tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGilligan's Island: Temptation

Gilligan's Island: Temptation


Three years they'd been on that island. Three long, sexless years, and Ginger Grant was done with fucking cucumbers and bananas for her sexual thrills. She had long since given up on the Professor. He'd seemed interested once, but those days were long gone. Now she was more likely to find him with his face stuck in a book, rather than between her widespread thighs.

She'd noticed Gilligan looking at her lately. It amused her, in a way. He had always been so scared of her and she had to admit it was funny to see him run away in panic whenever she approached. She enjoyed flirting with him and teasing him, but that had always been as far as it went. She also though he was more interested in Mary Ann, seeing as the two of them spent so much time together. She had wondered on occasion if the farm girl and the First Mate were fucking each other. But if they were, there was never any real evidence of it, and Mary Ann continued to play the paragon of virtue, even in those skimpy shorts she always wore.

Ginger sighed and lay back in the grass, about to embark on another lonely act of masturbation. Her dress was bunched up around her hips, her fingers sliding over her slick clit, when suddenly there was a rustling noise and the sun went into shadow. She opened her eyes and looked up.

Gilligan was standing there, watching her intently.

"Gilligan!" she cried, shocked. "Do you mind??"

"Do you mind?" he replied. "If I watch you?"

Ginger was astounded. "How rude!" she shouted. "Who do you think you are, Gilligan? You can't just walk around like this whole island belongs to you. What about respecting other people's privacy once in a while?"

"Gee, Ginger, I just thought this time it would be polite to ask, instead of watching from the bushes like I normally do," Gilligan responded.

"What?" Ginger was furious. "You've been watching me from the bushes? You disgusting, dirty little pig!"

"Hey, I have my needs too, Ginger. Anyway, that's a fine thing for you to say," Gilligan smirked. "I never saw anyone put a whole cucumber inside of them before. You must be pretty big down there. Plenty of visitors, huh, Ginge?"

"How dare you!" Ginger screeched. "Anyway, what would you know? I bet you don't even know what your cock is for!"

"I know what it's for, I just never got the chance to use it, what with you and Mary Ann being so frigid and all. All those times we've been out in the jungle and she won't even let me put my finger in her. I think that's a cheap trick, don't you? Seems you girls just want it all your own way."

Ginger's eyes narrowed. "I'll give you frigid, you upstart. I'll give you cheap trick. You want my pussy? Come and get it. I dare you."

Gilligan inspected the glistening folds of her pussy, which was displayed quite openly before him. His cock twitched in his pants and became harder than he'd ever known it. "Seriously?" he said, his eyes wide and hungry. "'cause if I take you up on that, there's no going back. I swear, Ginger, I'll show you what my cock is for."

Ginger laughed sarcastically. "That's fighting talk, Gilligan. Think you're man enough?"

Gilligan threw his hat aside and began removing his shirt. "Challenge accepted," he grinned.

Ginger got to her feet and let her gown slip from her shoulders and pool at her feet. Naked and exposed, she felt a tremor of excitement wash over her as Gilligan stared openly at her breasts. "Holy moly," he uttered. "Those are the most beautiful tits I've ever seen!"

Ginger licked her lips as Gilligan threw aside his red shirt and then his T-shirt and her eyes roved over his slender frame. He didn't look so skinny with his clothes off. He had dark hair on his forearms and some dark hair on his chest, though not much- just a little patch right there in the middle. He began unbuckling his belt and she went over to him and moved his hands away. She grabbed hold of his belt and pulled her to him, and then she kissed him, hard.

Gilligan had never before responded to any of her kisses. But this time things were different. His lips met hers hungrily, and soon their tongues were battling it out together, probing the depths of each other's mouths. Ginger rubbed his cock and balls through his denim pants, marveling at how big and hard he felt. It had been too long since she felt a solid rod of meat inside her pussy, and just the thought of being impaled on Gilligan's rock hard shaft brought the juices flowing out from between her legs.

Gilligan broke the kiss and began sucking on her tits like a starving man. Ginger groaned, holding the back of his head, grinding her boobs into his mouth. His tongue wriggled against her nipples inside his mouth. He made soft murmuring noises of appreciation. His hand crept down and delved between her thighs and his fingers worked gently against her clit, bringing her to her knees.

