tagBDSMGinny's Humiliation Pt. 05

Ginny's Humiliation Pt. 05


This is a continuation of the submissive adventures of Ginny. The story can be read alone but it makes more sense to start at the beginning. Ginny's submission and the various humiliations she experiences are becoming more intense. Thanks to those who have voted and commented on past stories. Rman, thanks for proofing and your ideas.

This continues the adventures of Ginny, a mid-30's working wife, who needs to be submissive and humiliated. The Ginny stories build on each other and I would hope that you read them before this installment, but you can certainly read this as a stand alone. Your comments are greatly appreciated as are your votes.


Ginny's drive home from her night of submission and humiliation at the Lesbian BDSM club was uneventful. None of the passing drivers had any idea that Ginny was naked underneath her short jacket. When she pulled into the garage, she took off the jacket before closing the garage door. It was late and there was no risk of being seen naked.

Once inside, she saw her husband, Mike, who was waiting up for her as he always did.

Mike hugged her and Ginny held on to him. "Let's have a look at you," he said.

Mike turned Ginny around and saw the welts on her red ass.

"I'm going to put some lotion on your ass. Lay down on the bed."

Ginny went to their bedroom and laid face down on the bed as Mike gently spread lotion on Ginny's ass. He told Ginny to raise her butt in the air. When she did, he pulled her ass cheeks apart.

"I see your asshole got some attention. You're pretty open and your pussy is really red. Maybe it's time for a vacation. Your body needs a break. Now, tell me everything that happened."

Ginny told Mike all that had happened at the club with Nancy and Miranda. She told Mike about being on the triangle and Nancy and Miranda threatened in the future to put pins through her pussy lips and what had happened in the parking lot.

Mike asked how she felt about the possibility about being pierced and she said that she was so far into subspace that she would not have objected. She also told Mike that she was really turned on by what happened in the parking lot and wished it could have gone farther than it did.

"We should make your nudity complete. No clothes. Ever. What do you think?"

"I am getting wet thinking about it. I don't know if it would be possible but let's talk about it. Taking some time off sounds good. I'll call Kathy tomorrow. How long?"

"Can you take two weeks off?"

"Yes, I think I have more time than that coming."

Ginny called Kathy Bossert, her supervisor, and explained that she needed some time off to heal. Since Kathy knew of Ginny's lifestyle and encouraged her nudity and humiliations at work, the conversation was easy and even though the promise of Ginny being humiliated and dominated by the women in the office as a bonus would have to wait, Kathy understood.

At the end of the following week, Ginny and Mike escaped to a quiet B&B on the coast, returning home on Tuesday. This was the perfect spot to relax. It was run by an older couple who allowed for nudity in the house and on their grounds. Ginny stayed naked the entire time, much to the delight of the couple. They made love, slept late and enjoyed good meals. Mike was due to return to his job as a college professor the following Monday and Ginny had decided to take a second week off.

At home, the conversations turned to Ginny's continued submission and her need for humiliation and pain.

"You have really come a very long way since that night you told me you wanted to be sold as a sex slave at an auction. You've experienced a great deal. Do you still feel that need?"

Ginny was sitting in an armchair, naked as she always was at home, and thought a while before answering.

"I am naked almost all of the time. I told you I was so turned on by being seen by those young guys in the Boutique parking lot that I was soaking wet. Having to pose for them was incredible. Being naked at work and exposing myself by spreading my legs over my chair is very humiliating but I want to do it. I know I like the pain within a submissive scene, although the whipping at the club last week was pretty intense. So yes, I still feel the need."

"I suggest," Mike said, "that from now on, whenever you sit in that chair, you spread your legs over the arms no matter who is present. You're always nude in the house and this will add to the humiliation, especially if people who already know something about you are present."

Ginny spread her legs over the arms of the chair and Mike took in the sight.

Ginny busied herself around the house the second week she was off. Her body had healed and thoughts of being submissive and humiliated had returned. She had phoned Kathy at work and told her she would be back on Monday. Kathy wanted to know if she was ok and did she want to continue being naked and submissive at work. Ginny assured her that she was fine and that, yes, she wanted to continue and Ginny had even suggested increasing the humiliations and that she trusted Kathy and Scott Hughes, the division head, to come up with appropriate ideas.

Ginny told Mike about her conversation with Kathy and they spent the few days left before Ginny returned to work talking about Ginny's apparent needs.

