Gina's Payback


Gina smiled to somebody off camera and the guy that ate her pussy so well came on screen. His cock was shiny and it looked like he had been stroking it with lubricant. Gina motioned to the camera guy to come closer as she leaned up on her elbows. The black guy climbed between her legs and stroked his cock over her belly. Gina reached up and took over the stroking his cock. His cock appeared monstrous compared to her small white hand.

"Jesus Jack do you see the size of this? I am not even sure that I can fit all of it in my pussy." The camera panned to Gina's face. "Shall I try? Do you want to see your wife get fucked with this huge cock?" Gina shook her head. "You are such a bad boy Jack."

Gina then pulled the monster to her pussy and began to rub it up and down her lips. The guy leaned forward and kissed Gina. I watched as their tongues slipped in and out of each other's mouth. Then the camera panned to her pussy and I could see the head slipping slowly into her wet hole. Gina groaned and hunched her hips forward. He continued kissing her as he pushed more of the black behemoth into her tight cunt. Gina dropped her head back and released a long sigh as the man began to make little in and out movements. Each inward stroke fed another couple of centimeters into Gina's body. Gina looked at the camera and breathlessly spoke. "Jack I have never felt anything like this. His dick is filling me up completely. I can feel every vein and ridge. Damn!" Gina lay back on the couch and raised her knees, opening herself up to his assault. The guy leaned down and kissed Gina again as he steadily pushed his hips into her pelvis. Slowly the giant cock slid into her opening until it disappeared completely.

Jack could see Gina lying there with her mouth open and that large black man hovering over her. The knots in his stomach tightened even more as he watched the man pull his cock from Gina and heard the accompanying exhale of breath that she released. The man pulled his dick out all the way to the tip and then pushed it back until it completely disappeared inside Gina's dripping pussy. Each time he did this Gina would elevate her hips and groan. Then the thrusts speeded up. First just a little and then more, and more, until the man was thrusting fully in an out of Gina an impressive rate. Jack could not believe how easily Gina was absorbing that huge penis.

Gina began to moan and cry out as the thrusts became more insistent. She began to thrash her head back and forth and pant. Jack could see her face contorting and a flush spread across her chest. This he knew meant that she was about to come. Suddenly Gina grabbed her lover by the shoulders and heaved her hips at him as she shrieked out her orgasm. Her body undulated and writhed as she reached her pinnacle. The man stayed still, his cock completely enveloped by Gina's bucking body.

After Gina had calmed down from her climax the man began fucking her again. Starting slowly at first and then moving faster until he was thrusting just as hard as before. Gina held on and trembled as the huge cock slammed in and out of her pussy. Suddenly the man threw his head back and bellowed as his hips jerked as he filled her hot cunt with his sperm. Gina held onto his shoulders until he collapsed on top of her. After a few moments the man lifted his head off of Gina's breast and kissed her lips. The camera focused on the union of their genitals as he withdrew his huge penis from her battered pussy. Jack could not believe the amount of cum that poured out as the head slipped from inside of Gina. The thick viscous substance ran from her pussy onto the couch, and even dripped to the carpet beneath.

Gina looked worn out, yet smiled gamely for the camera.

"Well Jack I hope that was as stimulating for you as it was for me. I never would have believed the difference a large cock makes. I sure am a convert now."

Just then the other black man stepped into the frame and Gina smiled again.

"Is break time over already?" Then looking back at the camera she said. "Get comfy Jack this one looks like he can last awhile." Gina then turned and presented her rear view to the man and looking over her shoulder said. "Fuck me". The man wasted no time in kneeling down and shoving his large cock completely inside of Gina. Then he grabbed the back of her hair and began to slam his hips into her over and over again. The fucking continued for over 30 minutes, with Gina coming repeatedly on his huge cock. Finally the man pulled out and sat on the couch. I was surprised to see Gina straddle him as this is her least favorite was to have sex. Of course this was certainly not the first, or the last, time I was to be surprised.

Gina did an amazing job of absorbing the black dick of her lover. She slid all the way up until it almost slipped out and then dropped her weight back down and let it slam back in. Each time she reached bottom she let out this sexy moan. My dick was throbbing even thought I had already come twice.

Just when I thought that I could not be shocked again the first black guy walked into the frame. He was stroking his cock, which surprisingly, was rock hard again. His dick was shiny and in one of his hands I saw a bottle of Astro Glide. As he walked up behind Gina he reached out and rubbed her ass with the hand that had been stroking his cock. Gina looked back and smiled at him as his hand moved to the crack of her ass and began rubbing the lubricant all around her asshole. Gina closed her eyes as he began to work, first one, then two fingers into her ass. My stomach began to get butterflies for what had to be the fifth time as I realized what she was about to let happen. Gina looked up at the camera.

