tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGilmore Girls: Stop the Presses Ch. 04

Gilmore Girls: Stop the Presses Ch. 04


(Femslash. Rory/Paris/Ms. Peters. Notes. This story takes place after my story "Detention". As far as I can determine Ms. Peters, the faculty advisor for "The Franklin" never had her first name given. Therefore I have chosen one for her. As always, the characters are not mine. They are the creation of Amy Sherman-Palladino and belong to the WB and the CW. These events take place however in the spring of the characters' final year at Chilton. Since Rory's birthday is October 8th and Paris was born in December by that time they would have both unquestionably been over 18.)


The two weeks leading up to graduation seemed to be an eternity for all three women. Not that it wasn't busy. There were papers to be written and be graded; there were classes to take and be taught; there were simply a multitude of things to do for all concerned as the school year drew to a close.

All the hustle and bustle did not mean that what Rory and Paris thought of as "The Quest" was allowed to subside. Indeed, they found that the frantic efforts of everyone at Chilton to bring the school year to another triumphant finish allowed them even more opportunities for both their passions; each other and their combined pursuit of their faculty advisor Ms. Peters.

In fact, they found one way to combine both. Careful planning brought them together one afternoon in the composing room of "The Franklin" when they knew everyone else would be occupied elsewhere. Everyone but the object of their little exercise.

The door leading from Ms. Peters' office to the room was "accidentally" left cracked open. The duo listened with beating hearts, waiting to hear the now familiar footsteps of their quarry.

"Where IS she?" whispered Paris, never one to accept waiting as a viable alternative to just about anything at all.

"Patience, she'll be here," replied Rory.

"But the faculty meeting should have been over ten minutes ago!"

"Mr. Charleston probably had more to pontificate over," giggled Rory.

"Yes but I'm nervous and I'm ready to get started!"

"You are?" said Rory, with a wicked smile on her face as she turned to face her best friend and lover.

"Rory! What are you doing?" demanded Paris. The question was purely rhetorical as what her girlfriend was doing was quite obvious. One hand was sliding up the outside of her leg and disappearing under her skirt. The other was opening the buttons of her own blouse until the blonde girl could see the small but firm breasts hidden only by a white low-cut bra.

"Mmmmph!" was the reply. That reply was muffled because Rory was kissing Paris by now, a deep open mouth kiss that swept the shorter girl away to a world inhabited just by the two of them.

The original idea the girls had was that they would wait until they heard Ms. Peters returning to her office and then engage in kissing and a bit of petting. However, it having been days since she and Paris had been able to spend time together, Rory found herself unable to either wait for the teacher's arrival or stick with just kissing.

Having opened her blouse enough to expose her bra Rory moved her hand to the back of Paris' neck, holding her friend's mouth to her own as their kiss became deep and passionate. She curled her fingers and began to stroke the inside of one smooth thigh with the tips. The other girl moaned into her mouth and her legs parted, allowing the brunette access.

Instead of taking immediate advantage of her friend's open stance Rory teased one inner thigh and then the other. Her nails were trimmed short, but there was enough to raise a crop of goose bumps as they scratched so very lightly on skin that was already becoming damp from Paris' arousal.

Never one to simply remain a bystander, Paris wrapped one arm around Rory's waist and pulled her in against her own body. Her other hand squirmed between the two students. The remaining buttons of the taller girl's blouse gave way one by one, allowing a warm palm to touch a now bare firm tummy and began to rub there.

Now Rory was matching her friend moan for moan. Her fingers crept higher, brushing against the white panties that stood between them and the damp blonde curls they concealed. A slender middle finger hooked the cotton crotch and pulled it to one side, allowing Rory's index finger to work its way between Paris' already puffy labia. The blonde's legs parted even more and that finger plunged into her pussy.

Paris began to flex her knees, riding on first the single finger penetrating her and then the second one that joined it. Using both hands she pulled open Rory's blouse. She hooked her fingers inside the lace cups of the taller girl's bra and yanked, spilling the other teen's breasts. Those same fingers seized the rigid pink nipples and started rolling and tugging them.

The girls were still lost in their own world when Ms. Peters finally returned to her office. Unaware of the plans of a certain pair of students she had stopped to chat with a couple of friends after the faculty meeting had finally ended. She caught sight of the slightly open door. Scolding herself for leaving it ajar she looked through the gap as her hand reached for the knob.

Her hand never touched the door knob. The soft moans coming from the other room and the sight of what her two favorite students were doing to each other froze her.

Rory's blouse was open to her waist and her bra had been wrenched down, exposing both her breasts. Not that a great deal of them could be seen, as Paris had a grip on her friend's nipples that under other circumstances might be painful. The look on the taller girl's face showed that the reverse was true, that she was enjoying the blonde's pulls and pinches. Her head was tipped back and her beautiful blue eyes were closed. A smile played over her lips, punctuated by an occasional gasp as Paris tugged harder.

