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Gina's Ski Holiday



Authors Note: The following audio story is intended for a mature audience that wants to listen to an authentic erotic encounter between two amateur adults. The audio portion of this story contains very loud moans, groans, and orgasms. If you are into that, you will be happy. If you aren't, I respectfully offer the fair warning that this recording contains sounds of amateur sex that some may find funny, shocking, or bizarre. In our bed at home, or on a private spot on the beach at night, or in a secluded cabin away from it all that's the way we like it: Loud and physical. We hope you will too.

Special thanks to Literotica members "William smyth" and "Songlover1777" whose comments and suggestions have not only helped make our stories better, but have made our love life even hotter. Many thanks to the folks who took the time to post some really hot comments. Please do so again. But remember that we can't respond to anonymous comments or questions in email so leave us an email address we can reply to. We promise nothing kinky will happen to you :-) And don't forget to vote.



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Gina wanted me to take her skiing in Colorado before the end of the season while we both had some downtime from work. So I booked a condo near Telluride for the week, rented the equipment we needed, bought 3-day lift tickets and drove the two of us to the resort nearly 9000 feet above sea level. Gina is in a little better shape than I am thanks to my recent workload keeping me tied down in one place at the home office. I was standing in front of the mirror in my underwear poking the little bulge at my waste thinking, "Probably need to spend some more time at the gym". Just then Gina walked out with her red and black ski suit on. I was in awe looking at the curves of her legs, hips, and tits accentuated by the close fitting waterproof fabric.

"Well? What do you think?" She held her arms out away from her hips and did a quick 360.

"Wow, Gina. You are so beautiful, sweetheart." I said.

"Thanks." She said beaming me that lovely smile and wrapping her auburn hair with a matching tie we found at a small shop in Ouray during the drive.

"I'm glad you like the way I look. You better get your suit on while still you can." Gina said looking at my crotch.

I hadn't noticed how stiff I was getting just watching her so I decided I better focus my attention on getting everything ready to go if I didn't want to walk to the gondolas with a tent pole sticking out below my jacket. That would be more than a little embarrassing... and uncomfortable.

After the gondola ride to Mountain Village we both warmed up on the Meadows trail and took the Sunshine Express up the mountain to nearly 12,000 feet. I don't like steep runs as much as Gina does so for our first trips down we both took the Double Cabin trail which is pretty scenic and easy for two skiers to stay close together. After our third trip on the lift we split up. Gina took the more difficult Sundance trail while I stayed on the Cabin. I watched her hips sway back and forth as she quickly navigated the slope and disappeared over the bank.

"How did I get so lucky?" I thought. Somehow I married the sexiest woman in the entire world. Gina loves skiing. Doing something athletic outside makes her happy. Pure joy is as best I can describe it. The mountain weather was perfectly clear and the day promised to be an exciting break from the usual routine at work. As I took a breath and started my way down the slope I couldn't wait to catch up with her again for dinner.

Three hours skiing at over 10,000 feet was as much as we were physically able to do so we decided to have dinner at Allred's and call it a day. For some reason I struggled with the left turns and ended up crashing into the trail bank twice. My legs were in no mood for any further abuse as I exited the lift for the gondola ride to the mountain top.

"Holy crap I think the hot tub is calling me." I told Gina after my second Grand Marnier while she rubbed the knot in my shoulders.

"Me too. You didn't take Sundance like I did and that's still a pretty easy trail. Why are you so tired?" Gina replied looking at me skeptically.

"You're in better shape than I am and this elevation is killing me". I said swallowing the last of my drink and signaling the bartender to close out the tab.

"Once we get adjusted it will get easier. You'll see." Gina said winking at me.

The sun was setting over the mountain and the view from our table was just breathtaking. Gina finished her tenderloin while I made a valiant attempt to eat at least half of a huge bone-in rib eye, ending up with a take-out box we could share later. Both steaks were excellent and a delicious end to an active day.

"You look and feel great to me my sweet sexy man. Thanks for taking me skiing today. Dinner was wonderful"

Gina leaned close and wrapped her arm around mine, giving me a quick moist kiss on the cheek as we enjoyed the last of the sunset from the gondola ride down to our resort.

"You're welcome any time sweetheart." I replied. "We're here all week folks so come back tomorrow and see Gina's husband manage to avoid plowing headlong into a snow bank."

Gina leaned her head on my shoulder and I enjoyed breathing in the lavender scent of her soft auburn hair.

"I'm glad you think I'm sexy." I said.