As Ginger lay back on the grass, Gilligan removed his pants and there was his rigid pole, standing proudly to attention for all the world to see. It swayed hypnotically in front of her like a King Cobra, mesmerising her. "Gilligan! Where have you been hiding that weapon, you gorgeous boy?" she declared.

"Not so shabby now, huh, Ginger? I bet if you'd known about this, you'd have fucked me a long time ago instead of always treating me like a kid."

"My, you are bold today! What happened to the boy who always runs a mile when he sees me coming?"

"I've had enough, Ginger. Turnabout is fair play. Now it's time to show you that the Skipper and the Professor aren't the only men around here."

Ginger smiled wryly. "I don't know if it's escaped your notice, but they hardly look at me or Mary Ann either. Can you blame me for humping bananas and cucumbers? I'm in the prime of my life and I get more attention from fruit and vegetables these days." All the while she was talking, she never took her eyes away from Gilligan's cock. Finally she could bear it no more, and she got to her knees and took his cock into her mouth.

Gilligan closed his eyes and groaned. He held Ginger's head in his hands as she fellated him expertly. Her tongue circled over the taut, shiny head and dipped into the small, salty hole at the tip. As she began to take him further into her mouth, he bucked his hips forward and drove his cock deep into the back of her throat, causing her to gag. She thought she heard him utter, "Oh yeah, suck my cock, you bitch." She trembled with anticipation. He gripped her head and drew his cock out again, slowly. He held a hank of her hair in one hand and rubbed the meaty head across her lips like a giant lipstick, leaving a trail of pre-cum. He began to masturbate himself, gazing down at her through eyes that were heavy with lust. "You want it, Ginger? Huh? Want this piece of meat inside you?"

"Yes," she whispered, "Oh, God, yes."

He held her head in both hands. One in her hair and the other under her chin. He pushed his cock into her mouth and she swallowed it deep into her throat. He felt his cockhead go past her tonsils. The back of her throat was warm, wet and tight. He fucked her mouth and he came quickly, shooting hot spunk into her throat while he shuddered and cried out, over and over again. Ginger gulped down the hot jizz, swallowing constantly, drool hanging off her chin and dropping onto her bouncing tits.

"Now it's your turn," Gilligan whispered, when he'd recovered. "I haven't eaten pussy since High school, and I can't wait to get my face up into your dirty fuck hole."

"Oh, Gilligan," Ginger smile, wiping strings of cum and drool from her mouth. "I don't know when you became such a bad boy, but I like it!"

"Then lay down," Gilligan told her. "Because I got something else you're gonna like, too."

Ten minutes later, all thoughts of Rock Hudson and Gregory Peck were gone. The knowledge that Gilligan, the shy, frightened fawn who had once been so scared of her, was licking her pussy, was enough to make Ginger come at once. She looked down at his long fingers gripping her thighs, his dark head moving slowly between her legs. She revelled in the soft, wet sounds of his tongue sliding back and forth, up and down between her sensitive nether lips. She pushed her fingers through his hair and lifted her hips, rotating herself against his eager mouth. She moaned his name, over and over, and didn't once think of anyone else.

"Gilligan...Gilligan, don't stop...don't stop...so goooood..."

Her heels dug into the grass, ripping it to pieces, sinking into the soft earth below. Gilligan shifted, pushed himself closer. He moved his right hand up to her left tit and began to pinch and rub her erect nipple. He probed at her moistened opening with his tongue flexed into a point. She squealed and moaned, realising that he was going to tongue fuck her. She reached under her own buttocks to spread her dripping pussy lips even further apart. Her fingers grazed his cheeks and felt the faintest hint of stubble on his chin. Gilligan wiggled the tip of his tongue into her hot, sopping hole. "Oh God, please," she cried.

His tongue darted noisily in and out of her sopping wet slit, probing and lapping like a honey badger, eating his fill. Ginger groaned loudly and wriggled in his clutches but he was stronger than she'd expected and he wasn't done with her yet. After fucking her almost senseless with his tongue, Gilligan clamped his mouth onto Ginger's swollen clit and sucked hard, assaulting the tender nubbin until she could barely stand the torture. She was already hovering on the brink of orgasm and when Gilligan slid two fingers deep inside her she finally screamed out, lost in the most incredible orgasm she'd ever experienced in her life. Considering how many men she'd fucked, that was really saying something! Her head rolled side to side as she moaned and wailed. Her pussy juices poured out and ran down Gilligan's chin. He sucked and licked and probed her even as she orgasmed, bucking around on the grass in waves of the most exquisite pleasure. Gilligan leisurely ate his fill of Ginger Grant's hot, creamy pussy until the actress was no more than a gasping, trembling wreck, lying flat out on the grass like a filleted fish.