Paris' skirt had fallen down over Rory's hand, covering exactly what the brunette was doing. There was no doubt in the pretty black haired teacher's mind exactly what that was however. Squelching noises loud enough to reach her ears and the wild bucking of the blonde's hips left very little to the imagination. Then imagination was thrown to the winds as the girls' gyrations against each other bunched Paris' skirt around her waist.

Droplets of nectar hung in the blonde bush that covered the heel of Rory's hand. That heel ground itself in a tight circular motion against the top of the shorter girl's pussy. Angelina judged from the gasping sounds that Paris was trying to suppress that heel was crushing her clit. The squelching soubnds came from two or possibly even three fingers that were pumping in and out of the blonde.

Paris twisted and her right thigh jammed itself between Rory's legs. Without slowing in the slightest the motions of the hand that was driving her friend over the edge, the tall brunette student began to ride her lover's leg. A leg that was already wet with the juices her ministrations had produced.

Angelina hauled up her tight skirt and plunged her between her legs. Frantic to catch up she didn't bother to slide her hand inside her pantyhose but simply rubbed herself right through the already wet nylon. She cupped her breast with her other hand, easily able to feel the hardness of her nipple through her blouse and bra. Her heart in her throat as she watched the two young women making passionate love to each other. Her fingers blurred, rubbing herself so hard she had a fleeting thought that had she not been so thoroughly soaked from what she was seeing she would have caught fire. Indeed, she brought herself to climax in record speed.

Just in time. For as she shook to her orgasm Paris' eyes opened wide. The dark brown eyes focused on nothing as she convulsively jerked on Rory's nipples. Both girls managed to smother cries of passion, but just barely. Rory bounced so hard on the thigh grinding against her she nearly knocked them both to the floor.

What could have happened next would remain anybody's guess as the sound of people talking in the hall brought all three women back to the present. Angelina pushed her skirt down and smoothed it, an action copied by Paris as Rory fought to pull her bra up and button her blouse. By the time the visitors, a pair of teachers from the English Department, knocked on Angelina's door the passage door had been eased shut, blocking the sight of the two lurking students and the advisor was sitting in her chair composing her expression to normal. Barely.

As for Paris and Rory they slipped away while the conversation drowned out their movements. Both had smiles on their faces, not only from the pleasure they had given each other but from the whispered words the taller girl had spoken. Words that were about a slender figure that Rory had glimpsed through the door.

Of course not all of the teasing was one-sided. Rory dropped by Ms. Peters' office one afternoon to find that the older woman had scooted her chair out from behind her desk. She was leaning forward with her right foot resting on the cushion of the visitor's chair. Her black high heel was lying discarded by the desk and she was touching her ankle with a bit of a frown on her face.

Rory's eyes fastened immediately on the bare foot. They traveled up from there, over the ankle Ms. Peters was touching, following the curve of the calf and then the smoothness of her thigh. The brunette gulped. The other woman's movements had hiked her skirt up nearly to her waist, exposing that Ms. Peters had chosen to wear thigh highs today. Not only were the flowery tops of the stockings showing but so was a good deal of creamy white thigh, masked only by the straps of what Rory felt must be a garter belt.

Angelina looked up at Rory, hiding her grin behind as innocent a look as she could manage. "I seem to have clipped my ankle on something." She ran her fingers over not only the ankle in question but down her foot and then a bit up the side of her leg. "Does it look bruised to you?"

"Errr, ahhh, no it doesn't" stammered Rory. Her gaze dropped momentarily down before returning to the hem of the teacher's skirt, a hem that seemed to be still slipping up bit by bit.

"Oh good," replied Angelina. She flexed her leg, pointing her toes and causing Rory to swallow hard. "But I think there seems to be a little bump here." she twisted her leg more and Rory caught a glimpse of a very, VERY brief pair of lacey black panties. "Can you feel it?"

Rory knew a trap when she saw it. She struggled to find some way to turn the tables back on her teasing advisor but came up with nothing. The other woman was prepared and she wasn't. Even understanding this was that case she couldn't help it. She reached out and gently brushed two fingers over the indicated spot.

"I don't feel any... bump," she said as casually as she could, as casually as her fingers moved in a little circle against the nylon covered skin.

Now it was Angelina's turn to squirm. Since the squirming was not only mental but physical it was Rory's turn to hide a smile. She felt goose bumps spring up as her fingers drifted up from the ankle. Just for a moment the younger woman stroked the sweet curve of her teacher's calf before she announced in a slightly shaking voice, "It all feels very good to me."

"Well I'm glad," replied the older woman, her own voice none to steady.

