tagSci-Fi & FantasyGinger and Gold of Old

Ginger and Gold of Old


Pale-skinned, ginger haired and lazily immortal, Suzanna more inhabited than lived on, the forested valley floor. Her presence permeated the space below the leafy canopy, flowing like a living mist among the ancient trunks and over the leaf-strewn forest floor.

Suzanna lived alone, as they all did eventually. She avoided the humans, the words of her father intact in her brain after centuries, "They are weak," his eyes afire with protective passion. "They are born and they pass on in the twinkling of an eye. They are not as we are, child."

The myths of humankind grew up around the shivers and crawling skins of the primitives as they walked among the trees and so it was that over time, they came to avoid the cool green of the lower valley area, calling it haunted and cursed.

As ever with men, that which is feared is made to be conquered and thus in his nineteenth year, David wearing only his loin-cloth, shouldered a pack of provisions and amid the daring chants of his peers descended the summery slopes where the village nestled, toward the forbidden green dimness.

Suzanna squatted naked over the root over her favourite tree, golden urine streaming from the ginger-red triangle between her legs, the pink lips of her cunt peeping through her puberty and glistening wet in the occasional caressing sunbeam that penetrated the canopy. As she relieved herself, she heard David's soft foot-fall when he entered the forest some miles away. Soon afterwards, her nose caught his sweaty scent.

Despite her father's warnings, she had never seen a human and never sought to know that which she must avoid. Now though, she knew the weaker species was near and that she must conceal herself and allow the man to go on his way. Yet curiosity ignited in her ancient soul and though she strove with it, it burned her, wheedled with her and finally she was vanquished. What harm could it do to wait high in the trees and behold that which she must never encounter? She leapt into the branches and concealed herself in the leaves aloft.

David approached in such haste it caused Suzanna to wonder at the speed and stamina one so feeble could muster. Though she could manage powerful leaps and vice-like grips to the branches of trees, such prolonged effort was beyond her -- why be strong after all when one had eternity to rest on one's journey? The smell of his sweat drew nearer and she was fascinated by the sounds of his movement, his breathing and his heart as it beat in his chest, hammering against his ribcage.

He stopped once and she detected the aroma of his urine, similar to her own, as he relieved himself against a tree. The scent held traces of a mystery that brought to her pussy a sensation she had yet only felt in dreams. While she waited with growing anticipation for the strange sweaty weakling to approach her tree, she quietly fingered herself as her mother had taught her to do when the time came, massaging and rubbing her clit, drawing flowing juices from her cunt, arousing herself to climax. Gushing squirts of her cum splashed on her inner thighs and ran down her perineum to her arsehole, dripping on to her branch and causing her to bite her lip to stifle her moan. She did not know David's mortal ears could never detect the sound of her pleasure at such distance.

David had entered the blanket of Suzanna's presence among the trees. His skin cried out against his folly, hardening into goose-pimples, the hair on the nape of his neck standing on end. So it was true, there was something here. The sunlight penetrating the leaves was golden now and the shadows were lengthening as if the the forest was closing in around him, swallowing him into itself, trapping him in the vines that crawled on the ground and snagged his ankles as he walked.

Fear awoke in his brain and peaked out from behind every thought. How could they know if he'd made the centre of the valley? Why not simply make camp here for the night and return on the morrow with nought but tales of moles in the undergrowth. But he knew he could not live the lie, that he must press on until the trees thinned and the ground grew damp near the lakeside. He pressed on, chewing dried meat and kicking aside the undergrowth. He could smell the lake now and he knew he would make its shores before the light faded.

Idly licking the pussy juice from her fingers, Suzanna monitored his progress. He would pass beneath her tree by the sounds of his foot-falls. She could almost feel the unnatural heat emanating from his flesh and she was ever puzzled by his remarkable stamina. Things were not as they had been in her heart. Such a creature of weakness could never launch this valiant an assault on the forest and then all reason fled her as he emerged from behind a trunk in the gloom below her.

He must have heard her gasp for he looked up, sharp eyes slicing the oncoming night, piercing the canopy, raking her naked flesh with their molten gaze. She had never beheld such a creature. His skin was tanned and his eyes blazed fiery blue from the mass of blonde curls cascading over his bulging shoulders and down his rippling back. Every ounce of him exuded power and beauty.

Suzanna's gaze moved down his body like a hungry tongue, licking eagerly over his enormous hair-covered chest and his hard flat stomach. Her eyes lingered on his cock, hardly concealed by his loin-cloth, hanging limp and thick, the testicles cushioning it amid a light brown forest of its own between the tops of sturdy trunk-like legs. His feet, bare and tough were planted on the treacherous forest floor, unscathed by stone or thorn.

