tagTransgender & CrossdressersGirl for Charlie Ch. 02

Girl for Charlie Ch. 02


I led him upstairs to the bedroom, my head a confusion of lust, guilt and more lust.

"Take off your blouse and skirt." He ordered, as I turned to him hoping for a kiss.

He watched me as I complied. "Oh, sweetie, you look good," he said as I stepped out of my skirt. "Now undress me."

Nervously I unfastened his shirt, kissing his arms and shoulders and broad hairy chest. I kissed my way down his flat stomach as I knelt down infront of him. I took off his shoes and socks and a lump formed in my throat when I saw the little tube of KY he pulled from his pocket as he let his pants fall. I worked the waistband of his boxers over his big hard cock and slipped them over his smooth buttocks. My hands skimmed down his thighs and calves, their strength and warmth turning me on even more.

"Lie back on the bed." Nervously I did a I was told and he fell on me, kissing, sucking, licking and biting my face, neck, arms, lace covered nipples, satin covered belly and stocking clad thighs. He was everywhere, his hands and mouth on me as his body pressed onto mine. He found the centre of my arousal and stroked me again through the thin satin of my panties until my breath was ragged and my orgasm was rising. Again he stopped short of my release.

His hands left me completely, and I was still panting and gasping for release when they returned, delving between my legs. Greasy fingers slipped between my buttocks teasing and stroking. I moaned as he toyed with the sensitive opening to me.

When his finger pushed and slipped into me I was so ready for it that I moaned and whimpered delightedly. He slowly and easily slipped it in and out of me, telling me what a good girl I was. He added another so easily that all I noticed was an increasing pressure and friction. He used one finger from each hand to fuck me harder and widened them until he was able to add two more. I was moaning out his name as he told me what an easy whore I was, what a hungry pussy I had. He worked them in and out of me until I was gasping and writhing for him. Then he would stop, stroke and caress my eager body, taking all the time in the world to enjoy my submission to him. Then he would again fill me with his fingers.

His fingers eased out of me again leaving me empty, craving more. I felt his weight shift between my legs and looked at him as I felt his hard cock slide easily into me. He was slow and gentle but still he felt huge inside me. Twice he stopped to let me get used to him but each time, as the aching died down he sank even deeper into me. I felt myself open up to him and I felt him bottom out deep inside me. I gasped, a shrill girlie squeal at the sudden impact inside me. It hurt, a stinging intense painful spot deep inside me. He was streching me and was in me so deep, I was afraid he was damaging me. He held himself deep inside me as his mouth fell on mine again, his tongue invading me, he made my mouth his playground. I was his, completely his.

The pain lessened as my insides became used to his invasion. He lifted his mouth off me, giving my lip a nip with his teeth. Grinning, no doubt, at my total submission, he said: "Damn, you even sound like a girl!"

He slowly eased out of me, the pressure relieved, but only to be replaced with the delighful sensation of his withdrawal. Again he held still, this time with only the head of his gorgeous cock inside me. He waited there until I opened my eyes and asked "feel good?"

"Amazing," I replied

He sank back into me slowly, but this time not stopping until he was completely inside me. The feeling of his thick shaft filling me up was beautiful. I tried to look back up into his face but my eyes closed to focus on the deep sensation. This time it didn't hurt so much, this time he kissed my neck, sucking and biting the sensitive skin below my jaw as I moaned my appreciation.

Again he withdrew slowly until he was again holding the big head at my entrance. When I opened my eyes again to look at him he repeated "feel good?"

"Oh, Yes, I love it" I once again replied.

He held still, obviously waiting for more from me.

"Please don't stop, Charlie, Please"

"What is it you want, little girl?"

"To be fucked by you, Charlie, please don't stop."

"You want my cock inside you?"

"Ohhh, Yes I need it inside me."

"Good girl, you are so much fun to tease." He said and slipped back into my depths.

"Ohhhh Yesss." I moaned as he filled me, clutching him tight.

He kept up his slow deep strokes, now not pausing for my agreement, but not speeding up either. His self control was amazing, teasing himself as much as me. My body was tense and shuddering at every stroke, desperate for more and desperate for release.

