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Gina's Fantasy


I had the fortunate pleasure of meeting Gina through work. Gina was a good-looking woman at age 40 and all of the guys in the office had the hots for her. She was always very friendly to them but still always turned them down. She had been married to her husband for 20 years and had a 20-year-old son.

I had not been working for the company very long and had just graduated from college at the age of 25. I looked much younger with a true baby face that I had been teased about for years. I still get ID'd when I go into a bar.

One evening a bunch of us were going to have some drinks after work and I asked Gina if she wanted to come along for a while. She said, "Let me call my husband and let him know I will be a little late."

The bar was only a block away so we all walked down the street to the bar. We all ordered a drink and sat around and talked about the job. Several of the guys were hitting on Gina; she just kept ignoring them and stayed by me. I had not hit on her so I guess she felt safe with me.

We had been there for nearly 2 hours and some of the guys were getting pretty inebriated. As they were getting more drinks one of them came up to Gina and said, "Damn girl you look fine tonight. How about you and I hooking up tonight? I will show you what a real man is made of," as he grabbed his crotch.

Gina just looked at me and said, "I better be going. My husband will be worrying about me."

As she stood up she nearly fell over from the drinks that she had. I don't think she had very many but then she wasn't very big either. I reached out and steadied her. I grabbed her arm and we walked toward the door.

Once outside I told her, "You better not drive. I'll take you home."

She looked up at me and said, "Danny you are so sweet."

We walked to my car and I sat her in the passenger seat then walked around to the other side and got in the car. I started it and pulled onto the street.

"Where do you live Gina?" I asked. She gave me directions and I headed towards her home. I did not realize that she lived nearly 40 minutes outside of town.

Gina then slurred, "Danny how come you never have hit on me?"

I answered, "Gina it is not because you aren't absolutely beautiful but because you are married and have a son."

She said, "You remind me a lot of my son, very handsome."

I looked at her as she was staring at me, "Thank-you I'll take that as a compliment."

She then ventured into one of those "too much information areas," by saying; "My son has been taking every opportunity to see me naked. He will walk in after I get out of the shower like he's looking for something or walk past my bedroom hoping to see something."

I sat silently and listened.

"I have also been looking for opportunities to see his body naked. I once went into the bathroom as he was getting out of the shower. I also walked in on him one day when he forgot to lock the bathroom door and was masturbating to a girlie magazine. He has grown to be a very sexy man and is very well endowed." She slurred again.

It was almost like she was thinking it but was saying it out loud.

She then lazily said, "Danny I've been thinking about having sex with my son."

HOLY SHIT! Did I hear what I thought she said my mind was reeling? I looked over at her as she was looking out the passenger window into the night. "What did you say?" I loudly asked.

She looked at me then, "I said I've been thinking about having sex with my son. My husband and I have been married 18 years and we fantasize and act out on those fantasies some of the time. You have to keep the fires burning in your sex life."

I was shocked, "Gina I would just keep sex with your son a fantasy or erase that one from your mind completely."

She said, "My husband has a fantasy that he wants to watch me have sex with another man who is younger or maybe a threesome. I just thought that maybe my son because of his endowment and the fact that he is a young man would be perfect and we could keep it quiet so nobody knew about it."

"Gina I think the alcohol is talking." I replied.

"My husband tells me all the time that my son looks at me in more than a Motherly manner. I have been wearing sexier clothes around him and his friends. His friends have made comments to him about how lucky he is to have a Mother who looks like I do."

I was shaking my head, "But Gina you could screw up the kid for life. You would be better off to find a younger guy and have sex with him. Don't have sex with your son. It is wrong and could potentially screw up your relationship with him forever."

About this time we pulled into her driveway. I walked around to the other side of the car and opened the door for her. She stumbled getting out so I helped her out and walked her to the door. Her husband was opening the door as we approached.

I said, "Hi, I'm Danny and I work with Gina. I think she had a few too many so I drove her home."

He grabbed her arm and walked her to the couch and sat her down. He turned and said, "Nice to meet you Danny and I appreciate you getting her home safely. She never has been able to hold her liquor very well. Please sit down for a minute."

I went to the couch and sat down.

Gina slurred out "Honey I work with Danny he is a nice guy. He is one of the few that don't hit on me all the time. We also had a nice conversation on the way home."

With that Gina leaned toward me and put her head on my shoulder. She then put her hand on my crotch and started rubbing my dick through my pants. She said, "In fact the conversation made me very horny. We were talking about fantasies."

He was sitting across the room in a chair watching as his wife was rubbing my dick. I reached for her hand and he kind of nodded his head in a slight no manner at me. I looked at him again and he smiled.

I thought this guy wants to watch his beautiful wife have sex with a younger man. He must be thinking that I 'm the younger man and he is taking advantage of her drunken state and this opportunity.

I was uncomfortable with the situation but my dick was not. It was rising to the stimulation of having such a sexy woman rubbing on it.

She looked at me and asked, "If it is ok with my husband will you be my younger man so I can get that off my mind?"

I looked at her husband and he shook his head yes. I said, "Gina I find you to be very sexy and attractive but, I will have to admit I'm nervous about this."

She unzipped my pants and reached in to rub my cock with her hand. She pleaded, "Please Danny I want to make my husband happy and I want to fuck you."