As the gondola approached the plaza, Gina looked up at me.

"When we get back to the condo, let's get out of our suits and relax in the hot tub. I won't wear anything if you won't".

She giggled and had that smile that suggested she might be interested in more than just a dip in the tub.

"That sounds like the best idea I've heard all week."

And I'll take that offer any day.


Gina and I met in college and have been married almost 20 years. We are very active sexually and enjoy long love making sessions at home and when traveling, including the occasional quickie in the secluded outdoors. We've recently added some light bondage to our afternoons and evenings to spice things up a bit. I purchased some leg cuffs and straps, a spreader bar with wrist and leg cuffs, soft handcuffs, and a few large dildos from a large online sex shop that ships products in discrete brown packages. For our first adventure I tied Gina's legs spread as wide as possible to the bed frame and pounded her pussy until we were both exhausted. It turns out that Gina likes to be restrained during sex and she really likes being fucked doggy style face down and ass up. She says she feels totally exposed and helpless in that position while I am pounding her bottom as aggressively as I can.

After getting back to the condo we started the hot tub and just soaked there naked for 20 minutes playfully talking, touching each other, and kissing with our lips lightly brushing across shoulders, neck, and cheeks. My energy level dramatically improved as I watched Gina's natural heavy breasts float and sway in the swirling, bubbly water as she caressed my cock with her fingertips. I was thinking how I would love to sit on the edge of the tub and let Gina slowly suck my cock with her soft full lips and warm wet mouth, or make her sit on the edge while I slid my tongue passionately across her pussy until she shuddered uncontrollably in a full body orgasm. I drifted from fantasy to fantasy as Gina gripped my cock and rhythmically pumped it while we French kissed in the steamy water. Just before my cock was about to burst Gina stood up, breasts bobbing and swaying as little steams of water rushed down her chest and down her legs leaving a slick shine on her shaved pussy.

"Oh, Gina I would love to have my face between your legs right now." I panted.

"You will. Let's get dried off and get to bed." Gina grinned and took my by the hand.

"God your tits are huge."

"I'm glad you like them. They are not easy to carry around all day."

"Just let me know and I'll be glad to hold them up for you."

When we got to the bedroom Gina said, "Now just relax. Today was wonderful so I want to make you feel wonderful".

I was standing near the bed when she immediately went down on both knees and started sucking my cock slowly and rhythmically while looking straight up at me with her big beautiful green eyes. The way her wide hips spread out in this position as she held her arms held behind her back just drove me wild with excitement.

"Oh, Gina that is so good." I groaned.

In between slurping on my dick she said, "I can tell this makes you feel good."

"How can you tell?" I asked trying to keep my growing orgasm in control.


"You're getting really hard." Gina said.


"What does that mean?" I asked.


"It means you can get inside me." Gina was looking lovingly into my eyes, "And then you can pound me."

She continued to bob her head up and down and occasionally sucking hard and pulling my cock out of her mouth with a loud popping sound. I didn't want to cum in her mouth (this time) so before things got out of my control, I helped her up and we both moved onto the bed.

Gina said she wanted me to pound her pussy hard and fast so after a few shallow warm up strokes to make sure everything was nice and slippery I spread her legs as wide as they would go and pinned her shoulders to the bed with one massive tit in each hand. With her hands pinned I let my hips plunge slowly downward. The head of my cock forced her swollen pussy lips apart, sliding slowly and gradually so she could feel the entire length of my cock stretch and fill her pussy from G-Spot to cervix.

"Ohhh." Gina moaned as my cock bottomed out and my tight balls were compressed firmly up against her ass.

"Gina, your pussy feels so good!"

I pulled almost all the way out and thrust quickly back inside as far as I could go as Gina cried out louder than before. At each stroke I picked up the pace until I was fucking her pussy as hard and as fast as I could. The rhythmic slapping sounds, loud groans from Gina, and the incredible feeling of her pussy sucking tightly on my cock quickly started driving me toward an incredible orgasm. I love the sound she makes when my cock slams balls deep into her pussy. Gina is very loud during sex. She can't control it and even surprises herself sometimes with how loud she gets.

I stop occasionally to let my dick calm down while I move into different positions. Watching Gina's triple-D tits bounce when I'm fucking her is extremely erotic so I held her legs wide apart, knees locked at my elbows, while thrusting my cock into her sopping wet pussy with my hips over and over again. To make her scream, I pined her arms to her waist with my hands, threw her legs over my shoulders and pile-drive my cock into her. I started slow and went as deep as I could, increasing the speed of my pounding until Gina's moans became one long orgasmic scream and I felt her wetness spreading out between my knees. I could tell from the look in her eyes as she watched me work her cunt into a soft sloppy mess that she wanted me to cum first so she could feel my cock throbbing between her legs. We had more in mind than just missionary sex so I followed her lead and cream pied her pussy before she could orgasm. Her turn was coming up next.