"Are you ready for this Jack? Are you ready to see your sweet young wife double fucked? Well whether you are or not I am." Then leaning forward, Gina reached back and spread her cheeks. "Fuck me. Fuck my tight asshole so that my husband can see what a slut I can be."

The guy needed no further encouragement as he pressed his huge dick up against her ass and began to rub the head all around her little brown hole. Again Gina called out for him to fuck her and so he pushed his hips forward and I watched as the huge head of his cock popped into her ass. Gina made a sound that seemed to be half pain and half pleasure. The cock continued to slide further into Gina's butt as she wiggled her hips to help him get it all in. Suddenly it seemed Gina's asshole completely relaxed and his pelvis suddenly met her soft white cheeks. Gina's breath caught in her throat and I saw her look up at the camera with a look of panic. Then the cock in her ass began to slide in and out at a slow yet steady pace. At the same time the cock in her pussy began to buck up into her dripping snatch. Gina's eyes rolled up into her head and she began to fuck them back, matching them stroke for stroke. In a matter of minutes they were fucking at quite a clip. I could hear the moist sounds of the two black monsters defiling my beautiful wife. Gina was panting and occasionally calling out "Oh shit" to signal her orgasms as the fucking continued.

After ten or fifteen minutes The stud in Gina's ass began to groan and without warning he clutched Gina's hips and drove his dick as deep as he could as he emptied himself into her bowels. Gina shuddered as she came again. Slowly the guy pulled his dick, which was coated with a thick layer of come, out of Gina's ass.

The camera moved back to show Gina's ravaged asshole. It looked red and swollen and sperm was running like a river down her leg.

Suddenly the guy under Gina pulled her up and off of his cock. "I need me some of that hot married ass" He said. Placing Gina sideways on the couch with her arms resting on the arm he kneeled down behind her. Gina reached back once again to pull her cheeks apart as the black stud positioned his cock at her messy asshole and began to press it into her quivering body. It did not take long before he was really slamming his prick in and out of Gina at a furious pace. Gina's hair flew back and forth and her firm ass rippled at every impact of his pelvis. But far from being in pain or uncomfortable Gina was fucking back at him and moaning encouragement. "Yeah fuck my ass! God your black cock feels good in me. Fill me up with your hot come!" With this kind of stimulation the guy began to moan and he seemed to be trying to slow down but Gina was fucking back so passionately that he could not hold off his impending orgasm. With a bellow he grabbed her hips and pounded her right through his orgasm which triggered yet another one in Gina. Almost at the same time they both arched their backs as they peaked and then slowly collapsed together in a heap on the couch. The man lay on top of Gina with his cock still buried in her ass as he kissed the back of her neck. She smiled and told him how amazing he was. I watched as if in a dream as another wave of panic and raw emotion washed over me.

In a few minutes Gina and the guy uncoupled. The camera guy threw Gina a towel as she attempted to soak up the river of cum flowing from her tender asshole.

Finally Gina sat back and looked at the camera and spoke. "Well Jack? Is that what you wanted to see? Did I make you feel what those sluts in the movies make you feel? Do you think that I have a career in porn?" The camera nodded up and down as the guy holding it agreed with her statement. "This was amazing Jack. It was the biggest turn on of my life. I prepared for this for over two weeks. Slowly getting my ass used to bigger and bigger toys. Getting to know my limits and what really turns me on. It was quite an adventure." Gina smiled again at the guy behind the camera. "Yes it was quite an adventure. But one thing was missing." Gina looked right into the camera as it panned closer to her face. "You. You were missing. I still love you and miss you." I felt my eyes fill with tears and my body began to shake again. "If you are not disgusted with me then maybe we can salvage what is left of our marriage." Tears rolled down Gina's cheek as she spoke. "If this is something you also want then meet me on the last day of this month at that little coffee shop where we went on our first date. That will give you a few days to decided for sure if this is what you want." Gina wiped a tear from her face. Then looked off camera and smiled. "There might be few changes to discuss as well."

Then looking back at the lens. "You cannot expect everything to be exactly the same."

With that the screen went black.

My mind was racing. Changes? Oh God I hope there are changes. I hit rewind and settled back to watch the best porn tape I had ever seen, and the last one I would ever need to watch.

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