tagMind ControlGirl Grimoire Ch. 01

Girl Grimoire Ch. 01


To get the Book, I had to sacrifice my sister's cat. It was sick, but the strangest part was it actually worked. Now all I had to do was carry home a single hair, piece of a nail, anything, and the woman was mine. I told my sister that whoever "stole" her cat would be found soon enough, told my mother to stop wearing underwear around the house, and locked myself up in the basement to study.

When, in a few days, I came home with Amy Thomas's sweat on my kerchief, thrilled yet still disbelieving, I still didn't know what was going to happen.

So, I offered her hair to the Book, felt slightly light-headed, and then I was a girl in a dark room, spread in my panties in the middle of a girly bed, with my boyfriend on top of me.

That Amy, my incredibly deep-seated crush, had a boyfriend, was in itself a shock - for a moment, I wanted to cry. He was groping Amy's pussy through her panties, and I felt every flick of his finger. What the fuck is the Grimoire useful for? Seeing the love of my love getting fucked? It was almost beyond me. I actually bawled - broke down and whined like a loser I was.

"What happened?" said the guy.

I shut up for a second.

"Amy, wha's wrong? Did I hurt you or sumthin'?"

I moved my hand, looked at it, touched my nose, my breasts, and finally was up to speed on what the Grimoire actually did.

I. Amy Thomas.

I got fucked that night - first for me, definitely not for Amy. She didn't have an orgasm. I cried like a little bitch afterwards - literally wanked myself to sleep with tears in my eyes.

But I was not giving up on the twisted pleasure so easily now, so I loafed about her bag until I could scavenge it for lost hairs. Amy caught me.

"What's up, Talbot?" she said. "What have you lost over there?"


Every time I stuttered in front of her, I promised to someday soon kill myself.

"What's with your eyes? Ew, you've got conjunctivitis or something... I had that in kindergarten. Talbot? Are you ok?"

She was wearing a tight, pretty top and a tame knee-length skirt. Pretty maroon hair in a high ponytail. I love you, Amy.

"I'm fine," I said.

"Let me take you to the nurse, Talbot," she said and took my hand.

I jerked it away. Amy rolled her eyes, picked up her bag and left me to my devices.

The devices were simple: I got home, told my sister to fuck off with her cat poster, waited until dusk with dick in my hand, and fed the hair to the Grimoire. Next I was on the same bed as yesterday, but the lights were on, there was some music playing, and nobody else was there but me.

First thing I did was look down. On me were grey pants not unlike the ones my sister wears. Under them I found pretty white panties, fitting me like second skin. I couldn't help but wonder how ugly my cock was, even clothed, compared to this snow-white mound of cotton. Shapely legs and pale little hands, breasts like two pretty piglets. I sat and saw a mirror in the opposite corner of the room; out of it, Amy looked at me and blushed.

I stood up. Amy was I. Music was bad, but I liked it. Standing in front of the mirror, I started exploring - beauty spots, tickle spots, all the pretty secrets. When I got to the pussy, I found it dripping. Are you horny, Amy? Do you want to fuck? We can arrange that. I picked her cellphone. I had two females in my contact list - my mom and my sister. Amy had dozens of boys. I found her sweetheart by his profile picture and called him.

"Yes, Am, I'm sorta busy tho," he said.

There was some noise behind him, a sort of sizzling, and someone talking on the background. What's your job, fucker? Are you flipping burgers? Is this who gets to fuck my Amy? Then I felt like speaking, but my chords felt alien. I got ready to sound weird.

"Wanna come to my place tonight, like, right now?" I said in Amy's perfect trill.

"Wish I did, Strawberry. Wish I did. Whoa, you sound horny. Love you."

"Then come over."

There were more yells.

"Am, I'm a bit busy. You know. What's up? What are you doing? Are you horny, baby?"

He was flipping burgers instead of flipping Amy? What sort of faggot was he?

"Yes, I'm horny," I said. "Are you coming or not?"

"No, I'm not."

"Well, fuck you, then," I said and switched off.

