tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGilmore Girls: Stop the Presses Ch. 03

Gilmore Girls: Stop the Presses Ch. 03


(Femslash. Rory/Paris/Ms. Peters. Notes. This story takes place after my story "Detention". As far as I can determine Ms. Peters, the faculty advisor for "The Franklin" never had her first name given. Therefore I have chosen one for her. As always, the characters are not mine. They are the creation of Amy Sherman-Palladino and belong to the WB and the CW. These events take place however in the spring of the characters' final year at Chilton. Since Rory's birthday is October 8th and Paris was born in December by that time they would have both unquestionably been over 18.)


"So what are we going to do next?" Paris Gellar whispered to her friend and secret lover Rory Gilmore.

The pair was snuggled together in a corner of the Chilton library. Ostensibly they were studying. Actually they were discussing the newest occurrence in their now rather complicated lives and finding opportunities to touch each other. They didn't quite have the nerve to hold hands but their legs were pressed together and each time one or the other shifted her weight those same legs rubbed gently.

It was hard to believe that only a few weeks ago the pair had been nothing more than best friends. It was an unlikely friendship, considering that once they were bitter rivals who pretty much hated each other. But they had softened, discovered that they actually had a great deal in common and eventually the friendship had sprouted.

Then one night Paris had been by Rory's house to study together. It wasn't the first time that had happened nor was it the first time Rory's mother had been away. So when the offer was made for the visitor to spend the night it was gratefully accepted, with no idea on either side as to what that evening held for the pair. Before it was over, almost by accident, the two girls had ended up in bed together.

Amazingly, the reaction from both of them the next morning had not been either hysteria or panic. Granted there had been a few awkward moments and Paris had almost lost it with vocal worries about suddenly being gay. But they had calmed down and discussed what had happened and finally accepted it for what it was; an event that changed their lives but did not define them. Before the morning was over the girls had both showered together and ended back up in bed again.

Since then the closeness of their relationship, and they both admitted that is was indeed a relationship, had grown. They were not exclusive, still dating guys, and certainly not in the least bit "out" about their mutual attraction. They weren't sure where they were going but they were young and enjoying themselves and determined to make the most of what they had found. As long as they could keep it a secret of course.

The Soto-voice discussion this afternoon was sparked by the latest complication in their lives. A series of fortunately misunderstood actions had landed them in the Headmaster's office, where after being lectured sternly they had been left alone to "work things out". Being the first time they had been alone together since their first night they had taken full advantage of the locked heavy door and made love on the massive desk.

They had straightened up the office and themselves and were sitting in the chairs they had been left in when the door opened. To their surprise it had not been the Headmaster, Mr. Charleston. It had been their faculty advisor Ms. Peters, who had come to check on two of her favorite students.

Everything had gone smoothly and each was tempted to giggle as they confidently left the office. Then a simple remark from Ms. Peters had brought their smugness crashing down around their ears.

"Rory? The buttons on your blouse aren't fastened properly. You might want to correct that before you get to class."

A frantic discussion had ensued. Eventually they were both forced to admit that Ms. Peters knew exactly what had been going on in that locked office. With that admission came the discovery that not only had she not turned them in for "inappropriate conduct" but that she had actually covered for them.

A few days later, overcome by an urge she still couldn't fully explain, Rory had put on a bit of a teasing show for Ms. Peters, lifting her skirt and stroking her leg as though she was adjusting her pantyhose. Peeking at the older woman, Rory had been very pleased by the rapt attention she had received. Just before dropping her skirt she had turned slightly and allowed just the bottom of her butt to be exposed. She still wasn't sure, but she thought she had heard a smothered gasp from the desk.

Ms. Peters was one of the subjects of this afternoon's discussion. Actually she was the central figure in it. The girls were trying to decide if it was fair to any of the three of them to continue with this teasing.

"After all, she IS one of our teachers," argued Paris. "Even if she wanted to respond she really wouldn't dare. She could get fired and in a lot of trouble."

"Not legally, after all we both are over eighteen," reasoned Rory. "but you're right about her losing her job and that would be a terrible payback for all the concern, care and attention she has shown us."

"And that's not the only issue," Paris had pressed. "Then there's us. We've just started exploring 'Us' and I like where we have been so far and look forward to more time and experiences with you." The blonde chuckled. "I don't share very well as you should be quite aware of. What if she comes between us somehow?" The last sentence was delivered in a far more sober tone than the previous ones.

Under the table Rory intertwined her fingers with Paris' and squeezed. She knew how her generally supremely self-confident friend felt about personal relationships. They tended to be of the "all or nothing" variety. No doubt a lot of that came from her fractured upbringing.

"Well that's NEVER going to happen," Rory reassured her friend. "Besides, we don't know if she'd even be interested. She could be completely straight after all."

"Get real Gilmore," snorted Paris, even as she squeezed Rory's hand back. "She's attractive, single and in her thirties. I've never even heard of her dating anyone, guy or girl. Besides, from what you have described about your little show I'd bet she's already thinking about you. And let me remind you that until a few weeks ago both of us were convinced that we were as straight as arrows."