She watched amazed as he slowly lowered his head and walked on. How could he have missed her? His eyes had found her, pierced her, possessed her, brought her pink nipples to stiffness and renewed the juicy stream in her hungry womanhood. Yet he simply went on into the forest as if she did not exist. This was a strange day.

She listened as he crashed on toward the lake and only as the dappled sun turned crimson and bled across the horizen did she realise the might of her disappointment and the mortal need that had begun to burn her ill-prepared eternal soul. And so as he made his fire and squatted beside it to sleep, she could have done nothing but that which she did, appearing from the shadows to stand naked on the edge of the firelight, gazing at him through the flames.

To David, the ghostly figure that slid from the forest at first paralysed then angered then transfixed him. The strange creature only stared at him, ginger curls falling over her face, shadowing features possessed of beauty both pale and fell, concealing one pale breast, the other in plain view, its pink nipple a hard streak on the unblemished white fullness surrounding it. The limbs were thin and the unruly public triangle between the legs inviting. The red light danced across living skin and he knew this was no ghost but a woman, such a woman as he had never seen.

His fear ebbed as she stepped around the fire. He felt something emanating from her, a hunger, a lust. Fleetingly, he felt longing his body should never have known, to be invaded, penetrated. He knew her want though she did not utter it. His penis stiffened, his youthful ardour bringing its hardness almost fully upright against his solid abdomen.

Suzanna watched his cock fascinated. It brought on her lust and she wanted to taste it, to engulf it in her mouth, to bite it, spit on it and swallow it. Her vagina pulsed and flowed as she moved towards him, clear juices streaming down her thigh, glittering in the firelight. Though even David could not yet feel it, Suzanna smelt the emergence of his pre-cum as its first tiny beads squeezed from his erection and it kindled in her an immeasurable lust.

She was almost on him now, standing only inches from him, the smell of her filling his nostrils at last. Brazened by his passion, he quickly rose, towering above the beautiful faded creature and suddenly grabbing her delicate white shoulders, his nails scratching but leaving no mark on impervious flesh. He pulled her face to his and possessed her lips and mouth. He was at first shocked by the cool of her flesh against his, warm but only slightly like that of a fresh corpse. Her body quivered as he held her and his mouth sucked at hers, his tongue penetrating her, scouring her gums and tasting her throat.

Such was their need, there was no time for idle niceties. Suzanna pulled herself from his embrace and her mouth moved over his chest, briefly exploring his nipples then she was on her knees, her hands kneading his balls and her tongue enveloping his shaft. In the firelight, she saw the red triangle of skin, stretched at the purple tip of his cock before the angry red slit whose venom she so longed to taste. She licked it, dribbling and spitting on it, her saliva coating his penis and dripping from his testicles.

She reached out her mind and entered his human soul, feeling its feverish power, a flame burning hotter than any elf's. She felt his pleasure and knew his need as he knew it. She gagged on his cock as she took its head deep in her throat but it was no matter, the pain was mere blot on her eternity, time enough for breathing later. His hands clasped handfuls of her hair and he forced himself into her, penetrating her throat, delighting in the slap of his balls on her chin and her wet snorting and choking as she struggled for breath obstructed by his fleshy rod.

He lifted his foot and pressed on her lower abdomen crudely, delighting in the feeling of flesh meeting pubic hair. He rubbed his toes none too gently on her slick mound and the tenseness of her arsehole, feeling her soft labia yield 'neath his roughness. Her eyes were wide as she took his prick, her hands clawed desperately at his hips and buttocks as his powerful arms brought her face to his crotch again and again. Soon she tasted his cum, as it spurted thickly into her throat. He cried out and released her head, pulling his penis from her gasping mouth, he squirted the last of his thick load on to her pale face and her smooth heaving breasts. She saw herself through his eyes and knew his delight at her submission as if it was her own.

His youth and ardour kept him hard and she begged him, 'Penetrate me, please, fuck me, violate my cunt!'

He lifted her to her feet, his cum still running down her face and chest and turned her about, shoving her to her hands and knees. She did not flinch and nor did he see as her hands rested on the coals at the edge of the fire and the flames licked her fingers. She looked into the blaze as he forced himself roughly into her vagina, pleasures innumerable exploding between her legs as she felt his flesh sliding against her sex and drank in the pleasure emanating from his soul, feeling the fleshy inside of her as he felt it. Her pleasure slowly mounted and his pleasure excited her all the more.

