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Doc ran out the kitchen door and jumped in the car. Damn you man! she thought, winding her way through heavy traffic. Wait til an hour before I have to be at the airport to inform me a VIP is coming and I'M the one elected to pick her up!!!!!! Sheeeeese!!!! .....and not only that, she continued fuming, it just HAD to be a woman!!!! "Oh baby," she muttered, gripping the steering wheel tighter, "You'll pay for this one.....BIG time!!!"

She waited in Baggage Claim as he had instructed. She had thought it odd that a VIP would not be met in the VIP reception area, but who was she to argue with whatever they had worked out.

Doc had just about given up, and started to call his office and tell him the woman had not been on the plane.

"Excuse me," she heard a soft voice say, "But do you know a woman that lives with the Specialist? She was suppose to pick me up here."

"Sweet!!!!!" Doc squealed as the women hugged. "You're the VIP????"

Nodding, Sweet giggled. "He wanted to surprise ya. I think it worked!!!"

Doc hugged her tightly. "I'm so glad to see you!!! I was gonna pay him back for this, but maybe now I'll just......"

Sweet giggled. "Sounds like a winner to me!!!!!"

As they walked through the parking garage to the car, Sweet asked, "Did he get the table?"

Doc looked puzzled. "Not that I know of, but he said I had to pick up something at Medical Supply, so that may be what it is."

"Probably so," Sweet agreed. "Oh, and I need to run by the grocery store before we go home too, if that's ok."

Doc nodded, grinning. "You know its ok. Something special you want for supper?

Glancing to see no one was around, Sweet leaned over to gently lick Doc's lips. "Its something special all right, and I'd love to have you for supper.....but I really doubt he will let that happen."

Doc blushed and giggled. "He said the VIP would be here for a week. That'll give us time."

They made good time getting to the Supply house, and parked. Doc went in to pick up the order that he had placed, and then waited in the car with Sweet as two men loaded it. "What in the world? " she muttered as they closed the hatch. The smile on Sweet's face told her that he and Sweet were up to something.

"You know about this?" Doc asked, puzzled.

Sweet nodded. "I asked him to order it, and he was kind enough to do so." She grinned, and whispered, "Actually, its for you, but we can all enjoy it."

The cell phone rang and Doc answered. "Hello."

"Did you pick the VIP up on time?" he chuckled.

"Yes," Doc laughed. "You are such a sweetheart!!! Thank you so much for allowing us to have a week together. "

"You're welcome," he replied, chuckling, "Even though I'm sure you cussed me all the way to the airport."

Doc grinned at Sweet and replied, "You know me too well sweetie. I cussed you until I saw her!!!"

He laughed and said, "Let me talk to her."

Sweet took the phone and laughed. "We did a good job! She was so surprised I thought she was gonna hit the floor."

"Then it was worthwhile," he chuckled. "I have never had a harder time keeping a secret. I wanted to tell her for days that you were coming."

"Oh, and we ALL will do that!!!" Sweet winked at Doc. "She, especially!!!"

He roared with laughter. "Well, don't try unloading that table by yourselves. I'll get it out when I get home."

Sweet nodded. "Okay. Do you want to talk to her again?"

"Nah," he replied. "I've got to get back to a meeting, but I wanted to make sure you got here okay. See ya at the house about 5:30 or so."

They stopped at the grocery store near the house and Sweet ran in. "I won't be but a minute, " she called over her shoulder to Doc. She returned in a matter of minutes with a small brown bag. Her eyes twinkled with mischief and Doc grinned. She knew for sure that he and Sweet had something special cooked up, but what it was still remained a mystery.

At a few minutes past 5:30, he pulled into the driveway and could hear the gales of laughter from the garage before he even parked his car. Doc sat in the garage floor, laughing so hard she wiped tears, and Sweet lay just inside the door in the kitchen floor.....the table on top of her.....laughing hysterically.

He shook his head and laughed, getting out of the car. "I told you all not to try unloading that table by yourselves," he said, climbing across Doc, then across Sweet, to get inside the house so he could lift it off of her. As he stepped across Sweet, she reached up and grabbed him by the balls, squeezing gently. "Goosey goose," she giggled.

He laughed, as he knelt to lift the table. "Whoo hooo, that felt good."

