tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGilmore Girls Ch. 07

Gilmore Girls Ch. 07


Lorelai and Marty came through the front door smiling away. They'd enjoyed their walk back. Marty as with all men it seemed was taken by Lorelai's childlike playfulness. They came into the living room seeing Luke and Rory curled up asleep together.

Standing behind the sofa, Lorelai whispers, "Aw! Isn't that just the sweetest thing? He's so good with her."

"Yeah, she really loves him," he replies reaching down and gently stroking Rory's hair being careful not to wake her up. "She been working too hard we should let her sleep."

"Yeah, Luke too. If he's not working at the Diner he's working to give me my every silly whim. I don't deserve him really," she says as she pulls him towards the kitchen.

"Well from what Rory says he's his happiest making you happy. Word on the street is you make him pretty damn happy too. You're pretty great."

Lorelai flushed slightly at the compliment. "Aw, thanks Marty," she said as they entered the kitchen. She turned and gave him a hug. "Well you're pretty great too. My daughter can't stop gushing about just how great. It's so good to see her happy." She moved back from the hug and gave him a kiss on the cheek and stroked his other cheek before retreating.


Lorelai smiled. "Oh believe me, there's been gushing. We're nothing if not the girl talk type. She's completely smitten with you young man," she said patting his chest.

He looked ecstatic. "Wow. I can't believe it. I don't get it. Girls like Rory don't normally go for guys like me. I have to keep pinching myself."

"And that is part of what us girls like about guys like you. You don't know how great you are," she said then smiled looking into his eyes.

Marty just smiled back at her.

Lorelai took his hand and said, "Come with me." She walked him up the stairs.

"W-Where are we going?" Marty stuttered.

"Just do as you're told."

They walked up the stairs and into the bedroom closing the door behind them. She positioned him onto the bed laying him down. "Miss Gilmore, what are you doing? I love Rory I shouldn't."

She lay next to him and stroked his face. "I know you do. I want to make you part of the family. I want you to have even more reasons to stick around. I want you to have me too. I want you to touch me. I want you to have your hands on me. I want to see and feel your cock." Now she was running he hand up and down his body. She stopped on the bulge in his jeans. "And from the feel of things you don't mind."

"Oh Miss Gilmore of course I like the idea, you're amazing but I can't do this to Rory."

"Oh don't worry about that kid. I know my daughter and she'll be fine with this. She'll see it the way I do as family looking after one another. She'll even get a little hot thinking about it if she's anything like me."

"Well she's almost a carbon copy that's why I like you so much," he said as he undid his jeans pushing them down.

"Yay! Get then pants down. Let me see your cock. I've been dying to see you naked." She helped him remove his jeans and boxers releasing his very thick eight and a half incher. Very thick. "Oh my god. Marty you have such a nice cock." She took it in her hand and inspected it closely. "It's so fucking thick. Long too. It's always the quiet ones," she said shaking her head.

Mary loved the ego boost but was desperate for some action. "Enough talk," he said leaning forward and taking her head in head in his hand. "Get sucking on it," he said as his pulled her head down onto his thick cock head.

She slurped away hungrily on his thick shaft her wet tongue swirling around. "So good," she murmured before going down taking his cock deep down her throat.

Marty could barely contain himself as his big cock felt the inside of her well practised throat. "Yeah, that's it you dirty little slut." He pushed her head down hard onto his cock. Eventually he released and she slid him out gasping for air. He gave her a couple of second to recover before forcing her head down hard again lifting his cock up into her throat. "Take my cock you hot bitch. Take it!" After releasing her again he looked her in the eyes. "You really are a dirty little tramp aren't you? You love being used don't you?"

Lorelai nodded as she gasped for air. "Use me," she managed to get out.

Marty sat up with his back on the headboard. "Get back to work slut." She complied taking his cock deep again. He gathered her hair into his hands and pulled her up and down with it frantically fucking her mouth for a few minutes all the while telling her how much of a dirty slut she was.

