "And what should happen to this filthy slut?" she asked, squirming on the desk.

"The slut should be fucked, good and hard," Simon answered into her nipple, his inhibitions almost gone.

"Me," she said. "This is about ME, not some imaginary whore; you useless girl."

"You should be fucked," he snapped back. "Your cunt reamed by my cock and not pissy rubber toys."

"What else would you do, Simon?" she asked, reaching out for him for the first time.

"Take you in the fucking arse. Ram my cock up there as hard as I could until girl cum leaked from your stinking cunt and creamed my balls," he whispered to her as his cock twitched and drooled.

"Would you make me lick your dirty cock afterwards?" she purred as pelvic floor muscles gripped her hand. She was so close to the edge with her right hand in her cunt and the left wrapped firmly around Simon's cock.

"Fuck yes," he answered in a flash without thought. "It's what dirty fucking slut-whores do. Lick the shit!" he exclaimed as her palm slid to a stop over his weeping cock ready to catch his orgasm.

"Yesss," she replied as they both trembled in unison and came quietly as one.

"Phew, you are more than good, you are fucking awesome," Roxanne said after they had caught their breath. "My stinking cunt, eh?" she said as she wiped the juice-soaked fingers of her right hand onto her breast.

"Thank you," he said as he sniffed and then kissed her tit. A final payment for a fabulous morning. He smiled as his Mistress claimed her own prize and licked his jizz off the palm of her other hand.

After his revelation about anal sex, Simon had expected to be mocked, not rewarded in such a sinful but spectacular manner. He suckled again on her smelly nipple while toying with the other. After a little while, with no more words being spoken, he felt her gentle push and reluctantly left the warmth of her breast.

"Tomorrow we will do this in my rooms, Simon," she said in a louder voice as he stepped away. "Wear just a bathrobe, and bring those twin sluts who are eavesdropping at the door with you. Make sure they are naked, we have an experiment to conduct," she added into the silence.

"Thank you, ma'am" was all he could manage as he pulled on her panties, gathered his own clothing and left. But after the door closed behind him he said to the waiting twins, "She called me Simon," and a big smile broke out on his face.

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