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Ginger or Mary Ann


'Ginger or Mary Ann's' was no doubt the most debated subject of boys in the late sixties on into the seventies and even eighties. Which one you chose was a glance into not only your sexual preferences but your psyche as well. Ginger, tall and sultry quite capable of using her sexual prowess to gain whatever she desired. Whereas Mary Ann was modest with a charming, smile yet cute enough to turn heads. Ginger was the girl you took to Vegas but Mary Ann was the girl you took home to meet your mother.

When my uncle died, it became my chore to clean out his house. As with most older folks, it was full of mementos priceless to him but mostly junk to everyone else. While going through drawers full of papers I came across a diary hand written by my uncle. I just flipped through it ready to add it to the junk pile when I notice an entry named,

"My evening with Ginger and Mary Ann." Since this was not written for the public, yet I feel it is important enough for the people to see I am publishing this anonymous. To be able to do this I cannot say what my uncle had to do with the 'Gilligan's Island' TV show that stemmed this great debate. Furthermore, without proof, I am claiming this to be a piece of satire but I believe it to be true. Here in my uncle's words is what he claimed happened on that fateful night in September of 1967.

The show being canceled was not a surprise to anyone we all saw the ratings and yet it was the disappointment of our group no longer being together that made us all sad. Sherwood said we should go out with bang and threw us a big party. As with most wrap parties we all drank too much and things got a little wild. In the end, it was with tears we said our goodbyes and I headed home. I was almost there when I noticed I'd left my wallet back on the set. I told the driver to turn around and we went back to get it.

The place looked deserted but as I walked to the back, I thought I heard noises. I went to see and when I walked onto stage right, I saw Tina and Dawn (this is Ginger and Mary Ann's real name for those who don't know). They both had their tops off, they were kissing, and I mean kissing with a lot of tongue. With most of the public thinking, there was a big competition between these two it was actually a ploy thought up by the producers to keep their love affair from the public.

The girls noticed me standing there and surprised me by inviting me to join them. Already hard and horny from what I'd been witnessing I rushed to be by their side. Dawn told me I was just in time as they both had been saying they wanted a hard dick to share between them. She reached between my legs to grab my hard-on and the two drug me into a dressing room. Tina put her perky breast to my lips as Dawn began working to get me out of my clothes. Once I was naked, she remarked to Dawn,

"See I told you he was hung."

The two of them pushed me on the day bed and together they began to slurp my cock and balls. I have to say it felt fantastic as they put me between their lips then ran their tongues up and down my shaft. I put my hand up Tina's long skirt to find her panty less and I explored her harry pussy with my fingers. She was very wet and I asked her to let me kiss her slit. She actually squealed as she sat on my face tucking my head under her skirt. Tina seemed to be enjoying my tongue and soon came flooding my face with her juices. She then invited her friend to take my tongue for a ride, she got off me just in time for me to watch Dawn take her shorts down, and her panties soon followed. I was surprised to find Dawn's snatch completely hairless. I enjoyed licking the smooth skin just above her clit but she was too excited for foreplay and held my head as she put her cunt into my mouth. She rubbed her pussy on my face ruthlessly until she came in a scream.

I had been so distracted by Dawn's action I did not notice that Tina was on top of me and my dick was deep inside her. When Dawn saw what was happening she turned around on my face until she was facing Tina. They began to make out passionate enough for Dawn to orgasm again. This was too much for me to take and I just exploded inside Tina.

Now soft and pretty much useless to the two they almost pushed me off the bed and then they got into the classic sixty-nine position. Watching the two go at it and especially to see Dawn lapping up the sperm I'd just deposited inside Tina made me hard again. I got behind Dawn and just put my dick in the crevice of her pussy. Tina grasped me and helped insert me inside her lover. As I pistoned, in and out Tina would lick both my shaft and then Dawn's Clit. In a final frenzy we all three came at the same time. The two made room for me on the bed between them and soon we were all asleep. I awoke to an empty bed, as both ladies were gone. At first I thought, it was just a dream and yet the aroma of two well-used pussies was all around me.

I have had the honor of seeing both women many times since that wonderful evening although not together and only on a social level. There is little hope of the serendipity of that night repeating itself but even once is the chance of a lifetime. I know of the big argument over which one of these lovely women a man would choose and now that I have had both I feel more qualified than most to make that choice. However, in deference to these most special people I will never make my choice public.

Here the entry ends and I could find nothing else about these two women anywhere else in his diary. I have heard the rumors about the size of my uncle's manhood but I never witnessed it firsthand. Did it really happen I cannot say for sure but I feel my uncle wrote it as truth and I believe him? Oh, and by the way I pick Mary Ann.

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