tagErotic CouplingsGirl in a Green Dress

Girl in a Green Dress


She sat in the large chair, auburn hair falling loose over her shoulders, legs crossed. The hem of the green dress she wore rose above her knee, showing a pair of lovely legs, and beautiful bare fee. I was trying hard not to stare. Her blue eyes shone - probably from the wine during dinner, but I kept hoping it was from me.

She had picked me up at my motel late in the morning, letting me sleep after my long drive. I was nervous waiting for her, wondering if the drive was all for nothing. Then I opened the motel room door, saw her smile and heard her say hello in that wonderful soft Southern accent. It was worth it.

The day flew by. I'm not sure what we did. I remember her laughter surrounding me, the soft sand of the beach as the wind played with her hair, the smell of the salt in the ocean, a lunch someplace, but I don't think either of us knew where or what it was. We sat looking at the sun as it went down, its golden glow lighting the edge of the ocean and bathing us in a warmth even as the dark came creeping in.

She chose the restaurant for dinner and when the meal was finished we dawdled over the coffee. Part of it was to stretch the time to talk, to get to know each other more. Part was to put off having to decide what to do next. I was hoping I didn't end back in the motel too soon.

I'm not sure when we can say we met each other. It was gradual - a few posts and replies on a bulletin board here and there. Then more of them, becoming a private conversation conducted in public. A growing awareness that I looked forward to her being online. Then instant messages - hours spent on the computer instant messaging each other. Next, phone calls and hours spent lost in each other's voice. We talked about everything and nothing. We talked about our lives, our likes, our dislikes, our sexual preferences. Then today, the last step - meeting each other.

There was another pause in the conversation and I was playing with a coffee spoon trying to think of something to say. She looked away, at the far wall, and when she turned back, her blue eyes looked down on the table cloth. I heard a small clearing of her throat. "Would you like to go back to my house for some more coffee?" she asked, barely audible.

My insides jumped and I stopped toying with the spoon.

"I'd hate to trouble you with having to take me back to the motel later when you can just drop me off now," I replied

"It's really no problem. Your motel is very close to my house,'' she said.

"Then if you really don't mind, I'd love to. No coffee though. Maybe a soft drink so I can get to sleep tonight," I replied, trying not to sound too eager.

It was a short drive to her house, but our silence made it seem much longer. I was getting worried. Had we run out of things to talk about?

So there she was, sitting in the chair and we were still trying to find things to say. I was taking sips from the soft drink, playing for time.

"Looks like you can use a refill," she said looking at my glass.

"Just a little. Don't want to drink too much more." At least I'd get a little more time with her.

She started to push herself up and then dropped down.

"Gosh, don't know why, but I have trouble getting up. I couldn't have drank that much. If you don't mind, could you give me a hand?"

I got up and walked over to her, extending my hand. She took it and I pulled. I pulled too hard forgetting how light and petite she was. She flew into me. Embarrassment, my first reaction was embarrassment, but her blue eyes looked up at me with a twinkle. I bent to kiss her. In the back of my mind I knew I was going to be slapped, but she parted her lips. I pulled her more tightly into me and we stood there, kissing. Soft at first, then it slowly changed. She clutched me harder.

She broke the kiss. Not saying anything, she took my hand, led me to the bedroom and stood still by the bed, her eyes on the floor. I stood in front of her and bent to kiss her neck. My hands reached to the zipper in back of the dress, slowly drawing it down, spreading it open so my hands could move inside and feel her soft back, touch the strap of her bra. My hands moved down, underneath her panties and held her ass, pressing her against me while I kissed her again.

I slipped the dress over her shoulders and pushed it down so it fell around her ankles. All she had on now were bra and panties. I stepped back to look, to admire. Still looking shyly at the floor, she reached her hands behind her and unsnapped her bra, letting it fall over her shoulders and down to he floor, showing lovely small breasts. They were irresistible. I eased her down onto the bed, moved next to her, and took them into my mouth. Softness in my mouth and I sucked them in. I wanted it all in my mouth and my tongue played with her nipple as I sucked, feeling it harden.

