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Ginger Picks Up the Pace


"You gonna cheat anymore?" she asked, her voice barely above a whisper as she slowly stroked my cock.

I stood rigidly by the bed, knees braced against the mattress, looking at her. She sat naked in the dim light of candles spaced around the room, one foot tucked against her opposite thigh, the other dangling off the bed. Occasionally that foot brushed against the back of my leg in a gentle caress.

"No, Ginger." I answered.

"And why would I believe you?" still stroking, looking up at me.

"I told you the truth..." I began, but she cut me off.

"You told me after I asked you, Thomas."

No anger or venom, just a plain statement of fact. She cocked her head inquisitively. I nodded.

"You wouldn't have told me if I hadn't asked." she continued. "That's the same as lying, don't you think?"

"Yes." I replied.

I'd cheated as she started to "train" my stamina 3 weeks back. Ginger had finally taken our cuckolding experiment over the top, first with a guy in his hotel room, then again with a bathroom blow job at a co-worker's engagement party. While we'd both enjoyed the experiences, I admittedly had been quick on the trigger when having her afterwards.

After the blow job, she'd restricted me from cumming without her telling me to do so, and had commenced training me by bringing me to the edge of orgasm, only to choke it off (literally) before I could finish.

She'd been teasing me furiously, jerking or sucking me to the edge daily, always stopping me. Friday morning that first week, she was heading to work early and had straddled my face directly after her shower, letting me lick her to orgasm while she sucked on me. She came, then left me there, throbbing, once more. I lie there with her scent and taste still fresh on my lips and couldn't help myself, so I'd cheated and finished on my own.

She didn't find out immediately, but an interrogation Saturday night coupled with my ineptitude at lying did me in. And so it had been 3 long weeks of intense teasing, her bringing me to the edge almost daily and shutting me down, that led to this evening.

"Mmm" she said, tightening her grip slightly. "I believe you, Thomas." She smiled at me. "Plus...I miss it too, you know..."

She hadn't been with anyone since the engagement party, but had me take care of her with my tongue, fingers, and toys (or boyfriends as she calls them), just about every day as well.

"Miss what?" I asked, then regretted the question as her eyes squinted slightly.

She stopped stroking, shifted about, rose up on her knees so that we were face to face, then began stroking again, more firmly, at a quicker pace.

"See...that's part of the problem..." she started. "I know you like to please me, but sometimes you only see your needs. You think you miss cumming, and you think since you make me cum that I'm not missing anything. But I miss THIS." punctuating the sentence with a firm tug on my cock. "You miss cumming? Well I miss your cum, Thomas. I like pleasing you too. I like making you cum. Your selfishness that Friday hurt us both. Do you see?"

I did see, although it was hard to concentrate with the pressure her hand was exerting on me. I felt bad, guilty, that it didn't really occur to me she was missing out too. She was right, I had figured she was getting off and that I was the only one suffering.

She drew closer, kissed my lips. "Don't feel too bad...everyone is selfish. I'm selfish too. Why are we doing this? For me, right? So you can last longer for me."

"I want to though...I don't mind." I answered.

"Mmm...I know baby. And do you think you can now?"

I nodded.

"Really?" She stroked me faster. "So when I go out and meet a guy..." eyes locked on me now, pressing against me so her nipples pressed in to my chest. "Then come home, drunk...half-undressed...full of him..."

I moaned, nodding.

"And you finally get up in me...you know how to stop yourself? Hold it back so you can last?"

She was stroking me hard and fast now, I felt myself tipping over the edge. Two quick, long strokes and she released me. I wrapped my finger and thumb just beneath my head and squeezed tightly, forcing deep breaths as I'd been doing the past few weeks. I thought I'd lost the battle, would let her down, but slowly the surge ebbed and I began to relax. She'd watched me intently the whole time.

"Good, baby...that was really good..."

Leaning in to me, she kissed me deeply, tongue pushing in to my mouth, arms wrapping around my neck. We made out for a few minutes, hot, passionate kissing. I throbbed against her stomach. She pulled away, settled back to a sitting position, and took me in her mouth. Wrapping her hand around me again, she fell in to a quick rhythm, wetting me with her saliva and stroking with a tight grip. Her eyes looked up at me, incredibly sexy.

I braced for her to stop me again. Instead, she pulled her mouth back, stroked me harder. Looking up at me..."You wanna cum on me, baby?"

