tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGina in Jamaica Ch. 03

Gina in Jamaica Ch. 03


This is part 3 of 5 of our Jamaica adventures.


It was late afternoon when we woke from our nap and Gina started going through her suitcase, looking for something that would show off her long legs and her large breasts. My wife knows what she has and how to use it. She pulled out a bikini top, threw it back in the suitcase, and then pulled out the matching bottoms. I had not seen this yet- it must have been something she bought special for our Jamaica trip. It was light blue, cut low in front and high on the hips, each side held together by a string. I watched her pull it tight on her body- it clung to her pussy like a second skin, her mound making a slight bulge. The thong back exposed her beautiful, perfectly shaped ass to the world.

"Wow" I said. "When do you get that?"

She gave me one of her stunning smiles. "You like?"

"I love." I said. She reached into her suitcase again and, pulling out a white mesh top, slipped it on over her breasts. The mesh was wide enough so that you could plainly see her nipples.

"You're kidding, right? " I asked. "You're putting something on underneath that."

"I haven't seen Rod's rod yet." She giggled. "This should bring it out into the open."

The thought of her walking outside was rapidly bringing my own member out into the open and I absently reached down and pulled it into a more comfortable position. She gave me a sly look, then walked out the door. Damn, I thought, she's going through with it!

I had to hurry up to catch up but even then I noticed the admiring looks she was getting. From a distance, you could only imagine what she might have underneath that mesh, but when you were close enough to have a conversation, the brown of her nipples was very obvious. She had a nice tan and there was a lot of skin from her belly-button to the top of her bikini bottom, and it was all flat and brown. Her legs, long and shapely, were made for a high cut bikini. In short, she was magnificent.

Rod was by himself at the Tiki bar when we walked up, with a drink in front of him. Gina let out a squeal and rushed to him, leaning up against him and hugging him like he was an old friend she hadn't seen in months, rather than a relative stranger she had talked to only hours before. He was trying to look at her while he was hugging her, checking out what she was wearing, or more precisely, what she wasn't wearing. As she broke from the hug, he let one arm slide down as if to hold her around her waist but as he did that, his hand brushed her bare buttocks, dragging it from top to bottom and lingering for just a second.

"Let me buy you guys a drink." he said, acknowledging me for the first time. Gina hopped up on a bar stool next to him and I sat next to her, leaving her sitting between us. She started asking him about his day. He told us that Dave was still sleeping but while he talked he kept glancing at my wife's top. I know he was hoping for a nipple to push the mesh but the mesh was just a tiny bit too small for that. I was drinking beer while she was drinking some fruity rum drink, the kind where its sweetness masks a potent punch.

While we talked, another woman walked up and ordered a drink. I could tell she was already smashed because as she stood next to me, she had to hold onto the bar to stay steady. She was gorgeous, a Jamaican native in a tiny Wicked Weasel bikini, slim with dark nipples that shone through her see-through top. Her bottoms were also see-through and it was obvious that she was shaved, because the bottom just barely covered her clearly visible slit.

"Fucking husband decided to go out," she told me, without even a hello.

"Well, it's certainly his loss." I said gallantly.

Her name was Tiffany and she decided to stand and talk to us, since we were the only people at the bar. She was staring at Gina and finally said "Girl, you are absolutely beautiful. I'd love to have that body."

"Are you kidding me?" asked Gina. "I'd love to have yours."

Tiffany laughed and said "I would love to have breasts like that. Lot better than this b-cup."

"I'm thinking about a reduction to your size," said Gina, and I knew she was serious.

"What?" Rod and I exclaimed at the same time. "No!'" said Rod, "These are beautiful." And he gestured to her chest, using the conversation as an excuse to stare at them.

"See," said Tiffany, "Men love big tits and you got 'em, girl."

I realized that any more protestations on my part would be a rude comment on this beautiful, dark-skinned woman standing next to me and I hastened to make a rescue.

"Actually, my wife has a point," I said. "Large isn't everything and if I may be bold," I turned to face her and looked directly at her chest, "those are pretty nice."

Tiffany made a face and slightly arched her back. "They're pretty," she admitted, "but still, it would be nice to have a little more."

Rod, obviously feeling his liquor, decided to take the conversation to the next level. "I think it's your nipples that are the most outstanding feature," he said, looking directly at Gina's top. "Most women with breasts your size aren't much in the nipple market, but you have it all."

