tagCelebritiesGilligan's Discovery Ch. 04

Gilligan's Discovery Ch. 04


Gilligan followed Mrs. Howell, watching the water from the shower drip sensuously down the back of her thighs. The pale skin was beautifully lined with the spidering veins that so excited him. He had some difficulty walking with his erection poking so prominently from his pants. Even after he adjusted it several times, the bulge was still very apparent.

Mrs. Howell sat down on a delicately carved chair next to her bed and then looked up at Gilligan. "Gilligan, you saw me without clothing, I think it's only fair if I can see you naked."

Quickly trying to change the subject, Gilligan asked, "Where did you get such a finely crafted chair out here?"

"You're changing the subject Gilligan," she replied. With a lusty lick of her lips she continued, "Now please remove your clothing Gilligan."

Gilligan slowly kicked off his shoes and then pulled off his socks, nearly stumbling.

"Careful," Mrs. Howell started, "we don't want to break or injure anything," she continued, eyeing the massive bulge in his pants.

He then removed his shirt, unbuttoned his pants and wiggled out of them. He stood up in just his jockey shorts with his cock threatening to rip though the well worn fabric. Mrs. Howell could see a wet spot slowly spreading in the white cotton fabric. Gilligan could see her eyes staring at his cock as he eased his underwear around his huge member and let them fall to the floor.

"My, my Gilligan, where have you been hiding that all these months we've been here," she said, standing up and letting her towel fall to the floor. Both of them stood there, staring at each other's bodies.

Finally, Gilligan reached out a hand and cupped it beneath her breast lifting it up, he lowered his mouth and took her nipple between his lips. Gently sucking it into his mouth he felt her arch her back as she reached for his cock wrapping both her hands around it. Amazed at its girth, she slowly stroked its length, moving the skin back and forth along the shaft.

Thinking of how his thick cock would fill her cunt, she felt a strange tingling in her stomach, something she had not felt since the time she first had sex on a pile of Thurston's money. Holding tight to his enormous rod, she backed up towards the bed. Leading him by his cock, she stepped she felt the delicious moist feel of her pussy and knew she was ready for him, foreplay or not. She was so turned on, she knew she would not need the lubricant today. Reaching the bed she sat down and looked down the barrel of him. A hint of pre-cum glistened at its tip and she quickly darted her tongue to it, tasting the salty tang of him.

Opening her mouth wide, she eased it over his head taking as much of it into her mouth as she could. The end prodded her throat as her lips barely reached past the glans. She began sucking, tasting more pre-cum tumble into her mouth. She reached her hands up to his balls and massaged them.

Gilligan began moving his hips as Mrs. Howell's expert mouth sucked him hard. Feeling himself approaching orgasm, he took her head and moved it back from him. "Mrs. Howell, if you don't stop that I'll come in your mouth and I want to feel your pussy around me."

"Oh Gilligan, yes, come put that monster in me," she exclaimed, backing onto the bed, raising her knees and spreading her legs wide.

"First things first Mrs. Howell," he said, moving his face between her legs. Wanting to taste her, he quickly burrowed his tongue between her wet lips and into her soaking opening. The intense warm and tangy taste of her was overwhelming and he reached his hands to her ass and buried his face into her. He moved his tongue in and out of the tasty opening as he let his nose casually brush against her clit.

He felt her hips move up to him as she breathed heavily. Looking up, he watched her breasts jiggle up and down with each breath, as she got closer and closer to climax, her hips bucking wildly up and down, but just as she seemed about to come, she clasped his head in her hands. Staring into his eyes she pleaded, "Your cock now!"

Gilligan rose up above her and leaned forward as she held his cock in one hand and opened her lips with the other. Guiding him into her hungry opening, he felt her wet warmth and pressed, experiencing the incredible sensation of her folds stretching around him. His cock moved into her, opening her with every inch. He slowed, thinking he neared the end, but she grabbed him, pulling him deeper and deeper into her. Thinking to himself that he was deeper inside Mrs. Howell than even was with Ginger and she still urged for more. Finally, after piercing her with nearly 7/8s of his entire length he felt the bump of her womb. He tried to slowly withdraw, but Mrs. Howell cried out, "Faster Gilligan faster."

Excited at her pleading, he quickened his pace, driving himself deep into her and quickly withdrawing. He felt himself about to come when she screamed, "Yes fuck me Gilligan, fuck me." Unable to hold back any more, he exploded, flooding her with massive splashes of come. She wrapped her legs around his ass, arched her back and moaned. Gilligan pressed himself deep into her wet warmth and stopped, experiencing her incredible depth. Unmoving, he savored the sensation of her pussy walls contracting around him, pulsing in her climax.

"Oh Gilligan, I've never had anyone or anything fuck me like that. I've never been so filled before."

"Mrs. Howell, I've never had a woman take that much before."

"I guess this old gal can still show you a thing or two," she replied.

Rolling onto his side beside her, he reached up and gently caressed the soft flesh of her breasts. "You're not old Mrs. Howell."

"Old enough to be your mother."

"That's not that old, besides, I've always been attracted to mature women." He leaned his head forward and nestled it on her breast.

"I don't care what they all say about you Gilligan, you do have a way with words."

"Do I really Mrs. Howell, do I really?"

"Well with words and with this," she whispered, clasping his still large, but mostly flaccid cock. She felt it begin to grow a bit, so she slowly began stroking it. "Definitely with this," she continued, looking forward to the rest of the evening.

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