David watched his thick manhood penetrate the pale lady's moist fuck-hole and her little pink anus winked invitingly at him from between the buttocks he kneaded roughly as he fucked her faster and faster. He pulled her arse up towards him to ease the weight on his powerful legs. She felt his strain as he felt it and moved in perfect unison with his want, spreading her cunt and buttocks wider as she presented them further up towards him.

His cock hammered savagely into her and gripping one of her creamy buttocks, he jammed two fingers into her tight arsehole and felt his cock moving in her cunt through the fleshy wall between her two gorgeous orifices.

'Oh fuck David, that feels good,' She whined like a punished hound at him, feeling pleasure at the effect her voice purchased in him. She moaned and groaned, for him and with him and she felt the white-hot sensation of his orgasm building. Her own climax approached, spurred on by his and as the warm sticky spurts began spitting from his pulsating flesh, her vulva tensed and around him, clutching at his meat, her cervix throbbing, drinking the cum he squirted inside her.

"What is your name?" he asked later as they lay sprawled beside the fire.

"Suzanna." How could he not know after such sharing?

"Well, Suzanna, again." He was not asking, simply commanding her.

She was spent, an elven body never made for such trials yet she heard his thoughts and felt herself rolling to her side, her arms lazily bathing to the elbow in the dying flames, enjoying the heat -- he never saw. Hearing his thoughts, she knew his intent even before he forced himself into her arse, still wet enough from the sperm and pussy-juice that had run over it from their previous sex.

He came quickly though she only felt it in her dreams, unable to stave off the deep sleep that engulfed her even as he fucked her and spurted into her arsehole before falling asleep himself.

He coupled with her five more times before the morning, waking up hard and arranging her body, almost cold in her deathlike slumber so he could fuck her as he pleased. She felt him as she slept, her own body responding, her pussy moistening, accepting his thrusting dick and load after load of cum, even bringing her to orgasm without waking her, her sleepy moans exciting him as he filled her and squeezed her breasts and finger-fucked her arsehole and finally softened and withdrew from her.

The morning, glorious with sunshine glittering on the lake and air still and warm even in the first light, found both bodies asleep beside ash and cooling embers. David's stomach woke him, demanding more earthly satiation than the high pleasure of the night.

The woman lay sprawled beside him, breathing but cold as death. This one had been strange indeed. Looking into her eyes as he mated with her, he had felt such pleasure he could never have dreamt. It was as if those pretty pools knew a place of ecstasy she could take him to with her gaze alone.

He fed himself on dry meat and drank water from the lake then gazed upon her naked body, gently spreading her thighs to drink in the delight of puberty and dried cum that lay between her legs. His cock hardened. She slumbered on as he fed on the sight of her tits and pussy, spread before him for the taking. "I will make my mark on you again!" he said out loud.

He squatted between her legs and stroked his own balls, cupping them and kneading them. His dick began to ooze and he held himself, drawing his foreskin over the head and back again, more and more quickly, rubbing the end of him against her soft labia, teasing himself. He wanted to penetrate her, to fill her with cream again but satisfied himself by rubbing his cock against her soft wetness.

He jerked himself off harder and harder and soon, he squirted. He sprayed his seed on to her body, the first thick spurts landing on her tits and upper abdomen and the last drops settling on her ginger-red pussy. He wiped his cock clean in her puberty and squatted waiting for her to awaken as his semen dried on her skin.

Hours later, when the sun was high and the day well on its way, Suzanna stirred and opened her eyes. She smelt his cum on her body and touched it, bringing that which was still wet to her mouth and licking it from her fingers. She registered his pleasure at her discovery of his use of her flesh and she encouraged him as she heard his thoughts, 'Yes David, do it.'

He rose and approached her, standing over her, his cock hard again from seeing her stir and discover his sperm on her skin. He relaxed his tight bladder and a powerful stream of urine squirted from his penis, wetting first her tits then her pussy then her delighted face.

She held her hair in his piss then opened her mouth and drank it, taking his cock in her lips as the last drops dribbled from its end. He was hard soon and she knew what he wanted. She motioned for him to lay on his back and squatting over his groin, she released her own golden stream, her hand between his legs jerking him off until he mixed his cum with her piss.

When she had finished, she gently sucked his softening cock, cleaning it and caressing it until it slept again.

They washed wordlessly in the lake then each went their separate ways. David returned many times to the forest to have his fill of Suzanna. He sent his sons and daughters to sample her pleasures on the eves of their adulthoods and though over the millennia, the lake dried, the mountains about the valley crumbled and the forest gave way to cities, the legend of our lady of the lake endured.

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