"So, you think she's attractive do you?" Rory seized on that comment.

"Oh my God of course I do. She's gorgeous. And her legs are almost as good as yours are."

"You've got your priorities right," nodded Rory. "So you think she's attractive and I think she's attractive and we both really like her. So we have to be careful but at the same time I'm pretty sure we're both already having fantasies about her."

"So what are we going to do next?"

"WE are not going to do anything. YOU are."

"Why did I know you were going to say that?" sighed Paris.

"The same way you knew I was going to do this?" Rory disengaged her fingers from her friend's hand. She slid sideways in her chair, pressing her thigh tightly against the one beside her. Her now freed hand brushed over Paris' leg and curled under her uniform skirt.

"Rory!" Came a strangled whisper.

"No one's watching. Well, they aren't as long as you don't give out a shriek or something." Fingertips danced up smooth skin, the nails dragging slightly, making Paris shiver even more and nearly involuntarily part her legs. The plaid skirt was roomy enough that it slid up without Paris having to move any more than the squirming she was already doing and allow Rory's fingers to press against the white cotton panties the blonde was wearing.

Paris gripped the book she was supposedly studying and stared unseeingly at the pages. She managed to look sideways at Rory, who's gaze was fixed on her own book while a demure smile played over her face.

Rory had shifted to a slight angel that allowed her to press the heel of her hand where she knew her lover's clit was hidden under the rapidly becoming soaked cotton. At the same time her fingers hooked the thin strip of cotton that covered the sparse blonde hair of Paris' pussy and pulled them aside. The brunette gave a low grunt of satisfaction as two of her fingers parted the puffy labia they found and slid inside the already slick channel.

"Mumphhhhhhhhh," Paris choked back a moan that started deep in her throat and threatened to burst from her lips. Her hips twisted as she attempted to buck free of the hand that was driving her crazy while at the same time she tried to press the intruding fingers even deeper.

"Shhhhh," cautioned the other girl, a devil dancing in her eyes as she peeked sideways at the effect she was having on her friend. "No noise in the Library."

Paris managed to take a deep breath. Her hand slid between her legs to grab Rory's. She stood up, pulling her friend to her feet at the same time. Without a word she led the taller girl to the door marked "Ladies".

That room at this end of the library upstairs was a one person only affair. So when Paris pulled Rory through the door and locked it behind them it was unlikely they would be disturbed. That was good because the blonde girl immediately pressed her girlfriend against that door and kissed her deeply while grabbing her wrists and holding them up over her head.

The kiss went on and on. Finally both girls had to come up for air. Rory's eyes were sparkling with glee as she gasped "My oh my, Paris, a little aroused are we?"

"Oh yes we are you tease," smiled Paris. "And since you have caused this problem I think you should fix it.'

"Problem? What problem?" Rory giggled slightly.

"This one." Paris lifted her uniform skirt, displaying her panties that were about soaked all the way through by now from the stimulation of Rory's fingers.

"But what can I do about it?"

Paris' eyes were smoldering. She settled her hands on Rory's shoulders and pushed down gently while she whispered "Get on your knees."

Rory's beautiful blue eyes opened wide in surprise at Paris' near command. Then she smiled and allowed her lover to guide her down. But her eyes widened all over again when Paris reached behind her and unlocked the door.


"Let's take a chance. Besides, I bet that hurries you on."

Rory was amazed at her friend's boldness, but at the same time she felt a thrill. Oh GOD, what if they got caught? It made her even wetter than she already had been from teasing her lover and then seeing this aggressive side of her. Kneeling hurriedly she kissed Paris right on the wet spot in the middle of her panties.

The blonde girl laced her fingers in Rory's hair. In turn the brunette's fingers slid up the firm legs she so adored until they caught the hem of the white panties and pulled them down just enough so she could fasten her eager mouth where her fingers had been only minutes ago.

Paris' eyes closed for a moment under the assault of Rory's tongue. It was swirling over her, it was parting her labia, it was dipping inside of her. She stared down at her friend, watching the lovely face screw up in the same concentration she would show for an important article for "The Franklin". For just a moment Paris nearly laughed at the thought of what hopefully would be an imaginary headline revealing two star newspaper workers having lesbian sex in the Library Ladies Room. Then Rory's lips and tongue had found her clitoris and everything stopped being funny and went right to wonderful mixed with shooting stars and colored lights.

Rory was nearly frantic as she teased the hard clit she had seized on. She wanted Paris to last forever; she wanted her lover to hold her in such a thrilling position. At the same time she knew darned well someone might try the unlocked door any moment. So she did her best to drive Paris right over the edge as fast as she could. Fortunately by now she knew just what blew her friend's mind and her tongue applied just the right pressure. There was a moment when she thought Paris was going to rip her hair out by the roots but the blonde staggered and caught herself just s she flooded Rory's face and open lips with a rush of her sweet nectar.

The pair managed to get their clothing back to correct order and exited the room before anyone tried to come in. This time they double-checked to make sure all buttons were in the correct place. Once more Paris ended up with no panties as she complained the ones she had started the day with were too soaked.

