Gina Ch. 04


Gina went upstairs to change while I ejected the DVD and turned off the TV. I put on my clothes and drank the rest of my beer. I was just finishing my beer when she came down again. As she had told me before she went upstairs she hadn't taken a shower, and her tits were still covered in my cum. You had to know it was there to see it, but I still thought it was a sexy thing to do. I never believed a girl would take me to a restaurant with her tits covered in my sperm, but that's what was happening.

Gina had put on a tight, black bra that pushed her 44E tits together and made them look even bigger. She was wearing a red blouse and a short, white skirt that barely covered her big ass. Seemed as if she did own something else than black skirts and white tops after all. She was also wearing high heeled red shoes. Her blouse was unbuttoned at the top, and she showed a lot of her beautiful cleavage. I wondered if she had put on any panties while she was upstairs.

Gina looked me up and down when she entered the living room and gave me a big grin that made me blush. She glanced at where my clothes had been when she went upstairs and her eyes narrowed.

"Take off your jeans," she said.

I obeyed quickly, wondering what she had in mind. When I had pulled off my jeans she told me to do the same with my boxers. I now stood in front of her with just my t-shirt and my socks.

"Nice," she murmured and licked her lips. "Now put on your jeans again, but leave your boxers here. You don't need them."

I did as she told me, and we left her house. I got in the passenger-seat of her car, while she placed herself behind the wheel. When she got in I got a look under her skirt and noticed to my disappointment that she was wearing panties again. It matched her bra. Seeing my disappointed face, she smiled, took my hand and guided it under her skirt. She pulled her panties to the side and I pushed two fingers into her. She was wet again.

"I want you to finger me while I drive," she told me, pushing her ass forward in the seat and parting her legs more, giving me better access. Then she turned the key and drove downtown.

When we got to the restaurant I was hard as rock again. She hadn't touched me at all while she drove, but the sensation of her pussy clamped around my fingers and her moans and whimpers while she drove had me horny again. She had to stop the car for a while when we had driven half of the distance between her house and the restaurant. Sensing she was about to cum she drove to the side of the road, as she didn't want to cause any traffic accident. She was trembling violently and moaning, while my fingers pistoned in and out of her wet pussy, and I could tell her skirt would have a wet stain where it covered her ass. She was dripping, and the part of her skirt that covered her ass was right beneath the leakage. When her orgasm had subsided I tried to pull out my fingers, but she just told me to keep up what I was doing and started the car again. No wonder I was so horny when we reached the restaurant.

I pulled my fingers from her pussy when Gina pulled into the parking lot. Even though my fingers where very wet Gina grasped my hand and pushed my fingers into her mouth. She licked and sucked my fingers for a few seconds and I felt myself grow even harder.

"I taste good, don't I?" she asked me rhetorically and winked at me.

I thought I might cum again right there.

Gina glanced at my lap and grinned at me. "You should try to hide that," she said, and pointed at the tent in my jeans. "We're going to a fancy restaurant, you know. They don't like it when people enter with an erection."

I pushed my dick to the side and pushed my left hand down my pocket to hold my dick through the pocket. Gina chuckled as she opened the cardoor and went out of the car. I followed her, and we went inside the restaurant.

We were seated at a table for two and a waiter came up to take our orders. Gina ordered a bottle of red wine for us and we both ordered steak. We talked for a while until the waiter arrived with the bottle of wine. He poured to glasses, and went to the kitchen again.

Gina leaned over the table and whispered; "open your fly."

I blushed and looked around. "What if anybody sees it," I asked.

"The tablecloth will hide what we're doing, and if somebody happens to see it anyway, then let them look." Gina had a naughty look in her eyes.

I swallowed hard and quietly unzipped my jeans.

"Now pull out your dick," she commanded with a whisper.

I did as I was told. Suddenly I felt a naked foot on my cock. Gina had pushed her ass forward in her chair to make her foot reach my dick, and her upper body clearly showed what she was doing with her feet. Her hands had a hold of the chair so she wouldn't fall down from it, and her cumcovered breasts were moving up and down as she was breathing hard. Luckily nobody was seated close to our table.