"Excuse me?" asked Gina, feigning shock, though we all knew it was a sham. "Rod, you are a pig."

"It's true," said Tiffany, slightly slurring her words. "Usually smaller breasted women like me have great nipples." She took another sip of her drink and looked down to her chest. "I got little titties, but I do have nice nipples."

"Really?" I asked, pretending to visually examine her breasts.

"Oh yeah," she said, "They can get pretty big. Kinda' puffy."

This immediately caught my interest. "So," I said. "Puff 'em out for us."

Tiffany rolled her eyes and took another swallow. Gina said, "You're a pig, too"

"I know," I said, smiling. "That's what makes me so cute."

"Thass a nice top." said Tiffany, staring at Gina's mesh shirt. "Is that a real shirt?"

"Actually it's a cover for a bathing suit." said Gina, innocently looking down at her chest, as if she was just realizing what she was wearing. "I probably should put something on underneath it."

"No!" said Rod, "Really, it looks great. It doesn't show too much, just enough."

"It doesn't show enough," said Tiffany and she reached over and tried to tear the mesh immediately over Gina's left breast, but after a few seconds, it was obvious that the material was too strong. Gina pulled away from this sudden assault on her clothes and put her hand over her breast.

"It's fine just the way it is." she said.

"Aw c'mon," said Rod. "They need a little air."

"You ARE a pig, aren't you?" asked Gina, letting her hand drop from her breast to reach out for her drink.

"You don't mind, do you?" Rod asked me. Well, damn, I thought. This man is seriously asking me if I would let him expose my wife's nipple? I was about to make a retort but my cock made a little twitch and God forgive me, started to grow.

"She's a big girl" I shrugged.

"God, yes." breathed Tiffany.

Gina gave me and Tiffany a bemused look, then sighed. "Looks like I'm outvoted." She turned to Rod. "OK," she said, "Just a little."

Rod eagerly moved his hands to her shirt and tried to rip it open, yanking on the shirt and practically pulling Gina off her bar stool.

"Hey!" she said, loudly. "Be gentle. Don't rip the whole thing. If it doesn't rip, it doesn't rip. Leave it alone." She was annoyed, though more over doing major damage to her shirt than actually baring a breast. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a set of fingernail clippers.

"Try this." I said, handing them to Rod. Gina shot me a look while Rod eagerly pulled out the handle.

"Fine," she snapped. "Go ahead, Rod."

More gently this time, Rod pulled the shirt towards him and, picking his spot carefully, made one snip, enlarging a mesh hole to twice its normal size, then dropped the shirt onto my wife's body.

He had picked well- the enlarged hole was directly over her left nipple and as the three of us watched, her nipple swelled in front of our eyes, as if it had been trying to escape.

"Goddamn." said Tiffany. "That thing is beautiful." And before I could stop her, she reached out and flicked my wife's large, hard nipple, causing it to grow even more. Rod was visibly trembling as he reached out and pulled her exposed nipple with his fingers.

"What the hell!" shrieked Gina. She put both hands over her breast, covering her nipple. "I'm not a fucking petting zoo! What is wrong with you two?"

Rod immediately apologized but Tiffany, saying nothing, placed her hands on her own breasts, over the sheer bikini top, and gave each of her nipples a hard pull, then reached down and ran a finger through her slit, over the top of her bikini. Gina gave her an astounded look and said "Jesus. You're all a bunch of perverts."

I noticed that Tiffany's nipples, so dark they were almost black against her dark brown skin, had indeed puffed out and were pushing against her bikini top.

"I'm going back to the room." Gina said. "It's dangerous out here."

"No, please, don't go" Rod begged. "I'm sorry. You're right, that was completely wrong but I swear I'll behave. I just lost my head there for a second." Still no apology from Tiffany; she just stared at Gina's hand, still covering her breast.

I couldn't talk- everything had happened so fast that I hadn't had a chance to rescue my wife, but even more uncomfortable for me was my cock, hard and pushing against my shorts. I tried to rub it surreptitiously but Gina caught me.

"Quit that." she said, indignantly. "I can't believe you!"

This caught Tiffany's attention and she looked in the direction that Gina was looking- she caught me too, but she did not seem pissed or indignant. Instead, I saw a flicker of interest and maybe- desire? It was hard to tell but I was more embarrassed than anything right then. I hurriedly dropped my hand from my crotch and turned to face the bar and away from Tiffany's prying eyes. Suddenly, I DID feel like a pervert.

