tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGilligans Island Ch. 3

Gilligans Island Ch. 3


Gilligan walked towards the lagoon at his usual meandering way when suddenly he saw the skipper flat on his back.

"Hang on skipper, I'm coming!" he cried, and crashed through the remaining undergrowth and onto the small beach. "Skipper, Skipper is you alright. "

"Hey little buddy, I'm fine, relax and get your breath back. "

"But Skipper you where down and I thought... "

Taking of his hat the Skipper gave Gilligan one of his customary slaps across the head.

"RELAX, and that's an order. Now let me tell you what happened," he said with a broad grin. As they made their way back to camp the Skipper regaled how he had finally nailed Ginger but laughed even louder when Gilligan told him about Ginger and the banana and his shagging of Marianne.

As they entered the clearing Marianne, Ginger and Lovey where sitting at the table talking softly, but one thing was obvious if they glowed any brighter the boys would need sunglasses. Seeing the boys they all got up and went their separate ways, but their smiles where undeniable. Later that afternoon as Gilligan passed Mrs. Howells hut he heard his name being called.

"Gilligan, Gilligan my dear boy, be a sweetie and give me a hand in here would you?"

Once inside he asked her what she wanted and she told him to reach up and hold one of the low ceiling poles. Then standing on a chair Lovey reached over and tied his wrists to the pole with some sturdy palm vine.

"There that's better," she said admiring her handy work," now my boy its time for your birthday present. "

"But Mrs. Howell its not my birthday," Gilligan stammered.

"Then it must be mine," giggled Lovey as she started to undo his shirt.

Button by button Lovey undid his shirt pulling and tugging it gently out of Gilligans jeans till she finally opened it and ogled his smooth chest. Using both hands she lightly traced her fingertips over the firm flesh occasionally scratching gently and tweaking his nipples. When she finally licked his nipples her warm moist mouth brought them to instant attention and Gilligan groaned as his prick throbbed mercilessly. Tonguing her way to his navel Lovey undid his jeans with all the care of a mothers touch dropping his jeans and boxers to free his rock hard erection.

Lovey kissed his prick then ran her tongue from his balls to his shaft head, which made his prick twitch uncontrollably before she stepped away. Retrieving a shell of coconut oil Lovey returned to lather Gilligan, working her hands more forcefully over his body and bringing it to a glossy sheen. She payed special attentions to his arse and ran a finger into his rectum and felt the fire that only fanned her own. Standing again she picked up Thurston's riding crop and bent it a few times, smiling devilishly.
"Oh Shit," whimpered Gilligan.


Meanwhile the Professor was back in his hut experimenting. The sensation of having a golf ball up his arse had set his mind towards finding out what else might feel good. Convincing himself that if he tried it on himself first then it might prove useful if he ever nailed Ginger.

His insertions of firstly a lubricated banana then pawpaw and finally a polished bamboo dildo had only mild returns. Then he spied the perfect tool. It was a fruit he had engineered as a cross between a cucumber and a pineapple, which he called a 'cucumble'. Grabbing at the fruit he rammed it firmly up his arse.

Outside Marianne heard a horrible scream and looked on stunned as the Professor ran out stark naked with a funny coloured object hanging out his rear as he bolted for the lagoon. Unfortunately the Prof had just discovered that his 'cucumble' contained a highly acidic juice and he was now feeling the effect of its attack somewhat like a heavy night out on the Bombay curry.


Gilligan stood rigid, trussed up like a turkey dinner, as before him Lovey Howell disrobed while still holding the riding crop. Her tits were heavy and sagged but her erect nipples made Gilligans mouth water. Lovey carried no fat and her thighs where firm with only a slight trace of cellulite. But Gilligan was stunned at the sight of a totally shaved pussy, which displayed Loveys pouting lips in all their glory

Lovey moved forward and pressed her body against Gilligans and gyrated slowly using the coconut oil to lube herself too. Spreading her thighs she straddled his leg and massaged her smooth cunt up and down his quad till she was totally wet. Talking hold of his cock Lovey then stood on her tiptoes and inserted the tip, then dropping down let it cram smoothly up her steaming cunt. She clung to him with one arm round his neck and set up a gradual rocking motion on his fully embedded cock. Every thrust of his hips was met with a crack of the riding crop across his arse, and Gilligans mind reeled at this painful yet totally orgasmic sensation.

Settling in to a steady pace Gilligans cock stoked Loveys furnace, her glistening pussy lips where stretched to the limit and his wiry pubic hair tickled her clit. Gilligan wondered at the flexability of this senior citizen sex maniac. God she was tight for a 50 year old and her tongue worked magic as she basted his tonsils with passionate French kisses and all the while whipped his arse. All this motion though had finally worked the vine free and as their mutual orgasm approached they crashed to the floor. Gilligan quickly took control.

" My turn, slut," he laughed as he rolled her onto her back. Grabbing her ankles he spread her legs and draped them over his shoulders. Then pinning her arms to the floor he plunged into her swollen pussy with a series of savage thrusts. His bloated balls slapped hard against her arse and her heavy tits bounced uncontrollably every time he hit the hilt.

"God, God, God," she squealed, " Fuck me boy, harder, harder awwwwwwwwww. "

Loveys cunt gripped his cock like a vice as she rocked to her orgasm. Her arse pounded the floor and her stomach rippled as each new orgasm exploded one after the other. Gilligan too was lost to the world of orgasm. Sweat hurt his eyes and his breath was ragged as he pounded away, then he erupted as his balls tingled and he delivered his wad in a wave of heated fury. Collapsing on top of Lovey he took a stiff nipple into his mouth and hungrily devoured her tit. This bought on Loveys final orgasm and as she raised her hips one last time Gilligan slapped her arse to return the favour and Lovey shuddered to fulfilment.


Down at the lagoon the skipper had removed the offending cucumble and was washing out his rectum. Bent over and reaching behind he gently fingered his arse with soothing cool water. Soon though he became aware of another presence and froze in position. He heard somebody wade up behind him and was startled to feel a smooth soft hand massaged his buns. Then his cock sprang to instant attention as a tongue invaded his hole in tender circular strokes and a hand fondled his balls. He spun around and there was Marianne on her knees her wet shirt clinging to her magnificent breasts and a sensuous tongue licking her lips.

"I know a little first aid Professor, does this help ease the pain?"

To Be Continued...

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