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Ginger Popped


Even though it has been almost 25 years since I lost my virginity, I can still remember the day like it was yesterday. .

Friday, May 13, 1983 was a warm day in Chula Vista. I was wearing a green bra and panty set under a pair of grey shorts and Journey concert t-shirt. I was 5-7, and weighed 104 pounds. I had long brown hair, big brown eyes, and usually sported a nice tan. I had long legs, a small tight ass, and as Doug frequently pointed out, I could be the president of the itty bitty titty committee.

Doug. I had known him forever. Our mothers were best friends, and we grew up three blocks from each other, so we spent a lot of time together. Doug was four years older than me, but we had always hung around each other. When we were younger, we took baths together, and as we grew older, we occasionally played doctor, but we were kids then.

Both of us still lived at home, but that was okay, we could enter the real world as soon as we graduated from college. Of course, Doug would always have that four-year head start on me in every venture of life.

Doug was 6-1 with wavy brown hair, beautiful brown eyes, and plenty of rippling muscles. He had several girlfriends in the past, but was not dating anyone at the moment.

I had never had a boyfriend, and Doug was the only guy I had ever seen naked, and I'm not even sure if that counted since I really didn't know what I was looking at. It's not that I wasn't interested in boys; I guess I was just a late bloomer. Soon my body would explode and boys would find me to be a fun toy, but on this date I was still rather plain and lacking in curves.

It was kind of strange how close Doug and I were. With our mothers spending so much time together, we hung out a lot together, playing pool, watching movies, and just talking. We could talk about anything, and a few of our talks had been about sex. I knew Doug had been with several girls, and he knew I was still a virgin.

Doug's parents were out of town for the weekend, so he invited me to come over and watch a movie. That sounded pretty cool to me, so I headed to his house that evening a girl, not knowing I would be coming home a woman.

It was really cool that Doug's family had a VCR with a remote control. A cable ran from the VCR to the remote, kind of primitive by today's standards, but pretty cool at the time.

We popped some popcorn and settled in on the couch. It was kind of hokey, but we were watching Friday the 13th. We had the lights out to make it even scarier. Of course, as the movie progressed I moved closer and closer to Doug, I knew he would protect me from Jason. Doug put his arm around me, which was not uncommon, and at some tense moments would grab me, causing me to jump.

Usually I hit him for this, and we wrestled a bit, with him occasionally pinching my boob, then we would calm down and settle back to watching the movie.

Can you believe that Jason's mother was the killer? I know, it freaked me out too. When the movie was over I had to pee, so I went to the bathroom. When I returned, Doug asked if I wanted to watch another movie.

"Sure," I said, "just nothing scary this time."

"I'll put in something fun," Doug said with a smile.

I didn't know what he was smiling about, but I was about to find out.

He plopped down on the couch and hit the play button, and suddenly there was a couple on the screen screwing. I couldn't believe I was watching a porno. I had seen a few of Doug's magazines, but this was the first time I had ever seen people in action. I was shocked and amazed.

"What are we watching?" I asked.

"A fun movie," Doug replied with a smile. "Unless this is scary for you, too, " he laughed.

"No, it's not scary, I'm just surprised."

"Just relax and enjoy. Maybe you'll learn something."

"Maybe I will, but I don't know when I would ever use what I learn."

"Someday soon somebody will get to those itty bitty titties and be in for a real treat."

With that, Doug gave my right nipple a pinch.

I pushed him away.

"You have to date for a guy to touch you," I said, "and I don't see guys beating down my door for a date."

"Well, Ginger, it's their loss."

I settled back into Doug's arms and was enthralled with the movie. It was amazing to watch all the fucking and sucking going on in the movie. Seeing the looks of pleasure on the women's faces as the guys were fucking them was astounding, and the moans and groans and sounds they were making was mind-blowing.

I was getting incredibly turned on, and didn't even realize it. I began to squirm around on the couch as I watched a big guy plowing deep into a blonde, her tits bouncing up and down with each stroke.

I was too into the movie to notice that Doug's arm was around my shoulder and was cupping my breast. Then I noticed my nipple getting hard, and I looked at Doug and smiled.

