tagSci-Fi & FantasyGirl or Gargoyle Ch. 04

Girl or Gargoyle Ch. 04


I had the strange sensation I was flying as I opened my eyes. The wind was rushing in my face and the trees were passing quickly on all sides. My heart raced as I tried to rise up.

"Take it easy!" Robert almost shouted, "Keep wriggling and I won't be able to hold on!"

As all the events of the last few days came rushing back I froze. After a moment his grasp lighted and I settled back into his arm. My head was aching and my body burned with an icy flame. As my head began to clear, Robert had slowed and was now hovering over a courtyard. I hadn't even seen the castle as we had approached.

With a graceful thud Robert landed, his wings stirring up miniature dust storms. Tenderly he let me down being sure that I had my footing before letting go. A short man hobbled over to us.

"Ah, Robert you've returned! 'N' none too soon might I add. The lads are restless and troubles afoot."

An odd accent was only the beginning oddity of the elder man. His face was scared and he wore an eye patch over his left eye. A sword hung over one hip and several dagger handles could be seen along the other and his waist. With a nervous glace, he side stepped around me to Robert's side.

"There was another attack. This time up north, they're getting closer and bolder. Runned straight through a town in the middle of the morn they did."

Robert smiled a patient smile. As I looked around I could see multiple shapes along the shadows of the castle walls. On several I could make out the shapes of wings or tails. When I turned back to face the two men, Robert's shape had shifted and he now had the older man by the shoulder.

"...she's a seer, she said she dreamt of me...no she doesn't seem to...yes, she has to be his child, there's no other..."

They were speaking so softly I couldn't make out much of what they were saying. Without being completely obvious I tried to listen closer.

"Robert, it's good to see you again my son."

The voice was like a coo from a dove. I turned to see a beautiful woman in a dark green dress approaching. Her hair was black and pulled lightly back in ribbons. Her eyes and skin were a magnificent black silk, even reflecting the sun as if silk. I was in shock at the exotic beauty this woman possessed. Robert stepped to her, quickly taking to one knee and kissed her outstretched hand.

"My Queen, I too am glad to be in your acquaintance again." His voice was full of reverence and respect.

I tried to conceal my laughter at the over-dramatic phrasing of his words. She must have heard my snicker because she stepped towards me.

"And who is your guest Robert? Have we found our prodigal daughter, as it may be?" She smiled lovingly at me as her hand cupped my face.

Robert cleared his through, "My Queen, I do believe she is the one. I have not..."

She held up a hand to silence him, and that it did. Who was this woman that had this much power?

"Please, child, what is your name?"

"Jessica, my Queen." I bowed slightly, not wanting to see the wrath of an offended woman.

Her laugh was like bells ringing and she reached out for my hand.

"Child, it is I that should be showing respect. What do you...no. This is neither the time nor the place to be discussing this. Please, come, Robert will show you where you can rest and freshen up."

Holding out my hand in hers, Robert took my hand and lead me away as if I were in a princess in one of the fairytales I had been told. After we were out of ear shot of the congregation, I asked Robert what she had meant. He merely laughed and said I could ask her later.

Robert led me to a room on the east wing of the castle all the way up the tower. As we walked up the steps he told me the history of the castle and how it had once been the home of one of the most powerful clans in all of history. When we finally made it to the room Robert opened the door, but stood in the hall.

Puzzled I looked at him. "Um...would you like to come in?"

He stood there a moment longer, his hand on the door and lips pursed. Looking at me with wide eyes I couldn't tell whether he was nervous or excited. He finally stepped into the room, closing the door lightly behind him. As I turned to observe the luscious room I heard a faint click behind me. Turning my attention back to Robert, he rushed towards me and took me in his arms.

Smiling I looked at him and kissed him lightly. The room seemed to start spinning as we stood there kissing. In two swift movements Robert untied my clothing and they fell to the floor in a soft swish. Picking me up in his arms I wrapped my legs around him. His hands moved up and down my back before down to grab a hold of my butt.

With a few quick steps we were to the large four post bed that dominated the room. As he laid me onto the bed he bent to kiss my neck. Sighing I ran my hands over his shoulders. Slowly he licked and kissed his way to my nipples which he lovingly suckled. I could feel the internal fire growing with every touch of his lips. I laced my fingers through his as he rose back up to kiss me.

Our breathing was heavy and our kisses passionate. I pulled at his shirt and he quickly removed it. I ran my hands over his muscular chest, watching my pale hand run over his dark tanned body. Pulling him back to me I kissed at his lips and face as my hips began to grind against him.

