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Gilligan's Island Sex/Drug Episode


Gilligan is peeking into Mary Ann and Ginger's Hut through a hole he had made earlier in the day.

He sees the girls getting ready for bed, They are taking their clothes off and looking in the mirror comparing breasts sizes and color of bush and they hear someone out side,

They scream and cover the naked bodies that they were just admiring a few short seconds ago, Then Ginger gets a glimpse of Gilligan and tells Mary Ann and together they quickly come up with an idea.

Ginger lays down on her back and pulls Mary Ann down on top of her, They start kissing each other on the mouth as their naked bodies rub together.

They can hear Gilligan just outside the hut beating his meat, They start to giggle but quickly regain their composure, Then Mary Ann turns around placing her face right over Ginger's red bush... As she dives into her pussy Ginger lets out a loud moan and pushes herself up into Mary Ann's mouth, Ginger grabs Mary Ann's legs and pulls them apart as She jets up into Mary Ann's pussy, Just as Mary Ann lets out a soft squeal Gilligan come crashing through the wall of the hut with his pants around his ankle's and his Hard cock in his hand shooting cum like a fountain all over his clean red shirt.

At that point Gilligan was laying on his back looking up at the girls and they teased him about not being able to contain himself as they giggled He ran out the Hut's doorway.

The Next day; Gilligan had gotten up early and headed for the lagoon and sat down on a large rock once there, Thinking about what had happened the night before... He was in hopes that the Girls wouldn't say anything to the others. However he was getting a hard on thinking about the girls going at each other.

That is when He looked up and saw this big black thing floating in the lagoon. It was a Large package (about the size of a 25 inch color TV) wrapped in black plastic.

A closer look meant going for a bit of a swim, So he took off his hat and dived into the water, He swam out to the package and pushed it back up to the land, Pulled it from the water and placed it on the big rock he had been sitting on.

As he felt through the plastic, (He thought to himself that this was odd, It felt like a bale of hay) He then started opening it and soon found a familiar smell was in his nose, This was no bale of hay this was a kilo of Marijuana.

Two point two pounds of some of the best looking weed he had ever seen. He quickly hid his findings and started scanning the water for any more. Alas after a very long search of the entire area he found no more.

He took his findings to an open patch of land far away from the others but near the fresh water supply, It didn't take long before he had started a plantation complete with a hut for drying and a hut for smoking.

He had so much weed it wasn't funny, He used every bit of it as well, Making rope from the hemp quickly learned how to make a bong from bamboo stalks and killer smoking bowls from the coconuts and coconut seeds.

Gilligan had taken some of his new found smoke to Mary Ann and asked her to try it, She had never smoked anything before and was unsure about all this, However He was able to talk her into just two puffs and told her how she needed to hold the smoke in as long as she could hold her breath and she agreed to try it, For she came out of the Midwest to try new things.

She was amazed at how good it made her feel and before long she was laughing and giggling at everything, Who could stop after just two puffs she thought to herself and said, "OH NO I am a drug person now" Gilligan said relax you can't get hooked on this stuff. With that they laughed real hard and took another puff...

Just then she started to feel the buzz coming on even more and she got a little loose with her words and feeling a bit horny asked him if he enjoyed the show that Ginger and her had put on for him?

Gilligan said yes I always did like your firm titties and that was not the first or last time that he had spied on them. She said do you want to touch them? I need to have my nipples pinched right now, I am getting so horny that I need a cock inside me. As she told him that she was rubbing her pussy through her short shorts she had on and reaching inside her top with her other hand and started pinching her already hard nipple.

Gilligan said lets go to the beach and he grabbed her butt and pulled her up on his back giving her a ride all the way to the beach laughing and giggling all the way.

Once at the beach she pulled her top off showing him that she had no bra on and her hard nipples were standing erect begging to be played with, He wasted no time falling to his knees in front of her sucking them like a hungry teenage boy.

She started sliding her short shorts down showing off her cute little mound. Her pussy lips were puffy and wet and once she had her shorts around her ankles she stepped out of them and sat on the sand of the beach, Gilligan dove his face down into her love juices and she didn't hold back as his mouth reached her pussy she pushed it up into his face he in turned slid his hands under her holding her cute little ass with his hands eating her like he was holding a slice of watermelon till she came all over his face.

He then quickly undid his pants and ever so gently sliding his huge cock head just inside her wet and wanting pussy, He moved inch by inch till he had all of his eight inch cock deep inside her, It felt so good he didn't want to pull it out but as he started to pull out it felt even better so he started pumping her pussy as she was moaning.

The Moaning was driving him crazy and he pumped faster and faster till he shot his cum deep inside her screaming as he did, She could feel the cum filling her and started cumming again herself.

They were both so high that they fell fast asleep naked on the beach, Till the cool night air woke them and they got dressed and headed back to their own huts.

They were still stuck on that island but... They didn't care now for they had something new and fun to do, And were going to be exploring this aspect of the island more.

Stay tuned for the next "Gilligan's Island Lost Sex/Drug Episode"

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