tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGirl Next Door Ch. 01

Girl Next Door Ch. 01


author's note: all characters in this story are 18 years or older.


Jimmy watched with some shock as his next-door neighbor Miranda jumped into her pool, stark naked. He was house-sitting for some of his parent's friends and he'd just met Miranda yesterday when she'd been saying goodbye to her parents - who had left for the week for their wedding anniversary. She'd been pretty cute yesterday and he'd been eager to meet her acquaintance, especially since they both would have completely empty houses this summer! Finding out that she didn't have a boyfriend had been an extra bonus. They'd talked about how nice it was to be away from the ever watchful eye of their parents and he'd hoped to get to know her better over the summer... well his eyes were getting to know her much better right now!

Completely naked and glistening she swam around, her chest rather buoyant in the water. Feeling himself get hard he reached down into his pants, wishing that he had a pair of binoculars to watch her with... really get a good look at her body. Damn but she was gorgeous... especially totally naked. He watched her swim for quite awhile, pumping his dick every couple of seconds, but really just trying to enjoy the whole experience. It wasn't often that something like this happened to him. She was glistening wet, the kind of thing that you'd see in a dirty magazine or something, with the water dripping off of her.

When she got out to get on the diving board he thought that all his dreams must be coming true... she bounced a couple of times on the end, her naked breasts flopping up and down, before she did a high jump in the air and dove into the water. Several times she did this, her gorgeous breasts and ass jiggling all over the place and driving him absolutely wild! Every time she got out of the pool the water poured off her body, leaving her wet and slick in the sunlight... and then, God bless her, she'd be up on the diving board again, bouncing away.

It was like watching "Girls Gone Wild"... the only thing that would be better was if she was on a trampoline. Or if he was closer and had an even better view... when she jumped upwards and did the splits midair, rather than a dive, he thought he was going to die as her pussy split apart, pink wetness in the center. Gorgeous, well-endowed AND flexible... not to mention that she was swimming naked in her backyard in the middle of the day! He tried pinching himself just to make sure he wasn't dreaming - not that he was sure he wanted to wake up if he was. As dreams went, this would have been one of his best ones yet! Finding out that he was definitely not dreaming and this was actually happening was possibly the best discovery he'd ever made in his life.

When she got out and walked over to the lawn chair on the side of the pool he felt rather sad until she sat down and he realized that she was going to be staying out for awhile. His heart leapt into his throat when she pulled out some baby oil and began rubbing it on her body, over her neck and arms, her chest and stomach and legs... her breasts she payed especial attention to he thought. Or maybe he just liked to think that she had payed special attention. But as he watched her hands slowly slid back up to those pretty tits, caressing the skin and rubbing the oil into it more firmly.

He thought about how firm and slick they must be right now and wondered what it would be like to squeeze them together and fuck them with his dick. Probably oily and slick, letting him slide back and forth in that valley of flesh... he pictured her open lips taking the head of his dick every time he pushed all the way through. Pausing for a moment he went quickly and found his own baby oil, bringing it back to the window with him and rubbing it on his hands before fisting his dick again. Looking back out the window he almost fell over... she was playing with her nipples!

Feeling like a million bucks he pictured sliding his dick through that cleavage while she held them tight together, playing with her nipples. Her fingers slid all over the little nubs, even twisting... as his hand slowed on his dick so that he could catch his breath and get some control back, he realized that he could hear her faintly moaning. Damn that was hot...

Watching in disbelief, he moaned along with her as one of her hands slid down her stomach to her pussy, gliding over the shaved mound and into that pink slit. He could see her hand working up and down rubbing against the juicy lips as she masturbated. Lifting her hips as she played with her clit, Miranda was starting to get hot and heavy into her self-pleasuring, putting on the best show that he'd ever seen in his life. Her moans were much louder now and he could see her fingers curving to actually slide inside that pink pussy.

They disappeared into her hot pussy hole, invading it and stretching it open... squeezing his dick, he imagined what it would be like to slide into there, going much deeper than her fingers would be able to. As she began to move her hips, her fingers sliding back and forth in the slickness, his eyelids lowered a little, so that he could imagine it was his dick thrusting into her wetness. Miranda's body glistened and heaved, her skin glowing in the sunlight, shiny with the oil that she'd rubbed onto herself. The oil on his dick was allowing him to glide over it, it felt incredibly good, he tried to imagine the the slickness was really the wet juices of her pussy...

As Jimmy watched, she began to ram her fingers into her pussy harder and harder, the hand on her breast becoming almost brutal in its treatment of her nipple; his own hand picked up speed in response to her heavy pants and quick movements. Her face became impassioned with lust, and her entire body seemed to arch as she started to cum, her moans reaching a high-pitched peak that made his balls ache. As she thrashed on the lawn chair, her fingers buried deep in her pussy, he squeezed his dick hard and started to cum; imagining that he was blowing his load all over her tanned body, covering her stomach and breasts with white streaks of cum.

Sighing in contentment, the ache in his groin gone, he just watched as she lounged some more, wiping her fingers off on the towel next to her. Leaning on the window sill he just admired his neighbor's body, happily contemplating the kind of summer he could have house-sitting here! First things first, he was going to need to find a pair of binoculars.

When Miranda started to get up, he stood up in the window, and for a moment it looked as though she was looking up at him. He quickly jumped to the side, out of view, with his heart pounding madly in his chest... waiting a few moments, he carefully turned to the side and looked out there. She was gathering up her things, showing no sign at all that she'd seen him watching her... more cautiously now, he stood and watched her breasts and ass jiggle as she walked back towards her house.

The front of his pants was starting to feel a little tight again, but he ignored it. There wasn't any eye candy anymore, and at any rate, he was more interested in finding some binoculars just in case she did something like this again!

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