Ginger on Ginger


Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain were in the bedroom at Jessica's home. They had worked together before on The Help, and became close friends on the set, and now they were both offered parts in another movie, this time as sisters, so they decided to get together with a bottle of wine, and go over the script.

"Sister," Jessica read, "know that, no matter which man I marry, I will always love you above all." She sat at the foot of the bed, while Bryce lay at the other end, with her knees up. Both had a good laugh at the dialogue (to be fair, part of this was due to intoxication).

"Oh, my God, who wrote this?" Bryce said, laughing her ass off.

"I know! I mean, the homuh-erotiss—" Jessica stumbled a little on the word. "Ho-mo-er-ot-ic-is-im. God, maybe I've had enough of this." She punctuated this by taking another swig of wine. Bryce held her hand out for the bottle, so Jess passed it to her, and she too took a gulp or two. "Anyway, the homo-eroticism is one thing, but between sisters?"

"Yeah, something tells me this writer has some weird issues." She took another hit, finishing off the bottle. "You know what? This is so nuts, we should both just take these parts, no matter how weird it gets from here."

"Oh, really? Even if it goes into full-on incest?"

"You think it might actually go there?"

Jess put her copy of the script down, and moved on to her hands and knees. "Oh, dear sister, I must confess, I am greatly troubled by these feelings I have for you." Bryce again laughed, as Jess crawled over to her. "Though you are my blood, I cannot stop thinking of you in an...unnatural way." She crawled over Bryce.

"My sister, what are you doing? No! This is wrong! What would mother and father say?"

"I care not what they think! And I care not that you are my sister, I must make love to you, or I will surely go insane from sadness!"

"Oh, sister! At gentle with me..."

The two again laughed hysterically. After their laughter died down, they stared at each other silently, smiling, until suddenly, Jess lowered her head, and both pursed their lips, which finally met. Jess and Bryce started to make out on the bed, rubbing their hands all over each other. Jess then started kissing down her neck, while unbuttoning Bryce's blouse. Bryce moaned, and tilted her head back, as Jess moved down her chest. Jess undid the front of Bryce's bra, and opened it. Bryce's nipples were already hard, and pointing straight up. Jess kissed the middle of Bryce's rising and sinking chest, then started to lick and gently suck on her nipples. Bryce's pussy was getting very moist, as Jess kissed down her stomach, stopping to lick around the rim of her navel, while she undid Bryce's jeans.

Jess pulled off the jeans, and then Bryce's white cotton panties, which stuck to her slightly. On seeing Bryce's ginger bush, Jess grinned, then leaned down, and kissed the red pubes, before moving down. Jess stuck her tongue out, and started licking up and down the middle of Bryce's dripping snatch. "Hah! Huh! Ah!" Bryce's face screwed up, and she jumped slightly with each stroke of Jess's tongue, which she slowly worked deeper into her juicy quim. "Oh, God!" Bryce whispered.

Bryce's body shuddered when she came. Jess kissed her way back up, eventually locking lips with Bryce again. Noticing how wet Jess' mouth and chin were, Bryce said, "Wow, did I squirt?"

"You did."

"Hmm...think I can make you do the same?"

"You can try."

In a moment, Jess sat up in Bryce's place, both now naked, as Bryce squeezed and suckled her breasts. Jess sighed, and ran her fingers through Bryce's hair.

Soon, Bryce was between Jess's legs, kissing her inner thighs, while lightly touching the backs with her fingertips. Bryce then started kissing around the edge of Jess's cunt, licking slowly up the sides of her labia, before holding it open with her fingers, and burying her tongue inside. Jess felt herself up, and softly whispered, "Yesss...Oh, God, eat me..." As Bryce's tongue probed deeper into Jess' sopping wet pussy, she also rubbed her throbbing clit with her thumb. "Oh, God...Gonna cum..." When she felt it approach, Jess lifted her ass up off the bed, and started to buck her hips. She also held Bryce's head, so she wouldn't be knocked off.

With one final stroke of Bryce's thumb, and one final prod of her tongue, Jessica came, and came hard. "Ooohh, fuck!"

Once Jess' body calmed down, she and Bryce once again locked lips. "So, what do you think?" Bryce asked, "Should we accept these roles?"

"I don't know. You think there'll be a love scene?"

"Only one way to find out." The two picked up their scripts, and continued to read.

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