I'd heard it before, been let down before. She stroked faster, grip tightening.

"Yesssss...yes please...." I felt foolish, knowing she wouldn't let me. I was holding myself back now, fighting against the surge. The whole area ached, pressure building so I thought something would rupture.

"C'mon then....do it..." she said.

I looked down at her, wide eyed. She gazed back. "C'mon...give it to me Thomas..."

I exploded suddently, my knees buckling so that I had to brace an arm against the nightstand to remain standing. Eyes closed, it felt like geysers were being unleashed from my cock. I realized I was crying out with each burst, self-consciously closed my mouth to hold it in. Her hand wrapped around me again, pulling gently as the streams subsided, and I jumped each time she touched my head, hyper-sensitive after the explosion.

I looked down at her, saw thick splashes of my cum striping her neck and chest, already beginning to drizzle down to her stomach. She lie back slowly, pulling me on to the bed next to her, taking my hand.

"Mmmm...that was hot Thomas. Feel good?"

I smiled, nodded deliriously.

"I bet....now....you want to rub it in my skin for me?" She was staring at me as she asked.

"I..." I started. I didn't. She knew it. So soon afterward, my own cum grosses me out.

"I know, Thomas. But I want you to. You gonna disappoint me?" A small pout on her cute lips, she pressed my hand in to a thick stream, pushed it up over her breast, coating a nipple. She closed her eyes, moaned softly.

I complied, reluctantly at first, but her response was a turn on, moaning softly and writhing a bit as I smeared it over her stomach, breasts, shoulders and neck. She put a hand on mine and pressed it down between her legs, covering her slit with it.

I pressed a finger into her, but she pulled it back.

"Huh-uh...why don't you go get one of my boyfriends...pick whichever you want to see most."

I returned with the black, lifelike dildo she'd bought after learning what a turn-on interracial sex was for me.

"Hmmm..surprise surprise." she smiled.

I lie next to her, pressed it between her legs. She placed a hand on mine.

"Now...you want to lick your cum off my body while he fucks me, baby?"

"Ginger..." shaking my head.

She pressed her legs together. "Now...if I come home and tell you I let a guy cum all over me...you'd lick it off while you fucked me, wouldn't you?"

I would. I nodded.

She placed a hand behind my head, parted her legs again, pressed the thick black head inside as she coaxed my face to her breast. It was still sticky with my drying cum.

"It's not much different, baby...not at all really..." pushing my face in to her skin.

I licked tentatively at first, then took her nipple in to my mouth as I pushed the cock in to her.

She sucked air between her teeth sharply, watching me the whole time. "Yes...yesssss...clean me up while he fucks me Thomas..."

It seemed my punishment, and training, were over.

She texted me mid-day on Tuesday the next week to say she'd be late from work. No details, no time, just late. I couldn't help but wonder if another guy was what would keep her away.

She found me on the couch watching a game when she came in a little past 8, not too late at all. I followed her in to the kitchen, poured her a drink, and warmed up some food.

"So...just a late meeting with a vendor baby, sorry I forgot to mention it earlier. But..."

I looked up at her. "But?"

"They want our contract and so they flew a tech expert in to help with their presentations the next couple of days. He's pretty hot."

My gut clenched. Her words stung a bit. I could feel her looking at me, but I wouldn't meet her eyes. She continued.

"I got to chatting with him during a break in the meeting tonight. He's down at the Hilton until Friday morning."

She paused, still looking at me. I glanced at her, then moved past her to get her food. She hooked my arm.

"Hey...Thomas...what's up?"

"Nothing." I replied. "Go on."

"Huh-uh...you know that won't fly with us. Tell me what's wrong baby."

I hated myself for the feeling. I liked it when she was with other guys, for christs sake, so why should this bother me? I decided to just say it though.

"He's hot?" I said, meeting her eyes.

She paused a beat, then a short laugh burst from her mouth. Her eyes danced in a smile as she came toward me.

"Are you JEALOUS baby? SERIOUSLY?!" as she wrapped her arms around me.

I tried to pull away but she held tight. "Hey...hey...I'm sorry...I'm sorry, I shouldn't have laughed. But baby...jealous? You NEVER get jealous. That is NOT what I expected."

"I guess...shit, I don't know...I guess it hasn't occurred to me whether you think other guys are nice looking or not." I said. "I mean...I don't know what I mean." And I didn't, I was confusing myself.