"We can increase the amount of times your naked in public because that seems to be a turn on for you." Mike said.

"Mike, that would be good but I don't want to be arrested. Forced to pose or something like what happened in the Boutique parking lot. I also want my submission at work to increase but I'm not sure how that could work. Being dominated by the three guys was, well, great and I know I have to submit to the women but where does it go from there?"

"Do you want more humiliation and pain from the people in the office?" Mike asked.

"Yes, I do." Ginny said.

"Then leave that to me. I will talk to Scott and Kathy. Now, get your ass up to bed. All this talk of you being submissive has made me horny."

Ginny returned to work the following Monday. She wore slip ons and a t-shirt and felt very naughty going into the bakery to pick up pastries. When she got to the office she stripped and made coffee. She then went to Kathy's office, got on her knees, spread her knees far apart and placed her hands behind her head waiting for Kathy to arrive.

Kathy arrived and before acknowledging that Ginny was present in her office, got herself organized for a day's work. She opened her desk drawer and removed a leather collar with a small O ring in the front. Kathy looked down at Ginny and told her that she was really glad that she was back from her vacation as she attached the collar to Ginny's neck.

"I am glad you're back, Ginny. Mike called me yesterday and I think you know why he did." Kathy said. "I believe he called Scott, too. We are going to go to Scott's office before we go into the conference room."

Kathy removed a leather leash from a cabinet and attached it to the collar Ginny was wearing. Kathy pulled on the leash and Ginny began to stand up but Kathy stopped her.

"No, Ginny. From now on If your wearing the collar you crawl. Do you understand?"

"Yes, I do."

Kathy began to walk and Ginny followed on her hands and knees. Kathy knocked on Scott's door and Kathy led Ginny in. Kathy sat down as Ginny rose up onto her knees, spread them and put her hands behind her head.

"I understand that you want the domination and humiliation to intensify. Do I understand correctly?" Scott asked.

"Yes." Ginny answered.

"We will do that, Ginny. I am sure Mr. Matsui will be thrilled to hear that. We will not increase the time allotted to humiliating or dominating you each morning. We have work to do and it must be completed. I want you to be aware that from now on you will be used sexually by anyone in the office, male or female. If you are instructed to do so, you will accept any punishment that anyone in the office wants to do to you, except those that would prevent you from working. Do you agree to this?" Scott stared at Ginny.

"Yes, I agree."

"Kathy explained to you about the collar and leash. You will keep them in your desk and put them on each morning. You may take them off after we leave the conference room but only after you crawl back to your cubicle. Do you wish to add anything?"

Ginny was so deep in subspace that she would have agreed to anything and she was surprised by what she said next.

"I accept all the changes but if an employee wants more time with me, would you approve if that employee can use me after work? I think limiting that to once a week would be good."

"Excellent idea, Ginny. I think Rachel will want to reserve you first." Kathy smiled as she said it.

"I would like you to be there, at least the first time, to help her learn to dominate me." Ginny said. Kathy's smile indicated that she would be happy to do so.

"Let's go. Everyone is waiting in the conference room. Kathy, would you please lead Ginny in?" Scott asked.

Pulling on Ginny's collar, Ginny began to crawl toward the conference room with Scott walking behind them, his eyes fixed on Ginny's ass as she crawled.

When they got to the conference room, the seven office employees were seated around the table. Kathy sat down and Scott explained how the changes in Ginny's humiliation and domination would be handled. Kathy would schedule the private sessions and, in most cases, would be present during these private sessions, although not necessarily in the conference room. Scott then unhooked the leash from Ginny's collar.

"I want everyone to push their chairs back from the table and Ginny is going to crawl around the table once. She will stop in front of each of you and you will give her a welcome back greeting. Anything is appropriate."

Scott gave Ginny a swat on her ass and told her to begin crawling. Ginny began and stopped by the first chair. Allison gave her a spank with her left hand and then put her foot on Ginny's ass and pushed her toward the next chair. Stan was next and reached for Ginny's tits. He pulled on her right nipple as he delivered two spanks to her ass. When he released her, Ginny crawled to the next chair and Doug. Doug was ready. He took two fingers and shoved then roughly into Ginny's pussy.

"Is she wet, Doug?" Maria yelled from across the table.

Doug pulled his fingers out of Ginny's pussy and held up his glistening fingers.

