tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGilmore Girls: Stop the Presses Ch. 05

Gilmore Girls: Stop the Presses Ch. 05


(As always, the characters are not mine. They are the creation of Amy Sherman-Palladino and belong to the WB and the CW. These events take place however in the spring of the characters' final year at Chilton. Since Rory's birthday is October 8th and Paris was born in December by that time they would have both unquestionably been over 18.)


"Looks like someone started celebrating graduation just a bit early."

Paris Gellar flushed, a deep red blush that did nothing to compliment her blonde hair. She started to pull the collar of her dress over the marks on her neck. Then she thought "To HELL with it" and defiantly threw back her head. Instead of being ashamed she laughed.

"Jealous Madeline?"

"Could be," replied the other girl. She fell into step on Paris' right. Louise, never far away from Madeline came up on her left and chimed in.

"Come on Paris. Dish! Who was he? Was he someone we know? He must have been pretty damn hot for you to let him do that," the third girl said, referring to the bite marks on the blonde's neck.

Paris wanted to sigh, grind her teeth and laugh all at the same time. How had she ever been best friends with this pair? They took nothing serious except boys and possibly make-up. Not that they were bad people but their aims and desires had parted from her own long before she had become friends with Rory.

Still though, she grinned to herself, there could be some fun in this.

"Awesome, simply awesome," she replied airily. "What an incredible lover. Took me places I never could have even imagined. And oh yes, someone you know."

"Oh my GOD," gushed Madeline. "Tell us! It's not fair for us to know there's some guy that hot right here and not know who it it."

Paris stopped, motioned with her hands and the duo leaned in close to her, expectant looks on their faces.

"Can you keep a secret?"

"Ohhhhh, yes," blurted Louise. Madeline nodded her agreement.

"So can I." With that Paris walked off, a smile on her face that ran ear to ear.

Once she had turned a corner she gave way to a fit of laughter. Oh the look on those two faces! But it would have been nothing compared to their shock had she told them the truth. Or all of it anyway. After all, she had been telling the truth. The person in question was an awesome lover and was indeed someone the pair knew. She shouldn't have teased them like that but she was pretty sure that they would never catch that at no time had she used the word "He".

The lover in question had indeed been awesome last night but that lover was a "She", her best friend Rory Gilmore. And what a night it had been!

They had been a Rory's house, being very proper young ladies because Rory's mom was home along with Sookie, seated at the kitchen table and carrying on an animated discussion about the inn. The girls had relaxed and talked about tomorrow and the hints they had dropped at their respective homes about going to a couple of graduation parties.

The conversation had wandered onto different subjects. One of the things that Paris had always loved about her friendship with Rory was the interests they shared. They could talk politics, history or just about any school subject as well as a wide range of topics. They were deeply engaged in an animated discussion when Lorelai Gilmore interrupted them.

"Rory, Paris, I'm afraid that Sookie and I have to run over to the Inn for an hour or so. There's drinks in the fridge and snacks in the cabinet so don't go hungry or thirsty. If anything keeps us longer than that hour I'll call."

"Okay Mom," Rory acknowledged.

The girls had seemingly returned to their discussion as the two older women gathered their things and left. But as soon as straining ears knew that the car had rounded the corner the two girls were in each other's arms.

Usually Paris was the more aggressive one, although Rory had been the one to make the very first move between the pair. Tonight it was the taller brunette who took charge. The sounds of the car had barely faded when Rory had Paris pinned to the couch and her rapidly flying fingers were undoing the blonde's blouse. In seconds two nicely rounded breasts were freed. Rory's lips slid over one and her hand covered the other.

The two dark nipples tipping the blonde's breasts sprang to immediate life. Rory's tongue flicked one back and forth, taping it within the grasp of her warm mouth. Her fingers rolled and lightly tugged the other, closing tightly in a gentle pinch that made Paris moan and squirm under her friend and lover.

Paris, even underneath her girlfriend, was not idle. She pulled Rory's loose top over her head, which action only made the other girl switch to the as yet unkissed breast. As it happened, when Rory had changed from her Chilton uniform she had decided to go without a bra. Since they were both topless, Paris pulled her lover up on top of her so that four orbs crushed against each other. Then only slacks and panties separated the two girls' bodies.

Paris ran her hands down Rory's back and plunged them under them under the hem of both slacks and cotton panties. She cupped the firm tight cheeks of Rory's ass, squeezing them and pulling the brunette down against her body. Rory managed to work one hand between them, unsnapping and unzipping her pants as well as the blonde's. The pair slid back and forth on the couch. Rory arched up and Paris kicked frantically until her legs and feet managed to throw off her slacks. She moved her hands up just enough to hook her thumbs her girlfriend's panties and with a near volcanic yank pulled them down, along, of course, with her slacks.

Now the only remaining article of clothing keeping the two teenage girls from molding completely together belonged to Paris. It wasn't much of a hinderance. When the blonde girl had been searching through her underwear drawer that morning she had found a tiny scrap of black lace and string that she couldn't even remember purchasing. In a recklessly uncharacteristic mood she had thrown caution to the winds and donned the thong, thinking at the time it wouldn't make any difference.

