tagCelebritiesGilligan's Discovery Ch. 06

Gilligan's Discovery Ch. 06


Gilligan’s Discovery Ch. 06

Thurston Howell III moved up against the building and carefully moved Gilligan's periscope so he could see into the window. Ginger, completely naked, was pouring Mary Ann a cup of coffee. Looking at Mary Ann, he saw she was wearing her leather outfit, one that accentuated her breasts, with straps that curled around them and then wove a delicious pattern down her beautiful body.

Feeling his cock grow, Howell unzipped his pants and pulled out his member and watched as it grew to its full length. Looking back inside, he saw Ginger sitting down next to Mary Ann at the table. Gripping himself, he was a bit disappointed that there wasn’t any real action going on inside the hut. It was nice looking at their naked bodies, but he wanted to watch them doing something.

He did enjoy the time he got to see these two in action, but he nearly got caught, barely escaping Mary Ann as she chased him into the forest. Of course, this was a small island and when he finally decided to return to his cabin, he found that it wasn’t his Lovey waiting for him in his bedroom, but a very angry Mary Ann.

Beginning to rub his cock, Howell thought back to that painful, but exciting time. He had entered his room and was getting undressed to take a shower when he heard a voice.

“Did you enjoy your run Mr. Howell?”

He looked up to see Mary Ann emerge from his closet and immediately turned to run, but found Ginger standing at the door. She immediately closed the door and leaned on it.

“You liked watching, well now it’s time to turn the tables,” Mary Ann growled. “Ginger is going to watch me torture that tiny cock and those two marbles of yours.”

Remembering the odd sinking he felt as she heard her talk about torturing his cock and balls, Howell began moving his hand faster, sliding it up and down his shaft. He took his other hand and squeezed his balls a bit, just enough to send an initial stab of pain up to his stomach. He closed his eyes and visualized what Mary Ann did to him that day.

Following Mary Ann’s instructions he undressed, neatly folded his clothes and then climbed onto the bed. She had him kneel in front of her, while she took some smooth rope and leather and moved to his ass. He felt her hands slide down his ass, just barely touching him.

His cock stiffened at her touch, but then she suddenly grabbed his balls and squeezed, nearly making him fall off the bed in pain. Using her shoulders, Mary Ann steadied him as she whispered in his ears, “Did that hurt you? Well, before we’re done here, you’re gonna love that pain.”

She then wrapped the rope and leather contraption over his balls and then looped the straps over and around his cock. Looking back under himself, Howell saw his tightly bound cock with a long cord hanging from it. Wondering what that was for, he felt a sudden constriction and could do nothing but back off of the bed as he felt the painful pull on his jewels.

“Now kneel,” Mary Ann shouted.

He immediately fell to his knees on the floor, feeling the compressing pain between his legs ease a bit. She then bent down behind him and he felt a light tugging, as if she was tying the cord to something. When she then appeared in front of him, Howell peeked back between his legs and saw the long cord tied off to the chair.

“Ginger darling, you look awful tired standing over there, would you like to sit down to watch this?”

“Oh yes, Mary Ann,” Ginger replied in the best Hollywood voice.

Ginger walked, swinging her hips seductively, over to the chair. With her usual overdone flair, she sat.

Mary Ann then sat down on the bed in front of Howell, opening her legs and giving him an incredible view of her delicious pussy. Her lips were swollen and as she moved her fingers to them, she opened them a bit letting him see how wet she was. Looking up a bit, he saw the knob of her clit peeking from under a beautiful matt of curly hair. How he wanted to run his face through that soft forest.

“Oh, you like this?” she asked.

He nodded.

“Wouldn’t you like to taste this?” she said, opening her lips and slipping a finger inside. She removed her finger and Howell felt himself drooling as he saw it glisten in the light. “Mr. Howell, I want you to eat me. My pussy is just dripping with desire for you. Please eat me Mr. Howell, I want to feel your tongue inside me.”

He quickly moved his head toward her but felt an electric jolt of intense pain shoot through him. He was tethered too close to the chair to reach Mary Ann.

“Oh Mr. Howell, aren’t you going to eat me?”

He tried to move, but felt the pain again.

“Now come on Mr. Howell, Ginger can’t be that heavy. All you have to do is drag that chair a little closer and you can eat my hungry pussy.”

Taking a deep breath, he slowly leaned until he felt the binding tighten a bit. He then clenched his teeth and leaned further, feeling the painful constriction around his balls. The pain increased as he leaned, but he continued, finally feeling a flood of relief as he heard the chair slide a bit.

Inspired by the ground he made, he took a breath and leaned again hearing the sound of the chair as he gained a few more centimeters. Sweat began to roll down his brow, but then he looked up and saw how close he was to that beautiful pussy. He could see the intricate pattern the inner lips made between the symmetrical curves of the outer lips. It was a delicate blossom that he wanted, no, needed to bury his tongue into.

He pulled more, feeling his balls shift a bit in the compression. Focusing his vision on the slightly pink center of Mary Ann’s pussy, he dismissed everything from his mind but that glorious opening. His motion became a prayer, a divine homage to the soft glistening folds before him. The noise from the chair was his mantra, repeating in a rhythmic chant, the pain, that brought him bit by bit closer to her, became his light, guiding his heart on the true path.

Mary Ann was speaking, as was Ginger, but Howell heard nothing now, all he knew was the pink of her and the white light of pain. He could smell her now, her musty fragrance wafted through his existence and, as a pilgrim on a journey, it became part of him, driving him on this trek. He chanted, groaning with each pull as the sweat now poured from his body.

Stretching, he felt his nose brush against flesh and encouraged, he pulled, wincing at the pain. His outstretched tongue could just touch her now, so he leaned and hearing the chair he knew he was almost there. Pulling again, he felt the chair scoot and his face splashed into the waves of her pussy.

He sank his tongue deep inside her, lapping the wet taste from her. Burrowing his tongue into her, his nose moved over her clit, and he heard her moan now. He continued, feeling her move to him now, bucking her pelvis onto him, grabbing his head and grinding on him.

Moving his face back and forth, he felt her juices running down his face. He turned his head to breathe, like a swimmer and then returned his face to her trembling body. He now moved in unison with her, moving his tongue to her clit and sliding, two, three, and four fingers into her greedy opening.

Feeling his fingers penetrate her, she screamed out, “Yes, yes,” and came, clenching her cunt muscles around him as she drew every sensation from him that she could. She relaxed her body and Howell rested his forehead on the bed for a moment, he then slid onto the floor. He closed his eyes.

When he opened them again he saw Mary Ann standing above him, looking down at him. Her legs were spread wide and her pussy glistened in her come and his saliva. He heard her speak, “You did very well Mr. Howell, now I think I will let you fuck me.”

Howell felt a wonderful sensation course through him and looking down saw his cock shoot his jism onto the wall of the hut. He slowed his stroking, milking every ounce of come from the tiny whole, watching it tumble onto the sand. He looked back through the window and noticed Mary Ann and Ginger were gone!

“You haven’t learned anything from me have you?” he heard Mary Ann’s harsh voice roll over him.

He turned and shook his head, “No.”

“Well I guess I’ll have to teach you another lesson.”

“Yes Mary Ann,” he said, trembling in fear... and anticipation.

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