"Really, I'm sorry," said Rod again. "Please, let's start over."

"Well," said Gina reluctantly, "Okay. But you guys behave. You too." She glared at Tiffany but Tiffany was feeling no pain and certainly no remorse.

Gina turned back to the bar and picked up her drink, seeming forgetting that the tip of her breast was exposed for all to see. Her nipple was still erect and I have to tell you, they are thick as a man's thumb and at least a half inch long, maybe more. Tiffany also reached for her drink, pushing her crotch up against my leg as she reached over and ever so slowly grinding it as she stood there.

Gina turned to Rod. "How would you like it if I just started pulling on your clothes?" And she reached out and yanked on the top button of his shirt, pulling it out and revealing small tattoo on his chest.

"Hey," she said, "Nice tat."

"Oh, I have a few more, "Rod said proudly. "I've got some real art."

I was trying to follow that conversation but Tiffany by now had moved to my left side and was still applying pressure on her clit by pushing her pussy against my leg, hoping she wouldn't be noticed. Her eyes were closed and one hand was inside her bikini top, still fingering and pulling on one of her nipples.

"Real art?" asked Gina, arching her eyebrows. "I don't think I've heard anyone describe their tat as real art."

Rod leaned forward and said, "It's Michelangelo but it's not in a place I can show you."

Gina stared at him. "You got a Michelangelo piece on your piece?"

"Not on it," assured Rod hurriedly. "It's just, you know..." he gestured to his groin area. "It's just kind of private."

"Well, if it's not your piece, let me see it," demanded Gina. "I'll never forgive myself if I gave up a chance to see real art on some guy's crotch." Rod looked over at me and I shrugged. "It's your tattoo." I said.

Rod was wearing a pair of shorts and now he unzipped them, which caught Tiffany's attention. She stopped with the grinding and looked over into Rod's lap, but she still kept a constant pressure on my leg with her pelvic area.

Rod wasn't wearing any under wear, so when he unzipped his pants, his pubic bush immediately came into view. He was very careful to fold away just the right side of his fly, so his cock stayed covered. He pulled away a little of the hair and there, at the top of the hairline, was a perfectly rendered tattoo from Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel fresco, Adam, reaching out, towards the center of his groin, waiting for that touch from his Creator.

All three of us were speechless. Gina silently reached out and touched the tattoo, tracing it out and, coincidentally, running her finger through Rod's pubic hair. The left side of his fly had been lying flat over his cock, but we all saw it twitch and saw his shorts start to rise.

Gina acted like she didn't notice what was right next to her and as she continued to touch the tattoo, she allowed the rest of her fingers to rest lightly on Rod's groin, buried in his hair. Slowly she allowed her the tips of her fingers to stretch out and slip under the material still draped over his cock, which was growing harder. While in repose, the sorts covered it completely, but now the material, getting stretched more and more, started to fall away from his swelling. In seconds, the side of his shaft was plainly visible and she would occasionally let her fingertips brush against it.

"This is beautiful," she said. "Where's the other half?"

Rod could barely speak. "On the other side," he said hoarsely.

"We'll take your word for it." I said suddenly. I knew my wife was more than capable of exposing this man completely just for play. Gina ignored me completely.

"Didn't that hurt?" she asked. "It has to a tender place." And while she talked, she pushed his sorts down enough to expose his balls.

"It wasn't that bad," responded Rod. "It's a good place to get one because no one sees it unless you really want them to."

Gina looked at his face squarely, her big brown eyes solemn. "I'm glad you really wanted me to see it. But I don't know if I could do that. I've never had a tattoo. Of course," and she looked down at her own lap, "I never considered putting it here." And as she said that, she casually untied the knot on the right side of her bikini bottom and let it drop down enough to see where here leg formed the beginning of her groin. I think Rod, Tiffany, and I all let out a soft groan at the same time. Damn, she has perfect legs and perfect skin, and just to see those brown, curled hairs, lying against her body and imagining what the rest looked like, it was just too much for any of us.

Gina was having a great time- three adults in the palm of her hand.

"I should get one too," said Tiffany and she suddenly pulled down one side of her bikini bottom- except she purposely went further than Gina, pulling it down to just the top of her slit. She did not have a hair on her.