"Wet as could be." Doug announced and there was laughter around the table.

Ginny continued her crawl and the last person on that side of the table was Miranda. Miranda swiveled her chair to the left so she could spank Ginny with her right hand. Miranda delivered six hard spanks, three to each ass cheek, before she stopped. Ginny continued to the opposite head of the table and Kathy. Kathy aimed two spanks right at Ginny's pussy then slapped Ginny's ass to send her around to the other side of the table, where Maria was next.

Maria slipped off her right shoe and crossed her legs as Ginny crawled in front of her. She placed her foot in front of Ginny's mouth and told her to suck each one of her toes. Ginny opened her mouth to take in Maria's big toe. One by one, Ginny sucked each of Maria's toes into her mouth. When she had sucked Maria's little toe, Maria uncrossed her legs and Ginny crawled to Jerry.

Jerry wanted to spank her and he gave Ginny five hard slaps on each ass cheek. Jerry rubbed her ass after he spanked her. Ginny thought that was a very nice touch. He patted her ass gently when he was finished. As Ginny crawled toward the last person, Rachel, she thought that she would be very nice to Jerry if the opportunity arose.

Stopping in front of Rachel, Ginny had no idea what to expect. Rachel instructed Ginny to turn so that her ass was facing Rachel. Rachel took her finger and ran it down the crack of Ginny's ass stopping to circle her finger around Ginny's puckered asshole. She lowered her finger and found Ginny's clit and she gently rubbed. Ginny began to rock back toward Rachel. She was feeling an orgasm building but she would not get a chance to have it because Kathy called time.

Kathy ordered Ginny to stand at the head of the table.

"Ginny, spread your legs and bend over the table. Then reach behind you and spread your ass cheeks so everybody can see your pussy and asshole."

Ginny did as she was told and as the office people left they walked past Ginny's spread cheeks. When Rachel got up to leave, Kathy grabbed her arm and told her to wait. Kathy took the leash and reattached it to Ginny's collar.

"Rachel, would you please take Ginny back to her desk so she can work? Make sure she crawls all the way there. Then, set up a time when you want to have Ginny to yourself. I will be there to help. Besides, Ginny has a very talented tongue that I may want to use." Kathy smirked.

Rachel smiled at Kathy as she took the leash.

"Come on, Ginny, start crawling to your desk." Rachel said.

Ginny let go of her ass cheeks and got down on all fours. Rachel pulled on the leash and Ginny followed Rachel as she led her to her cubicle. Rachel took off the leash when they reached Ginny's cubicle. Ginny sat in her chair and placed her legs over the arms of the chair, as she did whenever someone came into her cubicle.

"I love when you do that." Rachel said. "When can we meet after work? I am really looking forward to it and I am glad Kathy wants to help train me as a dominant."

"Well, I think you're a natural. At some point you may want to ask Maria or Miranda for help. They are really into dominating me but Kathy will be terrific. How about tomorrow night?" Ginny said.

"Great! I'll check with Kathy." Rachel said as she got up and stuck a finger in Ginny's wet pussy before she left.

Ginny filled in Mike on the events of the day and what was planned for the following night.

"Should I drive you tomorrow?" Mike asked.

"No, it shouldn't be that late. I'll probably just get spanked and have to eat a couple of pussies." Ginny giggled.

Other than being naked and serving coffee and the morning pastries, Ginny's morning humiliation and domination was suspended because of a "personal use request." Ginny, of course, knew that Rachel, with help from Kathy, would be dominating her after work. Given Rachel's relative inexperience with domination, Ginny didn't think that this evening's session would be too severe.

Just before work ended for the day, Jerry came by Ginny's cubicle. Ginny was inputting data into her computer and she didn't notice Jerry until she finished. Once Ginny saw him, she moved her chair back and lifted her legs over the arms of her chair.

"What are you doing?" Jerry stuttered.

"Oh, you don't get over to this side of the office very often. Whenever someone comes into my cubicle and I'm not on the computer, I sit like this. It's humiliating to me but I really need to do this."

"Please, continue. It just took me by surprise. I have seen you naked quite a bit..."

"Yes, you have, and you fucked me, if I remember." Ginny interrupted.

"I want to have a private session with you."

Ginny could sense that Jerry was uncomfortable asking and she didn't want him to be.

