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Gilmore Girls - Full Moon


Lorelei Gilmore missed her daughter Rory in many ways and for many reasons, but she was glad to finally be alone. "Now where did I put that thing and I wonder it is fully charged?" she asked herself. She had lit candles and sipped some wine to get in the mood to have her way with herself and it was working. She put on her favorite Hello Kitty t-shirt and slipped off her panties and jumped into bed. "Damn I'm easy!!!" she said.

Lorelei was an old hand at pleasing herself; she felt that she deserved to feel good. She loved the way her breasts felt and how quickly her nipples harden at her own touch. Now all she had to do was think of an unsuspecting Star's Hollow resident to mentally seduce.

"There was always Taylor Doose, but no he's too old and creepy, then there was Kirk; no that would be wrong in so many ways and it would be too easy, she thought. Hmmm!!... maybe Rory's best friend Lane Kim would fit the mood, no that would be too kinky, too nasty, bad Lorelei, you bad naughty slut!" she giggled to herself."

Meanwhile, a few blocks away, Lane Kim sat in a bubble bath letting the water drip from her hand held shower head down her breasts and pussy. She fantasized that she was making love to Lorelei and she was telling Lorelei what to do to her. She said "Rory's mom, I love your big white breasts and I could eat your nipples like Dim Sum. Rory's mom, you suck my little breasts now, please. Rory's Mom you may go down on me you filthy whore, get my pussy."

Lorelei said, "Lane could you just call me Lorelei, it throws me off when you call me Rory's mom."

Lane replied "Shut up bitch this is my fantasy, now get on your knees and worship my pussy, you know you want to you slut." Lane loved how bold she could be when she was alone.

Little did Lorelei know that Rory was home too and up in her room so she could enjoy some time alone as well. There is just something about having three college roommates that makes it near impossible to pleasure yourself to the point of an orgasm without any distractions. There is no place like home to do that. Rory missed all of the long winter nights where she could just lay in her bed under a pile of blankets and get intimate with her sock drawer and her favorite vibrator. Rory was thinking about Dean, no Jess, no Dean, no Jess, then gave in and said, "Hello boys, you both can play!"

Rory preferred to sleep nude and was still learning the ins and outs of her 18-year old own body. Her breasts were small, with light pink quarter size nipples that looked like bullets when she got cold and when she was horny. She treated her pussy like it had a life of its own and had pet names for it that only she knew. Her pussy was cleanly shaven and adorned with light peach hair that had begun to grow back after her last trim.

She loved that her body was so petite and loved watching herself in the mirror as she touched her private places. It made her feel like it was not actually her that was doing naughty things to herself. In her mind it was that other girl in the mirror being nasty. She was not sure if it was OK to masturbate, it all seemed a little sleazy to her to be her own one-night stand, and wondered if she got lucky with herself without getting a movie and dinner, did that make her a cheap date? "Boy this solo dating thing is really difficult," she said out loud.

Lorelei and Rory were both sure that they were alone and things were just getting interesting when they heard a mysterious knock on the door. They each grabbed the nearest thing to a weapon they could find and sneaked quietly toward the foyer from different directions. With their weapon of choice held high ready to strike, Lorelei flipped on the light and came face to face with her daughter Rory. The sight of each other did not scare them as bad as the realization that they each were holding large vibrators like they were Jedi light sabers and both screamed bloody murder. Frozen in proper dueling positions ready to strike, each of them were thinking how in the hell will I explain this. About that time the door swung open and another scream ensued.

Of all people in the world, it was Lorelei's mother Emily Gilmore with her usual sour puss look on her face. She seemed to be totally numb by the sight of her nearly naked daughter and totally naked granddaughter both holding pink vibrators like they were dueling swords.

"Good lord! Emily shouted, put those things away, we all have them, but there is no need to wave them about in such vulgar manner." Lorelei could not contain herself, had her mother just admitted to having a vibrator? When Emily could not take any more of Lorelei's smirking, she reached into her bag and produced her own vibrator that was equal in size, shape and color to theirs.

Rory was so badly embarrassed that she was about to turn purple, said, "So what does that make us the three Musketeers?" With that they all pointed their devices to the ceiling and said in unison "All for one and one for all."

"So if you both had these, why did I have to find out about them on the streets; OK not the streets, but from Paris Geller?" Rory asked.

Lorelei said "You may not remember, but I bought you your first vibrator. I was the only cool mom on the block that did not take away your Harry Potter vibrating witch's broom from you like the other mothers. I just insisted that you stopped riding it around the city square and in front of Luke's Diner front window."

"Yeah, whatever happened to my broom woman?" Rory said in an accusing voice.

Lorelei grinned and said "Well Rory your mommy rode your broom one time to many and I think I short circuited it and it went bye bye."

Rory looked sad into her empty cup.

After all of the evidence was carefully stored away and everyone changed into their pajama's in case a fourth Musketeer suddenly appeared, they hung out in the kitchen drinking hot chocolate and eating cookies. They barely spoke and never made direct eye contact.

Emily had a fight with Richard was spending the night and was first to head off to the guest room and to bed. Lorelei was next to go to bed and then Rory still in shock by the evening's events and secrets disclosed slowly climbed the stairs in total disbelief.

Minutes later, the house was deafly quiet and then moments later a faint humming sound could be heard if you listened closely. Rory was naked again and in the middle of her second orgasm when she noticed that the glass of water on her night stand was shaking violently and the walls themselves were responding with the same pulse. There is no getting around it, three Gilmore Girls in the same house on metal frame beds, hard wood floors and three vibrators going at the same time was bound to make some vibrations.

Emily was an old pro at using her special friend. She had the same fantasy every night. She was young and beautiful French au pair girl, dressed in traditional French maid attire. She worked for Richard Gilmore who would use her sexually like an old dish towel and then he passed her around to the hired help like a French tart on a desert tray.

First she would be forced to give head to the butler, then the cook and then the gardener would take her to the plant shed where he would strip off all of her clothes and fuck her until she begged for more. Then Richard, who loved to watch, would pretend to catch them, fire them all and hire new staff for her break in. Emily broke in female staff pretty much the same way, but they did not feel the need to fire them as quickly or as often. It was a fantasy that she and Richard shared and it often was the topic of their bedroom conversations. Little did Richard, but Emily had been living the fantasy for most of their marriage.

The next morning they awoke to the sound of the washing machine in full spin cycle. Lorelei and Rory slowly opened the laundry room door and there sit Paris naked on top of the machine inserting a waxed English cucumber in and out of her pussy.

"Paris what are you doing here?" Rory asked.

Paris said "wait just a second and made some soft cooing sounds. Then yelled hell yes, oh yeah, oh yes, that's what I'm talking about!!!"

They closed the door and went back into the kitchen. "What the hell was that?" Lorelei asked. "Just Paris being Paris," Rory replied.

As they sipped coffee from their over-sized cups, Kirk walked into the kitchen wearing only Lorelei's Hello Kitty T-shirt, kissed Lorelei on the cheek and spanked her butt on his way out the door.

"What the hell was that?" Rory asked. Lorelei just smiled and said "It must have been a full moon in Star's Hollow last night."

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