"Hey," she started. "Do you not ever think other girls are hot? I mean, it's not like I don't see you looking them over. Shit, half the time I'm surprised 'cause we like the same type of woman."

She poked my chest and I smiled.

"I don't know...I guess you've never said it...I know you check other guys out too, but I don't ever remember you telling me you think they're hot. It was weird hearing it."

"Baby...you have NOTHING to worry about, I swear. Yes, I think this guy is good looking, but it's not like I want to run off and marry him. He's good looking, that's all."

"You said he's hot." I chided, settling closer to her.

"You're right...I did." she answered pressing her hips toward me. Then, looking in my eyes, "And I'm gonna see if I can get in his hotel room."

My cock pulsed against her. She felt it, smiled, and purred "There...now THAT'S what I was expecting."

I sat with her as she ate and outlined her plan. He seemed interested in her, she said, but she thought maybe he was shy. A younger guy, mid-twenties, she didn't know if it was her age, her wedding ring, or his own shyness, but he'd kept the flirting to a minimum. She'd be with him in meetings all day Wednesday and Thursday though, and planned to try getting back to his hotel with him Thursday night.

I must have seemed tense, and when she asked what else was bothering me, I told her that I thought we'd agreed that she wouldn't be with anyone at work. We both agreed her adventures would be strictly one nighters with people we didn't know. I didn't want to run in to a guy who'd banged my wife at the holiday party. And I worried, a little, that maybe she'd become attached.

"I get it baby," she said "but they won't get the contract. We've had this other vendor forever, but we need to solicit bids. This guy will be gone Friday and I won't see him again. OK?"

It sounded OK, and I had to admit that I was anxious for her to be with someone again.

She looked pretty hot Wednesday morning, and she thought things had gone well when we talked over dinner Wednesday night. She wanted me to lay out her clothes for Thursday, so I headed up and called out to her when I was ready.

I laid out a light peach-colored dress, mid-thigh length, with a gauzy strip up the middle of the back. I'd laid out a black lace push-up bra and panties and a pair of strappy brown 3-inch heels. It'd look good against her tan.

She looked it over on the bed, eying the shoes for a bit, picking up and dropping the bra. She looked at me. "Huh-uh...try something else." and walked out of the room.

She hadn't done the dominant mistress routine in a while, since the last time she'd tried it we'd both wound up laughing our asses off. She was too sweet to be mean under normal circumstances. I'd wondered if she'd try it now, but it seemed not.

Over the next 40 minutes or so I rolled out dresses, skirts and blouses, tried dressy, casual, you name it. She reacted the same each time. She came in to review the latest, a tight black mini skirt and white blouse that, when on, really highlighted her chest, and severe black pumps. She looked them over, chewed on the inside of her cheek a minute, then sat on the bed and looked at me.

"I have a confession." she said. "I like the first one...I liked it when I first saw it. I just wanted to see what else you'd come up with too." She had a mischievous grin on her lips.

I smiled tightly...she got me good. "I'll get you back for that." I threatened, then put the latest away and got the peach dress out.

"So...the gauzy back and black bra..." she said.

"Yea...I want him to know there's something worth seeing under there." I answered.

"Uh huh...nice touch." she said.

I sat next to her, started to kiss her, and before long we were in to heavy petting. She pushed me away for a second.

"New rule, new rule." she said like a kid on a playground. "No sex for you 24 hours before I might be with someone else. It'll heighten your excitement..."

Then she leaned back in to me and resumed kissing. I pulled back.

"Then what's this?" I asked.

"Ummmm..no sex FOR YOU...you can still take care of me, Thomas."

Being a kind and generous sort of guy, I obliged her.

I waded through a restless night, and the next morning at work seemed to stretch in to days. Ginger didn't call or text me.

Somewhere around 10 I ventured a text, "How's it going?", but no reply. I didn't know if she was truly busy or just teasing me, but whichever it was made the time crawl along.

Just after lunch, she sent a short text. "Drinks tonight at the Hilton."

"Just you, or everyone from work?" I sent back. No response. Man, she was working me over from across town.

As I wrapped up and began heading home, she sent another. "Heading over now...Sarah and a few others coming along."

I went home, heated up some left-overs and pushed them around the plate for a while, then settled on the couch with a beer and my phone nearby. I watched some TV, tried reading the paper, but nothing held my attention. Finally, around 8:30, my phone buzzed again.