Pulling her off his cock he told her to lie down and began taking all her clothes off. She was now lying naked on the bed and he positioned himself with his face between her legs. He took in the smell of her cunt and gently rubbed his nose on her lips.

"Oh yeah. Ooh that feels good Marty," she cooed. "Touch me more I'm ready for you. Touch me I'm soaking wet for you."

"Beg some more."

"Please Master. Please touch me. I'm going crazy. I need you to lick me. Sucking on your big fat dick has got me so turned on I need it. I need you to touch me then I need your huge cock to stretch my cunt. Please Master. Please I'll do anything."

Marty finally gave her what she wanted. He licked around her cunt before taking her clit and suckling it. "Oh yes! Oh my god you're good. Suck it." As he continued his well received assault is hand roamed all over her body. He took her breasts in hand and caressed them roughly pinching hard on her nipples. "Oh fuck. Ah. Oh so good. Pinch them Master. Hurt me. Hurt me. I love it. I'm cumming." With that Lorelai's fuck juices gushed into his face in orgasm.

"Wow, you're a squirter. So fucking horny," he said as he rubbed his face into her pussy loving the feel and smell of her juices on his face.

"Fuck. Not very often but you are so fucking good at that it just happened. Oh fuck that was good," she gasped.

Marty moved up with her his body between her legs his cock resting on her stomach. He stroked her face before kissing her on the lips. He kissed her again and slid his tongue into her mouth which she gladly accepted. "Mmm," she exclaimed. "Man you really are great at everything." They kissed passionately for a few moments. "Marty?"


"Fuck me. Put your magnificent cock into me. Fuck me hard."

Marty moved his hand down and positioned his cock at her entrance. He gently moved into her. "Oh yeah. You're so tight. Just like Rory."

"Mmm. You're so fucking big. So fucking thick I love it. Does Rory love your cock like I do?"

"Oh yeah. She loves it. Just like her hot Mom. Sometimes she'll sit for hours caressing and sucking it while we watch TV."

"I'll bet she does. Oh yeah that's it. Fuck me," she said as he fucked her pussy harder and harder. She held on to his ass as he pounded into her. "Such a nice firm ass too. You're a fucking stud Marty. Do you like fucking your girlfriend's mother? Do you like touching me with your young hand and fucking me with your young stud cock?"

"Oh yeah. Love your tight bald cunt. Love your cock sucking slut mouth," he said as he stuck his finger in her mouth feeling her wet tongue.

Lorelai groaned knowing she was close to cumming. "Oh fuck. Yes. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. I'm gonna cum. Your big young cock is going to make me cum. Please cum with me. Cum in me then on my face. I need your cum all over."

"Yeah. You want me to cover you slut face with me goo do you?"

"Yeah, I want your hot stud love goo on my face. I need some in me cunt too though. I want it everywhere. Mark me as your property."

"Oh fuck. Yeah, it's coming." He pounded her even harder. She was by this point well into her big orgasm. As it was coming to an end he shot his first two shots of cum into her.

"Oh yes! Yes! I can feel your cum. Get it on my face."

He retracted his cock as it continued to pulse his thick cum out onto her stomach. He shuffled up quickly jacking his cock. He directed his cock into her face and he released the last few squirts of cum onto her face.

"Oh yeah, I love your cum. So thick and manly. Cover me with it. Mmm." She took over tossing his cock onto her face finally licking the last glob of cum from it.

Marty calmed down. "Wow that was hot."

She lay back eyes closed in bliss. "You got that right." Stroking his chest at the side of her she said, "Now we can do this every time you're around."

They lay down quietly for a few minutes. "I should probably go check on Rory," Marty said.

"Yeah. Can you send Luke up while you're there?"

"What? Don't you want to get dressed and clean up first?"

Lorelai smiled at him. "Well where's the fun in that?"

Marty looked worried.

"Don't worry kid. You've walked into the house of fun here. He completely supports my roaming. Loves it in fact."

"Wow, OK I'll send him up."

Marty then dressed and went downstairs.

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