He was absurd. Calling back? Fuck you. I switched the phone off entirely. Turned around and looked at my butt, pulled the panties off, bent forward a little. My legs were beautiful, my back was perfect - I was a living statue, and I was horny.

Momentarily at a loss, I raided Amy's wardrobe. Hidden under everything I found treasure: a pink thong with a bunny tail, a tiny bra and a small blue dildo. You little skank, Amy, you beautiful young slut. I slapped my ass and barely felt it. What I felt was a drop rolling slowly down my leg, felt the draught on my pussy through the wet panties, and then I knew that I would get fucked tonight no matter what.

I got myself a pink dress to look arguably irresistible. If I saw Amy wearing this at school, I'd stain my pants in front of everyone and finally find strength to kill myself. I had Amy bend over slightly, and saw her ass from under the skirt in the mirror. Then I put on matching shoes which forced the tits forward, grabbed a few dollars from the table and went downstairs.

Amy's father and mother were watching TV. I got spooked and tried sneaking out, but they caught me. Her father was looking so baffled I burst out laughing. They told me to explain myself. I told them to fuck off. The were appalled at the "f-word".

"I say whatever I fucking want," I said. "Fuck you mom, fuck you dad, fuck you both, fuck, fuck and fuck; I'm out."

They gaped like fishes and let me walk out. When I was already outside, they finally followed, screaming "Young lady!" every other word, but I just run around the corner, and they never caught me.

I spent the next half hour walking forward. I tried to imagine what would happen if I outright strip for all to see. Then I got into unfamiliar territory. I walked on, getting wetter every time a guy checked me out - and is this how women feel? do they get annoyed, like I did, at every handsome young man who plays polite and turns away even though all he wants is to shag you all night? Anyway, I got to some shady street and finally hesitated.

But then I thought - what the hell? God protect you, Amy - and walked on, waving my hips, click-clack with my shoes on concrete, feeling slightly cold and with sweat all over my cunt, ass, between my tits, in my arm pits. To the right of a shady apartment complex was a club with a bouncer in front of it. Iron door was muffling dubstep of some sort. I spent a few seconds in indecision, then walked towards it.

"ID," said the bouncer.

I showed him.

"OK, Amy Thomas. Pro?"

"Huh? No," I said.

"If I find out you're pro, you get hurt. Pros pay. Got it? Have fun."

He reached over and opened the door for me.

Inside was hell. There was drum-shattering noise everywhere. Lights were blinding. Women and men were "dancing". Everyone was on drugs. It literally was hell - what else could it be? It was demonic. I with my Grimoire felt like a Gretel. I walked to the bar and ordered a beer. It tasted like piss and made me dizzy, but I drank on. Somebody winked at me, some woman said something to me. I drank some more beer, then got cornered by a pair of guys dressed like clowns. They said something, I replied that I didn't hear, they didn't hear me either. One bent towards my ear.

"What a pretty lady alone today," he yelled, spitting alcohol on my skin. "Let's spend this night together, baby."

"Together?" I said.

The other guy started dancing - her was too high to concentrate even on Amy.

"Got that right, pretty thing," said the first guy. "We've a VIP room upstairs, huh? Run away from this noise, you know, the city... just relax, chat about with friends, yeah?"

I said, "Let's."

He took my hand. We walked up the stairs and got through a set of doors.

"Finally," the guy said, when we were in a room with a round table and a few chairs. "Running away from this noise, huh. I love this relaxing shit and all. The city is noisy, you agree? Oh that city... like, y'know."

"Yeah," I said.

Amy sounded sultry.

"Keith. That cokehead is Drake," said the guy.

"Amy Thomas."

"Uh, nice... last name?"

They laughed. Who cares. I'm not even embarrassed. The other guy dropped on another chair and almost fell off it.

"Want a drink?"

I asked for a gin, because I barely know which drinks are which. We sat silently for half a minute.

"Say Amy, how are you, then? Tired of all the noise, like, huh?" said Keith, and I felt his hand on my thigh.

Drake bent over forward and cackled in my ear: "When you sit like this, I bet Keith sees under your skirt, ehe he."

