tagCelebritiesGilligan's Discovery Ch. 05

Gilligan's Discovery Ch. 05


Thurston Howell III walked quietly down the path toward Mary Ann and Ginger's hut. He carefully carried Gilligan's makeshift periscope, thinking of the wonderful delights he'd be able to experience with it.

Howell had known of Mary Ann's desires, he had watched her with Ginger before. Thinking back, he recalled his initial shock at Mary Ann in her dominatrix attire, but later after some thought he realized it was an understandable thing. Meek and mild in her outward nature, the sheer power of the woman was something deep inside her, something that screamed for release. Sex allowed her that powerful release.

He remembered, once he recovered from the shock, how sexy she looked in the leather. Still very youthful in appearance, her taut body's tanned skin was wonderfully complemented by the dark leather straps and the shiny buckles and straps. In stunning contrast, the light skin of her breasts and ass seemed almost to sparkle inside her hut.

He had been mesmerized by the fluid flow of her muscles as she audaciously wielded her cat over Ginger's body. Initially ignoring Ginger's body, Howell lost himself in the way Mary Ann's muscles tightened and released as she slowly drew her back the cat-o-nine tails back, letting the individual tails dangle a moment, the sweat on them glistening in the sunlight that struck it. It was almost hypnotic, her movement, the dangling, sparkling strands, and Ginger's undulating body.

Noticing Ginger's body now, he saw the pink lines that crossed her trembling back. Sweat rained down her body, its flow ebbing with her every heavy breath, besides a high pitched grunt at impact. Ginger endured the blows in silence, her hands, white knuckled, gripped the back of a chair so tightly, Howell wondered how the bamboo didn't crush in her grip.

Slowly gaining speed, Mary Ann then moved her arm in a perfect arc, starting from a point beneath her beautiful white breasts, moving upward in a pendular motion and then, with a flick of her wrist, her arm turned and came flashing down. Sweat sprayed as the leather strands splashed onto Ginger's back as she grunted ecstatically.

"Touch yourself Ginger," Mary Ann shouted.

"Oh thank you, thank you."

"Quiet, Ginger. You are to be perfectly silent."

Howell remembered watching Ginger reach her right hand between her legs and begin moving furiously. Her left hand remained on the chair, supporting her in her kneeling position. Her hips began to move in unison with her hand, while the black leather cat began its compelling journey.

Ginger's back seemed to sway as her breathing quickened and the sudden sparkling splash of the leather onto her back made her arch her back. Howell caught a glimpse of her face, her eyes shut tight in pleasure as mascara ran down her cheeks. He noticed her teeth indented into her lip as her breath hissed out her nose, spraying sweat in a crystalline mist.

Mary Ann increased the rhythm of her blows, feeding off of Ginger's frenzy. The leather slapped loudly onto her wet flesh, marking her in a stunning pink with every impact. Ginger suddenly moaned and her head turned to Mary Ann, as if pleading.

"Come Ginger, come," Mary Ann screamed, beautifully crashing the cat onto her back once again.

At the impact Ginger came, still facing Mary Ann, but arching her back. Her face contorted and she clamped her teeth into her lip. Tears streamed down her face, as her body began move in an almost rhythmic convulsion. Howell watched a trickle of blood flow over Ginger's chin and fall onto her arm. Looking down he noticed she had four fingers thrust into her cunt as juices flowed over her hand.

Mary Ann dropped the cat, pulled the chair from Ginger and placed one foot up on it. With one foot on the floor and another up on the chair, she grabbed Ginger's head and drug it to her own pussy.

Ginger, quickly pulled her fingers out of herself to catch her balance and then began moving her face over Mary Ann's, now ravenous cunt. From behind Mary Ann, Howell couldn't see what Ginger was doing to her, but he could see Mary Ann flex her ass as she moved.

Remembering he had been so mesmerized by the scene, he had not even had a chance to free his cock from his pants, Howell shook his head at that missed opportunity. Mary Ann had driven herself onto Ginger's face in an incredible display of erotic power that left both women sprawled on the floor gasping for breath.

Only then had Howell opened his pants and begun to stroke himself. Unfortunately, in the post orgasmic quiet, Mary Ann heard Howell's frantic jerking and sat up and looked at her window. Howell immediately turned and ran, zipping up his pants as he moved through the jungle.

Now as he quietly approached the hut, carrying Gilligan's periscope, Howell smiled at the memories. Of course, that chase had led him to his discovery of the visitors to the island and his greatest embarrassment. Looking back, Howell had to admit to himself, it was all worth it so see Mary Ann in her powerful glory.

He moved up against the building and carefully moved the periscope so he could see into the window. Ginger, completely naked, was pouring Mary Ann a cup of coffee.

(Continued in chapter 6)

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