Girl of My Dreams


Dora crossed her arms and looked at me. Her eyes were red, either from sleep or from...nah, I couldn't picture her crying. I apologized for what I did earlier, and told her that I wanted some explanations. Dora's eyes flashed and she told me that she was what she was and didn't have to justify her existence to me. I held up my hands and told her I was only trying to understand. I told her that I still cared about her. Her gaze softened, briefly, then she let me in. I took a look around. Man, the place was small. A single bedroom, a small living room, a kitchen and a bathroom. It was smaller than my dorm room at Bay State, which was saying a lot!

I sat down on the couch, and listened to Dora as she told me her story. In 1981, Michael Atkinson met Lolita Mendoza, a immigrant woman from Mexico. They fell in love and got married. In 1982, they had a child. This child was Dora Mendoza Atkinson. A beautiful baby girl born possessing male genitalia. Doctors wanted to correct the "mistake" but the parents couldn't bear to watch their child suffer. They raised her as she was. They kept her secret. Dora Atkinson grew up different. She was a girl on the outside, but inside she felt more masculine than your average boy. She loved sports, playing football, basketball and soccer with the neighborhood boys. She had to be careful, though. Even though she was a pretty Latin girl in the eyes of the world, there were still chances that her secret could come out.

Dora Atkinson grew up a lonely gal. The loss of her mother, at the age of fourteen affected her dramatically. Her father passed away when she was only seventeen. He left her with almost nothing. She was working hard to become a police officer. It's what he would have wanted. I listened to her, surprised. This girl had a tough life. I felt like such a fool for not being accepting of her. Okay, it was a lot to take in back there, alright? She looked at me. I smiled sympathetically. Dora told me that she didn't need my pity, then she got up and showed me the door. I stared at her. Why was she acting this way?

When I looked into her eyes, I knew. Dora didn't think that anyone out there could accept her for who and what she was. She thought everyone would hate her, or think she was a freak. I didn't feel that way about her. We were more alike than she could imagine. I too had led a tough life. While her parents sheltered and protected her, mine battered and abused me. We were both alone in the world. I took a step toward her. She assumed what looked like a fighting stance and told me to keep my distance. I hesitated. This girl looked like she would be a formidable fighter, cop's daughter and all. I didn't want to fight her. I wanted her, period. I held my hands up and told her that I came in peace.

Cautiously, I approached her. I had to make her understand that I was sorry for not understanding. Also, I wanted her to trust me. I was scared, though. Not of her, but of myself. I felt strong feelings for Dora. Yet was I ready for a relationship with someone like her? In my heart, the answer was yes. I stood before her. Slowly, she lowered her arms. I looked at her. She looked tired and scared, also angry and dangerously on edge. This girl had a lot of fear in her. Time to put her fears to rest. I gently put my arms around her. She stiffened in my arms. I told her that I loved her. She looked at me, surprised. I smiled. She asked me if I knew what I was getting myself into. I nodded and smiled. We kissed. In that moment, my life changed forever and our relationship officially began.

Dora led me into her bedroom. We kissed and undressed each other. I looked at her naked body and smiled, hungrily. She looked at my nude, masculine black body. We were both naked and exposed. I looked at her crotch. Yes, Dora did have a penis. It was smooth and hairless, uncircumcised and seemed to be around eight inches long. I had a nine-inch dick myself. We kissed and caressed each other. I suckled on her tender breasts and she moaned under my touch. We fell on the bed and rolled around, laughing. Dora lay on top of me, her sexy body pressing against mine. I wanted her so badly, and in that moment, I didn't care that she had the same thing I got, if you know what I mean.

Dora kissed a path down from my neck to my chest. She made her way down to my groin and took me into her mouth. I gasped. She sucked on my cock and licked on my balls. She was stroking herself with one hand. I noticed her cock getting quite hard. When I came, she drank my seed. I looked at her, smiled. She smiled and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. We lay there, holding each other. We fell asleep like this. When I woke up the next morning, I realized what had happened. Yet it didn't scare me. I had experimented sexually with a girl I loved and there's nothing wrong with that.

A year went by. Dora and I officially became a couple. All my friends know that she's my girl. They don't know that she's different. Our life is a happy and fulfilling one. We both love sports and we're very driven people. I am a happy guy. Which brings me back to this morning that it's snowing. I look at Dora. She is lovely in her sleep. I pat her sexy, round bubble butt. Man, I love her ass. I don't want to wake her up. I discreetly step outside to do some shoveling. I start to shovel the heavy snow and it's not easy. I notice a lot of other guys out there in front of their houses, shoveling. Men shoveling alone. An ancient ritual. Oh, I notice that one of my neighbors isn't shoveling alone. His wife is helping him. I smile. She must be a good woman. Most females I knew would be inside, warm and cozy while the men shoveled. It's our plight.

I get back to my shoveling. I hear some noise behind me. I turn around. It's Dora. In full winter gear. She is holding a shovel and shoveling away like a champ. I smile. That's my girl. This is the woman I love. Yes, my woman indeed. I wave at her. She smiles and waves back. Combining our efforts, we Clean up the driveway in no time. Also, we even went over to clean up for our neighbors, a nice old couple who seem to be snowed in. Once we're done, we head back inside.

Dora is undressing. I look at her sexy, bronze body. The kind of body female athletes would envy. I want her so badly. She turns around, sees the desire in my eyes. She smiles and gestures for me to come to her. I do. We kiss, and I pull her into my arms, heading to the shower. Warm water falls all over our bodies. Dora turns away from me and grabs my hands, putting them on her hips. She presses her big sexy butt against my groin. I am hard as steel in seconds. I enter her. Dora gasps. Our bodies are joined. She moans in pleasure. I grunt and kiss her neck. We make love like this, as the water falls on our bodies.

Later, we head to the bedroom, for another session. Lately, Dora has been getting sexually aggressive and a lot more creative. I am lying on the bed and she whispers something to me. I stare at her. Dora wants to enter me. She wants to know what it's like to fuck somebody. I smile nervously at her. I love this girl but I don't think I am ready for that yet. I know that she lost her virginity to me. In a way, I lost mine to her. Doing it with her was the first time I did it with someone I loved. Maybe someday we will experiment without inhibitions. I look at her large swinging dick. Hell, maybe someday is today. I tell her that we're going to need some lube and she had damn well better not tell anyone about this. She promises, and grabs the KY bottle and the condoms. We slip over the covers, and the fun begins.

I am lying on my back and Dora is rubbing her cock against my back door. She has greased me up and slowly enters me. I am stroking my cock as she slides into me. I have never been fucked before. Dora is ecstatic. She has never fucked anything other than her fist before. Slowly, she fucks me. I feel strange. I feel myself opening to her cock. I feel myself being penetrated. I found myself thinking that letting her fuck me makes me less than a man. Yet she was eager to try anal sex with me and let me enter her. It certainly didn't make her less of a woman. It didn't degrade her. The rules are different for men. They simply are. As she fucks me and I scream, I found myself oddly enjoying it. She came and pulled out of me. It was over.

Dora lies next to me, happy at last. She told me that she only wanted to do this once, to know what it was like. She tells me that she loved it. I smile at her. It felt good, and a bit painful. It's not something I want to try again, ever, but it was different. Dora smiles, and presses her sexy butt against my groin. Instantly, I am hard and I enter her. My large cock enters her asshole. She groans in pleasure and takes my hand in hers as we make love. She tells me that she loves me and urges me to fuck her harder. I do. Half an hour later, we are lying covered in sweat and very happy. I love this woman and she loves me. I look forward to the rest of our lives.

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