She then tried pulling my cock from my pants and could not get it out. She said, "My god it's too big to get out of there." She then reached for my belt and unfastened it and my pants. The head of my cock popped out the top of my underwear. She pulled my underwear down slightly and wrapped her mouth around the sensitive underside of the head as it laid against my stomach. She then stopped and unbuttoned her blouse to reveal two magnificent breasts that were nearly busting out of her bra. She reached between her breasts and unfastened her bra and let her firm full breasts come out.

She seductively looked at me as she pinched her nipples, "Danny don't you want to play with them?"

I tentatively reached out a hand and held one of her breasts as I also watched her husband's reaction. He was still sitting and was now rubbing his cock through his pants. Gina stood up and slid her skirt off to reveal a pair of thigh high hose and a little black thong. She reached for my waistband and pulled on them. I raised my ass off the couch as she pulled pants and underwear off of me at the same time.

She excitedly said, "Danny you are huge! Probably even bigger than my son."

She reached for my feet and pulled off my shoes and socks then pulled my pants on off of my legs.

She got down on her knees in front of me and wrapped her hands around my cock. She held it upright and put the head of it in her mouth. I again looked over at her husband who was now fully erect in his pants and was still rubbing his cock. He smiled at me and winked.

Gina's mouth felt wonderful on my engorged cock. She was swirling he tongue around the head of it and stroking the shaft with both hands. She lowered her mouth further onto my cock and was trying to get as much as possible in her mouth. Her lips were tightly stretched around the shaft as I watched her trying to get more and more into her mouth. She gagged slightly and pulled off of it. She looked up at me and said, "My god Danny you have a beautiful cock. A young stud with a big cock is just what I needed."

She turned so that she was facing her husband and reached between her legs to grab my cock and guided it toward her pussy. She slowly lowered herself onto me. I watched as my cock slowly disappeared into her warm and wet pussy. She was about half way down when she said, "My god I only have half of it and I feel stretched more than I have ever been." She squirmed some more and kept sliding down. I could see her husband and he now had his dick in his hand and was stroking it. It is no wonder Gina wanted a young stud with a big cock. If her son was as well endowed as she stated it must have come from her side of the family.

I reached for her hips to help lower her onto me. She finally had all of it inside of her and was sitting on my lap. She exclaimed, "God Danny you fill me up."

She then slowly rose off of it and then back down. I could see her pussy lips as they were stretched and with each stroke out it looked like my cock was turning her pussy inside out. She was now adjusted to my cock and was riding me faster. With each down stroke she would let out a moan, "Oh.....Oh......Oh!

I reached around her and grabbed her big full tits as they bounced with each stroke. I pinched her nipples and she screamed, "Oh fuck yessssss Danny squeeze my tits."

Her husband was stroking and watching in amazement as a younger man was fucking his wife of 16 years.

Gina looked at her husband and said, "Come here Honey."

He walked to her and she sucked his cock into her mouth as she continued to ride me. I then lowered my hands from her tits and massaged her clit. As soon as I touched her she jerked and sat down on my dick squirming into my groin. She moaned on her husband's dick, "Ohhhhhh fuck I'm cumming!"

Her husband could hold out no longer, he grunted and unloaded into her mouth. When he was finished Gina just kept him in her mouth and continued to suck him. Gina's pussy was still convulsing and squeezing my cock milking the cum from deep in my balls.

I groaned, "Gina I'm going to cum."

She turned and looked at me and said, "Shoot me full of your hot cum Danny. I want you to cum in my pussy."

I furiously was fingering her clit as the cum boiled from my balls and made my shaft swell even more. I exploded into her and stars filled my eyes while my whole body tensed up. Gina yelled, "I can feel you cumming. OHHHHHHH YESSSSSSS I'm CUUUUUUUUMMMMMMING!

Our combined juices were flowing out of her pussy and down my balls. I threw my head back against the couch and closed my eyes relishing the sweet release. Gina leaned back against me and we both were trying to catch our breath.

My softening cock slid out of her slick pussy and laid between my legs dripping cum.

She stood up and had my cum running down her thigh and onto her thigh high hose. Her pussy lips were swollen and red.

She looked at us and said, "I better go clean up a bit. I'll be right back."

I reached for my pants and slid them back on. Her husband put his cock back into his pants.

He finally spoke, "Danny thank-you for doing this. You have fulfilled a fantasy for both of us."

Gina came back around the corner with only a pair of thong panties on. She was smiling and looked radiant. She looked at me and said, "Danny if we decide to do this again would you be willing?"

I hesitated just a moment, "Sure Gina. If a young stud is what you are looking for I will be happy to fill the role."

She kissed me and whispered in my ear, "I can trust you to keep this to yourself?"

I replied, "Without a doubt. You would never be left alone at work if this got out."

She smiled and kissed me again. Her husband shook my hand and said, "Thank-you again."

I left the house and my mind was reeling. I decided that if it kept her away from her son and I got to fuck a hot older woman. I was in!

I was wondering what work would be like Monday when I saw Gina again. It will probably be a little embarrassing for both of us.

I got in my car and started to drive away.

I wondered if they had fulfilled their fantasy or if they really would want my services again?

"Oh well either way it was a great evening."

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