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Girl and (Super)Man


Metropolis, Illinois. Just thirteen miles from her home in Paducah, Ky., but Kim had never been there before. Until today, that is. Today she was wandering the streets of Metropolis, part of the crowd of thousands that were in town for the weekend. Metropolis always has a special celebration the second weekend in June, and she had come here to be a part of it.

You see, Kim was having a difficult time at home. Her husband was on another of his "Me or the road" benders, accusing the 23-year-old woman of cheating on him (she never had), lying to him (not about anything important) and having sex with the people she worked for (a rumor started at work that was again false). Kim continually denied these allegations, but today his accusations been at their worst. So she stormed out, took the family car before he could stop her, and drove off.

She had a friend that used to talk about taking her to Metropolis, so she drove there. Metropolis, across the Ohio River. Another state, somewhere she could be just another anonymous person for a day.

As she walked the streets, dodging people, she thought about her needs, the ones her husband wasn't providing for. Without realizing it, she stepped on someone's foot. "Oops," she said, then started to go on.

"Is that how you apologize for a rudeness like that?" came a voice from behind her. It was a commanding voice, strong, firm. She stopped, unbidden, and turned to face the voice. She saw a man, 6-4, very well built, in a blue suit, blue shirt, red tie. Granite jaw, glasses, black hair. A very handsome man, Kim thought upon first inspection.

"Was it your foot I stepped on, sir?" Kim asked.

"Yes," came the reply.

"Then allow me to apologize, sir. I didn't expect the streets to be so crowded, and I was also lost in thought."

The man looked at her. "Truthfully, I didn't even feel it," he said. "But I can tell you're troubled. If you'd like, I can listen to your problems. Sharing these problems with someone sometimes helps clear your mind."

Kim smiled. She wouldn't mind, especially when the listener was this handsome. "Not at all, sir," she said. "May I ask your name?"

"Call me Cal," came the enigmatic reply. "How about that bar over there?," he added. "It doesn't look like much, but it has a great menu and wonderful atmosphere. Besides, I know the owner."

Kim introduced herself and the agreed to the bar, so the two crossed the street. Cal put his hand on the back of Kim's arm, guiding her, and she felt a momentary tingle deep inside her. His hand was so strong!

Entering the bar, named the Ace O' Clubs, Cal led her to a booth in the back, away from the group of roughnecks hanging over the bar. Kim would normally have felt scared, but not with Cal there. A large man wearing a smudged white apron wandered over. He had puffy lips and the worst case of cauliflower ears she had ever seen. They were huge and deformed.

"Hey, Mistah K," the man said.

"Hello, Bibbo. This is Kim, and we'd like two Bibbo's Big Belly Bellybuster Burgers, with fries and cokes," Cal said, ordering without the need of a menu. Bibbo wrote it down and wandered off to the back.

Alone at last, Cal turned to Kim, and Kim felt herself being drawn to Cal. His eyes, a deep blue, seemed to pierce right down to her soul. She started to talk then, pouring out her problems at home, her problems at work, and finally her desires for a better life. Cal sat, holding her hands as she talked. His gentleness was as powerful as his strength.

Then Cal started talking about himself. He worked for a major metropolitan newspaper, as a columnist. He traveled around the globe in search of stories, but always seemed to find his way back to Metropolis.

Bibbo arrived with the food, but before he could take a bite, Cal suddenly looked towards the back of the room. Kim could see nothing but a wall with faded photos. Cal turned back to Kim and said, "I'll be right back."

He started walking quickly in that direction, and Kim saw the bathrooms were also there. As he turned the corner, it looked to Kim as if Cal was loosening his tie and removing his glasses.

Several minutes later, Cal came back. He was straightening his tie. Kim thought it funny, but said nothing about it. They ate their lunch, and talked more. Kim started to feel a bond with this handsome man.

