tagCelebrities & Fan FictionGilmore Girls: Stop the Presses Ch. 06

Gilmore Girls: Stop the Presses Ch. 06


(As always, the characters are not mine. They are the creation of Amy Sherman-Palladino and belong to the WB and the CW. These events take place however in the spring of the characters' final year at Chilton. Since Rory's birthday is October 8th and Paris was born in December by that time they would have both unquestionably been over 18.)


Angelina Peters stood with her mouth open, looking back and forth from Rory Gilmore to Paris Gellar. Both girls were wearing identical outfits. Those outfits consisted solely of black high heels set off nicely by the black graduation gowns pooled at the young women's feet.

She opened her mouth but nothing came out.

Rory giggled. "Speechless? Well that's okay." She turned to her friend and bowed. "Miss Gellar, would you be so kind?

"I would be enchanted Miss Gilmore," replied Paris who mimed a curtsy. She then walked behind a still nearly frozen Angelina and began to unfasten the back of the faculty gown. Warm breath tickled the older woman's ear as the blonde eased the garment down her arms and then pushed the material down her hips until it too rested at her feet.

"Much better," declared Rory. "But somehow I feel that our hostess is still too dressed to cool off." the brunette stepped in front of Angelina, her fingers finding the row of buttons at the front of the dress and undoing them one after another.

Angelina groped for words. After all, it's not every day that two attractive young women, whom you know to be in a relationship with each other and who have been flirting outrageously with you for weeks are standing basically nude in your apartment and are bent on undressing you. That situation is not covered nearly as much as it should be in school or teacher training.

Rory pushed the dress back over her shoulders and down her arms. Four hands guided the fine material down her body, over her hips and then down her legs.

"Step please," instructed Rory breathlessly. Angelina was already trembling so much that without Paris' hands steadying her she would have caught her foot in the dress as she stepped out of it. But after all, she though, she was looking down at a beautiful long legged brunette balanced on one knee in front of her. Rory's face was screwed up in the look of concentration that the teacher had seen a hundred times on the younger woman's face, usually about an article in "The Franklin" or some other school task.

The dress freed, Rory rose. Angelina had just a moment or two to be disappointed as the tall brunette stepped away to carefully lay the dress over the back of a chair, smoothing the material to prevent any wrinkles. The older woman took a deep breath at the sight of her now ex-student bending over slightly, her back facing her. The long slender legs were accentuated by the heels that were her sole remaining bit of apparel. The tight bottom that Rory had flashed at her in the classroom was even sexier without the pantyhose the girl had worn that day.

Hands running up her sides brought her attention back to the girl standing close behind. Her bra pulled tight for a moment, then fell free as Paris released the catches. Angelina shook her arms and let the lacey material fall. Immediately two breasts, fuller than the ones she was looking at as Rory turned to face her, pressed against the skin of her back, That skin was already damp from the heat of the night and the heat of the situation.

The same two hands that had stripped her of her bra circled her, resting on a tummy that remained flat and firm from exercise. Those hands flattened on her skin, palms that also seemed a bit damp rubbing gently in large circles. She could feel the two hard points of Paris' nipples against her back. They younger woman's nubbins were so hard they seemed to dig in.

"Hey," Rory protested. "No starting without me."

"Get over here then," instructed Paris just before she ran her tongue along a now bare shoulder and up a shapely neck. "Better hurry."

The third young woman did exactly as her girlfriend directed. Her arms wrapped around both of the other women and her mouth found Angelina's, stifling any words the still nearly frozen woman might have said. Instead, her mouth opened and she accepted a questing tongue. She stiffened like an electric shock had touched her. Rory's nipples touched hers, brushed against them and then firmly pressed hard as the brunette's body molded against her own. The teacher felt wetness that was more than just the heat demanded touch the front of her panties as Rory thrust with her hips.

Paris was nibbling the side of her neck and her own dampness touched Angelina as the shorter blonde rubbed on the teacher's bottom. The black haired woman's hips rocked back and forth as she attempted to maintain contact with both of the young women who had her pinned between them. That part became easier as Paris moved her hands, allowing Rory to plaster herself completely against her front.

Angelina's pussy had once again soaked through the pantyhose that were all that remained of her clothing along with her own high heels. The nylon covering her ass was just as wet from Paris, who was dripping against her as the young blonde firmly thrust herself against her teacher. Those movements were matched by the brunette who was plastered against her front. The pair of now ex-students had her trapped between them and she loved it.