Sweet giggled as he lifted the table enough for her to scoot out from under it, and she stood up, throwing her arms around his neck, kissing him soundly on the lips as she winked at Doc. "I love catching a man off guard.....specially when he has his hands full!!!"

He laid the table back down in the floor and pulled her roughly into his arms, bending her backward, kissing her soundly. "Welcome back," he grinned.

Sweet giggled, fanning her face with her hand, as Doc laughed at their antics. "DAMN, womans......I know why you live with him now......He's one fine kisser!!!!! WHEW!!!"

Doc leaned back, laughing. "You think that's good, you should catch him when's he's horny!!!"

He and Sweet pulled the table into the kitchen and he reached out the door to help Doc up. "C'mon ladies," he chuckled. "Lets get this thing set up."

They helped him carry the exam table to the spare bedroom and set it up. He and Sweet grinned at each other and high fived as Doc stood in the doorway. "I don't get it," she said, still a little puzzled. "Why an exam table? Are you guys gonna put my ass to work? I see enough tables every day."

He chuckled and kissed her temple. "This time babe, the tables are turned....so to speak. We get to examine you."

Doc looked stunned, as Sweet added, "And we get to do the scribing and the procedures!!!

Neat, huh?"

Her eyes glistened with excitement as she glanced from him to Sweet. Sounds fantastic! I can hardly wait to get started!!!"

He helped Sweet pick up the papers and packing from the floor. "Well ladies, I think it'll be tomorrow before we try it out. I intend to take you two out to dinner tonight. Go get gussied up, .....and no hanky panky. Dinner reservations are for 8 o'clock."

"I'm on call this weekend, honey," Doc reminded him.

He grinned at Sweet, mischieviously. "Well, that settles who stays sober and drives home."

They went to Steak and Ale and asked for a table toward the back. After they ate, he and Sweet sat drinking and Doc had coffee. They caught up on their lives and he told Sweet about things they had done and she giggled. "Doc, you're badddd! REALLY bad!!!"

"I'm so excited," Doc said. "The table is going to be such fun to use!"

He nodded. "I was pleased that she thought about getting one. Its gonna be much easier on my poor ole back."

Doc leaned over to kiss him gently. "Poor baby," she whispered.

Sweet giggled. "Oh, by the way.....we need to attach the stirrups tomorrow."

Doc almost choked. "It has stirrups?"

Sweet nodded. "O f course. It would be hard to examine a patient without putting them up in stirrups."

"Remind me in the morning," he said. "I'll do that first thing."

It was after midnight when they got home, and Sweet told them, "I'm off to beddy bye. This wild wimmins is tuckered out."

Doc looked at him and he nodded slightly. "Why don't you sleep with us, hon?" she asked. "You know, we're always saying we're gonna make a sammish outta him. Lets do it."

Sweet nodded, looking skeptically at him as he stood by the doorway. "I dunno," she said. "Depends on which side I get."

He grinned. "Either side is fine with me."

Sweet giggled. "I''ll take the back. The front of a man is dangerous."

Doc laughed, looking him over. "I dunno. Right now he doesn't look too dangerous."

Sweet giggled. "Its after they've been asleep a while they get dangerous......and if anybody's gonna get poked with that thing....I'd rather it be you. I'll take it when he's awake and you know about it."

He laughed, throwing the beer can in the trash. "You ladies work this out......I'm going to bed."

The next morning he was up well before they were. Doc quietly padded to the bathroom to pee, trying not to disturb Sweet. As she came out, Sweet rolled over and stretched.

"Mornin' " she yawned. Then, moaned. "Ohhhhh gawd, my head hurts."

Doc chuckled as she leaned over to kiss her cheek. "You had too much to drink last night."

Sweet nodded. "Yeppers, you can say that again."

She looked at Doc and grinned. "But if you say it again I won't be responsible for what I do!"

Doc laughed as she grabbed his shirt and put it on. "I'm gonna start breakfast. You can sleep for a while if you like. It might make you feel better."

He walked into the bedroom. "I got the stirrups on," he announced, then saw Sweet holding her head. "What's wrong hun? Can't hold yer beer?"

Doc looked at him, scolding. "Don't do that to her honey. She's hung over as hell."

"So I see," he laughed, sitting down on the bed beside Sweet. "How bout a quick enema to get your system back in kilter."

"No," Sweet sighed. "I ain't ready for that this early."

