tagCelebritiesGilligan's Discovery Ch. 03

Gilligan's Discovery Ch. 03


Gilligan’s Discovery Ch. 03

Finally able to extricate himself from Ginger’s grip on his thighs, Gilligan quietly grabbed his clothes and his periscope and slipped away from the hut. Quickly dressing he headed down the one path that could not be watched from Mary Ann’s window. Following the path that wound down to the Howell’s hut, Gilligan carefully carried his periscope as he tried to formulate a plan.

A bit surprised at what he discovered about Ginger and Mary Ann, Gilligan was more excited about the possibilities of his bamboo and mirrored invention. Not wanting to shout to Mr. Howell, since the girls may hear him and wake up, Gilligan crept to the edge of the clearing. He could hear the shower running and Mrs. Howell singing, not a bad voice really. At the corner of the Howell’s hut, through a large arched opening was their luxurious shower.

Framed in bamboo, the walls of the shower were actually made of a finely woven array of branches and thatch. The shower plumbing was comprised of an elevated cistern that was heated in the sunlight. The piping was made out of hollowed out bamboo. It was obvious that Howell would have to pay the Professor a pretty penny when he got back to civilization for the work he put in while constructing the shower.

Gilligan noticed Mr. Howell crouching to the side of the shower, lifting up a small flap on one of the walls and peering in, as he looked closer, Gilligan could see that Mr. Howell had his cock in his hand as he pumped furiously. Wanting to investigate with his periscope a little more, Gilligan ducked behind a bush and raised one end of his invention. Through the reflection he watched Mr. Howell continue moving his right hand back and forth over his cock, while his left hand held up the cover to the peephole where he watched his wife taking a shower.

Gilligan knew about Mr. Howell’s desire to watch, it was well known across the island. In fact it had cost them an opportunity to escape the island once when a small boat had actually landed on a secluded beach. Mr. Howell, fleeing Mary Ann after she caught him trying to look in on her taking a shower, hid in the brush just beyond the beach.

A young couple anchored the boat just off the beach and went for a swim. Before long, they were rolling together in the surf, reminiscent of the movie "From Here to Eternity." Anyway, Howell watched as the couple came up out of the water and began undressing. The woman was very thin, with small breasts, not something Howell was especially drawn to, but she had a very shapely ass, which she wiggled in a most provocative way. The woman’s friend obviously enjoyed how she moved her ass, because when his bathing suit came off, he was already very erect.

Rather than shout out and get help escaping the island, Howell took out his throbbing erection and began stroking himself. The couple first settled into a missionary position, but after a few moments, Howell felt a bit guilty and began to shout out. The couple just happened to change positions, with the man on his back and the woman lowering herself onto his cock. Howell began stroking himself again, moving his hand gently over his cock with the same speed as the woman moved over her lover’s cock.

Each time as he went to call out, the couple shifted positions, further exciting Mr. Howell until, as the two people writhed in an extended orgasm, Howell’s cock finally exploded, spraying his come all down his legs, soaking his pants. He furiously tried to clean up his clothes and rush out onto the beach, but by the time he was cleaned up enough, the boat had turned toward the open water. Howell ran onto the beach waving his hands and screaming for them, but the sound of the boat’s motor drowned out his voice and soon the boat became just a dot on the horizon.

Howell had sworn Gilligan to secrecy when he recounted the event, but of course, within a day or two, everyone knew what had happened. It took some time before everyone on the island was speaking to each other again.

Suddenly Gilligan heard Mrs. Howell shout, “Have you finished yet Thurston?”

“It’s coming Lovee, just a minute or two more,” he replied.

“Can’t you hurry, I’m getting all pruney?”

At the thought of a pruney Mrs. Howell, Gilligan twisted the periscope to see if he could catch a glimpse of her beautifully mature body. In turning the device, Gilligan’s foot caught on a root and he tumbled out of the bush and into the clearing.

Howell, quickly slipping his cock back into his pants cried out, “Gilligan my boy, what brings you here, and what pray tell do you have there?”

“Well Mr. Howell, I tried to make a telescope but it didn’t work.”

“Let me look at that,” Howell replied, immediately recognizing what Gilligan had invented. “Yes, I can see that this is not a very good telescope. I tell you what Gilligan, why don’t you let me borrow it and see if I can’t come up with an idea how to fix it.”

“Oh, I don’t know...”

“It will be okay Gilligan, when we get back home I can get a dozen of these made for you.”

“Well okay Mr. Howell, but don’t show it to Mary Ann or Ginger, when I showed it to them they got really mad.”

“Oh no Gilligan,” he replied, “I won’t let them see it.”

“Okay, just be careful,” Gilligan replied.

“Don’t worry my boy,” Howell said as he headed down the path toward Ginger and Mary Ann’s hut.

“Thurston, Thurston, I got soap in my eyes, can you hand me a towel?”

Gilligan turned to see Mrs. Howell stepping out of the shower, her beautiful gray hair dripped down on her shoulders, the droplets of water ran over her breasts. They sagged perfectly with the nipples pointing downward and slightly to the sides. Gilligan couldn’t move his eyes off of her, her stomach rolled out a touch and the loose skin along her sides tightened at her hips.

“Thurston, my towel please,” she said, her hands feeling their way along the shower walls.

Gilligan’s eyes descended to the thick bush of hair below her belly. The gray strands seemed to highlight what must have been her natural dark colored hair. Beads of water sparkled in the sunlight and Gilligan felt his cock rise. He grabbed a towel and handed it to her and as she dried her eyes, Gilligan covered his eyes with his hands.

“Gilligan! What are you doing here?” she shouted. Only then did she glance down just below his waist.

“I was talking to Mr. Howell, I wasn’t looking, I promise.”

She wrapped the towel around herself and said, “It’s okay Gilligan.” Looking down at his erection she continued, “Yes, I think everything will be fine. Won’t you come inside?”

(continued in chapter 4)

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