tagCelebritiesGilligan's Discovery Ch. 07

Gilligan's Discovery Ch. 07


Gilligan’s Discovery Ch. 07

“Well with words and with this,” she whispered, clasping his still large, but mostly flaccid cock. She felt it begin to grow a bit, so she slowly began stroking it. “Definitely with this,” she continued, looking forward to the rest of the evening.

Like a snake charmed by the flowing music of a snake charmer, Gilligan saw his massive member rise to the music of Mrs. Howell’s touch. He watched her small hands, mottled with dark veins and age spots, slide down the length of his shaft with an exciting combination of feather light touch and iron hand grip.

He reached his hand to her hips and moved it along her loose skin, soon sliding from her hips to curl his fingers through her wisps of hair, still damp from their magnificent coupling. Gazing down at her pussy he thought to himself that, even though she sagged in some places, she took more of him than any woman he had known, which he freely admits has been limited.

Looking at her lips, still a bit pink from the friction of their lovemaking, he noticed a bit of white, frothy liquid that had oozed from her drip down her thigh. Feeling her tongue now slide along his rigid rod, lapping up the mix of their come that had coated it, he suddenly felt a thirst arise in him. Instead of craving water, he craved the taste of the heady mixture of her come with his.

Moving closer to her, Gilligan began kissing her stomach, running his lips and tongue over her pale skin. Kissing down her stomach, he could soon smell the pungent aroma of their sex, an inviting mixture of her sweet, natural perfume, his sweat, her pussy and the strange, almost metallic scent of his semen.

Feeling Mrs. Howell’s attempts to take the head of his cock into her mouth, Gilligan snaked his tongue through the matted curls of her hair and worked down over her clit. Hearing her sigh as his tongue touched the tiny knob, he continued his quest to quench his ardent thirst sliding his lips and tongue down her delicious slit.

Wrapping both hands around his incredible girth she began a rough and vigorous stroking as her mouth took in as much of his cock head as she could. Occasionally dipping her tongue into the relatively small, but still very large hole in the tip of his cock, she drew out his precum in tiny dabs.

His journey finally complete, Gilligan burrowed his tongue deep into her wet pussy and was immediately flooded with their elegant elixir. The motion of her hips showed him she wanted more so he pressed his face firmly to her lips so he could probe her depths with his tongue. With each dip of the tongue, he was rewarded with a various assortment of flavors as she churned with pleasure.

Wonderful sensations slithered up and down his long cock, and the wet, swirling tongue on his glans, began that churning inside Gilligan and he moved his lips back to her clit. Slipping his thumb into her cunt to replace his tongue, he drew her firm knob between his lips and sucked, lightly running his tongue over its smooth skin.

The intense pleasure that now shot through her body inspired Mrs. Howell to intensify her manipulation of Gilligan’s log. Though she couldn’t even get all of the head into her mouth, she made up for it with a voracious combination of sucking and licking. Feeling his enormous shaft thicken even more, she moved even faster coaxing his cock closer and closer to coming.

Closing his eyes at the pleasure coursing his cock, he licked her clit and slid his fingers though her crevice deep into her cunt. Her hips moved fast now, slapping his face with her pussy lips, wetting it with each slap.

Knowing he could hold off no longer, he arched his back and splashed his come onto the back of Mrs. Howell’s mouth, nearly gagging her. Pausing his sucking on her clit at the moment of his climax, he quickly started again, with a passion and pace that pulled her pussy to him. He heard her panting as her pulsations began pouring her pussy juices over his fingers and down his arm.

They both rolled back on the bed breathing deeply. Amazed at the intensity of their union, Gilligan and Mrs. Howell could only stare into each other’s eyes, wondering what would happen next. Gilligan ran his hand along her hip as she gently stroked his limp python.

Suddenly they heard a loud commotion outside as the professor ran through their camp screaming, “We’re saved, we’re saved. I finally reached their satellite, they will be sending a ship to save us.”

Gilligan sat up and shouted, “They’re coming here?”

“Yes, they will be here in a week,” the professor said coming up to the window. Looking at a naked Mrs. Howell he quickly averted his gaze, to only Gilligan. “My telescope located the satellite and I contacted them with my banana-based radio.” He then glanced down at the massive member that snaked through Mrs. Howell’s hands, and gasped.

“Are you okay Professor?” Mrs. Howell asked.

Coughing, he answered, “Uh, yes, just something that caught in my throat,” (or more correctly, something he wished he could catch in his throat). “Gilligan, stop by my hut tomorrow, I have some important things to discuss with you.”

“Okay Professor, I’ll come by first thing.”

“Oh, and Gilligan...”

“Yes Professor?”

“Please come alone,” he said with an ardent smile.

“Oh, okay Professor, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Staring down at the monstrous member he replied, “And I will see you.”

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