Gina kept massaging my dick with her feet, alternating between her left and right foot, while we drank our wine and talked about ourselves. Despite what we had been through the last few hours, we didn't know anything about each other. I learned she was 37 years old and had never been married. She also told me that she was 5'1" and weighed close to 200 pounds. I didn't ask for her height and weight, but she told me anyway. When I told her I was 18 years old she laughed and said she was old enough to be my mother. Before I could protest she lifted both her feet and stroked my cock with them, making me forget all about my protest. I told her about my ex-girlfriend, and how we had a huge fight and later broken up when I asked her to change positions the first time we'd had sex.

"She doesn't know what she missing," she laughingly said. This woman liked to laugh.

When our food came it was a waitress who served us. She was about 30 years old, the same height as me and a bit plump. Her waitress-uniform hugged her body, and made her curves obvious. She had red hair. Her tits were big, but not as big as Gina's. Her nametag told us her name was Susan.

Gina had still her foot on my cock and I was blushing furiously.

I could see that the waitress knew what was going on, and she grinned at us.

I don't know if it was by accident or not, but the waitress lost her pen on the floor at that moment, and "accidentally" kicked it under the table.

"I'm so sorry, ma'm," Susan said, "but I seem to have dropped my pen under your table, and my hands are full. Could you please crawl under the table and retrieve it for me?" She gave Gina a wink.

"Certainly," Gina replied, her grin just as big.

Gina pushed her chair back and crawled under the table. I felt her mouth taking my dick into her mouth, and a moan escaped my mouth. The waitress put down our plates at our seats and looked at my face with a wicked look in her eyes.

"Can you find my pen?" she asked Gina.

"Not yet," Gina answered with her mouth full of cock.

"Take your time," the waitress replied. She had her back to the rest of the customers, and was blocking the view for the rest of the customers. She was massaging her breasts through her uniform and had a lustful look in her eyes.

Gina started massage my balls, and that combined with the sight before my eyes and Gina's mouth on my dick made me finally cum. The first spurt shot into her mouth, but then Gina pulled my dick out again and pointed it downwards. I could tell she was pointing it at her tits again. Gina milked my dick dry and licked it clean.

"There it is," she told us and got up from under the table. She handed back the pen to the waitress and sat down on her seat again.

"Thanks," the waitress told her. "I'll just put it here, so I won't loose it again." Slowly she pushed the pen down the front of her shirt, between her tits. Then putting a hand on each breast she pushed them together. "Yes, it's safe there. By the way, you seem to have gotten something on you. I don't seem to have any napkins with me. Do you mind if I just use my hand to wipe it away?"

"Not at all," Gina replied.

I looked over at Gina and noticed that my sperm was lying in big gobs on her breasts. Susan leaned over and let her index finger slide up Gina's cleavage, scooping up a big amount of my cum. Then she put it to her lips and sucked the finger.

"Mmm, it's good," she said.

"I know," Gina replied.

Then the waitress left, leaving us to our food. We ordered a bottle more of wine during our dinner, and when the time came to pay the same waitress came back with the bill.

"I seem to have my hands full again," she said, indicating the bill in her left hand and some sort of remote control in her right hand. She leaned towards me, showing her cleavage, with her pen protruding at the top. "Do you mind handing me my pen?" she asked me.

I looked at Gina and she just winked at me. I put my hand down her shirt and cupped her right tit before I pulled out the pen and handed it to her.

Gina paid the bill. As she handed the money to the waitress, the waitress put down her remote control. Gina glanced at it and picked it up. I had also looked at it and saw that it only had two buttons; "on" and "off". Gina pushed "on". A low buzz came from under the waitress skirt, and she grabbed the table. A low moan escaped her lips. Then she quickly wrote down something on a piece of paper and handed it to Gina. Gina winked at her and pushed the remote control down the front of the waitress shirt. It was now firmly placed between the waitress tits, and she couldn't pull it out until she was sure nobody saw her. That meant she would have to walk through the whole restaurant before she could turn off whatever was buzzing underneath her skirt, as the restaurant was more crowded now than it had been an hour ago.

Me and Gina got up and left the restaurant, the owner smiling and waving as we went by. He had probably not seen the dried sperm between Gina's tits as we left.

"What did she give you," I asked when we got out on the street again.

"What do you mean," Gina innocently replied.

"That piece of paper she gave you. What did it say?"

"Oh, that was just her phone number," Gina replied with a grin.

(to be continued...)

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