Pushing against him I rolled him onto his back. Sitting on his stomach I watched as his eyes gazed over my body. His hands ran up my thighs and sides to caress my breasts. My head rolled back as I covered his hands in mine. Licking my lips I ran my hands down his arms before reaching back to undress him further.

He was shaking as he helped me remove his pants. Smiling I leaned down and kissed him.

"Is something wrong?" I gazed into his eyes as my hands grabbed at his shoulders.

He shook his head 'No' but didn't say anything. Taking his hand I placed in near my inner thigh. Softly his fingers began to lace through the soft mound of hair. Reaching back I touched the shaft of his swollen member. He closed his eyes and moaned at my touch.

Giggling at the sight I moved so that he came to rest against my backside. His hands were on my thighs, his thumbs softly caressing as he squeezed. Lifting my body up, slowly his member rubbed down my body before popping forward. I lowered my body back down to rest on the lower parts of his now throbbing member.

Closing my eyes I began to grind my hips forward, the shaft slipping between my legs to rub against my own throbbing center. Soon the shaft became wet from my sweet arousal. Robert's hands had moved to my hips, pulling me forward on him. I reached down and took a hold of the head. My hand was sticky from his lubricant leaking out. As I tightened my hand around him, he moaned.

As I grinded against him I slid my hand up and down the shaft in rhythm with my movements. He was now moaning and sweat began to trickle from his face. Stopping I pumped my hand over him one more time before moving it up to my lips. He opened his eyes to see me licking his salty delight and shuddered, as did I from the taste.

After I had licked all his delicious come from my hand I lifted myself to center over his shaft. Reaching down I pointed him at my entrance and slowly lowered myself onto him. With every inch that entered me, my body became live with desire. Slowly I took him in, rising up every few inches to be able to have them reenter my body.

When I finally felt his body against mine I was covered with sweat and he was covered in my juices that had leaked down his shaft and over his lower body. Reaching up he took a hold of my hips and as I rose to the very tip of his member he pulled me down forcefully and began grinding. I let out a loud moan of desire.

Again and again I rose and descended until my body was shaking so badly I could hardly move. Careful not to break our bond, Robert rolled me to my back. He began to pump himself in and out of my body and with each thrust my moans became louder.

"Oh Robert! Yes! Oh, don't stop." I whispered in his ear over and over.

Soon we were thrusting at a vigorous pace. Between breaths you could hear the soft squishing noise as our mixed liquids seeped to the sheets. Robert began to moan and shake as he neared his peak. With his last thrust I wrapped my legs around him and help him close. He clasped into my arms, breathing deeply and shivering.

We lay there holding one another until there was a knock at the door.

"Sir Robert, you and your lady's presence is requested in the dinning room. A bath is drawn along with clothing."

Clearing his throat Robert told the voice that we would be down momentarily. As he rose our bodies clung together as if held by sap. Rolling over he chuckled.

"Did you know that is the first time I have copulated as a human?"

Smiling I moved to straddle his waist. "Is that a bad thing?"

He smiled devilishly, "Just image what I'd be like in my natural form!"

I laughed. "Let's go find out!"

He stood and we headed for the privy.


When we finally arrived in the dinning room, most were finished eating and were now deep in conversation. We crossed the great hall full of well over a hundred members to the head table. The woman I head met earlier rose as we approached.

"So nice of you to join us, I am sure you have found your room suitable?" She laughed heartily. "Please, sit and eat. When you have finished, we will speak."

As we sat Robert leaned over to me. "So that you're aware, when we were in the meadow and I was in true form, that's known as a coupling. When I bit your shoulder I released a toxin that allows for females to become pregnant. You may not have noticed but there is a light red ring around your neck. It's very faint, but it means you've coupled unsuccessfully. If it had been successful, the mark would be blue."

"You mean we're married? Shouldn't you have asked first?" I wasn't mad, though it did not bide well with me.

He shook his head. "We don't practice the same bonds as the human cultures, but essentially yes and no, I didn't think I needed to." He smiled devilishly. "You aren't upset are you? We were going through other clan territories, if I hadn't, I'd have fought to the death to be with you."

I smiled back as he reached under the table and squeezed my thigh. "You still could have told me."

Our conversation was interrupted as the food was brought. As I ate I thought of my new life and now new husband. I had to admit, this felt like home and I looked forward to what the future brought. It was as if everything prior had been a dream, to be remembered but still only a passing dream.

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