Her hands reached down to touch my cock through my pants. I was hard and she rubbed it hard. I stopped sucking on her breast and gently put her nipple between my teeth, slowly pulling it, causing a small moan. A soft bite then I took her whole breast into my mouth again.

She undid my belt buckle, unbuttoned the top button, and pulled down the zipper in a rush. Impatiently, she spread open my pants to give her room to push her hands in. Her hands were flat against my cock, feeling it's hardness, rubbing it with an urgency.

I got up and hurriedly finished undressing. Lying down next to her again, I started sucking and biting on the other nipple. I loved that soft nub in my mouth. I loved it between my teeth.

Her hand reached back down to my cock. She wrapped her hand around it and moved it up and down, jerking me off. I reached down to caress her stomach, making small circling patterns, feeling her smoothness before sliding my hand beneath her panties. I was impatient and slid a finger in. She was wet. I slid another finger in and began fucking her while sucking hard on her breast.

She moaned as her hips rose to meet my fingers. "Yes, hard. You know I like it hard," she gasped out. I dug my fingers into her cunt making wet sloppy noises. I could smell it. I pulled my fingers out and brought them to my lips, getting my first taste of her. I sucked my fingers clean as she watched, her blue eyes half shut. A small smile was on her face. I shoved my fingers into her and watched the smile turn into a gasp then turn into a moan as I fucked her hard with my fingers.

Her panties were too constraining so I reached down to pull them off. She lifted one leg and I pulled her panties off it, but before she could put her leg down, I put it over my shoulder. I grabbed the other leg so it was over my shoulder too, her panties dangling from her ankle. I took her hand and wrapped it around my cock, moving her hand up and down, wanting her to feel the hardness. For not too long though. I shifted downwards and felt my cock go into her, into that soft, wet pussy.

Her hands wrapped around my neck and I began to fuck her. Long, hard strokes with my cock, pushing her body into the bed. The room was filled with the bed creaking, her cries, and the sound of her cunt being fucked. I wrapped my fingers in her hair and tugged, forcing her head up for a long, hard kiss.

"Oh fuck," she moaned. "Harder, please. Harder."

I took her feet in my hands, holding myself up a little, spreading her legs more, and rammed myself into her cunt as hard as I can. Hard. I wanted it to be the hardest fuck she ever had. I pulled my cock out as far as I could and rammed it back in as fast as I could. It was soft, wet, and open.

"I, I want it," she gasped. "Oh, give it to me good."

She lifted up her head to see - to see her cunt being filled with my cock, to see her lovely legs being spread wide open, to see the small beads of sweat on her stomach, on her breast. Then she leaned her head back and shut her eyes. I bent and licked her lips, letting her legs drop and she wrapped them around my back. I still fucked her hard and I rested my body a little on hers. My arms reached for her ass. I pulled her ass up a little higher and ground into her. My hands moved a little closer together and felt her wetness coating her ass.

My head was beside hers and I was filled with her soft whimpering, a soft, "Oh, God, fuck me hard." Her lips brushed my cheeks and then a long "Ohhhhhhhhh." Her hips were moving, trying to keep up with my cock. A new desperation began to build up. Her hands clutched my head and held it tight against hers.

"Oh, God. Oh, God, I'm cumming," she said softly in my ear. Her movements became more frantic, her hips wanting that cock. There was a long, loud moan, then her movements slowly eased.

"Cum for me now, babes," she said to me. "Fuck me like a whore and cum inside me."

I was on the edge and I held onto her ass and kept ramming my cock into her. It didn't take long before I let out a loud groan and felt my cum spurt deep inside her. My movements slowed then stopped. I lay still on top of her, catching my breath, small beads of sweat dripping onto her. I didn't want to leave her. I didn't want my cock to leave her. I lifted up a little and saw those blue eyes glowing again. I kissed one eye, then, the other, then her lips, softly.

I knew I wasn't going back to the motel that night. I knew I wasn't going to go home - I had found my home.

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