tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGilligan's Island: Temptation 02

Gilligan's Island: Temptation 02


Gilligan fucked Ginger solidly all afternoon, making up for lost time. His sex drive had been buried for many years, but now the only thing that was buried was his huge cock inside the movie star's pulsing twat. Ginger's pussy had a life of its own. It sucked and grabbed at his plunging cock, milking his throbbing balls of every last drop of cum while the actress lay face down on the grass, moaning piteously while Gilligan drove his thick shaft into her from behind.

Ginger could barely dress herself after four hours of non-stop fucking. She leaned against Gilligan for support as they made their way back to camp. "Oh, Gilligan," she sighed. "That was the best day of my life. I can't believe you had that gorgeous fucktool hidden away in your pants all this time."

"You never asked. And in the early days I would have rather fucked a palm tree than your filthy slit. I bet you went through Hollywood like a heat-seeking missile. I bet you rode three cocks every night, didn't you? Just to get in the movies. I bet you ate so much cock you forgot what real food tastes like."

"Gilligan! When did you learn to talk like that? You've always been so innocent!"

"I still am, Ginger. I'm still sweet, loveable Gilligan. But sex-crazed whores like you don't deserve to be treated nice." He pulled up her dress as they walked and stuck a finger deep into her ass, making her squeal. "See? You love it." He wriggled his finger past her sphincter and deep into her anus, grinning mischievously. Ginger stopped to lean her palms against the nearest tree and pushed back against his hand, moaning with pleasure. "You've got spunk all down your legs, by the way."

Ginger bit her lip as Gilligan's finger windmilled around inside her asshole. She spread her legs wide, displaying her battered pussy, still swollen from the almighty pounding Gilligan had given it. He came right up behind her, pushing her against the tree, his chin resting on her shoulder. With his left hand he delved into her ass, and with his right hand he delved into her pussy. Ginger squawked and bleated as he set to work building her up for another earth-shattering orgasm.

Gilligan laughed at the slippery, squelching sounds emanating from her nether regions. Her two holes were being stretched to the limit by all ten of his digits as he played with her like a kid with a new toy. Pussy juice coated his fingers and dripped down her thighs. Ginger rotated her smooth, toned ass cheeks, yowling like a cat in heat while she clung to the tree. Bark stuck to her cheeks and twigs and leaves tangled in her hair. Gilligan unzipped his pants and soon his cock had joined in the fun, slipping in and out of her pussy while his fingers stretched her asshole and teased her bulging clit.

"You're gonna make us late for supper, Ginger," he said in a stern manner. "But I guess you don't care. Whores like you just need an endless supply of dick to keep you going, right?"

Ginger nodded, too far gone to speak intelligibly. Her mouth was open in a soft 'o' and all the sounds that came out of it were 'o' shaped.

Gilligan plundered her pussy for a while, enjoying the sensations it produced. "Oh, yeah," he grunted, his eyes closed and his hips thrusting quickly back and forth. "Oh yeah..." Then he pulled his cock out of her pussy with a sound like a finger squishing out of guava jelly and pushed his cockhead against her asshole. "Want it in here, Ginger?"

Ginger moaned and nodded again.

"I'd like to be the first guy to ream your poop hole, but I bet you've had more butt sex than I've had coconut crème pies," Gilligan said as his cock began to disappear up her ass. "Am I right?"

Another nod came from the actress, who could barely speak as eight solid inches of muscle plowed their way deep into her bowels and began fucking.

Meanwhile, Mary Ann was out looking for Gilligan, wondering why he wasn't back at camp yet. Usually he was there at the first sign of food preparation, getting in her way and bumping into her. She smiled to herself. She was very fond of Gilligan, because he was so kind and well meaning, but golly, he was so clumsy! One time, he'd bumped into her from behind, and she had never forgotten the feel of what seemed to be something very hard and solid in his pocket. He had held it there against her ass for only a couple of seconds, but it had been enough for her pussy to moisten incredibly, and after supper she had gone off by herself and fingered her clit until the cum ran down her arm, all the while thinking of Gilligan pressing up against her.

She had never told him, of course. She was a good girl, a fresh-faced, nineteen year old farmer's daughter from the Midwest. She didn't do that kind of thing. Putting your finger down there was something the girls on the other side of the tracks did, the girls who did things with boys and their fathers for money. When she and Gilligan went out in the jungle on explorations and adventures, she always made sure that they didn't get too physically close. Sometimes Gilligan's hand brushed her hip or thigh, and he often offered to give her a leg up onto a rocky ledge or carry her across a stream, and once his finger had almost gone inside her hotpants, but he'd pulled it out quickly when she rebuked him sternly.

But sometimes when she looked at Gilligan, especially when he went swimming or walked around the hut barefoot in just his pants and T-Shirt (and of course, his hat) she felt a wetness and a pulsing down there that she couldn't control. The only thing that would alleviate the throbbing and the fiery itch was to ravage herself with her hand until she moaned and wept with relief.

Mary Ann rounded a corner onto a new path and stopped suddenly. Was there a monkey being killed somewhere ahead of her? It certainly sounded like an animal in pain! She froze, not knowing where to run. The sound was so loud, it seemed to be all around her.

Mary Ann eased further into the trees and kept walking, looking out for wild animals. When she finally discovered the source of all the noise she stopped dead, freezing in her tracks. There, just off the path and about fifty yards away, were Gilligan and Ginger.

Ginger was braced against a tree, facing forward with her dress bunched around her waist and her breasts swinging like a cow's udders, her hips thrust out behind her. Clinging onto those hips for dear life and pumping back and forth like a madman was Gilligan, with his pants down around his ankles and his head thrown back, his cute face twisted into an expression of sheer ecstacy.

Oh, my! Thought Mary Ann, crouching quickly behind a bush. Oh, my!

Gilligan's cock pistoned in and out of Ginger's ass so fast it was a blur. Her sphincter sucked and slurped around his meaty shaft, and below it, her pussy gaped and twitched enviously. He wished he had something to shove in there, too. It would be fun to fuck her with a banana and then eat it out of her hot, wet snatch. He decided to try it sometime. Instead, he used his fingers to delve in underneath his balls and finger her twat ruthlessly until finally she screamed out loud and started cumming and cumming, her head banging against the tree as her pussy juice squirted out and drenched his sleeve. Her orgasm made her butt clench around Gilligan's cock and soon he was cumming too. His aching balls sent streams of thick jizz along his shaft and deep into Ginger's bowels, filling her up with his hot seed.

When their latest session was over, Gilligan pulled his pants up, straightened his hat, and helped Ginger to her feet, where she wobbled precariously like a drunk. Gilligan's hot cum bubbled out of her stretched ass and began running down her legs. Her expression was soft and dreamy, a sated smile weaving its way over her lips. Gilligan tucked her tits back inside her dress and gave her ass cheek a playful slap. "What a good little slut you are," he grinned. "I think I'm gonna keep you."

As they headed back down the path, Gilligan passed within inches of Mary Ann, who was hiding in the bushes with her fingers wedged firmly down her shorts. She had cum so hard she almost passed out, and as she waited for the coast to clear, she knew just one thing. She was going to steal Gilligan and his amazing love torpedo away from Ginger if it was the last thing she did.

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