"You sure you're OK with this?"

I stared at the text. I'd been anticipating it happening all last night and today, but hadn't really thought about being "OK" with it. I thought a minute, got my head around it.

"So long as its what you want, and so long as you come home to me." I sent back. Then my phone rang.

"Hey baby..." she said in a hushed whisper.

"Hey Gin."

"OF COURSE I'm coming home to you..."

"K..." I said.

Before I could say anything else, she said "Gotta go...he's holding the elevator for me. Love you baby..." and then she hung up.

If the prior hours crawled by, there isn't a word to describe the rest of the night. Headlights finally splashed across the front window at about 11:15. Her car, which was a concern since I'd assumed she'd been drinking and would cab it home.

I pulled the door open as she came up the walk, shoes dangling from their straps off one finger.

"Hey." she said, stepping past and looking at me tentatively, I guess still a little nervous as it was only the 3rd time we'd done anything for real.

Rather than screw anything up with words, I pushed her back against the door and planted my mouth on hers, kissing her deeply. I pulled away, and she smiled as she looked at me.

"So I guess you really are OK with it, huh?"

I started to lean in again, but she pressed a hand on my chest.

"This didn't go quite like I expected, Thomas. But I had an interesting idea after thinking for a bit. C'mon in the kitchen."

I followed curiously, noticing how great she looked in the dress, ever so slightly askew, her hair mussed a bit, as we walked.

In the kitchen, she asked me to get a small bowl out. Standing in the middle of the floor, she told me to put the bowl on the floor and then take off her panties. My heart was hammering in my chest as I knelt in front of her and pushed up the dress to expose, then peel away, the black lacy panties that matched her bra. I stared at the Y between her legs as I did so, but she broke the spell above me.

"He wore a condom, baby..." talking in a low whisper. "I was a little bummed, but he'd been working on me for a long time and I wasn't in a state to discuss it."

Hearing her talk about it really got me going. I started lean closer, wanting to taste her, but she placed a hand on my head to stop me, then knelt down in front of me.

"Put the bowl under me..."

I did.

"I want you to finger me like you do...make me drip in to the bowl. Can you do that for me?"

The question came out in a teasing tone as she looked in to my eyes. I wordlessly slipped my hand between her legs, pushed a single finger directly in to her. She was very wet, very hot inside. She sighed, then let out a soft moan as I slipped a second finger in.

"See...Thomas..." she was talking slowly, trying to concentrate as I hooked my fingers inside her and began moving them in and out while simultaneously moving them back and forth.

"See.." she said again. "I saw a story on Lit, where a lady would jerk her husband off...right like that baby...yessss...jerk him off in an ice cube tray, then freeze it. Later she'd....oh damn Thomas...she'd take a cube and put it up in her, then let him pretend he was eating...eating someone else's cum out of her 'cause she didn't want to really fuck someone else..."

At that point she cut off talking and inhaled sharply, gripping my wrist as she came on my hand, whispering my name a few times. I pulled my fingers out slightly and felt her juices slipping past them. Looking at the bowl, I watched her drip in to it, covering the bottom. She opened her eyes to talk more, but I thrust my fingers back in to her and began pumping them back and forth quickly. Her head lolled back and she began to pant, then quickly crashed over the edge again. I heard more of her splashing in to the bowl, looked to see it splattered around on the floor as well. I slowed my pace and let her come down.

She looked at me, kissed me hard, then looked at the bowl.

"That should do..." she said, then pushed up on shaky legs to stand. I stayed put, but she told me we were done and that I could get up too. She walked to her purse and opened it, then paused and looked at me.

"Everything OK?" I said.

"Ummm...this is actually kind of gross, thinking about it. Maybe not such a good idea..."

"What?" I said.

She pulled the used , knotted condom out of her purse. It hung limply between her fingers, the bottom swelled with her lover's cum. There seemed to be quite a bit.

I squinted. I could see what she meant, pretty gross. But...

Her turn now. She saw the look on my face. "What?" she asked.

"Well, you're right...kind of gross..."

"But?" she said.

I was a little embarrassed to say so, but I did. "Seeing it...it's kind of gross, but it's kind of turning me on."

She cocked her head at me. "You are something else, Thomas. Well...standing here thinking about it...it's kind of turning me on now too. Empty out an ice cube tray baby."

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