Gina, the Gallery Girl


"Nuzzle the clit and it gets to be a better idea to give you a direct shot! Do you think she came?"

"Not really, but there were some sweet moments for her, you could tell."

"Want a little different flavor?" Gina was undressing in the anteroom. "I'm hard!" John stroked the hardening cock through the thin shiny cloth and kissed her neck. "Say you'll suck me, I could be the man a while for the sake of that ass of yours."

"You just wanna pork a high school boy."

"Nope, just you. I got your pork right here, baby, but you gotta suck it first or no candy for you."

"Rules, always rules. Gina, it's cold out now, and I'm really hurting for a place to take Carmela. I think she'd do a lot if we could get some warm bed someplace. Is there any way I could have keys and take her here?"

"You hound dog, wanting to debauch these high school girls!"

"You really are hard, come on in and sit on the bed. Nope, just Carmela."

"I always get hard now when I see you, I don't think I could appear in public with you, they'd all notice. OH, Jesus! Oh, fuckin Jesus, holy shit, John! Where did you learn that, holy Mary mother of God!"

"Craftsmanship. I had to practice on my bike handlebars..."

"You did? I can see it, oh man, that's so fucked up!"

"You complaining?"

"Not very likely! Ho! Oh god, oh my Jesus! Stop or I'll come and your ass will have to wait."

"Let it wait."

"You learned this just for me, that's so sweet! God, oh God! John, I'm gonna come real fast!"

And so she did. John opened his mouth for it, Gina could see the first splash onto his tongue! Then he closed and stripped every drop from the dark flesh, squeezing her tits and watching her writhe and stiffen as her seed gushed into his young, intent face. She lay in a sweaty mass, half dressed still and blown away. John stood over her.

"Give me your ass," said he, liberating his cock. "It gets this, but you gotta suck it first or no candy... Ahh. You slut! Suck me."

She did it with enthusiasm and skill, aiming at a revanche, but John had her stop and turn her ass up for him. Greasing her he stuck three fingers in and screwed circularly, then pushed in to the hilt, wiping his fingers across the surface of her ass and stepping into his work. Very casual.

Young men fuck hard and fast. Gina's asscheeks were soon rebounding with smacking noises and jiggling in the cool air. John was climbing to his peak quickly, though, and could only keep it up a couple minutes before unloading cum into her. Gina felt almost raped, and she dug it intensely. His cock slid erratically in and out as he lost the rhythm and he spent with deep groans, grinding his pubes into the socket of her hips.

"You're a master, little man; I am so fucked!"

"Let's get undressed and have a quiet sixty-nine for a while; I gotta lie down." John pulled loose, her sphincter closed, a drop of semen drooled down toward her scrotum from the retracting hole. Staggering to her feet to finish undressing, she wiped it with a finger and licked it.

"Honest, John, you really are amazing."

"I just pay attention. Love your outfit."

"Isn't it nice? I found it in Karam's."

"The coin things are cool."

"I can't give out keys to the property, John, it'd be my ass."

"If you got caught? Christ, if you got caught with me it'd be your ass anyway. Is there a back door, so I don't have to walk up right on the street to unlock it?"

"The alley door! You just want to fuck here? No beer party, no art theft, just savage your girlfriend and go, right?"

"I'd like to do a little weed maybe, but yeah."

"You got weed?"

"I got more than that."

The two lay down and sucked each other a while. An idea occurred to Gina.

"You want an after-school job in a gallery? It'd solve all the problems at once. Whaddya say? We could be seen together. We could fuck! We could let you have a key, you could get out of the house for hours perfectly legit. It's genius! And you could help me out with the gallery, even, if we weren't busy with drugs and perversion! I like the idea."

John lifted his mouth off Gina's cock and smacked his lips. "Who do I hafta blow?"

"Not me, I'm going to be coming up your little bum! Turn over and I'll get you ready. Oh, man. What a fine ass. Put it to work in the gallery, John."

"Yes, boss. What's the pay?"

"Talk later, I'm busy," she said, and waggled her tongue into his tight anus. He settled and relaxed, awaiting the reaming he was due to receive from his new employer. The W-4 forms could wait a few minutes.

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