He laughed and hugged her. "Not a bag hon....a quick glycerin. It'll clean ya out and then later on you can take a bag."

Doc nodded. "That's a good idea Sweet. He can do that while I cook breakfast."

"Okay," she agreed, and he went to the closet to get the glycerin.

Doc laughed. "I had that hid," she said.

"You just thought you did," he grinned. "I know ya woman!"

Doc left for the kitchen. "I'll leave you two to your own devices," she chuckled. "Oh and by the way.....the Fleet bottle I use with glycerin is in the closet too."

She cooked up a big batch of bacon and eggs, fresh squeezed orange juice, toast and hot, steaming coffee, as he, in the bathroom, filled the little bottle with a capful of glycerin in 4 ounces of warm water.

He called Sweet into the bathroom and had her to lie down on the towels. "This is gonna be pretty clinical," he explained. "I......"

"I know," Sweet grinned. "You don't play without her."

"Right," he grinned.

Sweet bent her knees and he lubed her anus. She bit her lip to keep from moaning, and he grinned. "Its ok hun," he said. "I know how good that feels."

She moaned as he inserted the tip and squeezed. She placed her feet on the wall and felt it draining deeper into her bowel. In minutes, she was scrambling to get up and he helped her to her feet, as she sat, gushing. "I'm gonna see how breakfast is coming," he said, kissing her cheek. "Will you be ok?"

Sweet nodded and another wave hit her and she moaned. Her fingers found her clit and she worked it furiously.

Doc looked up as he walked into the kitchen. "Is she ok?"

He nodded, kissing her lightly. "Yeah, she's fine. She'll be there for a few minutes though."

He snitched a piece of bacon and grinned at Doc. "Smells too good to resist."

She laughed and poured him a cup of coffee. "If you're hungry sweetie, you can go ahead and eat."

He leaned to kiss her, opening her lips with his tongue. "Make me an offer and I'll take ya up on it."

He walked into their "exam room" and stopped short in the doorway. Doc lay on the table, her feet up in the stirrups.....her pussy open and waiting as Sweet teased it with her fingers and then her lips and tongue.

"Beautiful sight," he muttered, under his breath.

Sweet turned to him and grinned. "Did ya find it?"

He handed her pieces of ginger he had slivered like she had told him.

"Have a seat and watch the show," she chuckled. "I'm gonna show ya just how hard this woman can cum."

Doc was moaning, her eyes closed as Sweet licked and sucked her clit. Her hips rose and fell as she arched, trying to get her tongue on just the right spot. Sweet's fingers worked every part of her pussy and dipped lower to rim her ass as Doc groaned loudly. "Ohhhh gawdddd," she whispered raggedly, "Yesssss," as she trembled. Sweet slid her finger into her rectum and "fucked" her with it. Doc began to dilate and Sweet added another finger.

He had taken all of the watching he could, and walked to the head of the table and touched her cheek. She opened her eyes slowly and he saw the raw glazed look of pure passion.

He kissed her deeply and turned her head, placing his swollen cock at her lips. She felt him enter her mouth and she licked and sucked greedily. He felt the familiar tightening of his balls and groaned. "I ain't gonna hold this baby," he growled low. Doc relaxed her throat and he slid deeper and erupted as she swallowed as much as she could.

Sweet grinned as he pulled out of her mouth, and Doc moaned. "Its a good thing you pulled out," Sweet said. "When I hit her with this, she'd have bit it off."

Doc felt fire touch her clit and she trembled as Sweet rubbed the sliver of ginger over her clit. Every part of Doc was focused on that one feeling and she felt herself float over the edge into oblivion. She groaned loudly, "I'm cumminggggggggggggg," as she thrashed wildly and squirted in an arch, hitting Sweet's tits and face. That was the last she knew until she woke to the touch of the wet cloth and him patting her face.

"C'mon baby," he said softly, "wake up."

She looked up at him, puzzled. "You passed out," he explained, "But you're fine. We're right here with you and you're ok."

Sweet leaned over and brushed her fingers through Doc's hair. "You're fine, baby," she assured her. "You came so hard, you passed out." She looked over at him and said, "Let's get her down and let her rest, then we can play some more."

They laid down on the bed with her and he flipped the computer on. "While we're waiting, Sweet, we can watch some of Sable's videos."

