tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGilligans Island Ch. 4

Gilligans Island Ch. 4


For a second the Professor stared dumbly down at Maryannes stunning body. His mind raced with wild thoughts as he watched her heaving tits stretch the fabric of her wet cotton shirt. All he had ever considered was nailing Ginger, but now, good god here was an opportunity not to be missed.

'Well Maryanne that little arse rimming certainly did ease my discomfort, but now I have a slightly more pressing problem."

" Never mind Professor I've got just the remedy."

Pulling him to the ground she quickly straddled his legs and franticly undid his belt and unzipped his fly. Pulling down his virgin white Y-fronts she gasped as the Professors' degree saluted her in all its glory. Wasting no more time than necessary repositioning herself Maryanne greedily devoured his cock. He moaned in utter bliss as first his bloated knob was drowned in a sea of warm moist saliva but as it continued its travels past her tonsils and down her vacuum like throat.

With each long drawn motion of Maryannes head, the smooth constant up & down precision of a perfect blowjob convinced the Professor that this little vixen would suck his cock off given half a chance. It wasn't long though before his swollen balls started to itch with that telltale sign off impending orgasm. Fighting hard hie clenched his butt cheeks together to try to prolong the inevitable but he just couldn't.

Maryannes felt the oncoming rush too an jacked her hand up and down his cock.

' Cum over my face, I want your hot cum all over my fuckin face' she cried, and was duly rewarded as the Professor shot his wad all over her face.

- // -

Gilligan was just walking away from Lovey Howells hut when he walked straight into Ginger.

"Gilligan your such a klutz" she sneered "never looking out for other people"

" Come off it Ginger, still peeved at my seeing your banana tango, I see. Well I also happen to know all about you and the Skipper, so bite me!" Ginger let rip with clattering forearm slap that caught Gilligan just above the ear, he just smiled and returned the favour. Ginger reeled back more from shock than pain. Gilligan had hit a woman and she was stunned but more over totally aroused.

"Listen bitch, the only slapping that will ever take place between us ever again will be my cock up your cunt OK, now come here" he demanded.

Ginger moved forward totally transfixed by Gilligans authority, totally turned on by his domineering attitude and totally soaked in anticipation

Gilligans mouth crushed her full lips then his tongue smashed its way into her exploring her with expert dexterity. His hands firmly massaged her arse cheeks pulling her red-hot cunt onto his rigid boner. Even through his jeans & her dress Ginger knew she was rubbing against a pretty impressive tool.

Pulling down her dress he mauled her ample tits with an urgency she had never known. Gilligan suckled her erect nipples till they felt on fire then crammed as much tit flesh as was humanly possible into his eager mouth.

" Oh yes, suck me baby. Suck mom's titties. Harder, harder, oh god yes. I'm so fuckin wet. Eat me Gilligan now, now, now!"

Gilligan sunk to his knees and like all good sailors instinctively knew the way home.

- // -

Hearing Gingers raucous screams the Skipper bolted down the island path seeking out his morning lover. When he entered the small clearing where all the noise was coming from he was stunned to see Ginger spread eagled against a tree, tits bouncing in the breeze and Gilligans head planted firmly on her cunt whist his hands controlled her gyrating arse.

" Hey little buddy what all this" he stammered.

" Nothing Skipper, just servicing this horny minx."

" SUCK" Ginger pleaded.

Gilligan gave her hot sticky snatch one final tongue lashing then rose to his feet and winked at the Skipper. The Skipper new the signal well enough and moved into position behind Ginger. As he dropped his trousers and Gilligan removed his jeans Ginger ogled at the two rods of man meat about to ravish her and smiled hungrily.

Taking hold of his rigid cock Gilligan crouched slightly and nestled his knob against her willing gash for just a second then plunged upwards in one powerful stroke. Ginger groaned deliriously as her cunt was stuffed to the hilt by his throbbing pole. Gilligan reached down and grabbed her knee and lifted it up to his thigh. This only increased Gingers raging hormones as she rutted back and forth on Gilligans cock. It also exposed her pretty little butt hole and the Skipper was about to go drilling for oil.

He grabbed his cock and slowly wiped it back and forth over her crack lubricating he dick with her ever-present pussy juice. Then with a practiced aim slowly penetrated her arse hole till his balls rested on her cheeks.

Ginger let out a gurgled moan as the boys gave her the DP of the century. Her head lolled back and forth as she was lost in her own world of orgasmic bliss. Her twat quivered and rippled with uncontrollable tremors and her rectum play a gripping solo on the Skippers pole performance.

When her orgasm finally hit Ginger screamed to the heavens. Her knees turned to jelly as she slumped forward only supported by these two jackhammering cocks. The Skipper reached round and grabbed a handful of tit while Gilligan quickly grabbed her arse to prevent her falling completely. Ginger couldn't of cared less as her multiple orgasm rocked her towards unconsciousness in the nicest possible way. The Skipper and Gilligan then climaxed in unison as Gingers last thought was of floating on her own sea of cum.

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