It took the blonde two days to think of exactly how to approach their lovely teacher. While she was deciding she noticed something. She noticed that Ms. Peters was carefully and unobtrusively watching Rory. She chuckled to herself. Well, she didn't blame her; she loved to look at Rory too. However it was time for her to take a look at Paris Gellar too.

Paris waited until after school, giving her the opportunity to relax the Chilton dress code by leaving her blazer open and undoing a couple of extra buttons on her blouse. She also spent a few minutes in the Ladies Room attempting fluff up her breasts. Finally she settled on wiggling her bra down a bit. She studied herself in the mirror, shifting a bit more until her cleavage looked pretty darn impressive if she did think so herself. She made a mental note to repeat this as soon as possible with Rory.

She took a deep breath and knocked on Ms. Peters' office door.

"Come in," came the familiar voice.

The dark-haired woman looked up as Paris entered and closed the door behind her. Did she seem a bit uncomfortable or was her mind working overtime, wondered Paris. She shrugged, not realizing the gesture had not been mental only or noticing the effect it had on the portion of her anatomy that she was trying to accentuate. Instead she launched into the rehearsed spiel she had memorized about the upcoming issue of "The Frankin" and the concerns she had about several articles.

In short order the pair was in the layout room and going over the articles in question. The proofs were spread out on table tops, making it necessary for both women to lean over to point out lines and paragraphs to each other. Paris tried hard to keep her eyes and attention on the purported subject of her visit. But her eyes kept straying.

At first it was sneaking the occasional peek to see if Ms. Peters was watching her. Then it turned into something completely different. She was doing the watching. She could barely tear her eyes from the older woman. When the dark-haired woman leaned forward to touch a headline and she came up on her toes, her legs flexing; when she pushed a stray lock of hair behind her ear and frowned; when she pretty much did anything at all Paris stared.

"This was getting out of hand," Paris scolded herself. She was the one who was supposed to be doing the teasing but instead she was acting like a, well, like a love-struck teenager. "So calm down and be in control like Paris Gellar is supposed to be," she thought.

She took a deep breath. Immediately she felt in charge again, for Ms. Peters' eyes drifted to her breasts as her chest expanded and they stayed there. Dark eyes opened and lingered. Paris could almost feel their caress.

Time to get out of here while she was ahead, she decided. They really had covered everything on her made-up agenda, so when they stood up and stretched she smiled and took her leave. As she brushed past Ms. Peters a sudden thought came to her. Careful not to touch any skin, she touched the older woman just above the elbow with a single finger tip. As she walked past she let that fingertip slide up the other woman's arms and linger for just a split-second on her shoulder. Then she slipped out the door and was gone.

Angelina Peters held back her grin until she was sure Paris was safely gone. Then she laughed quietly. Oh that had been fun.

She had been expecting a visit from Paris. Perhaps Rory's little show had been spur-of-the-moment or it might have been planned. Either way, she knew her girls and Rory would have filled Paris in her shenanigans. So Angelina had been ready, eschewing her usual slacks or conservative skirts for a much shorter outfit that revealed a good bit of her legs. She had been lucky that although she had slipped off her heels they had been right there when Paris popped in. She had almost gone barefoot with Paris but had quickly wiggled her feet back into the shoes. It had been both amusing and arousing to see Paris' eyes nearly pop out when she had leaned over the layout tables and her legs had stretched and flexed.

The view that the blonde girl had displayed had been attractive. Her fuller body contrasted nicely with Rory's more slender one. But both were firm with youth, she sighed to herself in envy. The couple looked like a perfect fit and she was willing to bet that included when they were in bed together. That final touch now, that had been a bit unexpected but quite delightful. Angelina shivered again at the memory of that swift little caress.

She locked up the office and headed home. Getting there she carefully undressed and climbed in the shower. She really wished she could talk to David. Not that she wanted to share what was happening with her two students, that was something for her to savor while she also attempted to work out just what the girls were after. She wanted to imagine his tall, strong body with her while she brought herself to a climax with his voice in her ears.

The pretty advisor realized that even if she had the number it was too late for that. She leaned against the shower wall, one hand between her legs and the other at her breast. This time she had both Rory and Paris to keep her company. Images flashed through her mind of one, then the other. She imagined the pair of them locked together. Then she saw them with her; felt their fingers, their lips, their bodies against her own. She cried out as she brought herself to a shuddering climax.

Dried and clean and tucked into bed, Angelina tossed restlessly. What was she going to do? She loved her job and she risked it and a lot more if she allowed herself to be swept away by the feelings those two teases were energizing in her. But she wanted them, desperately wanted them. Sleep claimed her finally with no idea of how she was going to handle the situation.

Meanwhile across town a certain blonde woman had been tossing and turning in her bed, which she was alone in tonight except for the images of a certain teacher that kept running through her mind. Finally Paris slipped her hand between her legs and for the forst time in what seemed ages masturbated to a fantasy of someone other than Rory. But she knew her girlfriend wouldn't mind.

(To be continued)

(Next: Ms. Peters flirts back)

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