"Maybe the lady wants me to watch, yeah?"

"Yeah? Well, what about meee," said Drake and got his hand around my waist.

They moved closer. I didn't react. My head started hurting. Now they were feeling me up. Keith got under my skirt, Drake nibbled at my ear. They were too drunk, their fingers felt like iron, breath smelled like asshole.

"Spread your legs," said Keith and, slipping off his chair, stuck his head at my crotch.

His buddy's lips were now flapping on mine, spreading the smell of alcohol. Hands were on my tits, rolling them like it was a competition. The men were all over me now. They pulled the dress over my head, held my legs up to pull the panties off. They pulled me onto the table and forced my legs apart - Amy was in deep shit now. The Keith guy got between my legs, pulled his cock out and slipped it inside me, sending a shock wave up my spine. Drake held my head and fed me his junk. Next second it was too much - I started moaning. It made them insane. My crotch felt like blossoming, the ugly taste in my mouth was mind-numbing. Tits felt great, rolling and pinching, pain in my nipples - I loved it. Oral sex, not so much. Stuffed cunt was an alien experience like a very strong emotion that I couldn't explain.

"Little slut, you like cock in your mouth the most, don't you, skank, yeah take it all, take it, whore," mumbled Drake, feeding me. He was going from amiable dope to dangerously deranged and back. Keith just held onto my thighs and fucked away. My back started to hurt, ass and shoulders were sore from the hard tabletop. I hit my head a few times. Holding my legs up was getting uncomfortable. Then I felt like something was going to happen, a few seconds of clairvoyance - and a spasm was born in my cunt. It blew my tiny pussy apart, branched into my ass and stomach, ran through my spine and emerged from my mouth as a long heartfelt moan. My head spun. I was shaking. I simply wouldn't be able to fuck Amy like this even if I was able to try. I dreamt of giving her pretty flowers, but flowers are shit.

I said, "Fuck my ass, boys."

Keith held my ass up and poked at my asshole.

"Yeah, bitch, are you dirty?"

I would have said that I was, but I was sucking on Drake's dick. Keith pushed, with persistence, and suddenly I felt pain that I never thought possible. I screamed out and tried to break free. Drake backed off. I sat on the table until pain in my sphincter has faded. Keith stood with his dick forward, puzzled.

"New to this or something?" he said, reaching over for me.

He pulled me towards himself once more, spreading my legs, and fingered my ass. Drake made me face him, upside-down, and rubbed his dick on my lips. His balls were now covering my eyes. Someone started twisting my tits again, and then Keith slipped the head of his cock past my sphincter and started burrowing. Looks like the tip was the most difficult to take. The shaft I was barely feeling. For a second, I felt like I had to go really badly, but then my ass became numb. I felt skin and hair touching my ass, felt a cock in my colon, hands on my tits, cum on my tongue. My body relaxed. In the next half an hour, anal felt good. It went on and on, and I wanted it to continue.

When the men finally finished, they sat on the chairs, pants still down, and whipped out some coke. They wanted me to stay for another round. I lay on the table for a few minutes, but finally got off it. By that time, Drake was asleep with his cock out. Keith had my panties and refused to return them. I stood in front of him, pretty dress rolled up to my chest, shoes still on. My cunt was raw, my ass that was still gaping. Nipples were aching and I tasted semen. But at least I didn't want Amy to end up in a ditch.

So I took her home. Nobody was home - they probably were in the police. I gave my beauty a superficial shower. Feeling generous, I texted her dad "I'm home", and went to bed.

I woke up in my room. The Grimoire was in front of me, warm to the touch. It was 1:35 A.M.. I got into bed and masturbated. Suddenly I knew what I should have done: take pictures and mail them to myself. Fuck.

But I was feeling refreshed - bad in a good way again. And I already had new ideas. Who do I take next, I wondered. A classmate? A teacher? I got a pretty pregnant neighbour on her eighth month. Deep down inside I even considered my mother and sister. Or Amy again? Wonder how she is doing. Perhaps, someone else..?

I sat down to ponder my move.

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