Sweet grinned. "Fantastic!!! She is awesome. I love her stuff."

Doc sat up and lit a cigarette. "She is, I agree. We've used her vids as a foreplay aid, and he knows I can cum just hearing her cum."

Sweet leaned over and kissed her gently. "I keep telling ya woman.....you're in tune with the female.....even if you do love him!!!!"

He flipped the videos on and they watched for a few minutes in silence. That didn't last long as Doc snuggled in his arms and began to stroke his cock. "Now, how did i know this was gonna happen?" he chuckled.

"Cause you know me?" she giggled. Doc watched as Sable got her bottom lubed and filled, then moaned as she came over and over. "How in the world does she hold and come?" Doc muttered. "I sure can't."

He chuckled and turned her face up to kiss her. "No, you push when you cum, honey. If you tried that, we'd have water everywhere."

She grinned, sticking her tongue out at him, and he nipped it gently with his teeth.

Sounds from the other side of the bed caught their attention and they watched as Sweet ground her pussy against her fingers and came. She opened her eyes to see them watching in rapt attention, and grinned sheepishly. "Sable's ass turns me on."

Doc scrambled over him to lay beside her, fingering her wetness as it dripped into the crack of her ass. She followed it with her fingers and rimmed her, then slid a finger inside.

They kissed deeply and were off on their own adventure. As much as he loved playing with both of them, he loved watching them just as much. He had an idea, and slipped out of bed to set up the video camera. They were so busy they never noticed him taping them until Sweet happened to glance up. She waved at the camera and then went back to happily munch on Doc's pussy. Soon both of them were cumming long, hard and loud, as he caught every part of it on tape.

As they rested, and he turned the camera off, Sweet asked, jokingly, "Did ya get my best side, hunny?"

He roared with laughter. "Of course I did......your ass." He left to go to the bathroom, and Doc grinned. "Lets get him. He needs to be examined."

"Yep, he does," Sweet agreed, and they tiptoed to peek in the bathroom. Doc giggled and motioned for her to follow her. Doc took his cock from his hand and played "hose" with it as Sweet crawled between his legs to suck his balls.

He finished peeing, and laughed. "You women are crazy!!!"

Sweet looked up at him from between his legs and nodded. "Yep, but ya luvs us!!!"

He stepped over her to help her stand. "You got that right...luv both of ya!!!"

Doc grabbed him by the hand tugging. "C'mon."

He started to move, and Sweet got behind him, gently pushing. "Yeppers," she giggled. "Move it mister! Ya needs to be examined."

He laughed, groaning. "I've created monsters here. That table was for you two....not me."

They tugged his briefs off and he got on the table. Sweet placed his feet in the stirrups, and Doc caught her breath. He was tumescent, and his balls made her mouth water. "Glove please," she said and Sweet tugged it onto her hand with a snap. The sound made his cock throb. Doc grinned with an idea. "Will you get me the two large graduate cups out of the closet, Sweet" she asked. "I'm gonna teach you to do an old fashioned colonic."

Doc set everything up as Sweet rimmed his ass and lubed him. Doc slid the tubing in and asked, "Are you ready, hon?"

He nodded. "Yeah, but you do know I'll cum before you're through."

She nodded as she began the pumping and releasing. She did it a few times then handed it to Sweet. "Ok, give him a Harris Flush, babe."

As Sweet gave him the enema, Doc climbed onto the table, straddling his head as best she could. His tongue found her dripping pussy and he lapped the juices as she moaned softly. Sweet stroked his cock with her other hand and felt the precum drip as she slid a piece of ginger into his rectum and moved it around. He felt the fire build in his balls.

Doc was moaning and panting as Sweet whispered, "Cum hun, cuz he's ready to."

His cock head swelled as he erupted over Sweet's face and breasts, and Doc trembled, cumming as he did, hanging onto his thighs to keep from falling off. Sweet groaned as she felt herself cum softly.

Doc breathed deeply and climbed off kissing him. "I'll let you up now."

They pulled the nozzle and let him up to go expel.

Doc sat down on the table and sighed weakly, grinning at Sweet as she sat down beside her. "I'm glad you're here, hun, and even more glad you know about ginger and how good it feels."

Sweet hugged her. "I'm just thankful to have friends like the two of you....and an exam table to play on now and then."

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