tagSci-Fi & FantasyGingerbread Girl; Cottonweed Ch. 02

Gingerbread Girl; Cottonweed Ch. 02


Bright-white light blazed behind Cotton's eyelids. She must have fallen asleep baking in the sun. Thankfully, a cloud passed over the daystar casting a shadow over her as she rubbed her eyes. She tried to prop herself up but her limbs were about as compliant as warm cookie-dough. Flopping back down, she rested a moment, allowing herself to cool off some and then blinked open starburst eyes, staring at the white cloud-cover.

"What the...?" The sound of the man's voice caused her to bolt upright off the foil tanning bed with and audible *pop*. He stared as incredulously at her as she stared in disbelief at her own two arms, turning them back and forth. Her skin was now cinnamon brown.

Taking in her surroundings, she realized that she had been staring up at the kitchen ceiling, not clouds. A red ribbon was tied around her hair in a cute bow and her outfit was comprised of a taupe, cream-puff skirt with sugary thigh-high stockings to match her white gloves. A cropped, button-down top with short, baker's hat sleeves left her midriff bare, bejeweled with a single belly-button gumdrop.

This was one helluva fantasy, she thought! The man reached forward and plucked at a platinum-blond curl causing her to recoil and touch her own head.

"You're a real, live Gingerbread Woman!" he declared, awestruck.

Cotton sprung up onto the counter, out of his grasp, her corkscrew locks to bouncing around her face in unison with her swelling breasts. "Well then, catch me if you can!" She challenged. Kicking the cookie sheet onto the floor, she ran across the countertop, swiping a spatula from the batter-bowl as she went.

If the man was shocked, he recovered fast, spinning to cover the distance across the oven-warmed kitchen. He grabbed for her ankle but she slapped at his hands with the spatula and jumped down onto the floor. Cotton the Gingerbread Girl raced into the living room, running around in circles. Her feet pattered down the stairs, the sound of masculine boots pounding behind her.

"Come back here!" he shouted, but she had rounded the couch in the basement and was doing a very decent job of keeping it in between them. Several times his arm shot out to grab her, fingertips narrowly brushing the hem of revealingly short skirt. The sight of her lacey white panties stirred him.

The Gingerbread Girl bounced over the arm of the couch tauntingly, "Catch me if you can!" She laughed, and shot up the stairs back into the kitchen.

Mere steps behind her, the man stood in the doorway of the kitchen and assessed her defiant stance from across the room. Although he wore a t-shirt underneath, he unbuttoned his flannel shirt one-by-one and shirked it off, allowing the Gingerbread Woman to shift with nervous anticipation of his advance.

Then, reaching for a chair, he used it to block the doorway. It wasn't perfect, but it would certainly trip up her escape route. Slowly, he began to approach her, commanding as much of the linoleum surface-space as possible.

The Gingerbread Girl darted back-and-forth across the kitchen, trying to sly by him only to retreat again. She held the spatula defensively in front of herself, swatting at him if he came too near. Their little dance circled around the kitchen as he looked for openings in her guard.

He pretended to lunge at her, causing her to take a swipe at him. Instead, he caught her wrist and swiftly disarmed her of the utensil with a little yelp. The scent of her spicy skin filled his senses and he had to concentrate to stay focused on her, and not the erection that was now throbbing against his jeans.

Although she wriggled and turned in his grasp, he used his free hand to unbuckle his belt and skillfully lash their two wrists together. Now she couldn't get away. With a tug he pulled her to him, bosom pressing against his form. Her cheeks were flushed and cherry as she giggled sweetly, still dodging eye-contact.

Gripping her chin in his hand, he forced her to hold still so that he could look at her golden eyes. She was darling. Spicy. Tilting her chin, he kissed her. Taking a bite at her painted lips, he discovered that they tasted fiery like red-hots.

He lifted her around the waist and set her on the counter. The Gingerbread Girl laughed and curled her fingers, tickling the back of his neck, sending a shiver down his spine. Popping the buttons on her blouse it flew open and he filled his mouth with one of her succulent breasts, licking and tasting her gingery flesh. Dolce nipples hardened against his tongue pleasurably and she couldn't help but press his face into her bosom with a soft moan.

"What are you going to do now that you've got me?" she asked with frosty breath.

"What else?" he replied, trailing kisses and licks down her belly. "Eat you up." He pushed her cream-puff skirt up and parted her thighs, slipping those thin, lace panties to the side.

The soft white-blonde hair of her pubis glistened luxuriously and he moved lower for a taste. Kissing her frosty lower lips, he was pleased to discover how cool they were in contrast to the cinnamon-spice flavor of her juices. The two sensations dueled against his mouth and tongue, urging him to alternately sample first her arousal and then her button clitoris.

She was so delicious, he wasn't sure he could stop nipping at her lips, sucking her clit and eating her up. Almost without thinking he used his tethered hand to unbutton his jeans. The Gingerbread Girl seized the opportunity to withdraw his raging cock from his pants even as she peaked and he lapped up every heady drop of her climax.

Adeptly, he slipped his hands under her buttocks and slid her right off the counter, mounting her on his erection. Brown-sugar legs clenched tightly around his waist and her fingers dug into the taught muscles of his arms for support as she rode up and down against him.

Every thrust plunged his engorged prick through her cool, outer lips and into the heat of her dripping pussy. The Gingerbread Girl gasped and writhed against him all the more, her vaginal tightening coaxing his ejaculation up from within him.

Just as he was about to explode he withdrew, "Gingerbread Girls need a good frosting." He said, and sprayed her inner thighs with a load of semen.

Another dream cum true...The Gingerbread Girl dipped her fingers in his orgasmic icing and put them in her mouth to taste. The world flashed...

...suddenly, darkness. She tried futilely to wake up, unsure of where she even was.

Cottonweed was left floating in an empty, black aether waiting for the next dream to come...

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