After lunch, they walked along the streets together. Cal put his arm around Kim, and she again felt his strength. He guided her left and right, right and left, finally stopping at 344 Clinton Ave.

"I live here," he said. "Would you like to see my place?"

Kim agreed, and they took an elevator to the sixth floor. As they entered his apartment, Cal turned and kissed Kim deeply. At that moment, she was his. This was the perfect kiss. His arms wrapped around her, and it seemed to Kim as if they were floating on air as they kissed. His tongue met hers, and she sucked on it. His fingers started working on her clothes, sliding each piece off her until she was naked in his arms.

He lowered his mouth and began to suck her large breasts. Kim moaned, having an affinity for breastplay. She could feel herself getting wet, and loved the feeling. She had never done this with a stranger before, but she felt so right in his arms, and in his mouth. She shut her eyes to savor his mouth on her nipples.

"I want you," she whispered between moans.

Cal lifted his mouth and said "Suck me now." Kim opened her eyes to start undressing him, and found to her surprise that he was already naked. Her eyes had only been closed a few seconds. He was fast!!

She dropped to her knees and reached for his cock. It was long, about 11 inches while still flaccid. She licked from tip to base, then back, and it grew hard almost instantly. She grasped it and muttered "So hard, so fast, Someone must need me."

She took him into her throat and started sucking him in. Lower she went, until 8 inches was in her mouth. She reached her gag point then, and started lifting up off him. Then she went back down, sucking deeper the second time. She reached her gag point, rested, then moved even deeper down his cock, taking his entire member into her mouth. She moaned, and so did he.

She deep throated him for several minutes, until she felt his strong hands guide her mouth off his now-wet and rigid cock. He lifted her up and lay her on the bed. He climbed between her legs and licked her pussy, sucking out her wetness and bringing fresh juices into her body at the same time. She screamed in joy and came, flooding his face with orgasmic cum.

He then moved again, and his face appeared above hers. In one motion, his cock drove deep into her. She cried out, but then had a sudden worry. "Condom," she whimpered.

"I can't make you pregnant," Cal grunted, "And we're both free of diseases." He started moving deep inside her, building up her excitement.

"How would he know," she thought. "It's like he coud see inside me." Then she forgot that thought as a fresh wave of orgasmic lust crashed over her. She gripped him hard, and it still felt like he barely felt her.

"His arms are so strong, his cock so hard, his legs so powerful," Kim thought to herself. "Right now, he's like a Man of Steel!" She cried out again, kissing him deeply. Another orgasm was washing over her, and still he drove in and out of her.

She could not feel the bed under her any longer, but she was too lost in her lusts to care. In fact, the feeling of floating only added to her joys. She squirmed on his pistoning cock, and felt yet another orgasm build. She had never had so many orgasms before.

Suddenly he stiffened and cried out something Kim did not understand. It sounded so alien, but in a language she had never heard spoken before. He started spurting his seed inside her, cumming hard. This triggered her last orgasm, and they rode the wave of joy together. She clung to him and tried to scratch his back. All that did was hurt her fingers.

Cal slowly stopped pistoning, his cum spent inside her. She finally felt the bed under her again, but remained clinging to this man. She whispered, "That was Super man."

A little later, they disentangled and Kim started dressing. She stepped into the bathroom after collecting all her clothes, but had a question. She turned around, and Cal was already dressed. He was tucking his shirt in, and it seemed to Kim she saw something red flowing down Cal's back as he tucked. She forgot her question and went into the bathroom, emerging minutes later.

He walked her back out of the building. The elevator ride was one long kiss together, each savoring their last moments together. He whispered "Come back soon to me."

"Yes," Kim thought.

They exited his building and he said "I gotta fly. Something's come up."

"What's your last name, Cal," she asked.

"El." he replied.

Kim turned around to ask him his full last name, but he was gone. She looked left and right, and back into the building, but Kal-El was not there. The one place she didn't look for him was straight up. She should have.

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