Doug pulled me to him. As I straddled him, our lips met, and I had my first real kiss. Tentatively my tongue began to explore Doug's mouth. Our tongues were entwined like snakes, and I became aware that Doug had begun to caress my ass. I started to grind into Doug, and felt his hard cock pressing against my thigh. I was so caught in the moment that we kissed for what seemed to be an eternity.

Doug then lifted me from the couch, and carried me down the hall to his bedroom. Gently he placed me on the bed and crawled in next to me.

"I want to make love to you, Ginger," he whispered.

"Okay," I whispered back.

With great care, Doug removed my clothes, until I was naked before him. He looked longingly at me.

"You're beautiful," Doug said, with excitement evident in his voice.

I smiled, and watched as he removed his clothes. I was stunned by the sight of his hard cock, and reached out to touch it. I shuddered when I felt how soft and hot it felt.

Doug began kissing me and massaging my breasts, I was moving around and began to moan. Then he moved down and sucked a nipple into his mouth. I let out a squeal of delight as he gently bit one nipple, then the other.

His hand ran down my stomach and was tracing my moist lips through my thick patch of pubic hair. I jumped with excitement as his index finger rubbed over my clit for the first time. Gently he parted my labia, and began to insert his middle finger into my virgin pussy. His finger was bigger than mine, and I felt stretched as he entered me. I let out a groan when I felt my sex being invaded by his finger.

"Oh, Doug," I moaned as he continued sucking my tits and fingering my pussy.

I reached down as placed my hand over his as he continued working my wet pussy. My hips were rising to meet his hand. While I may have been a virgin, I knew that I was in ecstasy.

Doug then began to kiss his way down my stomach. I parted my legs as Doug moved his head between my thighs and began to gently lick up and down my lips. His hot breath meeting the wetness of my lips caused me to quiver.

"Ohhhh!" I muttered as Doug's tongue flicked my clit, which immediately sprang to attention.

The gently licks were soon replaced by more forceful licks and sucking.

"Oh yes, Doug, eat me. Eat my pussy," I implored.

Where had this come from? I don't say things like that. I didn't care; I knew Doug felt wonderful handling my body.

My fingers were running through Doug's hair as he continued to assault my pussy. He was tongue-fucking my wet hole as I grabbed his head and forced it hard into me, my clit grinding against his upper lip.

Doug continued eating my pussy and sucking my clit as I began to get a strange feeling deep inside myself.

"Mmmmmmmmm," I moaned.

It started like a small vibration.

"Oh yes, Doug, eat me."

And it began to grow stronger and stronger.

"Arrrgh! Doug!"

Time stood still while the feeling engulfed my body.


My body shook involuntarily, while my pussy began to spasm with waves of pleasure.

"Oh yes, Doug!" I wailed, as my thighs clamped tightly around his head.

I had cum from masturbating, but had never had reached an orgasm with this much intensity.

My first orgasm with a guy. What an experience. I couldn't wait to see what it would feel like to have a cock in me.

Doug lifted his head from between my quivering thighs, his face glistening with my juices.

"Make love with me," I said, with hunger in my voice.

Doug gave me a tender smile as he walked to the closet and got out a towel. Gently he lifted my bottom from the bed and placed the towel under me. He then walked to the dresser and removed a condom.

Things were moving in slow motion. I watched as it seemingly took forever for Doug climb back into bed, and tear open the condom wrapper.

Doug removed the condom and slowly unwrapped it onto his cock. I could see his dick throbbing as he unrolled the condom.

Finally the condom was on his hard cock. I marveled at how it glistened, and at how huge his dick looked. Looking back now, it was only slightly larger than average, but at the time, I couldn't fathom how something that big would that fit in me. Not when his finger felt like such a tight fit.

Doug moved over me, and I spread my legs as wide as I could to allow him to enter me. Doug was supporting himself on his hands and knees, his face above mine. He looked deeply in my eyes.

"Are you sure you want this?"

"Oh yes, I want you so bad."

"Are you nervous?"

"Just a little." Okay, that was a big lie. I was very nervous. Would it hurt? Would I be any good?