Movements were becoming frantic. Rory broke the kiss to begin to lick the other side of Angelina's neck. The teacher shivered wildly as both girls scraped their teeth on her sensitive skin. Oh GOD, were they going to bite her? She struggled to tell them "NO" but couldn't force the words out. Fortunately the teeth gave way back to lips and stroking tongues as Paris broke the silence.

"What do you think? Do we need to get her pantyhose off?"

Rory moaned softly in reply and increased the pressure of her body against Angelina's. The older woman's legs were spread now and Rory was beginning to thrust with her hips.

"I don't think so. I love the feel of her through them against me. Besides," the brunette giggled, "They're so wet right now they are hardly any barrier at all."

Paris wiggled her hips in a circle, her sparse wet blonde bush never loosing touch with the older girl's bottom. "Oh yessssss."

Arms tightened. Angelina clutched Rory to her and found her mouth again. The duo trapping her increased the gyrations against her, slapping their wet pussies against their teacher's ass and own soaked sex. She was shaking, squeezed between the two teenagers, building with every touch of their bodies. Her nerve endings, on fire with passion, could feel the shuddering of the two younger women. Rory drove her tongue into Angelina's open and welcoming mouth even as Paris finally bit the side of her neck. Muffled screams came from all three women as they were swept away by a shared eruption.

It took long minutes for any of the trio to calm down enough to speak. In the meantime they simply clung to each other in a nearly vain attempt to remain on their unsteady feet. Finally Paris gave a deep sigh and rested her head on Angelina's shoulder.


Somehow that simple statement made all three of the women giggle. Angelina turned slightly and managed to kiss Paris.

"Wow, indeed," she answered.

All of them shifted so that they made the three sides of a triangle. Rory kissed Paris and then Angelina. They looked in each other's eyes and smiled at what they saw there.

"Well that was definitely worth the wait, as well as the torture you put us through," said Rory.

"Me?" Angelina looked at the pair. "The two of you nearly drove me to distraction."

"That was what we were trying to do," admitted Paris. "But you gave it back to us just as good. When Rory told me about your little 'My bumped ankle' escapade she had to keep me from coming back to campus that night and attacking you."

"And how did she do that?" questioned Angelina with a twinkle in her eyes.

"Let's not tell her," proposed Rory. "Let's SHOW her."

"And get those soaking wet pantyhose off her before she catches her death of cold."

"Where's the bedroom?"

"This way."

"Well HURRY."

Hurry they did to the bedroom, but once the trio had arrived there the mood changed. Finally the high heels were kicked off as the two graduates stretched their former teacher onto the bed. Paris knelt on the edge of the mattress. She leaned forward and captured the hem of Angelina's completely sodden pantyhose and drew them down the shapely legs, finally tossing them onto the floor.

"Hey!" This time it was the blonde protesting as she watched Rory swing her body over the third woman and lower herself to an eager upturned face. The brunette sighed happily, her eyes closing and her body shifting back and forth. From her vantage point Paris could see the tip of Angelina's tongue pressing between Rory's swollen labia.

The taller girl slid her hands up her sides. Before she could reach her own breasts though Angelina' reached up and cupped the small firm orbs and began to tease the nipples in time to the strokes of her tongue as it penetrated inside Rory. Brown eyes popped open and their gaze met deep blue ones.

"Oh MY! Paris, I don't think this is the first time she's ever done this."

A muffled giggle came from between Rory's legs. Realizing that her efforts were appreciated Angelina opened Rory with her tongue tip. Taking a deep breath she blew up into the tangle of brown hair, making Rory squirm even harder on her face. This was as much fun now as it had been years back in college with her roommate, the pretty teacher decided.

Paris watched as her girlfriend bounced wildly on their quarry's tongue and lips. She shook her head as though to clear it. What was she doing? She slid onto her tummy, her hands slipping under Angelina's legs. She crawled up the mattress, pushing the older girl's legs wide apart and ran her tongue up a smooth thigh, already wet with nectar. She circled the puffy lips, parting them and flattening her tongue in the sweet pink slit they had been hiding.

The blonde girl lapped Angelina up and down, repeating the action again and agin. She tried to settle into a rhythm that matched the tongue thrusts the woman she was devouring was giving to Rory. She closed her lips on Angelina's pussy and gently sucked, tasting the juices that flowed freely into her mouth. Those juices were a delightful mix of flavors both familiar and new, made up as they were of the mingled flow both the other women had produced when Rory had ground herself against Angelina.