"Get on your knees and put your face in the pillow." I ordered after we had rested and recovered our energy.

"Spread your legs. Wider." I pulled out the spreader bar and fastened the cuffs to her ankles.

"Ass up. Arch your back. Yes, like that". Gina was following orders well.

"Put your hands between your legs." She placed her wrists over the bar and I fastened them with cuffs as well.

Other than just leaning over on her side there was now no escape. Her pink puffy pussy and tight little anus were on full display and I couldn't help standing behind her for a few minutes admiring the view.

"I'm going to buzz your clit until you cum at least six times."

"Oh. OK." Gina responded.

"Try not to pass out this time." I said.

"I'll try."

"Take deep breaths and scream as much as you want."

"OK. I will."

I pulled out a butterfly vibrator, spread some light lubricant on the business end, clipped the straps around her thighs, and turned it on full speed. After a few minutes getting it adjusted on top of Gina's swollen clit, I pulled over a chair and started stroking my cock to get it hard again. I wanted her to see what hopefully was going inside her ass. My cock can make her scream but a vibrator makes her wail like a police siren. Gina was smiling, watching me rub my cock in front of her face when the first orgasm hit. She closed her eyes tight and her whole body tensed up as a long high-pitched moan started deep inside her chest, reaching a loud climax as clear droplets began to make thin streaks down the backs of her legs. She had just enough time to catch several quick breaths as the second orgasm took hold causing her toes to curl tightly and her fingers to spread out from the cuffs that softly but firmly held her fast against the bar. That one subsided and her eyes opened wide as Gina started bucking her hips as if attempting to dislodge the vibrator from her clit. But the butterfly held fast as the third orgasm started and Gina wailed long and loud through it. Her pussy was gushing now and the backs of her legs were slick with moisture. I was jerking my stiff cock in front of her face and urging her on to another orgasm.

"Oh, I want to cum all over your pretty face you big titted fox." I thought, "But I'm not. I'm going to cum in your tight ass if you let me."

By the end of the fifth orgasm Gina's voice was getting horse from all the screaming and squealing sounds she was making, her whole body was shaking continuously and had collapsed against the restraints, and tears fell from her face in large glittering drops.

"One more, Gina, and your sweet round bottom will be all mine."

I reached between her legs and pushed the butterfly vibrator deeper into her pussy. The thing was so strong it didn't slow down the slightest bit, but Gina immediately screamed to life as fluid squirted out from both sides of the vibrator.

"Man I didn't think a girl had that much water in her." I thought as the last orgasm subsided.

I could tell Gina was exhausted from the vibrator so I switched it off and let her rest for a few minutes without loosening her restraints.

We are not a regular anal sex couple but sometimes the situation calls for it, and in her position I had a decision to make. After getting the OK from Gina I pulled out the heavy duty lube and slowly started working my way in inch by inch.

"Wow. This is good. This is very, very good." I panted after I had finally sunk the whole length of my cock inside her warm tight ass.

"Feels good to you?" Gina replied feeling erotic sensations of fullness radiate around her pussy and tingling sensations from her G-spot.

"Yes." I said.

My cock was being firmly squeezed, especially at the root which made it feel swollen and throbbing across the entire length.

"Oh, Good." Gina sighed and pushed against me to get just a little bit more cock inside her.

Her ass was really tight and we had to go very slowly at first. But once Gina was stuffed full, slippery and relaxed, she begged me to use her ass like it was a pussy. So away I went, smacking her bottom occasionally because I liked the sound and Gina thinks it's erotic to be spanked while I'm fucking her from behind. Nothing over the top or abusive. Just a little horseplay.

"I can't believe I am fucking her from behind like this." I think as I admire the shape of her bottom and her helplessness in this position.

With Gina's moans helping me along I cum within a few minutes for the second time. I could tell Gina was feeling my cock surge inside her because she sighed in sympathy with my pulsing orgasm. I didn't want to pull away from her magnificent body until my dick went completely limp. We showered each other with affectionate words and I caressed her back and shoulders.

After releasing her from the cuffs we lay close together catching our breath and enjoying the caresses and conversation of the afterglow.

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