Doug took my right hand and placed it on his throbbing cock.

"Help guide me in."

I was amazed at how hot his cock felt in my hand. I helped move it to the entrance of my open pussy, placing his head against my soon-to-be-broken hymen. I could feel the heat of his cock, and how it twitched with each beat of his heart.

Doug looked down on me tenderly and whispered, "Are you ready?"

I just nodded yes and moved my hand away.

Doug thrust his hips forward tenderly, yet forcefully. I swear I heard a pop as his cock met and tore through the resistance offered by my hymen.

I screamed. Loudly.

Oh shit, this hurt. Like a knife shoved in my pussy. Was this what sex was like? I expected some pain, but this really hurt.

Tears were streaming down my cheeks as Doug gave another shove, his cock sinking further into uncharted territory. I could feel warmth flowing from my pussy and running down my ass, and knew I was bleeding.

Doug looked at me lovingly.

"Do you want to stop?" he whispered.

"Hell yes," I thought. "This hurts," but I shook my head no.

Doug withdrew his cock a little; I could feel my lips being pulled with him as he withdrew. His third thrust was hard and deep. I bit my bottom lip, and closed my eyes tight, as he buried his manhood fully inside my aching hole.

Slowly he began to thrust in and out. The intense stabbing pain was now replaced by a deep throbbing pain as my pussy was being stretched like never before.

Tears were still streaming down my face as Doug thrust in and out of me. I could feel every inch of him pushing into my young, previously-innocent body. My cunt lips surrounded his cock, trying to pull it back in each time he withdrew.

I moaned with each thrust, a cross between intense pain, and incredible pleasure I had never known.

My pussy was wrapped so tightly around Doug's cock, I could feel the veins of his dick, and could feel it throbbing while it tore away my innocence. His cock was hitting places I didn't even know existed.

My hips were instinctively moving forward to meet each thrust. I was animalistic, digging my nails into the flesh of his back, partially in defense against the pain, and partially in response to the pleasure.

It felt like we were entwined for hours, but in reality it was a matter of minutes. Doug's breath grew ragged, his thrusts harder.

"I'm sorry, Ginger, I can't hold back."

A pained look crossed his face as Doug plunged deep.

"Mmmmmmmmmmghhhh," he moaned

His cock began to twitch inside my pussy. It was a magnificent feeling as he emptied his load into the condom.

Doug collapsed on top of me. We lay there motionless for a few minutes. I felt his cock grow flaccid and finally fall from my tight pussy.

"I'm sorry I didn't last longer or make you cum," Doug said apologetically.

"It's ok," I said with a smile. "I came when you were eating me, and I don't know if many girls really cum their first time."

Doug rolled off me, and gently placed my head on his shoulder, gently wiping the remnants of tears from my cheeks.

"Are you ok?" he asked tenderly.

"Yeah, it just hurt, a lot."

"I'm sorry. I hope it wasn't too bad."

"It hurt more than I expected, and I think I ruined your towel."

"That doesn't sound good."

"I'm sorry. I don't regret it at all. I couldn't believe how well I could feel your cock inside me, and I'm sure it will be better next time."

"Next time?"

"Well yeah, this wasn't a one-time thing. Now that I'm not a virgin, I want you to teach me how to be good in bed."

"We can try again as soon as you want."

"Well it's not gong to be tonight. I still hurt too much."

We lay there for several minutes, touching and kissing. Then Doug got a warm cloth and gently cleaned me. He was so thoughtful and tender.

I stayed around his house for about another hour, and then decided it was time to go home. I walked home thinking how now I was a woman. Being a woman wasn't defined by an age, but by the fact that I was now in control of my body, and knew the pleasure it could create.

My pussy bled through the night, and was sore for a few days. However, by the next Saturday when Doug and I found a few hours to be alone, I was ready for action again. My second and third times were that day, and I had my first orgasm through intercourse.

Doug and I settled into a nice routine, as my late-blooming body began to blossom. Soon other boys discovered me, and I discovered what pleasures they offered. However, nothing I have ever had comes close to the intensity of my first time.


Thank you to make_me for her editorial assistance.

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