Now it did. The lace triangle all but disappeared as Rory jammed herself against Paris. Instead of being a hindrance, the tiny black scrap slid between the two girls and rasped against Paris' clit as Rory ground herself up and down on her friend.

Rory buried her face in the warmth of the blonde's neck, her mouth closed on the tender skin over the hammering pulse point there. The girl underneath spread her legs and then wrapped them and her arms around Rory. The brunette arched and jammed herself hard against Paris, bucking frenziedly as the pair girl-fucked each other. Cries of passion and deep moans during this wild flailing masked to both girls the moments when, lost in passion for her lover, Rory's teeth closed sharply on Paris' skin.

When the duo regained their breath they snuggled together until they decided they better get dressed. It was then that Paris had noticed Rory standing there with her eyes wide and her hand covering her mouth as she stared at her.

"What is it?"

"Look in the mirror."

"Oh, my, GOD."

The pair had stared at the bite marks Rory had left on her neck. Finally they had dashed upstairs and found Paris a top that hide the hickeys, for that night anyway. The dress she had worn to graduation however did not have a high collar and it had slipped to one side, exposing just exactly where Rory had bit her. She thought about readjusting the collar but decided not to do so, at least for this moment, because down the walk came Angelina Peters.

"Wow, Ms. Peters, you look great!" The compliment was real. The teacher and faculty advisor was wearing a gray dress with matching hose and heels. Cut close, it flattered the 30 odd year old teacher's already attractive body and showed her legs off very well.

"Thank you, Paris, so do you." The teacher's eyes traveled approvingly over one of her two favorite students, lingering on the visible effects of Rory's passion. Ms. Peters sighed.

"Paris Gilmore, a little bit more circumspection I would think."

Paris actually blushed. She knew that Ms. Peters was well aware of who had given her the love bites. In fact, both she and Rory had found they were strongly attracted to the older woman who had reasoned out their secret and kept it for them. The pair had determined that while nothing could take place while they were still students they had concocted a plan to put a full court press on their advisor once graduation was over.

"We got a little carried away."

"Well pull your collar up," laughed the teacher. "They won't show once you get your gown on." A bit of a wistful look crossed the older woman's face. "And that's not a bad thing you know. Getting carried away I mean. Sometimes we should all get taken by passion."

Ms. Peters smiled and walked off. Paris stared after her. She shook herself and sped off to find Rory and finalize the plans they had talked about for tonight. The pair barely had time to dress and get in line for the graduation ceremony once they had huddled together.

The stately music played and the graduates advanced to their places. Speeches were given and Rory gave her Valedictorian address. Then came the awarding of the diplomas. Angelina beamed with pride as her students walked across the stage as their names were called.

"Lorelai Leigh Gilmore." The brunette scholar accepted her rolled diploma and shook the offered hands. Angelina's eyebrows raised a bit as Rory took the steps down the stage. Perhaps no one else noticed as the next graduate was already on stage, but the young Gilmore girl's rising gown briefly showed quite a glimpse of long, slender leg as it rode up when she stepped down.

"Paris Eustace Geller." The second member of the secret couple took her moment on the stage. Once again Angelina clapped loudly, proud of the changes and the accomplishments of another of her favorite students.

After the ceremony Angelina spent time mingling with the new graduates and their families. She smiled when she saw Rory rush to the parking lot to find her grandparents' present. She smiled again, but a bit sadly as Paris received the warm congratulations of her Nanny and that wonderful woman's extended family. Well, that woman was the most important member of Paris' family anyway as far as she was concerned.

She talked to other of her students and parents and enjoyed it thoroughly. Time passed quicker than she realized. When she looked around Rory and Paris had disappeared. She decided they had left with their families and friends, although she wondered if they would find a way to slip off to be together. She hoped so, the looks she had caught the pair giving each other might cause spontaneous combustion if they didn't find a way to release those feelings.

The crowd thinned out and she decided to go home. She unlocked the front door of her apartment, stepped inside and started to close it. Before the door shut all the way there came a knock on it. Startled, she opened the nearly shut door to reveal the pair she was just thinking about.

"Hello Ms. Peters," said Rory. "May we talk to you for just a moment?"

"Of course Rory. Come in, both of you." Nearly overcome with curiosity she ushered them inside, closing the door behind them out of habit.

"What can I do for you two? And do you mind if I take this gown off? I wish they would make these lighter, I about heated to death this afternoon."

"We didn't have that problem," replied Paris, a smile spreading across her face.

"Oh? Why is that?"

"Because..." Both girls reached behind themselves and there was a sound of concealed zippers being pulled. Angelina's eyes literally tried to pop out as those gowns pooled around the girls' feet.

"As you can see, all we wore were heels and our gowns," Rory said softly. "It was quite cool like that."

"And now we are graduates," chimed in Paris. "Not your students any more and we think its time for the teasing and flirtation to give way to what we really want. You."

(To be concluded)

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