"That is so smooth-looking." I said.

"It should," she said. "I shave it every day, twice a day sometimes. Here," and she took my finger and held it against her skin. "Feel it."

I ran my finger against her skin and it was absolutely smooth. Tiffany closed her eyes and leaned into my finger, which I took as my cue to explore a little more. I ran my finger from the top where her waistband had been, at her hip, and ran it down the side of her pussy, then across to the top of her slit, where I felt the indentation with my finger. I got a little braver and starting again at the same place, ran it down all the way to where her suit was still covering up and gently picked up and pushed aside that last little piece that was covering her right lip. It moved and lodged in her cleft, covering the left lip but completely exposing the right lip. I ran my finger over that soft protrusion and said, "It's smooth here too."

Gina hates not being the center of attention, so when she said "It's not all about smoothness." I turned in my chair to see what she was doing. She had taken Rod's finger and was dragging it through her silky hair, down the right side of her pussy, then back up. She let go of his hand and reached for her drink, leaving the left half of her mound uncovered, though not as far as Tiffany. Rod kept his finger on her, feeling the soft skin of her pube-covered mound, while my wife acted like every thing was normal. Rod was trying to get more adventurous, pushing her bikini aside to reveal the entire top of her pussy but she wouldn't allow him to pull her bottom down to see her slit and stopped his hand when it started to dip.

"I believe you have more to show me," she said, looking directly at him, then letting her eyes fall down to his crotch.

"Oh, yes," he said anxiously, and he moved his fly aside, allowing his hard cock to be completely exposed. "I have the other half here." And sure as hell, there was the remainder, the outstretched hand reaching from the other side. "The spark of life in the middle- get it?" he asked, trying to keep his voice as calm as possible.

Tiffany, who had not said anything during this, reached over Gina and ran her finger over the entire length of his now fully-exposed cock, starting at the base and running it up slowly to the head, where a drop of pre-cum had just appeared.

"It's beautiful," she said, and she reached into her tiny bikini bottom and put her own finger into her slit, not even trying to hide. "It's beautiful," she repeated.

"Hey!" scolded Gina, pushing Tiffany's hand away. "I found it- go get your own."

Rod's eyes were shut and he was trying to push his groin up into somebody's hand, he didn't care then whose it was. Tiffany started to pout. "It's not fair," she said. "You won't let me do anything." Then, before anyone could stop her, she reached over and yanked on the knot holding the left side of Gina's bottom piece to her body.

"Hey!" Gina squealed. Reflexively, her hand moved to cover herself, then she sighed. "I guess it's not fair for just Rod to be exposed." Of course, she wasn't totally exposed. Even though both sides had been untied, her slit was still covered by material, even though it was obvious that it was just barely covered.

"There," she said to Rod. We're even now."

My own cock was so hard, I had to unbutton the top of my shorts and pull the zipper down just enough to give me some relief. Tiffany noticed and reached over to completely unzip me, causing my cock to spring into view.

"I don't think so, girl," said my wife, and she started to zip me back up.

"Careful," I warned, "That's a sensitive area." I pulled away and Tiffany firmly grasped my cock, which was also starting to show a little stickiness at the top of the head.

Gina started at me, then, without taking her eyes from me, reached out with her right hand and circled her fingers around the shaft of Rod's cock, starting to gently pull on it.

I stared back at her and shifted back in my seat to allow Tiffany a better grasp on my own shaft.

"What's good for the goose..." I said to her.

Rod and Tiffany both realized that there was a little competition going on and both decided to take advantage. Rod also shifted to allow Gina a better hold and at the same time, he started to touch her nipple, flicking it then pulling it, causing it to swell even larger. I figured I'd ante up and pulled Tiffany's tiny bikini top aside, exposing two engorged puffies, the entire end of her breast swollen, and started to kiss and suck her nipples. Tiffany began to stroke my cock seriously now and it was clear that the challenge had been made.

Gina, while watching Tiffany's hand on my cock, also started to stroke Rod, who was in absolute heaven. Then, to my surprise, she pulled her bikini bottoms down completely, exposing her entire pussy, both of her lips visible underneath the dark brown curly hair. Rod moaned and started to play with her pussy lips, pulling one, then the other. Gina closed her eyes and opened her legs enough so that Rod could slip a finger inside her.

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