Gilligan scrambled to his knees. Ginger stared up at him through glassy eyes, her clit throbbing and pulsing like a signal flare, the remnants of her orgasm still fizzing through her limbs. His mouth glistened with her juices and his hair hung over his forehead, damp with perspiration. He took hold of his magnificent cock, which was already erect again. He looked down at her and gave her a very naughty smile. As he guided the sleek, shiny head of his rigid cock to her soaking, orgasm-ravaged pussy, he leaned down and engaged her in the hottest, deepest kiss of her life, and she tasted her own cum all over his greedy lips and tongue. "You're about to get a royal fucking, Ginger," he whispered. "No more bananas for you. From now on, it's the real thing."

"Ohhhhh! Fuck me, Gilligan," Ginger moaned. "Fuck me hard with your beautiful cock." She raked her nails over his back, finding his favourite spot and making him sigh and shudder. She teased him like that for a few moments and then she put her hands behind her knees and spread her legs wide. Gilligan grinned at her.

"Eating you out was fun, Ginger, but I'm really looking forward to fucking you," he said in that boyish way of his. "I can see you're gonna like it, too."

Ginger gasped. It turned her on completely to hear Gilligan being so authoritative.

"Fuck me, Gilligan," she begged. "Do me deep and hard!"

Gilligan took his solid tool and slowly pushed the first couple of inches into her, opening her up like a ripened fruit. She gasped out loud, the breath rushing from her lungs. Gilligan waited a moment, then he drove his slender hips forward and buried his entire eight inch rod inside her silky wet love tunnel until his balls were resting on her ass.

Ginger clung to him and cried out. He looked down into her face, intently watching every nuance of her expression. What he saw obviously pleased him, because he broke into a wide grin.

"You're very sexy, Ginger, you know that? One of my favourite fantasies is of fucking both you and Mary Ann until you scream. Want me to make you scream, Ginger?"

"Oh, Godddd...." Ginger wailed, nodding.

Gilligan drew his cock out of her, then plunged it back in. Breath hissed out of Ginger's lungs as eight inches of solid man-meat rammed into her trembling snatch. He repeated the motion, grinning at her expression of ecstacy. "Maybe one day I'll bring you both out here and fuck you blind, one after the other," he giggled. "Get you back for all the times you thought you were better than me. All the times you led me on and then laughed in my face."

"Oh, Gilligan, you beautiful boy! Talk dirty to me," Ginger sighed.

"Slut," Gilligan said. "Whore. Spunk bag. Frigid bitch."

"Oh, oh, oh, Gilligaaaan!"

Gilligan fell into a steady rhythm, his hips rocking back and forth as he thrust forward, his balls slapping against her ass. After a while the only sound coming out of his mouth was a series of throaty grunts as he stroked into her, his stiff pole gliding smoothly in and out of her hungry, dripping slit. Soon he was slamming her faster and faster, ignoring her wails, impaling her on his cock, ravaging her without mercy. His balls slapped her over and over, splashing into her copious love juice. His iron-hard rod plundered her deepest recesses, taking her without mercy. He rose up on his hands and fucked Ginger faster and faster, deeper and harder, until Ginger began howling like an air-raid siren.

"You like this?" Gilligan gasped, fucking her into oblivion. "You like this, huh? You crazy whore. I'm gonna fuck you so hard you'll wish we'd never met!"

The young First Mate fucked the horny Hollywood actress in spectacular fashion. Ginger babbled dementedly as Gilligan's thick shaft pummelled her aching, battered twat. There was no let up from the onslaught until Gilligan suddenly roared out like a lion and shuddered to a climax, shooting jets of spunk deep into her velvet tunnel, coating her insides with more sticky ropes of man milk. There was so much of his cum it squelched out of her before they'd even done fucking. Ginger came again too, crying out into the trees as she clung onto Gilligan's skinny shoulders like a drowning woman clutching at a life raft.

"Ohhhhhhh," she moaned. "Ohhhhhhhhh!"

Gilligan fell on top of her, breathing hard. His back was slick with sweat. His heart pounded against her tits. "Boy," he gasped, breathlessly. "That sure was some fuck, Ginger!"

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