tagText With AudioGina Does Her First Hummer

Gina Does Her First Hummer


Authors Note: The following audio story is intended for a mature audience that wants to listen to an authentic erotic encounter between two amateur adults. The audio portion of this story contains very loud moans, groans, and orgasms. If you are into that, you will be happy. If you aren't, I respectfully offer the fair warning that this recording contains sounds of amateur sex that some may find funny, shocking, or bizarre. Which means you shouldn't listen. To the recording, not the warning. Listen to the warning, and don't listen to the recording. Shit. If the warning applies to you, don't listen to the recording. Yes. Thank you.



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Gina and I went out for dinner and a movie one night and one of the male characters in the film joked about getting a "hummer" from one of the busty female characters. A lot of jokes and laughs happened, the movie ended, and we went home. We like to spend some romantic time together after a night out so I put on some music, turned down the lights, and poured some wine. Sounds like a cliché', I know, but that's what we do.

We were just sitting close and talking about our day and what we wanted to do for the weekend, caressing and kissing in between. I had just poured a second glass when Gina asked,

"What's a hummer?"

I almost spewed a mouthful of wine across the both of us. To be perfectly clear, Gina is not naive when it comes to sex, but some things don't get talked about much in mixed company, or even between husband and wife. Her question caught me totally by surprise.

"Well... uh... Hooo." I stammered.

"Come on. What's a hummer? It's something sexual for sure." Gina coaxed.

"It's a blowjob technique". I said.

"Ah. And?"

"Well. It's when the person doing the sucking makes moaning or humming sounds. While they are doing it. The blowjob, I mean. They hum while they are doing a blowjob."

"What does that do?" Gina asked.

"The vibrations are supposed to feel really good. Some people hum songs, others make moaning sounds. It's considered a very erotic technique."

Gina was slowly moving her hand up my thigh and she had that look. "Oh, God", I thought.

"Is a hummer blowjob better than a regular blowjob?"

"We men enjoy and appreciate a good sucking regardless of the technique. But yeah, I suppose the extra stimulation would feel really good." I explained, feeling I was sounding a little too much like a know it all.

"Has anyone ever given you a hummer before?"

There it was. I knew where she was leading me. I knew where this was headed.

"No. I... am a hummer virgin." I said jokingly.

Her hand was softly rubbing across the bulge between my legs as we kissed more passionately than before. I was getting really hard as Gina began rubbing my cock more firmly.

"Would you like me to give you a hummer?"

We were kissing each other more quickly and urgently. I returned the cock rub with a pussy massage of my own.

"Where? Here on the couch?" I asked.

"Anywhere you want." Gina gasped between kisses.

That's all the coaxing I needed. I stood up and stripped off my pants, briefs and all, with one swift motion and stood there between her legs with my cock aimed straight at her moist lips.

"Oh. I forgot to mention. You have to swallow when you do a hummer." I said, knowing I wasn't being exactly honest but hoping it wasn't obvious.

Gina looked up at me and started kissing the underside of my cock all the way down to my balls. On the way back up she swished her tongue back and forth causing my dick to sway from side to side. When she took my cock in her mouth and rubbed the head against the inside of her cheeks, I let out a long low moan that sounded a little too much like a growl. I once read a comment from a guy on a web site that said a woman would never get a sound out of him during a blowjob. He boasted that his self-control was more than a match for any slut that sucks his dick. Well... when Gina with her big green eyes, F-cup tits, and soft wide hips starts sucking me I completely lose it. I can't hold back, and I don't want to. Ever.

At first she started out with the usual slow sucking starting at the tip and sliding as far down my cock as she could. She makes her lips form a soft round 'O' on the way down and then sucks in her cheeks hard in the way up. God that feels so good. I think Gina's blowjob technique is world-class just the way it is and I was enjoying each and every long, slow, slurping stroke.

Gina picked up the pace and the moaning started. I couldn't believe what I was feeling. Her lips and the inside of her soft wet mouth were vibrating against my cock. The sensation was so incredible. The wet sucking sounds, the feeling of her mouth swallowing my cock, and the vibration from her humming lips were driving me crazy. If you haven't tried this with your significant other yet just ask them to, show them how, and do it often.

When I told Gina that a hummer meant she had to swallow, she knew I was lying. But she was feeling adventurous and did it anyway. The closer I got to an orgasm the louder and higher pitched her moaning became until it was almost a muffled scream. I could tell she was really getting into it and getting carried away with the excitement we were both experiencing. When the sensations of an impending orgasm started I began warning Gina in advance. Just in case she wanted me to cum on her face or between her large full tits. But the more I warned her about my distress the faster she went, bobbing her head up and down, slurping my hard wet cock, moaning loudly over and over.

When I came my knees buckled and Gina forced my cock as far down her throat as it would go with a little gulp sound. She swallowed three cum surges in a row while breathing through her nose before pulling back and letting the rest spurt against her chin where it dripped between her breasts. Like I said, I don't much care about self-control when I cum so I just let it out. This is on the calendar as the best blowjob Gina has ever given me. She has started something I can't stop thinking about.

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