tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGilligans Island Ch. 1

Gilligans Island Ch. 1


Gilligan sat atop the grassy knoll overlooking the rolling Pacific Ocean. Six long months had passed since the S.S.Minnow had run aground and still no rescue in sight. What was worse he mused was with three women and four men on the island the sexual tension was starting to get to everyone. Firmly believing that rescue was only ever an hour away everybody had behaved impeccably, but now the façade was fading and everybody was getting decidedly edgy.

Gilligan had of course assessed the three candidates with his usual simplicity. Maryanne was bound to be a challenge because her mid-west attitude to sex would no doubt be conservative and she was the type of girl Gilligan had imagined could be his sister. Still she had that set of mouth-watering tits bound in that tied off chequered shirt and a nice tight arse in her cut-off denims. Ginger, well, she was a dead set root if ever there was and stories about her libido preceded her onto the Minnow. The rumour around port was she swung both ways like a saloon door in a gale and he smiled to himself as he suddenly pictured Ginger taking Maryanne first. As for Mrs. Howell, well, as a married woman Gilligan couldn't see her straying too far but at 54 she was still a looker and constantly wore no bra. Obviously she thought she would show the younger females that sex appeal knew no age.

Oh well, he thought, back to camp and see what the Skipper needs doing. It was a 10-minute walk down hill through some light tropical rainforest and Gilligan was surprised to hear a low moan emitting from the bushes just off the path.

"Yes baby, take me now, ooooooh, please quicker." Getting down on all four he snaked his way through the bushes getting closer to the clearly audible cries. As he finally pushed through the undergrowth his head pooped out right between a set of long shapely legs splayed at the knees. Astounded, his jaw dropped, as he watched a pair of delicate hands double pump a large banana into a glistening pink pussy topped with a mat of trimmed red hair. A gold evening dress was bunched around the waist and a pair of high heels lay next to a chain hip belt, Ginger!

"Oh fuck me Cary fuck me hard. Show me heaven Rock; stretch my pussy with your big throbbing prick. Oh Woody plant me good, I'm cumming baby, cumming, cumming, arrrrrrrrrgh!" Ginger screamed. Her hips slammed up and down off the grassy clearing and her calves strained and trembled as her cunt muscles clenched the banana in spasms of ecstasy. Soon one hand left the fruit and worked frantically over her clit now fully exposed from its hooded recess. Her grinding hips started to lose their rhythm as the full onslaught of her orgasm exploded. Almost half the banana disappeared up her cunt for a second then erupted out splitting the skin and showering Gilligans' face a mixture of warm mushy pulp and droplets of Gingers dew. Drawing breathes in short gasps Ginger slumped to the ground then she stared up in shock as Gilligan rose between her still spread legs.

" Wow Ginger that was some show. Where did you learn to peel bananas like that? I'll bet your dynamite with cucumbers," he chuckled "Oh and who are Cary, Rock and Woody I thought we where alone on the island," he said. Ginger smiled and ran her tongue over her gloss red lips. Then beckoned him over with only one thought in mind.

"Ooh Gilligan, you caught me practicing for Broadway. Still now that your here you silly boy why not finish me off. Ooh I need you baby, give me a real flesh and blood cock. Come here and fuck me silly please, pretty please," she begged, her arse slowly gyrating in the grass as she pulled and pinched her erect nipples.

"Nope," said Gilligan as he wiped the sticky warm pulp of his cheek and chin, " but thanks for the banana split." He giggled to himself and walked back to camp thinking, you'll keep you horny slut. As he disappeared down the path he heard Ginger scream in pure frustration


Meanwhile back in camp the professor was in his jungle lab working on batch number 288 of an aphrodisiac. He was desperate for a fuck and only had eyes for Ginger. Unfortunately she referred to him as 'the egghead' but he was sure that once she swallowed his potion the only head she had to worry about was the head of his cock!

Don't put the cart before the horse he reprimanded himself, until then his right hand was still the main man. Carefully he put two shots of potion into a coconut shell and placed it on a ledge to cool. Then left the lab for a well-earned wank.

Just then Maryanne walked past and spotted the coconut shell. How sweet of the professor, she thought, opening up a fresh coconut so she could use the milk in her latest pie. This one will be my best ever she mused and wandered off to do the baking. As she passed the Howells hut she thought she heard a small squeal but dismissed it as another tropical bird and continued on.

" Lovey dear just a fraction more," Thurston Howell 3rd grunted as he pushed his cock further up her arse. " You know you love it, now giddy up you randy old mare."

Using his riding crop he lightly spanked her arse leaving a delightful pattern of dull red welts on her smooth buttocks whilst continuing to invade her bowels. Yes riding Lovey was his favourite past time outside of the Hunt and he could tell today she was into it, as her thrusting into his groin grew more passionate. He was lathering up just nicely and her hot cunt muscles rippled up and down his throbbing whip. Looking back over her shoulder she growled excitedly " Daaaaarling ooh you're such a stallion now bring mummy home. Hands and heals, hands and heals!" Thurston increased his rating to a staggering 40 strokes a minute whilst spanking her flank, as the finishing post loomed large. Loveys hips slapped out a reggae beat against his thighs and her pendulous tits swung wildly anti-clockwise.