Busy as she was, Paris could still hear her friend starting the low but deep gasps that she knew meant that Rory was building towards an orgasm. She increased the speed of her laps at the older woman's pussy; her hands gripping the full shapely ass and yanking it up, helping her bury her face in Angelina. At the top of one frantic stroke her searching tongue found the hardness of the teacher's unhooded clit and lashed it. Paris heard a muffled cry; a cry that was matched by Rory's beloved voice as both the other women reached orgasm within seconds of each other.

Rory fell forward, catching herself with her hands just in time to keep from knocking heads with Paris. Her girlfriend's beautiful blue eyes sparkled as she raised her head from between the legs of the now well and truly captured object of their pursuit over the last couple of months. The blonde's lips glistened and Rory kissed her lover deeply, enjoying the subtle difference of Angelina's juices from the ones she had often drunk from Paris.

A light tap on Rory's bottom caused her to break her kiss. She couldn't resist wiggling her bottom, even more so when the tapping was replaced by two warm palms that rubbed her firm cheeks. A grin spread over her face and she lowered her head and looked back under her body. A warm smile met her gaze.

"Oh hi there," giggled Rory.

"Hi yourself," replied Angelina. "I just thought I would say two things. First, that was wonderful, both of you."

"And second?"

"Second, I think Paris deserves a little attention now. Don't you?"

"Absolutely." Suiting actions to words Rory and Angelina squirmed quickly to trap the third woman between them and began to shower kisses over her body. Paris made no objection.

The rest of the night was filled with slow passionate lovemaking. Paris and Rory used everything they had learned together about pleasing another woman while Angelina's memories of college days came back to help her surprise the duo with her own ability to make the younger women enjoy themselves. After hours they finally fell asleep, to wake in the morning in the same tangle of arms and legs they had been in when slumber claimed them.

(The End)


Four years had passed since the night that Rory and Paris had spent at Angelina Peters' apartment. Once again a graduation was taking place. This time it was the Yale commencement exercises and Rory and Paris were once more in attendance.

The two women, older now, once again received their graduation certificates. Lorelai and Luke, now married, were in attendance and both beamed proudly as did Richard and Emily. Paris' parents were not in attendance. Never close, the final straw had been when she and Rory had come out as a couple. The Gellars had not been able to accept their daughter as a lesbian. For a time Paris had been seriously depressed. But Rory's support, as well as the love that Lorelai and Luke had showered on her had helped. Luke had always thought of Rory in a fatherly way and any one who made HIS little girl happy deserved to be happy herself.

Hand in hand the two young women accepted the congratulations of their family and friends. Finally breaking away they turned only to be even surprised when they discovered Angelina Peters smiling at them.

"Angelina!" Rory exclaimed. Paris called their former teacher's name only a heartbeat later. The duo rushed to their former advisor and hugged her. "How are you" from all of them tripped over each other as the threesome sought to catch up on the last four years. Angelina listened and complimented her former charges on their achievements and hugged them both again on their revelation of their officially becoming a couple.

"How about you? What are you doing Ms. Peters?"

The older woman smiled. "I'm great. And, by the way, it's not 'Ms. Peters' anymore." At the lifted eyebrows she grinned and went on. "Now it's 'Mrs. Davidson'."

"Oh my God! That's great. You're married!" Rory looked thoughtful for a moment before asking. "Wait, I remember a picture of you with a really nice looking guy on the dresser in your bedroom. Is he the one?"

My," Angelina marveled. "What a memory, especially since you were there only once and I thought your attention was directed elsewhere that night."

"It was," giggled Rory. "But I woke up early and once I had watched the two of you sleep I examined the room until you sleepy heads stirred."

Paris pretended to groan. "She still does that, wakes up at the most Ungodly hours."

After the shared laughter subsided Angelina continued. "Yes, that was, is, Dennis. And I have you two to thank for not only him, but for our daughter."

"Daughter? WOW, how incredible! That is SO wonderful. But why do you owe us thanks?"

"Because you showed me what can happen when you take a chance. I had been so comfortable with my life up till that point. I was happy at Chilton and poured myself into my students. I still do that by the way. Dennis and I were friends, more than casual bed partners but not a couple either. Watching the pair of you, the zest that you threw into your lives and the passion that your relationship gave you made me realize that I was no longer willing to settle for comfortable. I wanted more. And when I opened myself up to more I found that Dennis wanted that too. Buried under both of our calm exteriors were people who wanted to live and love. And we both found out the secret; that the more you love the more you can love."

Angelina smiled, radiant with happiness. "Now then, do you have time to meet my husband and daughter?"

"Try to keep us from it!" exclaimed Paris.

The trio hugged one more time. Chatting merrily they walked off to meet one woman's happy present and to look forward to the future for all three of them.

(The End)

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