There was a moment when both Rory and Angelina ached to go farther. The tall brunette had a picture of her fingers running wildly over the shapely legs in front of her while she slid to her knees and followed the path of those fingers with her lips, starting at Ms. Peters' toes and going up forever. For her part the teacher sensed the desire in Rory's mind and she imagined catching the hand still touching her and pulling the girl down to her.

Both of the women stared at each other. A long moment of silence was broken when, in a low, shaking voice, Angelina whispered "Not yet."

As Rory managed to stand back up she looked deep in the other woman's eyes.

"Not yet."

That night Angelina didn't go home. Rather she drove straight to the nearby town where her sometime boyfriend David lived. He answered the door, surprised but pleased to see her. What was even more surprising, not to mention pleasing, was when she literally attacked him, throwing her arms around him, kissing him and pressing her body against his.

It was a long time before either of the pair broke the kiss. Tongues danced over and around each other. David's arms slid around the female teacher and crushed her against him, drinking in her kisses. His hands ran down her back and cupped her bottom, lifting her into the air as she twined her arms around his neck.

David had been home just long enough to eat and take a shower. Angelina appreciated that as it meant that under the robe he had been wearing when he answered the door there was only a pair of boxers to get in the way as she strove to undress him.

Angelina's passion surprised David but he wasted no time in enquiring as to the reason for her arousal. Normally he was a slow gentle lover but he was roused to match his occasional girlfriend. She wrapped her legs around his waist and humped wildly against his cock, trying to drive it through both his shorts and her pantyhose. Her fingers pushed his robe down off his shoulders. His cock popped free but the head ground against the seam of her pantyhose.

Actually whining in frustration, Angelina gave up he efforts to use her hips to punch David's cock through what suddenly seemed like a nylon chastity belt. As excited as he was, David gave a groan that was mostly relief, since he had been afraid for a moment she was going to bend his hardon into a "U" shape with her efforts. He took the momentary respite to take charge of the situation.

Still kissing wildly, David gripped Angelina's butt firmly and carried her down the hall to his bedroom. He nearly ripped the zipper of her dress as he firmly set her down just beside the bed. She wiggled, allowing it to fall to the floor and tugged at her bra. He grabbed the hem of her pantyhose and started pulling them down. She helped, by falling back onto the bed, arching to lift her ass from the mattress. He pulled the nylon free, the crotch of which was already soaked, dragging it down her legs and off her pointed toes.

Angelina wiggled on the bed. She had a moment of doubt. Was she just using David? He was too nice a guy for that. Would she be thinking of Rory? Then David's robe and boxers were gone as he loomed over her and her doubts were swept aside. No matter what had turned her on so much it was David that she wanted right now.

And it was David that she had and had her. He covered her body with his and she guided his cock to her pussy. It took only one thrust and he slid up inside her. Once more she wrapped him up in her arms and legs, holding him tightly as he began to move in and out of her.

The slight break had allowed David to regain control of himself, although that didn't last for long. He started slowly, moving just a little, his cock sliding back and forth in her pussy. Then he was moving faster, urged on by her whispered pleas and the bucking of her hips under him. Then he reared up, breaking the grip of her arms and began to pound her harder and deeper than he had ever done before. His cock throbbed and the head battered her soft spot with every long plunge.

Moved by her passion he went on and on, lasting longer than either of them would have thought possible. Finally he cried out and she matched his cries. One last thrust and he was exploding inside of her and she was exploding with him.

The pair made love far into the night. Instead of their slow gentle coupling that love making continued to be wild and unrestrained. They fell asleep in each other's arms. The next morning they each managed to stagger off to their respective schools, short of sleep but both smiling dreamily.

Angelina went through the motions at school and gratefully seized the opportunity of a free period to take a nap. Paris and Rory had pulled the former's car over in their usual parking spot on the way home where they had taken advantage of the excitement that Rory's blurted story had stirred in them.

"But she held back at the last moment?" Paris sighed as the duo cuddled together, fingers gently stroking each other's skin.

"Yes, but she didn't want to and neither did I." Rory's shoulder pillowed the blonde head resting against her. "Two things I think. We're STILL her students after all and besides, you weren't there."

Paris tipped her head up and kissed her girlfriend. "But graduation is almost here."

"Just a few more days."

Glee danced in both girls' eyes.

"Are we wicked or what?"

"We are and I adore it. And you."

"So what are we going to do?"

"There's a lot of parties planned for graduation night so I think no one will be surprised when we go out. But let's plan on how we can have our own party and invite someone who will no longer be our teacher and faculty advisor to it."

"Her and who else?" Roy teased. "Hey!" she protested when Paris poked her in the ribs. "I was kidding!"

"Just you and me and her."


(To Be Continued)

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