I arched my back, thrusting myself up to meet him, he bore down into me with determined strokes that left me entirely focused on the pleasure coursing through me. I was completely out of control, my whole being desired his cock and his dominance of me. I moaned and whimpered in lust, begging him to fuck me more and faster and harder and forever. He looked down at me, into me, telling me how sweet my pussy was, what a good girl I was, what a great fuck I was. All the time fucking me with deliberately long slow deep strokes.

He looked down at my lust filled face and cooed: "you really want this don't you, sweetie?"

"Yessssss, oh yesssssss." As he sank into me.

"You like being my girl?"

"Yes." Another deep long thrust.

"You want to be my girl, to be my bitch, my slut?"

"Yes Charlie, please yes." I said pleading as his cock rode deep into my aching pussy again.

"You're going to want more of this, aren't you?"

"Ooooohhh yes yes." His cock thick and hard squeezed into my willing flesh.

"You're going to be knocking at my door begging for more! Your pretty little ass is mine anytime I want it. "

"Oh, yes." It all sounded so good, all I could think of was getting more of this. I desperately wanted him to loose control and fuck me with wild abandon. He was starting to fuck me faster but I wanted it all.

He pounded into me faster and harder, his thighs slamming into my butt, lifting me off the bed in jolts of pleasure. His hand rode across the front of my panties, stroking me. "I'm going to cum deep inside your hot little pussy," he grinned.

"Oh, yes, yesss. Fuck me, fuck me!" I cried, lost in a cloud of lust.

His thrusts were long and deep and fast. His eyes roamed over me, consuming me just as greedily as his cock plundered my ass. I felt amazing. Completely consumed by a need for his cock sawing in and out of me. I gripped the sheets on either side of me, grabbing for anything to help me push back onto his hot hard cock. My own cock forgotten as his ruled my body, driving repeatedly into my newly opened pussy. I thrilled at the sensations that coursed through me, his cockhead driving pleasure into me with every stroke and drawing gasps of absolute bliss from me with every withdrawal. I moaned as I felt my body ride into its own orgasm, propelled by something new, something inside me that he was carressing with his cock with every stroke. I convulsed involuntarily, angling my body to get more of that delightful feeling even within the enormity of sensation that was swallowing me up. I heard myself whining and gasping as I peaked, pushing back onto him frantically.

His eyes closed as his fucking reached his own frenzied final deep intense thrusting. His hands gripping me tightly as he buried himself to the hilt. He groaned a deeply satifying: "Fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuuck." His strong hands pulling me onto his cock with such force, I was completely powerless as he emptied his seed deep inside me.

He gripped me tightly to him for a long time, rotating his hips slowly as he revelled in the aftershocks of his orgasm. He opened his eyes and took me in, a look of sheer release on his face. "Well, well, sweetie. Aren't you just a delight in bed!" He grinned, looking down at the large wet stain on my panties. "Looks like you had your fun too! Not everyone enjoys it quite that much, always good to find one that does."

He stayed there, his cock slowly shrinking inside me, caressing my legs and talking to me about how good I looked, about outfits he would like to see me in, about others he knew who dressed up too. Freed from the grip of lust and desire, my mind was struggling to focus, it was a mix of guilt and satisfaction, of dread and relief. My body felt alien, as if it wasn't mine. I was in such a mental turmoil that I seemed to be watching myself as he carressed me, slowly.

I wasn't completely spent, my body responded to his caressing. The orgasm I had experienced, was different, it left me with some desire. The pot and alcohol added to my sense of confusion, keeping me floating in a strange state of dissorientation. He lead me from the bed and his words wrapped around me, entrancing me: "Let's go and find another outfit, we have all night to play, you look so sexy in that hot pink. Lets see how you look in a dress, a short sexy dress, to go with those gorgeous heels. Sweetie, the whole idea of you dressed up is such a turn on. You don't know how long I've been hoping for this." His continual stream of admiration, together with his touches and caresses and the overwhelming sensation of his mouth on mine held me afloat for several outfits. The joy of dressing and displaying myself for such an ardent admirer was fabulous and he fueled it with further wine and pot. So much so that when he said: "Perfect, let's go!" I just let him take me by the hand and lead me from the house.

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Look what youve done

Wow that was amazing now I need a man like Charlie lol thank you for a wonderful story

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Taking me out

After that beautiful fucking, I modeled more dresses por both of us to enjoy. every minute of it.

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