With one smooth movement she slipped two fingers up her cunt and whipped them back and forth and with her other hand gently squeezed Thurston's' balls. With a final lunge he shot his wad, gripping her love handles as she bucked her arse frenetically and whinnied into full orgasm. Slowly she drew breath and turned around on unsteady legs. Running her hand over his semi flaccid cock she flicked her tongue into his mouth and scratched his chest.

" Darling guess what I could do with now?" she said seductively.

" Cuppa tea?" he winked.

"Such a thoughtful lover," she smiled and reclined on her bamboo lounge.

Maryanne had out done herself. The coconut cream pie from heaven lay before her. That coconut the professor had gathered seemed to give it extra lift and it smelt warm and tasty. For some reason she felt the need to push her finger deep into it, and as it sank into the pie the warmth radiated down her arm and straight to her pussy. Shivering slightly she removed a dollop of pie and licked it greedily off her finger. Soon the hut seemed very hot and she felt herself flushing, her nipples had started to swell and she could feel that tingly itch around her clit.

Stumbling out into the jungle she sought relief in the cool air but had got no further than her palm exercise mat one hundred yards away when she felt the need to brace herself the palms. Maryanne teased herself by rubbing her swelling nipples through her cotton shirt and settled onto the mat beneath the palm. A cool zephyr caressed her skin as she yanked off her denim shorts and then lay face down. Her apple breasts pooled slowley into the mat. Just then Gilligan walked out into the small clearing and saw Maryanne. Rushing over he knelt beside her to see if she was okay.

"Maryanne, what happened, are you alright?" he quizzed then noticed her shorts where off and her naked buns quivered in the sunshine like freshly made guava jelly. She look up and grinned maliciously then whispered, " I'm all yours Gilligan you know I've always had a thing for you sweetie. Show me your cumquats," she giggled. Her eyes where glazed with a sexual appetite he'd never seen before.

" Yes siree anything you say Maryanne. What about a massage?"

" Make me nice and relaxed," she purred seductively slowly rubbing her pussy against the mat.

Straddling her upper thighs Gilligan set about his task with all the enthusiasm of a sqirrel on a nut hunt. He worked quickly and deftly and soon his kneading and rubbing had worked him down to her delicious buns. Unable to restist he fondled them like they fruits from the gods and Maryanne raised her hips to let his hand slide down between her thighs.

Raising herself up onto her elbows she felt her hard nipples rub erotically across the mat. Casually Gilligan rubbed his hand over her cunt lips then slipped a finger up her pussy. Maryanne responded by tightly gripping her thighs against his hand then relaxing with a small sighing sound. By now Gilligan was sporting a huge boner that stretched his jeans to the limit. Fingering her was fun but what he really wanted was her big juicy tits. The biggest and best passion fruits in town.

"Maryanne, have you ever, well what I mean is, been tit fucked before?" he asked boldly and she mumbled a reply and shook her head. "Anything you suggest for starters is just fine, honey."

He slipped another finger into her and arched his wrist so his outer palm caressed her clit. Increasing his pistoling finger fuck Maryanne's arse rocked back and forth till she suddenly spewed out the juices of her orgasm. After a brief break he stood and removed his jeans releasing his 8-inch cock, then sank back down and putting one hand on her arm and the other on her leg, he turned her over. Now for the tit job.

Her perfect breasts greeted his gaze, the brown button nipples at full attention. Leaning forward he spread her arms out and positioned himself over her chest. Bracing himself with his knees in her side he took her wrists and guided her hands to her wobbling rack. Maryanne took hold of her tits and pressed them around his cockshaft and he started to hump in a smooth motion. His cock head protruded from between her round masses of tit flesh and she craned her head to lick his knob. Soon she found if she raised her shoulders a little more she could suck in almost half his cock.

Gilligan pumped harder as Maryanne sucked intently. She could taste his pre cum and knew he was about to erupt. A second later she snapped her head back and squeezed her tits even tighter around his shaft till Gilligan shot a large hot wad of cum over her face and tits then fell beside her in exhausted bliss.

"Beautiful, beautiful boy" she murmured," I could get use to that, but right now could you relax me a little bit more? Enough of the appetiser how about the main course."

Always ready for a challenge, as the Skipper had taught him, Gilligan knew he was about to embark on the top event. Yep pay day, going for the doctor, the whole nine yards. Do a decent job and the little lady's yours he thought. Moving down he spread her thighs wide and gazed at her pussy that radiated like St.Elmos Fire. Taking hold of his cock at the base he rubbed the head around her pussy lips making her groan and writhe, teasingly putting in only an inch then pulling out. Once satisfied she was completely wet he lunged forward and drove all his 8 inches into her in one stroke, she shrieked wildly and wrapped her legs around his waist.

He grabbed her tits and tweaked her nipples while her hot cunt walls stroked his driving shaft. What followed was 20 minutes of non-stop bump and grind as Gilligan reamed her in and out with all the efficiency of a swabbies mop. Finally time for a big finish he thought, lets really nail this one good.

Deftly he removed a hand off her tits and cupped her pussy mound tracing her clit with two fingers. Pushing back her little sheath he lightly gripped her clit and rubbed it tenderly between his fingers. Maryanne soon bucked and humped on his throbbing pole with a fierce passion that sent them both over the edge.

"Do my clit lover, fuuuuuuuuck," she cried as her pussy swelled in a powerful orgasm and milking his cock with clenching spasms. Gilligan thrust up till his balls slapped into her clenched arse cheeks his world a tumbling kaleidoscope of tits and lips and legs and not a banana in sight!

To Be Continued...

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