"What do you want to do to me, Jerry?" Ginny asked.

"I've never fucked anyone in the ass and I wanted to do that the morning the three of us used you. I did enjoy spanking you and, to be truthful, my wife is pretty straight laced when it comes to sex."

Ginny had forgotten that Jerry was the only male in the office who was married. Maria and Allison were the only females who were married.

"Well, Ginny, don't you think you should let Jerry see what he's going to get?" It was Kathy. "I will put you on the schedule for next Tuesday. Now, Ginny, stand up and turn away from Jerry." Kathy ordered.

Ginny did as she was ordered.

"Now bend over and show Jerry just what he is going to get to sink his cock into next week."

Ginny bent at the waist and reached back and spread her cheeks. Jerry stared at Ginny's spread open pussy and her asshole.

"That's enough, Ginny." Kathy said as Jerry thanked them both and left Ginny's cubicle.

"Jerry's wife might get some attention tonight." Kathy laughed as she attached the leash to Ginny's collar. "Rachel's getting ready. On your hands and knees, Ginny."

Ginny got down and began to crawl as Kathy led her to the conference room. When they arrived, Rachel was standing next to the table, nude. She held a number of implements in her hand; a leather paddle, strap, and a multi strand whip made of thin strips of leather. A harness with a strap on was laying on a chair.

"Rachel, we should get Ginny tied down to the table." Kathy suggested.

Reaching under the newly outfitted conference table for straps attached to the underside, Kathy and Rachel attached cuffs to the straps and placed the cuffs on Ginny's wrists, pulling them tight and causing Ginny to be bent over the table with her arms outstretched. Each woman took hold of Ginny's ankles and spread then toward the table legs where they were cuffed to each table leg. Ginny was now spread wide open.

Unseen by Ginny, Kathy handed Rachel a tube of lubricating gel. Rachel squirted the gel on Ginny's ass and she spread it into Ginny's pussy.

"Rachel, I think you may be a natural at this." Kathy said as Rachel had three fingers inside Ginny's pussy.

Satisfied that Ginny's pussy was well lubed, Rachel squeezed more gel onto Ginny's ass and began to rub it around Ginny's asshole, finally taking two fingers and pushing the gel deep into Ginny, who groaned when Rachel twisted her fingers in Ginny's ass.

"Rachel, what do you want to do first?" Kathy asked.

"The paddle." Rachel replied without any hesitation.

"How many?" Kathy asked as she stood next to Ginny's stretched body and ran her finger down Ginny's spine all the way to Ginny's pussy.

"I don't know." Rachel said.

"Her pussy is so warm I think she wants you to give her twelve swats. Ginny, ask Rachel to give you twelve swats with the paddle."

"Rachel, give me twelve swats with the paddle."

Kathy slapped Ginny's ass hard. "Say it nicely and politely."

"Rachel, please paddle my ass twelve times with the paddle and if it pleases you, give me more."

"Much better. Rachel, when your ready." Kathy directed with a dominant voice.

Rachel swung the paddle and it landed in the middle of Ginny's ass. It wasn't a very hard stroke and the second one, on Ginny's left ass cheek was the same force at the first.

"Rachel, move a bit back and extend your arm. You want to hear a loud slap." Kathy instructed as she began to undress.

Rachel followed Kathy's instructions. The next four strokes were much harder and Ginny was wiggling her ass to alleviate the pain the strokes caused. Rachel delivered the next four to the bottom curve of Ginny's ass. Kathy rubbed her hand over Ginny's ass.

"Feel how hot her ass is getting." Kathy, now nude, remarked.

Rachel took her right hand and felt Ginny's ass.

"It is getting warmer, but I think I can get it really hot."

Kathy smiled and said, "Ginny, I think Rachel likes paddling you. What do you think?"

"I like when Rachel paddles me."

Rachel delivered two more hard swats to Ginny's ass and picked up the two inch wide strap and ran her fingers over the smooth leather surface.

Rachel looked at Kathy and asked her how many strokes she should give Ginny.

"Another twelve, I think. Just stand farther away and don't hold anything back when you swing."

Rachel took a step away from Ginny, and with her arm fully extended brought the strap down across Ginny's ass.

"Ahh!" Ginny yelled.

Rachel swung the strap again, this time a bit higher on Ginny's ass. Ginny lurched forward from the force of the stroke and gasped.

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